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Afghan VP Saleh Declares Presidency, Organizes Resistance

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Afghan VP Saleh Declares Presidency, Organizes Resistance

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After Kabul came under the Taliban’s control, Afghan soldiers, who had managed to flee from militants, are now coming to Panjshir region in the northeastern part of the country. The flag of the ‘Northern Alliance’ was raised in Panjshir valley.

According to the reports, the forces of Vice President Amrullah Saleh have recaptured the Charikar district in Parwan province, north of Kabul, from the Taliban.

“The fighting is now going on in the Panjshir area,” the source said.

10 000 troops under the command of General Abdul-Rashid Dostum are currently being sent to the region.

Afghan VP Saleh Declares Presidency, Organizes Resistance

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Earlier, the Vice-President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, declared himself the legitimate head of Afghanistan, after the former president Ghani left the country.

Saleh claimed that according to the Constitution of Afghanistan, in the absence of the president, the vice president becomes the acting head of the state.

In Pajshir, Saleh is supported by the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, who is gathering field commanders who do not agree with the rule of the Taliban. He calls on the Afghans to come and support the resistance.

Meanwhile, the region is surrounded by the Taliban. Some units of the Taliban were reportedly dispatched to the region.


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this smell’s like a CIA operation

Just passing through.

Ahhh, so that is why the US and UK spent the last few days flying out 1000’s of young men to military bases – saving them for the new “rebel” army to fight as proxies.

If they pull that shit again (like they did in Syria) we will see China formally invited in to Afghanistan by the new Government in Kabul. China will then get a turn in testing out all thier equipment in combat conditons like Russia did in Syria.

Perhaps we will get to see a few nice Chinese toys tested, and see how Chinese troops perform in combat.

Remember – China shares a border with Afghanistan so its not as though they have to travel around the World with over stretched supply lines like NATO. Heck, we may even see Chinese airforce bases being set up.

This new “rebel” army could end up being another shot in the foot by the Americans.

Just passing through.

I expect to see the British “recognise” this guy and then send some aid in the form of Go-Pro action cameras, overalls, and helmets (white of course), along with masks (come on – got to keep the narritive going) and booklets explaining how to make a fake chemical attack video, and how to write propaganda stories of babys being thrown from incubators and reporters being decapitated.

The Americans will also embed a CNN crew 24/7 with the “freedom fighters” who will be filmed clearing up the damage from “barrel bombs” and Taliban head chopping raids.

I grow tired of this shit.

Chess Master

What a BS


Precisely why the “International Community” threatened Taliban not to attack Kabul and slaughter puppets. This is what they had in mind all along. White man speak with forked tongue. Slughter these p1gs and then ejct US from Iraq and Syria – Enough European colonial terror in West Asia


True 100%. Even Russians might step in to ensure NO US proxies remain in the region


inshallah it fails completely and completely blows up in CIA face


Talibs will take care of them in a week.

"Israel" is a NATO terrorist settler colony

What a joke.

Talibans are Satanic

Ha yay yay.
I told you all is just a matter of time until resistance forces against talibans regroup and attacks talibans.
Peace in Afghanistan will never be until talibans are exterminated…
This is just the start….
Let go boys annihilation of talibans is just the beginning.

Michel LeBlanc

Taliban= people of afghanistan

How else could Kabul be taken without a shot?

USA tries to annihilate afghanistan for 20 years and failed, miserably.

There wont be peace in afghanistan until narcisistic imperial fools like you leave them alone!

Your advocating the genocide of the afghans, your a monster!

Talibans are Satanic

Tell that to women and girls in Afghanistan then you days are numbered


Tell that to the usa whom women allready seen to your demise you useless sick fk!!

Arch Bungle

The women and girls will be there 10 000 years from now.

Ask the women and girls bombed to pieces by the Yanquis about ‘their freedoms’.

Fucking moron.


Typical Western Hypocrisy about Women and Girls. They killed hundreds of thousands of Muslim Women and girls were raped by US “liberators” of Iraq and Afghanistan now they “care” about Muslim women – Go F2ck your mother swine

Talibans are Satanic

Because they trusted the millitary but the millitary failed them otherwise situation on the ground will be much different.


The trust is you got no answer nor solutions because you never even dare to ask the proper questions,don’t insult intellects,deplorable useless fools,your days are done,best to fkoff!

Arch Bungle

Your daughters, mother and wives are whores before they’ve been married.

The West turns its women into whores, pornstars and hypergamic sluts before the age of 18.

I can’t tell which oppression is worse!

Your daughters are all signed up to OnlyFans, diddling themselves for money for the pleasure of the filthy male rabble at large.

Your fiance’s, betrothed to be married to your men, frequently have their sexual histories documented on Pronhub for the review of the entire world.

And they are proud of it.

Your mothers are on their third marriage already, and probably fucked 100s of men before they married your father.

Your sisters march in and out of your house with a new boyfriend every week, and their rooms are littered with condoms and birth control pills.

Between the two evils, the Taliban way seems the lesser one to me.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

The West’s primary philosophy of women are as chattels. They sell women and use women’s bodies to sell everything. They encourage permissivity in women and moral laxity by using pornography to implant and groom women to think that they should be whores. Then they give it a name – Freedom. The enitire spectacle is to break down the family unit and have single moms and broken homes and homosexual family units which makes the soceity easier to control by Big Brother. Patriarchy in any form (Muslim or Christian) is anathema to this philosophy. Islam regards women as exactly the opposite but they have the media and the Muslims are voiceless, so the Muslims are evil and their women need to be saved by White men.

Arch Bungle

And this is why so many western men now seek Asian wives.

Their societies, with a warped version of human rights have destroyed the beauty of their own women through silly notions which reduce women to passing entertainment.

Birth rates plummeting because of marriage rates plummeting. Marriage rates plummeting because few men would breed with whores.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

“Military” did not want to fight their own people. Afghans by and large are not traitors. the majority hate the US and their puppets. These idiots will have a hard time surviving. China-Russia are all on side of Taliban now. This is not 1990’s. Their defeat will be short and sweet. Massacre will be the name of the game.


So get your gun asshole,but you have to get out of your Mums basement first.


Hi gun is up his arse ‘cos his boyfriend’s at work.


You homosexuals got no chance not even in hell,your days are done,you will be ousted you may try to resist but reality is peoples are the ones who run nations not them used by low iq satanic gimps,
quite frank yous are too weak,too cowardly and just way too dumb to even exist on planet earth,losers!

Arch Bungle

I’m going to be laughing at you in a few weeks when Saleh and his myrmidons are hanging by the neck.

You’re going to look like a complete idiot, and probably have to change your alias again …


America + NATO + 28 Shithole Nations couldnt defeat Taliban together. How are a couple of US puppets gonna do that? LoL You speak from your Anus, not your mouth


And so it goes on,no doubt the US will arm those people,Dustom is a thug who helped the Americans before.

Alberto Bohon.

ex-vice-presidente Amrullah Saleh se declara presidente interino do Afeganistão e promete resistir ao Talibã. Espero que o Talibã capture Amrullah Saleh e o prenda.


Looks like someone wants to die a hero.

Talibans are Satanic

Better to die a hero and to fight for women freedom than to be a slave to talibans..


Better to be a real man and live with dignity than to assume the boring life on your knees,for gimp.

Arch Bungle

Fighting for freedom is exactly what the Taliban did.

That makes them heroes.

They did this without the entire western world on their side.

Donald Moore

Another US stooge that will end up being flown out fast to let the stup!d soldiers die that followed him. He will be set up by the US to form a government in exile so the US will steal Afghanistan money they hold to pay him to do nothing except to look the fool!


Hopefully not. Better he shares the fate of the Wine drinking Ahmad Shah Massoud and get blown to bits by a Suicide bomber

Alberto Bohon.

Russia and China support the Taliban, but the Taliban can make a deal with China on political, economic and military matters, and perhaps the Taliban can allow China to install military bases in Afghanistan, as Russia did in Syria, the Chinese presence in the region may favor its one belt & one road geopolitics. because in my opinion, the US will no longer intervene directly in Afghanistan on the military issue, but perhaps can intervene indirectly on the political issue with the so-called “new resistance” of the new north alliance as occurred in the 1980s, and therefore another civil war it had emerged in Afghanistan. As in Syria’s civil war, the US supported and financed the HTS rebel group from 2012-2017.

Arch Bungle

I can already see Saleh’s future:

Hanging from the ceiling by the neck in his ‘palace’.

This is a dead man walking, mark my words.

Arch Bungle

Is it just me or does this guy have the classic smashable cunt-face?

Arch Bungle

Nice of Saleh to gather up all the malcontents in one small area so they can be wiped out in one campaign.

Real ‘civilised’ of them…


Never go full retard…


Resistance? What resistance – they ran away like cowardly US Dogs. No more nicey nicey with them. Wipe them out completely. Precisely why Taliban should NOT have negotiated with Puppet regime


Back to 1990’s status quo. Northern Alliance localized warlords dominant in far north Afghan provinces and Taliban localized warlords dominant across rest of Afghan provinces. US has effectively hit the 1990’s rinse and repeat button.

giorgio guido novi

ahah saleh et massoud = bla bla obama! her wrote in next to border tadjikistan ;)

L du Plessis

Ding dong!! Round number 2…Taliban 1 Gov 0


The taking of Charikar Is fake news.
The talibans has blocked all the ways in AND out of panjshir province.

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