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Advanced Russian Costal Radar Spotted At Tartus Naval Base


The advanced Monolit-B coastal sea-surface and air reconnaissance system was spotted in the Russian Naval base in Tartus, Syria.

The radar system appeared in a report shared by Petersburg Channel 5 on July 10. The report shows joint training and drills involving the Russian and Syrian navies, which both operate in the area of the Tartus naval base.

Monolit-B was designed to provide long-range, over-the-horizon active and passive radar search capabilities. In active mode, the system can detect surface targets with a range exceeding 100 km. In passive mode, the range increases up to 450 km.

Advanced Russian Costal Radar Spotted At Tartus Naval Base

Coastal radar Monolit-B.

According to Rosoboronexport, the system has the following features:

  • searching, detection, tracking and classification of sea-surface targets by active radar;
  • over-the-horizon detection, classification, and determination of the coordinates of radiating radars, using the means of passive radar detection and ranging;
  • identification of surface targets’ nationality based on the “friend-or-foe” principle;
  • automated acquisition, processing and display of the data on sea-surface situation received from the interactive objects and data sources;
  • generation and output of sea-surface situation and target designation data to the control systems of the coastal missile system;
  • operational control of own spatial position and that of the interactive objects then execution of a march to the assigned positions;
  • automated generation and transmission of clear and encrypted commands, signals and directives, and sea-surface situation data to the interactive objects using standard communication lines;
  • generation and transmission of sea-situation and targeting data to the interactive objects using mutual Data Exchange and Oriental Radar (DEORdr).

The Monolit-B radar is in service with the Syrian Navy as a part of the advanced Bastion-P coastal missile system. The Russian military also deployed systems of this type in Syria. In 2016, the system fired cruise missiles at terrorist positions in northern Syria.

The Monolit-B allows the Russian and Syrian navies to monitor and counter possible threats in the eastern Mediterranean.




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