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Afghan Army And “Lion Of Herat” Push Taliban Back, As Public Defies Taliban

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Afghan Army And "Lion Of Herat" Push Taliban Back, As Public Defies Taliban

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On August 2nd and 3rd, Taliban reportedly retreated from the city of Herat, after Afghan government forces and a public uprising pushed them back.

The latest deployment of forces from Kabul to assist the Afghan Armed Forces, as well as the militia headed by former warlord “Lion of Herat” Ismail Khan managed to drive the Taliban out of key parts of the provincial capital.

“Afghan security forces plus resistance forces launched a big operation in the west of the city,” Jailani Farhad, spokesman for Herat’s governor said.

According to him, Taliban were cleared out of several areas of the city, including Herat’s civilian airport, which is back into operation.

Sensing the Taliban’s retreat, people took to the streets of Herat, chanting “God is great”. The locals announced their support for the government forces and vowed to defend the province.

The move was welcomed by Afghans in other regions, who joined in by creating the hashtags “Herat uprising”.

They also celebrated the advances of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in their fight against the Taliban in southern parts of Herat city. August 2nd was the sixth day of the fighting in Herat, reports Tolo News.

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh welcomed the move and tweeted:


Still, the situation in Lashkar Gah is dire, as well as clashes are on-going near Kandahar and many other cities.

Heavy clashes are taking place between Afghanistan forces and the Taliban in several Afghan cities following the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from the country. As many as 28 incidents have taken place in the last 24 hours, leading into August 4th.

According to latest figures released by Afghan watchers (till August 3), the Taliban controls 140 provinces, with 151 contested and the government holding 131.

Heavy clashes are taking place between Afghanistan forces and the Taliban in several Afghan cities.

At least 40 civilians have been killed and more than 100 injured in the said time period in fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban in Lashkar Gah, the United Nations said on August 3rd.

Matiullah Khan, the police chief of Nawzad district of Helmand was among those killed in Lashkar Gah and Imdadullah, an advisor of Nangarhar provincial council who worked with US special forces was eliminated in Jalalabad, said Afghan watchers.

Afghan forces battled the Taliban in Lashkar Gah as the fighting intensified in the city in southern Helmand province and the frontline was in District 1 where the US conducted an airstrike on the morning of August 2nd.

As it can be seen above, the public support is rising for Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), which is fighting the Taliban. In Herat, where United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) office was attacked, people raised slogans in favor of the security forces. Reports from local media say that there is no electricity in Herat since the past six days.


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G2 Man

Herat is in the Iranian area of influence and Ismail Khan has a very tough and dependable militia as part of the wider Northern Alliance created by General Ghaani of the Qods Force, who spent several years based in Herat and has excellent knowledge of local conditions. It is also home to a substantial Shia Hazara and Uzbek population. The Taliban are primarily a Pashtun movement created in Pakistan and is a double edged sword and have to be careful not to repeat the same mistakes again as Herat is Afghanistan’s economic lifeline. Afghanistan’s ethnic and political mosiac and regional power dynamics have changed since the 1990’s. There are over 3 million Afghans in Iran and almost 70% of the consumer goods, food supplies and fuel come via Iran, so there are economic reasons for the various resistance groups to cooperate and fight against the Taliban. Tajikistan and Russia also have a keen interest in ensuring security.

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 Man
Islam decline

34 Pakistani soldiers ki!!ed in Baluchistan yesterday.

Islam decline

400 taliban killed yesterday by afghan government

Islam decline

20 Pakistani security officials killed in waziristan in 2 days by taliban

The Objective

You seem to judge victory by body counts. How does it help you if you kill 1 million Taliban only for Afghanistan to fall to them? There may be more Taliban killed than government forces, but Taliban has taken control of at least 70% of Afghanistan. The three embattled cities are highly likely to fall before the month ends.
Victory will be decided when one of the two groups take full control of Afghanistan.


These idiots forget that the US retreated from Afghanistan like thieves in the night because of their 20 year losses to Taliban not because they were afraid of the Puppet Yankee c@cksuckers in Kabul. If the entire NATO + US military machine could not defeat Taliban, who are a few traitors?


500 more Hindoooos died of shit consumption after falling into latrine pit

G2 Man

There is a very successful Independence War going on in Baluchistan as the Punjabis are hated by both the Baluch and Pashtun. As I mentioned before, even if Kabul falls to the Taliban, the Afghan Pashtun have no love lost for Pakistan and they will agitate for a Pashtunistan on both sides of the British imperialist created Durand Line, the unrecognized border. There are 30 million very angry Pashtun in Pakistan and about 15 million in Afghanistan who detest the Punjabis who have brought so much destruction to their country and depleted all the Baluch natural resources like gas. The Pakistani military has killed over 70,000 Pashtuns in FATA (tribal areas) and 100,000 Baluch have been massacred, including their wise and elderly leader Akbar Bugti who was killed in a drone strike from CIA base in Jacobabad Sindh province. The US in its infinite ignorance and arrogance has unleashed forces that will wreak havoc for a very long time.

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 Man

1000 Hindoooos died of pandemic in 1 hour yesterday and another 200 Died after falling in latrine pit and drowning in shit because of no toilets in the whole country

Islam decline

10,000 Chinese dead in flash floods in central China in 2021

G2 Man

Now that is not correct, 300 Chinese have died in recent flooding. At least keep your exaggeration to a plausible level, then you may gain some credibility. And Islam is hardly on the decline in demographic terms, but does need reform.

China flood death toll rises sharply to over 300 BBC World News

Russia collapse agenda 2024

50 million Russians dead in ww2

World will be a better place without religion

Well done …
Well done…
Rip the hearts of talibans and send them back to Pakistan via dhl if available..
Raise up Afghanistan against religious leaders and show the power of democracy…
Rip the heads of talibans no remorse no Mercy just death to all talibans and those who helps them

US & EU are Zion slaves

Afghans aren’t fighting against religious leaders or for democracy, they fighting for a better future and against terrorists, like how Iraqis and Syrians did when ISIL came to their country.
It is also far from over, btw stfu if you live in the West because your country most likely aided and funded ISIL and supported terrorists in M.E.
Your country loves Wahhabi fuk face as well and loves Zion to loot your population.


OK Yankee cocksucker. Taliban will rule Afghanistan in just a few more months. Puppet leaders will flee to Europe and US


Yeah defend the freedom to drink and fornicate – those wonderful freedoms your Yankee masters gave you

US & EU are Zion slaves

If you got a chance to talk to Afghan that’s what they say,
“‘I can say openly to Afghans that this war, it isn’t between Taliban and the Afghan Government. It is Pakistan’s war against the Afghan nation. Taliban are their resource and they are working as a servant…’ said Ismail Khan, who is fighting against the Taliban in Herat.”


So brave Ismail Khan and US OPuppet cocksuckers was fighting US-NATO for 20 years? – It was Taliban alone. They will prevail again. Get used to it Yankee loving Fag

Ashok Varma

General @SayedSamiSadat who is leading the fight against the Taliban in Helmand has pointed the finger of blame at neighbouring Pakistan and says they’ve allowed hundreds of fighters to move freely across the border


So What? US was helping Puppet ANA for twenty years, Why not let Pakistan help Taliban.?


If anything can turn the table against taliban is the herat province. Herat civilian ressitance and Afghan force should push taliban out of the border of iran and take control of it. Start pincer movement Attack on this taliban. specally in north and west of herat if AFghan force and ressitance people take and reach to the border of iran and turkmenistan then taliban will be in trouble they will try and shif all focus towards herat. then the other afghan force start big operation in north of the all province to drive the taliban out of the northen border bcuz that will be main target for supply of weopeon from northen alliance country .


Sell your armchair general bullshit somewhwere else. You are a joke. Do you think Taliban planners haven’t thought this all out? While the ANA and the puppet regime in Kabul was co-operating with US-NATO forces for 20 years, the Taliban still forced them all out. HOW on earth will ANA and a few senile idiots like Ismail Khan defeat the greatest Warriors on earth?

Last edited 1 month ago by YankeeGoHome

Amir,” Ismail Khan, live like him!

Fog of War

” As it can be seen above, the public support is rising for Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), which is fighting the Taliban. ”

After 20 years of tasting Western ” freedom ” ( i.e. the internet, cable tv, porn, alcohol, etc ) the civilians will fight to the death not to lose it. The Ziomachine conquerors nations by conquering the people’s minds first.


God is on the side of the American Puppets and traitors? LoL! Taliban will be in Kabul in September. Herat will fall this week. America has left Afghanistan NOT because of the Traitors. They Left because of their losses to Taliban. Afghanistan belongs to taliban

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