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JUNE 2023

Advanced Russian Low-Altitude Radar Spotted At Syria’s Al-Qamishli Air Base

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Advanced Russian Low-Altitude Radar Spotted At Syria’s Al-Qamishli Air Base

Two 48Ya6-K1 Podlet K1 radar at Hmeimim Air Base, Syria. IMAGE: vk.com/milinfolive

Russia had deployed at least one 48Ya6-K1 Podlet K1 low-altitude radar at al-Qamishli Airport in Syria’s northeastern region.

The radar appeared in a video documenting the arrival of Russian Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova at al-Qamishli Airport on December 16, as well as in a video showing the Russian-held part of the airport that surfaced online on December 17.

It’s worth noting that al-Qamishli Airport is located in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah, right on the border line with Turkey.

Developed by Russia’s defense giant Almaz-Antey, Podlet K1 is a 3D, S-Band, low-altitude radar with a range of 200-300 kilometers depending on the operation mode. The radar uses a PESA [passive electronically steered array] antenna. The Podlet K1 was designed to detect hostile targets flying at low-altitude, provide early warning and support Russian advanced air-defense systems, such as the S-400.

The radar was likely deployed at al-Qamishli Airport to detect any aerial threats, as well as to keep an eye on Turkey’s airspace.

While al-Qamishli Airport is held by Syrian government forces, most of the nearby city is controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Following the 2019 Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria, Russia deployed several helicopters, radars and at least one air-defense system in the airport. Russian forces were dispatched to the region back then to monitor a ceasefire between Turkish forces and the SDF.

Last October, Russia deployed several warplanes at the airport in a message to Turkey that was at the time preparing to launch a new offensive against the SDF.

Over the past two years, several news sources claimed that Russia is planning to establish a base in al-Qamishli Airport similar to that in Hmeimim on the Syrian coast. According to some recent reports, Russia wants to deploy an S-400 long-range air-defense system at the airport.


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Yay. Now they can eat popcorn and watch Israel bomb with impunity.

Oh wait, they already do that.

jens holm

IMHO not even remember he already has showed his low level as permanent.


Says the resident idiot.

Lone Ranger

In Disney movies Shlomo.


Perhaps one of you retarded down voters can tell me just what Russia has done to stop Israel?

They are just doing Israels bidding anyway. They will never stand up to their masters. JUST LIKE THE U.S.

This is all part of the protocols.

Lone Ranger

Russia has blocked the Greater Israel and New Khazaria projects. Saved Syria and Iraq. And Iran as well.

Chris Gr

Russia doesn’t care about Iran anyway. Iraq and Syria are different.

Lance Ripplinger

Seems like this is all normal military procedure. They need to have a good picture of the airspace out and around the base. I imagine this radar at least would give the Russian forces there some early warning. I wonder how low to the surface it can “see” objects?

jens holm

Its a typical comment here. None do much themself and help others and look up anything even keeping themself illiterate as well. Its a part of the obey culture, which hardly is existing here in Denmark.

I see the radar as forced escalation.

Lone Ranger

You don’t see uncle Sams dick in your pie hole as escalation tho…


To operate helicopters safely they need to be able to see low flying drones.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anyone
Peppe il Sicario

On a much more important and revealing note, last night, a very suspicious fire broke out at the St. Petersburgh shipyards on what was to be the soon commissioned Provornyy corvette, a Project 20385 class vessel considered to be the most advanced in the world armed with the latest Zirkon hyper-sonic anti-ship missle. First reports suggest that the ship is more than likely unsalvageable due to the damage sustained. The dynamics of the incident, and its strategic importance for the Russian Navy have led analysts and investigators to infer that sabotage was more than likely. In my opinion, this proves that the asymmetric warfare and heightening of tensions against Russia, China and Iran conducted by NATO and its allies continues to intensify. How will Russia react now is anyone’s guess, but this antagonizing of the Great Bear will not go without retribution. That’s a certainty. Russia has just declared in the last few days that they are pulling out of the Open Skies Treaty which is a big slap in the face to the Americ*nts and their stooges. This is after basically shutting down official communication channels with NATO a few months prior. The Russians, on their behalf, know what it is coming down the pipe and are giving signals to anyone who is smart enought to listen. Then, over 2 months ago in October of this year, the Chinese, for their part, knocked out an Americ*nt nuclear sub that was provoking them with more than likely an underwater drone in the South China Sea. Here, another clear message was sent.

Chris Gr

You don’t seem to understand that Russia, China and Iran have different interests with each other?

Lone Ranger

Most excellent Comrades 🤗

Lone Ranger

CIAisis and wahabimossad will cry and rage 🤗 Jens “LSD” holm too ..


It would be wonderous if Russia beefed up al Qamishi Airport, but first order should be to beef up the Russian presence in the city, (and countryside near the airport). I know that is easy to say, but costly to do. Inshallah.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ronald
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