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Afghan MPs Demand Urgent Help For Besieged Soldiers In Uruzgan

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Afghan MPs Demand Urgent Help For Besieged Soldiers In Uruzgan

Taliban fighters during Operation al-Khandagh

On September 24, several members of the Afghan Parliament, from the central province of Uruzgan, called on the Afghan government to provide urgent help to dozens of personnel of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and the Afghan National Police (ANP) besieged by the Taliban inside a base in the district of Khas Uruzgan for more than two months now.

“They are in a very bad situation. Government is not reaching them, and a tragedy will happen there,” Uruzgan MP Obaidullah Barekzai stated, according to the Afghan TOLO TV. Another MP, Hanif Hanifi, said: “they are under siege and are hungry and the situation is very bad there.”

Several Afghan soldiers, who are currently besieged in Khas Uruzgan base, confirmed to TOLO that they are now suffering from shortage in food and said that the ANA has not made any effort to save them yet.

“We have called the army corps and army regiment and everyone else, but no one supports us,” a soldier of the ANA told TOLO in a phone call.

During the last few months, the Taliban stepped up its operations in Uruzgan and several areas around it, including the city of Ghazni. The Afghan group appears to be working to expand its control in central Afghanistan, especially near the key highways.

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Dear South Front; contrary to what you’ve been posting there is actually good news coming out of Afghanistan.


Yes I also heard that Russia is trying to untangle the mess the US has made in Afghanistan.

It certainly is good news, especially if they can get the US to leave.


Russia is incapable of doing anything of significance in Afghanistan, no matter how you twist theirs and my words.


Well, they can certainly undermine the chaos the US is causing.


American spooks live in the apartments the Soviets built, and American supplies travel over bridges the Soviets built.
Meanwhile after spending hundreds of millions of dollars on schools in Afghanistan, not one school has been built.
Now that’s what you call incapable, incompetent, corrupt and insignificant.
The only thing the US can do successfully, is kill children.


If this is real, that is very interesting.

Ivan Freely

How so?


Because it shows that the US military is impotent in Afghanistan these days even with the ‘most powerful ( expensive ) Military in the world :)


Fighting in Afghanistan is different from anywhere else in the world. It’s tactically nightmare due to the heavy mountainous regions. The Soviet union collapsed their due to running dry of money


Hey Ivan. The US coalition can’t break a siege? This is major stuff. It implies true loss of control over the situation in Afghanistan. I am waiting to see or hear more about this particular matter.


The US is bankrupt, if you pay attention, the US now gets its minions to do all the fighting.
The Iraq war broke their economy, just like the Vietnam war did. The difference this time, is they have no more gold to sell.


Are you saying the Yanks sold all the Ukranian and Libyan gold they stole as well Sinbad :)


Death of Afghani traitors is not a “tragedy”. For me it is a “justice”.


It’s good to see that the Dutch deployment to this province 10 years ago, and all the Dutch soldiers that got killed, were not in vain.

Oh, wait, they were.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I think these solders are now realizing they having been fighting for the evil side that does not care about human or animal life.
These solders should enter into talks with the Taliban to switch sides.
These men should stop occupying Afghanistan in the name of Zionism, and switch to the Liberation front of Afghanistan.

Bubba Junior

Numbers up for those guys,poor bastards.

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