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Additional Satellite Images Suggest Russia Used Trained Dolphins In Syria’s Tartus Port

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Additional Satellite Images Suggest Russia Used Trained Dolphins In Syria's Tartus Port

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Newly-released satellite images provide further proof that Russia sent trained dolphins to Syria.

This was reported by H.I. Sutton, who is the customary source of similar breaking reports.

He reminded that the Russian Navy’s marine mammal projects became infamous when a tame Beluga whale turned up in Norway in April 2019.

The trained Beluga whale then defected to the “enemy” after being fed by sailors.

These satellite images are a follow-up on an earlier report that the Russian Navy had deployed trained seals and dolphins to protect Tartus port in Syria back in late 2018.

“Now evidence has emerged that the Russian Navy sent trained dolphins to support its war in Syria, deploying them to the naval base at Tartus in late 2018.”

Additional Satellite Images Suggest Russia Used Trained Dolphins In Syria's Tartus Port

Click to see full-size image

Initially, Sutton came across the marine mammals when he was reviewing satellite images of Tartus.

The deployment is visible in historical satellite imagery, for example Google Earth, at 34°54’35.16″N, 35°51’46.46″E.

Another location that can be seen on Google Earth is in the Black Sea, at a unit base near Sevastopol, Crimea.

This base is at 44°34’53.12″N, 33°24’8.36″E.

According to Sutton, there was a chance, as previously reported, that the mammals were seals, but dolphins is “more likely.”

“The dolphins would likely be used to counter enemy divers who might try to sabotage ships in the port. The marine mammals might also be used to retrieve objects from the sea floor or to perform intelligence missions.”

Hopefully they don’t just desert and switch sides after being fed by the “enemy.”


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Lone Ranger

So what?
They have a better life than dolphins and wales tortured 16 hours a day for 500pound orks in U.S. aquaparks.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

That was Pompous Mikes swimming pool LR, he likes a bit of fish after his breakfast.

Lone Ranger

Comrade Beluga defected back to Russia after being fed…lol, you cant make this shit up…
Thats some Monty Python level trolling :_)


It’s a well known fact that Russians speak dolphin :D
It’s also known that dolphins sign up for duty at the Russian military.
I have often read about the Russian dolphins but there have never been any real proof of them being real, not even the Norwegian incident proved anything since there are other possible explanations.
“So long and thanks for all the fish”

Trap Is Not Gay

Even whales got redpilled at this point, but the sheeple held inmate in the fake “freedom” of the Jew’s USA still watch Fox News and go vote in the next best ally puppet.

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