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Advanced Turkish Combat Drone Spotted Over Northeast Syria (Video)

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On November 24, the Kurdish Syrian Hawar News Agency (ANHA) released a video showing an advanced Turkish ANKA-S unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) flying over northern Raqqa.

The video shows the UCAV flying over the key town of Ain Issa, which was attacked by Turkish-backed militants a day earlier. Several Turkish airstrikes targeted the town’s outskirt in the last 48 hours.

Developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries, the ANKA-S has a range of 1448 km and an endurance of up to 24 hours with a service ceiling of 9,144 m.

The UCAV can be armed with a variety of weapons, including the Turkish-made MAM-L, a small-diameter laser-guided munition. The one in the video appeared to be armed.

Turkey has been relying on UCAVs to provide close air support to militants of the so-called Syrian National Army (SAN) during operations against Kurdish forces in northeast Syria.

Turkish UCAV attacks on northeast Syria have reportedly resulted in civilian casualties. On November 9, two civilians were killed in a strike on northern Raqqa. A similar strike claimed lives of at least two other civilians on November 20.

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Terence Silvestre Jr.

And where are the sophisticated Russian and Syrian air defenses to protect and defend the Syrian sky before such flagrant violation of the Syrian airspace by the treacherous and Turkish cheats and their puppets?

Rhodium 10

Are they attacking SAA or Russian forces?….Russian air force planes cross Turkish air space on its way to Latakia..


SAA and civilians have been targeted, isn’t that enough of a reason.
These drones also provide recon for Turkish artillery, etc.


Yes indeed THEY ARE!
And also the Kurds have only accepted Russian meditation and the deal because the Russians promised to protect them from airstrikes.
SDF now has naturally a right to complain!
I also find a very important to stand against Russophobia. But EVERY rightful critique here is every time always attacked by those, who always defend everything Putin does.
He is not perfect. And Erdogan has played him, and is now embolded by the renewed US-Turkish alliance.
Supporting Russia against Russophobia does not mean one must act like an everything defending drone. The world is not black or white.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Yes Sir. I love Russia and even though I have to criticize some of his acts and decisions in Syria that do not seem right to my personal point of view.
It would be hypocritical love if I didn’t do it of course.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

You don’t need to be a genius to know that an attack on Syria is an attack on Russia too,
the two being allies, and the same thing as an attack on a member of the Otan is an attack on all other members too.
If it were not like that, it would be a joke to say to be allies and not defend each one to the other?


I was thinking Syria should at least deploy Pantsirs and it’s radar to 93rd Brigade base just south of Ain Issa. That town and Tal Tamar are important locations. Not a good idea to allow Turkish drones freedom of airspace over these areas.


There must be some engineer capable of setting up a sort of track and destroy devise. First maybe visual man steered and then automatic by sort of radar , magnetic or sound, laser there are not a lot of machines up in the air to distract the signature.


It s speed does not exceed 210 km/ houre you can schoot it if you are at his hight.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Turkey hasn’t been using manned aircraft over Syria for nearly 3 weeks now, at least on all but the rarest occasions, all we ever see now are drones.
Erdogan stated the SDF have a heap of MANPADS courtesy of the US, and even though this is a high altitude drone, most of the other ones the Turks use aren’t, so I think it’s time the SDF started using some of those MANPADS the Turks say they have.

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