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JUNE 2023

Afghan Security Forces Eliminated More Than 150 Taliban Members In 24 Hours

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Afghan Security Forces Eliminated More Than 150 Taliban Members In 24 Hours

Afghan National Army (ANA) troops conduct exercises October 13 at Camp Shorabak, an ANA base near Lashkargah, Helmand Province. [Zia Samar]

The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan announced the elimination of more than 150 terrorists during a special operation of the security forces.

The operation was carried out simultaneously in different provinces: Kandahar, Nangarhar, Lagman, Balkh and others.

According to the Ministry,157 militants were killed in these regions, 42 more were injured over the past 24 hours. In addition, the security forces defused about 80 improvised explosive devices.

Afghan Security Forces Eliminated More Than 150 Taliban Members In 24 Hours

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Afghani forces have significantly increased their activity against Taliban members.

On April 3, the security forces have conducted two successful operations in Kandahar province. According to representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan, aviation and ground forces in the areas of Arghandab and Jiri killed 18 Taliban fighters.

Moreover, on March 30th, the Afghan National Security Directorate claimed the elimination of two militant field commanders who provided liaison between al-Qaeda and the Taliban.


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Potato Man

Prove it and I believe it, pic, video, etc. So far it is just words (also, it is coming out of Afghani government), 157 killed and 42 wounded and none of Afghani soldiers were killed or wounded and that was just in 24 hours. 2 good to be true. It is must likely a PR.

But if it is true, Taliban start killing again, Taliban stop attacking because of the whole US-Taliban shi*-show…


that is an outright lie – no way! the yankee-twats disinformation services (part of cia) at work attempting to nullify the agreement that all troops of the morons shall be out latest 1st of may. and believe me, for pentagon, loyal member of the mic, it’s like swearing in church to withdraw from a profitable war.


Talibs can’t win. The ANA is huge now with 250k well trained members. Suicide attacks is all the talibs can do. It’s too late for them. They’re fukked! Every time there is an attack, the ANA goes in that village and literally drags out all young men to interrogate. Beat them into submission until they confess. Brutal reprisal interrogation and incarceration seems to be working.

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