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Afghan Security Forces Eliminated Top Taliban Commanders

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Afghan Security Forces Eliminated Top Taliban Commanders

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On March 30th, the Afghan National Security Directorate claimed the elimination of two militant field commanders who provided liaison between al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

A successful operation by Afghan special forces took place in Paktika province. It resulted in the elimination of one of the key members of the al-Qaeda group, Davlat Bega Tajiki (also known as Abu Muhammad Tajiki). According to the security officials, the killed terrorist was senior commander of al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent and was involved in the supply of weapons to the Taliban militants, their training in the provinces of Zabul, Logar and Ghazni, he also planned terrorist attacks against the Afghan authorities.

Another victim is prominent Taliban member Hazrat Ali (Hamza Muhajir). Both terrorists took part in the spring attacks on government forces as military advisers.


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Potato Man

NDS the same group which work with other US back terrorists group in Afghanistan Zero Units.
The outsiders don’t understand Afghanistan and they never will achieve anything by force, I can tell those NDS, Zero units running the fuk away few years later. I’m not fan of Taliban, Pak-isis but I sure as hell don’t fuking like other CIA terrorists groups.
Also, it is pointless ohhh you killed one but did know they are thousands of them waiting to take that guy place.

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