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Afghan Government Forces, Popular Resistance Repel Seven Attacks By The Taliban On Herat City

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Afghan Government Forces, Popular Resistance Repel Seven Attacks By The Taliban On Herat City

Afghan National Army soldiers prepare to move out following an inspection of troops at the Regional Military Training Center at Tactical Base Gamberi, Afghanistan, on July 30, 2015. JARROD MORRIS/U.S. ARMY

Late on August 4, Afghan security forces thwarted seven attacks by the Taliban on the northwestern city of Herat, according to the governor of Herat province.

The governor, Abdul Saboor Qani, said that Taliban fighters attacked districts 2, 3, 10 and 11 of Herat city. More than 100 attackers were killed in airstrikes carried out by the Afghan Air Force, per Qani.

Despite failing to enter the city, Taliban fighters managed to inflict some losses. Wahid Ahmad Kohistani, police chief for Herat’s District 10, and two security force members were reportedly killed.

The Taliban have been attempting to storm Herat for more than eight days now. Nevertheless, the Afghan army, security forces and popular resistance, led by former warlord “Lion of Herat” Mohammad Ismail Khan, are holding onto the city and showing fierce resistance.

In a recent statement, the Lion of Herat claimed that the attack on the city is being “led by Pakistan,” urging the locals to join the fight against the Taliban.

“I want to make it clear that the war in Herat is a war between Pakistan and Afghanistan,” the TOLO News quoted the local Amir as saying. “This is not the Taliban’s war and the Taliban is a tool. Just as the Afghan people did not accept the dominance of the United States, Russia and other superpowers, they should not accept Pakistani dominance either.”

The Taliban sustained heavy losses while attempting to capture Herat. Yet, the group appears to be determined to go on with its attack on the city.

The battle of Herat proved that Afghan government forces, when supported by locals, have the means to stop the Taliban. With either side capable of canceling the other, Afghanistan will likely experience a violent civil war once all US forces are out.


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The question is simple. Who actually runs the “Afghan government forces”?

Whose proxy do the majority of Afghan people want to “win” this civil war?

Tommy Lee

Near as I can tell, it’s the Taliban that has the most popular support.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Most of the Taliban are Pakistani Pastunes (you want to do some history buddy) – most Afghans live in cities now (the other 55%).
Also, Afghans now forcing their “government” to give them weapons so they can fight back.


There are NO “Pakistani” Pashtun. Pastun are Pashtun. No-one can make them Paki. or Indian or anything. Paki government cannot even control Pashtun areas of NWFP/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pashtun have their own tribal laws and own tribal admin. Only traitors will fear taliban.

US & EU are Zion slaves

“There are NO “Pakistani” Pashtun.”
And the Earth is flat, I see your point but good luck Pak government isn’t going to give them anything buddy, they would kill them all if they have to. Pak and Pashtun made a deal. You might want to look at what each side wants.


Yankees run the ANA . Yankees run the Government. Only Idiots and senile old farts like Ismail Khan will support them. Taliban will eventually break them and execute the scum like they did in the ’90’s. These idiots are just prolonging an inevitable outcome.

US & EU are Zion slaves

“Taliban will eventually break them and execute the scum like they did in the ’90’s”
You don’t think people know what it was like back in 1990 – Afghanistan?
Also, the Taliban never got hold of Afghanistan fully.

The Afghans forcing the government to give them weapons so they can protect their own lands against terrorists, extremist Sunnis called “Taliban”.


The Afghan people are parted into mainly 2 parts.

The Taliban, about 45% of the population, nearly only Pastuuns,
but they also have support from Pakistan where 2/3 of the Pashtuns live.

The other part is mainly what we today call the National Front of Afghanistan, or what we knew earlier as the Northern Alliance.
Earlier supported by Iran, Russia, India, China, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, and from 2001 USA and Nato.

Most of the people up here are tadsjiker, and members of the mujahedin, but also from people from the former Communist government.
But this is a tribal war and a war of warlords.

So to answer your question; “Whose proxy do the majority of Afghan people want to “win” this civil war?”

The answer, it depends on who you ask…


Herat is a tough area with tough fighters. Hopefully the graveyard of Taliban terrorists.


Hopefully Herat and Ghazni reunite with Iran soon.


You are a moronic dreamer. 20 Years the US attacked and bombed Taliban, yet , at the end, they had to have “talks” with them because US wanted a face saving way out of Afghanistan. So HOW will ANA and a few unpatriotic scum defeat them?

The Objective

I promise you that the Taliban will take all major cities of Afghanistan in less than a year from now Insha Allah. The fact that the Taliban are on the offensive should tell you much about the balance of power on the ground.


The Taliban push too quick to win for long-term. InshAllah ignorant Taliban rot in hell soon.

Peter Wallace

You can’t promise anything. You believe that the Taliban will be in control in a years time and that is possible but not as yet a done deal. It is good to see the people fighting back but if the Taliban control the countryside around the cities it will make it hard for the cities getting supplies of everything they don’t make or grow themselves. Still they may hold out so we shall see in a years time if you have to eat your words or not. Last time around the Taliban fought against groups fighting each other. This time they remember last time and look in a much stronger and organised position.

north K

it is over. they will pick up a battle here and there, but taliban has been there and done that. they fought north americans for 20 years and so has most popular support. south vietnam lasted more than a year with all the logistics, but these puppets won’t last that long.

Peter Wallace

I don’t know if they do have most local support. People remember last time they were in power and many don’t want them in power again. I don’t think the Yanks were interested in winning, more of a hold and control without manpower losses . Anyway time will tell but either way it looks like more pain for Afghani’s.


The ONLY thing that stopped them from Total control of Afghanistan is USA + 28 Cowardly nations that invaded in 2001. They conquered 98% of the land and besieged Wine drinking Ahmad Shah Masood . The Yankee bombing stopped taliban. They are simply picking up where they left off 20 years ago – business as usual. Anyone who believes ANA and a few militias can defeat them is a dreamer and a moron.

Peter Wallace

I was watching the Taliban before they first took control of Kabul and well aware that The Lion of the North was basically all that was holding out as well as he was assassinated by a gun hidden in a camera two days before 9/11. I was very happy that the US joined up with Masoud’s group and kicked the Taliban out of control. As for can the ANA defeat them , I don’t know but I hope they can and we will find out who is the dreamer and moron in time. I am also happy that the US is out as they should have withdrawn after Tora Bora so no need to wave your big dick in my face because to me it is a lot smaller than you think it is.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Morons like you really like to run their mouth with BS. The Afghan “government” doesn’t even give weapons to Afghans to killed all those Wahhabi terrorists Pakistanis. Most of Taliba are Paksitani Pastunes, not Afghan, you can’t understand that even?

China collapse agenda 2024

Taliban and Pakistan will be defeated soon.Just wait and watch.


India will collapse – into the big street latrine it made for itself. Pakistan is only 25% of India but have bigger balls than the Piss drinking, dung eating cow worshippers. China will destroy the monkey Phucker regime and the Pakis will march into New Delhi and slaughter the Coolies like cows to a Macdonalds beef burger slaughterhouse.

Peter Wallace

That sounds like a Pakistani ranting v India so no wonder you love the Taliban so much. They say Love makes you blind it that appears so in your case. Objectivity is a word you can’t even spell.

S Balu

With over 18,000 military contractors unaccounted for and thousands of Indian RAW agents and sleeper cells
Uncle Sam/ India’s privatized CRUSADERS in Action (CIA)
Are formatting this massacre of Afghan civilians and destroying
Infrastructure of Afghanistan

Peter Wallace

The CIA had a 10,000 strong army of Death Squads operating with impunity before and I am sure they are all still operating. They just killed people because they enjoyed it

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