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Afghan Government Forces Recaptured Four Districts From Taliban In Two Days (Videos)

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Afghan Government Forces Recaptured Four Districts From Taliban In Two Days  (Videos)

Afghan National Army (ANA) troops conduct exercises October 13 at Camp Shorabak, an ANA base near Lashkargah, Helmand Province. [Zia Samar]

Afghan government forces have recaptured four districts in three different provinces from the Taliban over the last few days. 

On July 16, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces recaptured the districts of Saighan and Kahmard in the central province of Bamyan from the Taliban.

Government forces expelled Taliban fighters from the Chakhansur district in the southwestern province of Nimruz on the same day.

On July 17, government forces advanced in the central province of Parwan, pushing the Taliban out from the district of Shiekh Ali.

As government forces push back on the ground, the Afghan Air Force (AAF) continues to target Taliban fighters, positions and equipment in different parts of the country. The group sustained heavy losses as a result of the AAF’s recent airstrikes.

The Taliban have advanced on several frontlines across Afghanistan in the last few weeks. Today, the group controls 212 districts, more than half of the country’s 407 districts. The group’s most recent achievement was the capture of the Wesh–Chaman crossing on the border with Pakistan.

With no advance in the intra-Afghan peace talks and the withdrawal of US forces nearly complete, Afghanistan appears to be heading to an intense civil war.


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A clown like you

They gain and lose it, like the past 20 years…some of the people (Civilians) left their village, and they are some pro-Taliban but they also run away from the fights (not many tho). A few days ago Taliban killed 22 Afghan commandos, Afghan commandos are the ones running from district to district, there are videos showing fake Taliban claims of some districts where they just walk in and take pic and videos and leave, ofc they don’t stay because the AAF just bomb their mothers. Also, remember that reporter who was killed? I think he was with the Afghan commandos (the 22 commandos who the Taliban killed after they surrender).

You can’t say how many districts the Taliban or the Afghan government control (besides the main strongholds of each side), some are fake claim some are just civilians who are pro=Taliban faking as Taliban. Which the problem the yanquis faced, some of the population like the Taliban and some killed them and their mothers if they could.

Also, the yanquis show their face again and said they still going to support the ANDSF, the talks still going and if they don’t reach a deal, the fight goes on and on. The funny thing is the Zero Units are not doing anything, the CIA dogs. The regional powers are talking with Afghan and Taliban, after the talks each side support who they want. The dream of the Taliban controlling the whole of Afghanistan is a wet dream. Some of you might disagree and please cut me your BS and 2cent, save it up your asses.


For 20 years Afghan puppet regime (US Cocksuckers), were fighting Taliban with 28 other nations. After 20 years, US is defeated and Taliban still exists. What makes you think ANA cocksuckers will prevail over Taliban? There will be a Taliban run Afghanistan within 3 months. Taliban will assasinate pilots and destroy the few planes ANA cocksuckers have, then fight man to man, by then, thousands more ANA traitors would have run away and hide in Iran, Tajikistan.


Haha hey, the Ottomans will send some of their Syrian proxies and will save Afghanistan Kabul airport, and many other districts. haha, damn so damn funny. Whoever touched that ground to fight there was been defeated. You cannot fight with mountain uncivilized people. You need an enemy that uses cell phones, that works with equipment to pinpoint them and kill them, but even so, the Talibans are in millions God damn it. You cannot defeat half the country.

A clown like you

The yanquis and their dogs didn’t fight the Taliban for 20 years buddy that is just pure BS. They could bomb and killed hundreds of Taliban with the civilians and destroy the Taliban for good, BUT they didn’t. For years yanquis and their dogs just sit in Afghanistan and did nothing. They went after “Al-Qaeda/ISIS” after that they wanted to put their puppet regime which they did and after that, they took the role of “supporting” ANA and the Afghan government. The end.

You are foolish to think that the yanquis wanted the Taliban out…fuk no, Pak, SA, Turkic, Zion, Wahhabi States, all were against the US to fight the Taliban. Ask yourself why would they killed the Taliban, they are backward Sunnis.

You, tell me, are you an Afghan? Do want to leave under Taliban rules? If not, you don’t get to suck of Taliban dick and talk for all of Afghans, the Afghans don’t like the Taliban no matter what you say…the Afghans killed the Taliban, and the Taliban have been killing Afghans for years before yanquis came in. The problem with you people is the yanquis, and you morons look at the past 20 years as if that is Afghanistan history somehow. Also, like I said cut me the BS, yeah somehow you are now the top Taliban leader. I have 2 Afghan friends and they never said such pure BS – they have family members and lived in Afghanistan for 14 years, they want yanquis out and not live under Pak backward Sunnis+Taliban.

I said it again you people have problems with yanquis and as long you have that mindset, you say nothing and blame the yanquis. People like you never change no matter what others say, you salty bitch and I don’t think you are Afghan to talk for them. Like it or not the ANA and other groups who fight the Taliban are still in Afghanistan and still fighting them to this very day.

A clown like you

Get this to your stupid head, China, Russia, Pakistan Sunni terrorists, and Iran are still waiting. China has backward Sunnis as well and they don’t want them to behave like the Taliban – most of China’s terrorist attacks happened by Uighur Sunni terrorists – we all saw them in Syria as well. Russia doesn’t want to share borders with the Taliban who are boldened because the yanquis don’t want to burn money anymore – no one believes the Taliban each of their “leader” says a different thing. Iran was and still is in Afghanistan for years, from killing terrorist Sunnis to Taliban and Iran hold the Taliban-Afghan government talks and they were clearly said don’t attack us and the Afghan Shia. Iran is the main support of Shia in M.E and wouldn’t give 2 fuk to some backward Sunnis.

You are such a stupid —- to think it is Afghan ANA vs the Taliban. You said nothing about the northern alliance who are the main group that fought the Taliban before and to this very day, nor anything about the regional powers. China, Russia, and Iran do work together and they don’t like the Taliban.

Lazy Gamer

How is an airstrike translating to capturing a district?


By leveling anything that enemy had including them

Rodney Loder.

Brother in Religion Taliban Omar is now doing very well in Heaven I communicate with him on some occasions even though hes only 7 years old, anyhow Brother Omar now admits he made a mistake with bin-Laden when Pakistan was giving him shelter.

The infidels knew it was the vermin Jew maggots that did 9/11 2001 so as that NATO would invade Iraq and Afghanistan, Saddam wasn’t even connected to 9/11 and as it turned out 10 years later neither was Afghanistan.

Too bad, ! Saddam was gotten rid of after Kuwait provoked a dispute with horizontal drilling on the border, and Afghanistan’s future was again disrupted by war.

Who caused this hell on Earth, ? I’ll tell you who it was the Freemasons who had captured the imagination of the World by destroying me Jesus Christ, pretending that I would soon be tortured and humiliated into agreement with the idiological position of the homosexual Sid Loder who the Freemason Jew maggots held under their evil influences with promises of Sid becoming a Financial Tycoon, which of course failed to feature.

Now if the Taliban want to be free of jew maggots bombing them they should fess-up with the truth and support my Prophethood which I will announce as soon as Brother Assad gives me Syrian Citizenship.

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