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Afghan Government Forces In Kandahar Hold Their Ground Amid Fierce Attack By The Taliban (Videos)

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Afghan Government Forces In Kandahar Hold Their Ground Amid Fierce Attack By The Taliban (Videos)

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On July 9, Taliban fighters launched a large-scale offensive on the southern city of Kandahar, the second largest urban center in Afghanistan after the capital Kabul.

Abdul Salam, an Afghan military commander, told the Xinhua News Agency that Taliban fighters attacked a number of checkpoints in Chulzina, a suburban of Police District 7 in Kandahar. The attack was, however, repelled.

From its side, the Taliban claimed that its fighters had seized three checkpoints in Police District 7 and captured dozens of government service members.

According to Afghan sources, Taliban fighters are now situated 5 km to the west of Kandahar. The city is the former political capital of the Taliban, and the home of the Pashtuns, Pakhtuns and Pathans tribes.

Afghan government forces have been working tirelessly to stop the Taliban advance on several frontlines throughout the country. A day earlier, the group was expelled from Qala-e-Naw city, the capital of the northwestern province of Badghis.

Despite facing some setbacks, the Taliban is gaining ground on all fronts. Recently, the group’s fighters captured the Islam Qala border crossing with Iran in the western province of Herat.

The Taliban claims that its fighters have captured more than 170 districts in Afghanistan since May 1, when the US announced a plan to pull its troops out from the country before September 11.


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mike l hutchings

to find out what’s going on I come here…the MSMs are propaganda arms of the government

A clown like you

Sunni Pashtuns make about 42-45% of Afghanistan…we should say 45% is under the Taliban or they take it sooner or later.
The other ~55% made up of Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Aimak, Turkmen, Baloch, etc.
The other ~55% should come together and say what they want…mainly Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, and Turkmen.
Most likely we might see the country get divided again…


Recall in 1980’s US, KSA and Pakistan created the mujahedin to fight the Soviets. The Taliban are the Sunni ideological bastard child of the Saudi influence, and largely made up of rural Pashtuns. The US sponsored multiple and competing (ethnic) mujahedin factions – both Tajiks of Northern Alliance and Pashtuns of militant Islamist’s. In post-Soviet power vacuum, in 1990’s, these factions set against each other with varying support from outside countries, the Taliban dominant by late 90’s. In 2001, when US invaded Afghanistan, they called on the Tajik dominated Northern Alliance as allies against Taliban. After US occupation Northern Alliance dissolved into US based Afghan governance. But those events may have further implications for ethnic Tajiks, and other minorities across north and west, if post-US occupation, the Taliban gains serious dominance.

Last edited 22 days ago by VaporTrail
Lone Ranger

Talibs increased their territory from 50% to 85% in a couple of months, if they keep that up Kabul will fall before winter.
Slow clap…

Fog of War

To truly figure out whats going on in Afghanistan we’ll have to wait to see if the Taliban totally eradicates all poppy / heroin production in Afghanistan after they win. If they dont, then we know that the Taliban made a deal with the devil / ZioAmerica.

Last edited 23 days ago by Fog of War

Inshallah they do

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