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Afghan Government Forces Prepare Large Operation In Herat As Taliban Fighters Breach City’s Main Defense Line (Videos, Photos)

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Afghan Government Forces Prepare Large Operation In Herat As Taliban Fighters Breach City's Main Defense Line (Videos, Photos)

Taliban spacial forces, illustrative image

On August 1, the Taliban claimed that its fighters had breached the main defense line of the northwestern Afghan city of Herat.

Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, shared on Twitter a video showing fighters of the group in the outskirts of Heart. According to Mujahid, the fighters are now advancing inside the city.

Earlier, the Afghan government sent large reinforcements of security forces to Herat in order to repel the Taliban’s attack, which began four days earlier.

Abdul Rahman Rahman, senior deputy of the Afghan Interior Ministry, revealed that government forces are preparing to launch a large-scale operation to push Taliban fighters away from Herat city.

“We have come with the security forces from Kabul and these forces have joined Herat forces,” the TOLO News quoted Rahman as saying. “We will act as soon as possible to defend the Herat people.”

At least 20 people were killed, including 16 security force members, and 90 people were wounded in the past four days of fighting in Herat.

As for now, the Taliban has the upper hand in the battle of Herat. The situation may change in the upcoming few days, especially if the Afghan Air Force intervene.

The Taliban has been advancing on several fronts since April 14, when the US announced a plan to pull its troops out from Afghanistan before September 11. The group claims that it does not seek to take over the country by force, yet its moves on the ground suggest otherwise.


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Go Talibs! Kabul’s a waiting

Peter Wallace

Taliban are just as bad as ISIS. How about let the people of Afghanistan decide what they want not some extremists religious group.


The Taliban are Afganis. They would not have advanced so rapidly if they didn’t have at least some support from the civilian population – a lot more support than the Outlaw US emperialists received.
How about letting the Afghanis decide without foriegners offering “helpful” opinions about the validity of their ideology.

Peter Wallace

Armed thugs willing to murder those that don’t comply with their demands always have support from the unarmed civilian population anywhere in the world. As I said let the Afghanis freely choose what they want sort of makes you other comment redundant , a little like you.

S Balu

Peter Wallace
You referring to zio Christian west created terrorist groups such Al Qaida, ISIS,Daesh etc correct ?
Then there are state sponsored terrorist groups that you see but never mention ie zionist squatters in Palestine
In India they are RSS/BJP Hinduveta Vigilantes
In Myanmar and in Africa as well
Then Christian churches are there like you see in Canada how they
Treated native population children etc
Like you see every day in streets of USA and EU how blacks are being targeted


there ain’t no diff between Al-Qaeda or Daesh or talibunny you stupid hendu monkey.

Peter Wallace

So nice of you to have the opinion I am not allowed an opinion. I see you cancelled out my downvote but oh dear it looks like someone else doesn’t agree with you either.. As my downvote is from you it means it is just meaningless , like you.

Afghan Sage

I can assure you those guys that support the Taliban are mostly Pakistani and probably isi online assets. My question to every Pakistani that supports the Taliban is why don’t they prefer a government like the Taliban in Pakistan? Why don’t they implement sharia law in Pakistan? Why don’t they join the Pakistani taliban and do the same in Pakistan?

The hypocrisy is just beyond comprehension, they want death and destruction in Afghanistan because of the geopolitical interests involved and keep denying their support of terrorism. Soon they will pay the price for their actions.

S Balu

Afghan sage
The Taliban are made up of thousands of fighters who are all Afghans. They are fed, sheltered, and transported by the Afghan people, not aliens. The Taliban have been fighting NATO regimes using guerrilla war tactics, a methodology impossible to sustain for so many years without popular support. This isan aspect deliberately missing from media reports of Western regimes.


I didnt touch the votes. Do you think the ad hominen advances your argument?

S Balu

Peter Wallace
The Taliban are made up of thousands of fighters who are all Afghans. They are fed, sheltered, and transported by the Afghan people, not aliens. The Taliban have been fighting NATO regimes using guerrilla war tactics, a methodology impossible to sustain for so many years without popular support. This is an aspectdeliberately missing from media reports of Western regimes.


pfff lol all western forces fall like a house of cards it was no different in iraq and it will be no different in afghanistan because the west can not teach people courage and it can not offer them anything to believe therefore they forces of america only work with money which is basically pathetic and the worst way to have an army per sold in fact sepah e pasdaran gives money back these people give everything they have and they teach this kind of mentality to their comrades which is why a hezbollah became what it became which is why hamas today is not hamas of the past which is why ansarullah is unbeatable which is why hashd did wreck daesh in iraq


why does taliban defeat miserable american supported forces because taliban has believe and courage unlike the afghan puppet government

Chess Master

American politicians never meant to win a war, ‘war on terror’? Give me a break, that’s fairy tale. But yes, Bush and the rest should hang high for 9/11


All the respect for the Taliban. Their 20 year struggle against foreign imperialist occupation is finally coming to an end. Hope to see a Taliban tank symbolically crashing through the gate of the presidential palace just like vietnam.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Their 20 years struggle? what the fuk you mean? They mostly go to Pakistan to hide you moron, LMFAO.
The only people who struggle were the Afghan civilians, the Taliban and yanquis killed them together.
Taliban was created by Wahhabi+Yanquis+Pakistan ISS, they never hold full control of Afghanistan, NEVER. There wasn’t such thing as a Taliban government LOL, Afghanistan was run by warlords, you can’t have a government in Afghanistan even, Afghans are divided by ethnicities and mountains.

Pashtun are mostly Taliban and a lot more are in Pakistan and they are Pakistani Taliban.
I laugh my ass off when the Taliban take 1/3 of Pakistan LMFAO, remember kiddo nor Afghanistan or the Taliban accepted the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Pakistan is a made-up “state” by the British and the Taliban take their lands, if they take the power which wouldn’t happen – there will be a civil war.

I wait and laugh right here at you mor0ns who thinks Taliban take over and that would be the end.


This is not goin end and we’re looking at a situation like south sudan soon. or worse like Syria or Iraq. defacto partitioning. The educated Persian speakers can’t live with the primitive sunni muzlim wahabbi talibs. There is no other way……..

Afghan Sage

No Afghanistan is not going to partition and I am saying that because I know the demographics and ethnic distribution of the population in my country. The Pashtuns are scattered all over the country and so are other ethnic groups so there is no question of partitioning along the ethnic lines. Also thr notion that Taliban are only pashtuns is 100% wrong, the leadership of the Taliban are mostly Pashtun but they are comprised of all ethnic groups and Provincial commanders and fighters are mostly local e.g in Herat they are persian speaking or Tajik Taliban, in Faryab Uzbek Taliban, in Badakhshan and Takhar Tajik… On the other hand the Afghan army that is fighting the Taliban are also comprised of all ethnic groups including a major portion of the army that are Pashtun soldiers and Pashtun commanders. The situation in Afghanistan is very complicated, one has to dig deep into all sides of it to have a realistic and clear picture.

In short, the war is not Afghan’s war, it is a proxy war of the regional and world players.


No one even half educated is willing to submit to jahel tribal wahabbi religion of the talibunny. It’s just not goin happen. People will fight them continuously just like in the 90’s. The other poignant thing is that many geo-political analysts have pointed out is that even if the busted ass broke talibunny win this, nobody will be able to recognize their shit jahel gubment. Automatic sanctions on anyone doing it. Without outside support a talibunny gubment will collapse. They’ve already killed dozens of Chinese engineers in that CPEC failed project, so we know China ain’t stupid and neither are Russia nor Iran. Everyone knows these guys are illiterate mercenaries.

S Balu

Better wash you dhoti as US has developed new missile callled
Smelly brown stained dhoti seeker


you punjabi dalit will be beaten back into punjabastan, one way or another. Go live over there and turn lower caste hendu again, or in your case lower caste sikh. That’s your destiny. You got that?

Afghan Sage

The Taliban are the other side of the ISIS coin, they are no better. Yes the Afghan government is corrupt, yes the senior officials are sellouts but the Afghan army has the capability to slaughter the rag tag Taliban rats. Problem is they hide in people’s houses and as some one who lives inside a city they are currently fighting in, I hear from local population they are using people as human shields which ties the hands of Afghan army as they can’t be like the Taliban and destroy people’s houses. They appear in small numbers and initiate a fire fight for a shirt while they disappear SOBs.

Those of you here who support the Taliban have no idea what evil they are and what evil they plan to implement. They are brain washed in maddrassas in Pakistan and sent to just wreak havoc and only bring ignorance, death and destruction. Only because you don’t like the Americans, shouldn’t mean you should be happy with the suffering of the MAJORITY of Afghan people. The Taliban have supporters from the local population but a vast majority hate them with a capital H.

The ignorance in some if the comments here about the Taliban is just beyond laughable.

Last edited 1 month ago by Afghan Sage

Afghanistan was doing pretty well in the late 60’s until the US encouraged extremist forces, created chaos, and the country’s been in free fall ever since. This has been repeated in many countries, Ukraine and Syria being the most recent.

Peter Wallace

The CIA were in Afghanistan building up support to attack the Taliban long before 9/11which created the excuse to invade. As you say they were also involved in the chaos that led to the Russian invasion. They will still be there with their death squads until it gets too hot and need evac.


One demented faction fighting another demented group of brainwashed idiots.

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