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Afghan Army Takes Upper Hand In Battle Against Taliban In Ghazni (Photos)

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Afghan Army Takes Upper Hand In Battle Against Taliban In Ghazni (Photos)

By the offical Twitter account of the NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan (@ResoluteSupport)

On August 14, local sources told the Afghan TOLO TV that Taliban fighters retreated from the southeastern city of Ghazni following heavy clashes with the Afghan Nation Army (ANA), which reinforced its positions inside the city over the last few days.

According to the locals, the clashes are now taking place in the district of Khoghyani and the areas of Asfanda and Noghi in the outskirt of Ghazni.

The NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan confirmed on Twitter that Ghazni is under the full control of the ANA and revealed that military advisors of the U.S. Army are supporting the operations there.

Warplanes of the NATO supported the ANA during the clashes in Ghazni and bombed several positions of the Taliban inside the city. According to the official twitter account of the Resolute Support Mission, over 140 fighters of the Taliban were killed in these airstrikes.

The Taliban’s attack on Ghazni begin on August 11. During the first 48 hours, Taliban fighters managed to capture large parts of the city and several key bases around it. However, the situation changed when the ANA reinforced its remaining units inside the city.

The main goal of the attack, which was a part of the Taliban’s spring offensive, was to cut off a key highway linking the Afghan capital of Kabul to the Taliban-held areas in southern Afghanistan. The attack was widely viewed as a show of force by the Afghan group.

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The American legions are being tested on all fronts, and they seem to be losing.

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