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Afghan President Proposes Unknown Security Plan, Blames Americans For Crisis

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Afghan President Proposes Unknown Security Plan, Blames Americans For Crisis

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Violent clashes between the Taliban and Afghan government forces are surging across Afghanistan, with President Ashraf Ghani blaming the worsening security situation on the ill-planned and “sudden” withdrawal of American troops. 

Afghan security forces spokesman, Ajmal Omar Shinwari, described the current status in Afghanistan as an “emergency situation.”

President Ghani also blamed the “abrupt” US withdrawal for the deteriorating security situation.

Ghani has presented a security plan to challenge the Taliban onslaught before the country’s parliament, but its details have not been made public.

The Afghan army says three provinces in southern and western Afghanistan are facing “critical” security situations as fighting intensifies between the Taliban and Afghan forces.

Addressing the parliament, Ghani said that “the reason for our current situation is that the decision was taken abruptly,” adding that he had warned Washington the withdrawal in this manner would have “consequences.”

“We have had an unexpected situation in the last three months,” the president complained, adding that the Afghan government plans to bring the situation under control within six months.

The Taliban have released a statement in response to President Ashraf Ghani’s address to the legislature, saying his “statements were all nonsense”.

“He was trying to control his own bad [mental] state and mistakes,” it said.

“The nation has decided to prosecute the national traitors and bring them to justice. Declarations of war, making accusations and providing false information cannot prolong Ghani’s life. His time is over, God willing.”

On August 2nd, Afghan government forces are attempting to stop several provincial cities from falling to the militants.

Afghan army commandos have been stationed in the center of Lashkar Gah city, capital of Helmand province, and home to several large military bases.

Ground and air forces managed to repel a Taliban offensive in the city, the Afghan military said.

Lashkar Gar saw a US airstrike aimed at Taliban, which reportedly killed 7 militants.

Afghanistan’s Defense Ministry said the government forces started clearance operations in the western city of Herat, pledging to keep fighting until the Taliban are fully removed from Afghanistan’s third largest city.

According to local sources in Hawa Malalai district, the fighting has caused power cuts, disruption of telecommunication networks, and shortages of medicines.

Meanwhile, Russia will send an additional contingent of 800 troops to take part in military exercises at the Afghan border and use two times more hardware there than originally planned, Interfax news agency has reported, citing the defense ministry.

The drills, which are set to take place on August 5-10 and involve Uzbek and Tajik forces, come as the security situation rapidly deteriorates in Afghanistan amid a US troop withdrawal.

Russia said that 1,800 of its soldiers would take part in the drills, instead of 1,000 as initially planned. More than 2,500 troops would be involved in total, it said. Moscow will also use 420 units of military hardware for the drills, two times more than originally planned, it said.


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The puppet (ghani) blames the puppet master. american trash are out.

Americunt LOSERS

Stupid Americunt ar$ehole losers only defensive plan is to haul their miserable loser lardass back to the ghettos of deadbeat violent shitty coke infested streets of Americunt banana failed state. The sore morons LOST, they and their Jew masters need to get over it. The stupid morons have millions living on the streets now and can’t even pay rents for roach infected slums.

Last edited 1 month ago by Americunt LOSERS
S Balu

GHANI just make it SIMPLE RESIGN and move on why do you want hang on to power and Afghan population suffer

G2 Man

Ashraf Ghani and Zalmay Khalilzad were recruited by the CIA at the American University in Beirut during early 70’s. They were the most corrupt and incompetent “students”. They both have US citizenship and American wives and homes in the DC area. Ghani has no roots in Afghanistan and is a mere quisling. He will flee soon.


Interesting info – informative comment.


This is wrong information, he renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2009 so he could run in the Afghan elections. And by the way, his wife is from a Christan Lebanese family the Saade family.
That makes one of the best wines produced in that country.

I know that it is not so important here, because those who make comments here are mostly into a conspiracy about the US or Jews or whatever. Some of you love turkey, some hate it. some love Muslims some hate them. It is really entertaining to read the comments here.
You have all made me laugh hard sometimes, you are a really fucking crazy bunch of people.
Can you really blame him if he gets away from that living hell of a country. I know I would if I was him. And remember Afghanistan has an internal war and have had that for a couple of hundreds of year.
The fight is actually not a fight of politics or religion. It is a war of influence by all the different tribes and warlords. It will never be peace there. Their only hope is that come to a brutal Dictator that can stop that madness. But then again they need money and support from let’s say China, Iran, and Russia together.

north K

he will show up somewhere in north america soon with a bunch of stolen gold bullion.

Peter Wallace

The Yanks already took all of it when they first entered Kabul years ago. First thing they ever do is empty the banks of everything. Did the same in Iraq as well as took all the cash which they later sold back to Iraq. What happened in Ukraine when all that shit was happening. Took all Ukrainian gold for ” SAFE KEEPING ” !!! forever … So sorry no gold left but he will get a free mansion and all his needs met until he does an Epstein.

S Balu

Peter Wallace
Just like Britain did for Venezuela,Libya etc
See How Kuwaiti,Libyan ,Iraqi Investment we’re seized never to be returned in Britain US and EU


Ghani is an American citizen who was a professor at an Amerikastani university. He should therefore blame himself.


Hunt them down, these 5th column US whores – Karzai, Ghani, Dostum and the biggest whore of all, zalmay Khalilzad, architect of numerous massacres and a member of the NeoCon PNAC team

Last edited 1 month ago by noZioP1gs

The 5th column US cocksucker in Chief, Ghani, still wont call it what it was – A humiliating US retreat after a humiliating defeat. – a 100% Saigon moment.

Peter Wallace

Will the CIA Death Squads be evacuated , all 10,000 of them . They have murdered more innocent civilians than all other forces combined in Afghanistan.

The Black Terror

The only plan Ghani should have is when to leave the country and with how many pieces of luggage packed with US dollars, euros, British pounds, etc. Remember to fly 1st class to maintain your expensive lifestyle (at US taxpayers expense of course).

S Balu

The black Terror
GHANI has failed to learn lesson from Shah of Iran,Marcos of Philippines
Or Mobutu of DRC all had money in Swiss none returned to them

US & EU are Zion slaves

Afghans never had nationhood at all, the Tajik, Hazaras, and the other groups should cut their own land and let the Taliban take Pakistan Pashtun areas (Pakistan Taliban are Pashtun Pakistani).
That happens when the government of Afghanistan fails.
Also kill all of them before they run away I don’t care who, be it the Taliban or any other groups.


I read Afghanistan was 80% Taliban? I guess they got rid of ISIS.

G2 Man

Taliban are the major Pashtun ethnic group that constitutes at the most around 50% of the population. The Shia Hazara around 10% and various other sectarian and ethnic groups. There are more Pashtun tribals in Pakistan, than in Afghanistan and that will sow the seeds of future conflicts as the Baluch are already engaged in a war of liberation from the corrupt Punjabi dominated Pakistan army, which is also occupying Pashtun areas of FATA and committing atrocities. The future of both Afghanistan and the 70 year old moth eaten Pakistani failed state is very much in doubt, and that is causing alarm in China, Russia and Iran.

S Balu

Just like Nagas who are Christians are involved in India against Hindu extremists Hinduveta and most Corrupt RSS/BJP Modi and his gang
Then there Nexalites in India who are fighting Corrupt Indians
And recent pandemic exposed true face of India where bodies were dumped in the river and Modi failed to steer country out of pandemic
Farmers in Punjab are revolting
India is true example of a failed state and here definition of a failed state

Failed or dysfunctional states are defined by the collapse or absence of governance and control, both functions of leadership. A failed state is also equated with a political body that has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly. A state can also fail if the government loses its legitimacy even if it is performing its functions properly.

Peter Wallace

No ISIS is still there in a small pocket near the Pakistan border if I remember correctly. The Taliban have no love to ISIS as I am sure they will remember when ISIS showed up they had a meeting with Taliban leaders and made them kneel on anti personnel mines and blew them up. I think there were 7 or so but that video was a few years back so I will stand to be corrected on that.

G2 Man

Even being a vassal of the US is a kiss of death, let alone a friend.

S Balu

G2 Man
You said it soon it will be the case with India

G2 Man

India since partition has been a failed state. Only the 500 year old Persian Moghul Rule consolidated it, and after weak Bahudar Shah the empire went into decline and the devious Brits created divide and rule on sectarian basis. India in its entire history has been incapable of governing its disparate tribal and ethnic based population hodge podge. If the devious Brits had not partitioned India for spite, the Muslims would be in majority. Just Bangladesh and Pakistan have close to half a billion people. India is not a viable state.

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