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Afghan Security Forces Reportedly Arrest Two Suspects, Seize Their Rocket Launcher

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On December 29th, Afghan security forces reportedly arrested two suspects before they could fire rockets into Kabul.

The two militants were presumably about to use a vehicle as a launch pad, and it was also seized, together with the rocket launcher.

These reports are unconfirmed. And it is unclear if the video is brand new or older.

Just a little over two weeks earlier, on December 11th, at least one person was killed and several others were injured as a barrage of rockets hit various spots in Kabul.

According to the Interior Ministry, ten rockets were fired from a firing unit fixed in a car by unknown attackers. The rockets landed in various parts of the city around the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian confirmed one person was killed and one other was injured when the rockets hit a residential area during morning rush hour.

In November, multiple magnetic bomb blasts and rocket attacks rocked Kabul, killing at least eight people and injuring over 30.

Afghan Security Forces Reportedly Arrest Two Suspects, Seize Their Rocket Launcher

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– On December 29th, the convoy of Parwan prosecutor was attacked by an IED in Ghulam Ali Bazaar near Bagram. The prosecutor survived the attack
– On December 28th, the Afghan Air Force struck Taliban positons in the Panjwai area
– On December 28th, 14 people were killed in 2 separate IED attacks in Kabul. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks
– On December 28th, a VBIED attack targeted an Afghan Army position in the Anar Dara area
– On December 28th, a civilian was wounded by an IED attack in Mazare Sharif


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Arch Bungle

Translation: “Seized two crackheads and an oversized bong”.

cechas vodobenikov

incompetent danish false flag operation—CIA becoming more desperate

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