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Advance Preparations: Syrian Army Is Amassing In Troops Southern Idlib


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Advance Preparations: Syrian Army Is Amassing In Troops Southern Idlib

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is amassing its troops in southern Idlib and preparing for a possible large-scale operation in the region, Sputnik reported on November 29 citing a Syrian military source.

The source told the Russian news agency that the army deployed reinforcements in the southeastern Idlib countryside in the last few days.

“The reinforcements, which arrived [recently], included military equipment, vehicles and advanced weapons that will be used in the right time,” the unnamed source said.

According to the source, the SAA may resume and develop its operation in southeaster Idlib at any giving moment due to the continues escalation by terrorist groups in the region.

The SAA’s military operation in southeast Idlib was launched earlier this month. The army has liberated several towns, so far, including Luwaybidah, Misherfah and Umm Elkhalayel.

A large-scale operation in southeastern Idlib will be aimed at deterring terrorist groups in the governorate and pressure them into accepting the outcomes of the Russian-Turkish agreement reached in Sochi last year.

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