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Afghan Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot Assassinated By The Taliban

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Afghan Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot Assassinated By The Taliban

Afghan pilot Hamidullah Azimi.

On August 7, the Taliban assassinated a pilot of the Afghan Air Force (AAF) in the Chahar Asiab district of the capital, Kabul.

The pilot, identified as Hamidullah Azimi, was killed when a magnetic explosive device, that had been planted under his vehicle by operatives of the Taliban, blew up. According to the TOLO News, six civilians were wounded in the same blast.

Azimi was a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter pilot. The AAF uses its unarmed Black Hawk helicopters for tactical transport only.

However in a statement, Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, claimed that Azimi was “bombing civilians” in his US-made helicopter.

Afghan Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot Assassinated By The Taliban

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The Taliban has been working to deplete the AAF by targeting its bases, equipment and pilots for a while now. Last month, the group claimed that it destroyed three UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter in two “tactical attacks” on Kunduz Airport in northeastern Afghanistan. The first attack took place on July 11, while the second was on July 16.

The group also claimed that its fighters shot down a MD 530F Cayuse Warrior light scout attack helicopter in the southern province of Helmand on July 29.

The AAF slowed down the Taliban advance on several fronts in the last few months. The group sustained heavy losses as a result of airstrikes carried out by the AAF.


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Fog of War

Additionally, the Taliban are destroying any potential air force they might have after they win. Now, who would want that result or Afghanistan ?

Chess Master

Few airplanes and helis owned by talibans wouldn’t stay a chance against an US raid.

Last edited 1 month ago by Chess Master
G2 Man

The US and its NATO lackeys have dropped more bombs on Afghanistan that in the entire European theater of WW2, but lost shamefully. You internet warrior children must understand that airpower does not win wars. Korea, Algeria, Vietnam, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan are a few glaring examples.


Apparently you didn’t get the Biden memo – the US is pulling out. By end of year. After stalling on issue for over a decade, the US has finally, publicly, admitted their operation in Afghanistan has no military solution.


LOL!!! have the US not been doing that for twenty years?

Arch Bungle

No country builds an airforce filled with traitors.

Fog of War

Afghani troops switch sides all the time. Also, Did Iran eliminate all its pilots because they happen to have served under the Shaw ?

Arch Bungle

Did Iran’s soldiers and pilots drop bombs on their own people for 20 years?

Again, it’s “Shah” not “Shaw”.

Donald Moore

Most stuff used is US made so the Taliban knows that they won’t get parts let alone replacements so when they take the country it will not have much of a AF anyway!


Fresh pilots can be trained when they take over, and the Vichy quislings like this pilot they exterminated won’t fight for them anyway.

Fog of War

Did Iran execute every soldier and pilot that served under the Shaw’s monarchy ?

Arch Bungle

Did Iran’s soldiers and pilots drop bombs on their own people for 20 years?

By the way, it’s “Shah” not “Shaw”.

G2 Man

Airpower has never won a war anyway. It is always tenacious boots on the ground. Western armies are Hollywood studio forces, good at making propaganda but excellent at losing wars, mostly due to the fact they are recruited from the drug addicted dregs of collapsing societies. US loses wars as like its Zionist masters, it is casualty averse and has demoralized drug addicted mercenary forces that can not fathom stress. Over 9000 western loser troops have committed suicide since 2001 Jew launched lost endless wars. Over a million American “veterans” have mental problems and living homeless on the streets. It is the same situation for NATO and Australian vassals who committed massive war crimes and are facing PTSD (cowards disease).

Peppe il Sicario

And how they love that Fentanyl and Oxcontin!!!! A gem of at Hollywood film, however, that highlights this and goes full-force counter to the Zio-War propaganda mantra is the 2021 film “Cherry”. I advise all consciously aware and discerning people to see it. The question is will the majority ever learn to break free from the mental conditioning?

G2 Man

China has signed a initial $10 billion mineral rights deal with Afghanistan and Taliban and will eventually bring it into CPEC and Iranian economic zone. US idiocy has benefited China and Iran immensely.


The maintenance contracts and parts chain for these BH’s are basically US controlled. After US pullout the maintenance schedules and spare parts logistics will rapidly deteriorate. As such the Afghan fleet of BH’s are not much of a war prize for Taliban anyways.

Fog of War

However, skilled pilots can be re-trained to fly other aircraft, Chinese or Russian. Will the Taliban also kill all the doctors and nurses that worked with ZioAmerica ?

Arch Bungle

How did you jump from pilots dropping bombs on Afghans to medical staff healing Afghans?

Don’t you ever get tired of inventing straw man questions?


God bless the martyr Afghan pilot.

Arch Bungle

Interesting way to describe a traitor to his own country.

Arch Bungle

Fight for the invader, die a traitors death.


Afghan soldiers fight for Afghans, as USA and all invaders have left Afghanistan. The Taliban mercenaries are fighting for invader Pakistan.

Last edited 1 month ago by John
G2 Man

The ANA was a unsustainable corrupt mercenary forces created by the US and its collapsing faster that the ARVN. The Taliban are on the way to capturing over $10 billion in US taxpayers funded weaponry. The price of a M-4 Colt Assault Rifle has dropped down to barely $250 in the FATA tribal gun stores as the Taliban are flooded with captured weapons. These will eventually flow into Kashmir and Baluchistan. US has made a complete mess in the region.

Arch Bungle

Lame attempt at a propaganda spin but nobody with more than 2 brain cells would buy that story.

Try again.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

Nope, both factually incorrect and grossly simplistic. The Taliban are mostly ethnic Pashtuns, who are in fact the majority ethnic group in Afghanistan, but who also inhabit large swathes of northwest Pakistan, and constitute the second largest ethnic group within Pakistan. This is why the Taliban found safe refuge in Pakistan after US routed them in 2001, and it is also why the Pakistani state barely controls own territory in northwest Pakistan. The Taliban are Afghans, though they heavily recruit across all Pashtun territory, but their extreme Sunni ideology comes from a quite recent Saudi Arabian Wahhabi influence. The Saudi’s got a regional foothold in 1980’s when teamed up with US and Pakistan to sponsor Afghan mujahedin against Soviet military in Afghanistan. The Saudi’s set up religious madrasa schools in Pakistan with intent to indoctrinate the Pashtun Sunni Muslims into their extreme fundamentalism and expand their religious doctrine into central Asia. This was all done with CIA assistance and approval throughout the 1980’s. This result decades later is called blow-back.

Last edited 1 month ago by GoldStandard

Leaving stage left the USA, Entering Stage right CHINA?

Arch Bungle


And entering with deadlier and more sophisticated weapons than the USA can field, i.e:

1. Checkbooks and business opportunities.
2. An unparalleled understanding of the Asian and Central Asian mindset and cultural architecture
3. Patience
4. Long term strategic vision which the West has no capability of matching.

The Americans are like the pigeon playing chess against China in central asia – poop all over the board, kick over all the pieces. Leave, calling that ‘winning’.

The Chinese actually play chess.


Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, another one gone
Another traitor bites the dust.

G2 Man

US in its infinite ignorance and under Jew control invaded Afghanistan, a conservative tribal society on the crossroads of major geo-strategic faultlines even without the benefit of rudimentary regional history. Afghanistan was always a buffer between various competing powers and post WW2 King Zahir, then Daoud and latter the progressive socialists form Amin, Taraki, Karmal to Najibullah kept a pretty neutral stance. The US in its arrogance believed that in the post Soviet collapse era, it would impress the world with its “military power” largely based on a Hollywood fantasy. In the real world the US has suffered an irreversible defeat. Who in their right mind would ally with a losing fading failed state like the US where millions are languishing homeless, jobless and hopeless. Even if the US takes in some of these traitors, who will be left as homeless on the mean drug infested streets of mean and nasty violent America. The Afghan traitors should have thought better, their fate is sealed.

G2 Man

Historically quislings and traitors don’t fare well. The US lost the war in Afghanistan and like Vietnam will have yo host over a million fleeing Afghans eventually. Friendship with US is a kiss of death, as it is totally without any morals or human ethos and will abandon even its mother if the price is right.

US & EU are Zion slaves

RT: US sends B-52 bombers to Afghanistan in bid to stop Taliban offensive, as strategic city of Kunduz sees militants entering.

So it is a matter of time yanquis bomb Afghanistan again and kill more Pakistani Pashtuns.
They killed a few Pakistani Pastunes just weeks ago.

Gorgeous George

He deserved to die if only for his faggy moustache.

L du Plessis

Soon the Taliban will be flying US Choppers not only Humvees 😂

Arch Bungle

If the last 20 years have taught them anything it’s that they don’t need chppers.

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