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Additional Details And Analysis Of Israeli Strike On Syrian Pantsir-S Air Defense System

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On January 21, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released a video showing the destruction of a Pantsir-S1 air defense system of the Syrian Air Defense Forces during the January 20 strike on Syria.

According to experts, during the strike, the IDF employed IAI Harop loitering munitions. The IAI Harop is an anti-radiation drone, which is capable of autonomously homing in on radio emissions or to be operated in a human-in-the-loop mode.

The video gained a wide media attention, but it includes some details that were under-reported by mainstream outlets.

The released clip was spliced from at least two separate videos. This can be clearly seen at 17 and 22 seconds marks.

The fist part of the video shows an active system, which is firing at Israeli targets. The second part of the video, which includes a direct hit, shows an inactive Pantisr-S1 system:

  • This system is not firing;
  • Its radar is disabled;
  • A possible loading vehicle can be spotted near it.

Therefore, it becomes apparent that the IDF spliced footage from different munitions to show like the Pantsir-S1 system was targeted during an active engagement. The goal was to show that an active system was not capable to repel the attack. This very video was actively used by the Israeli media in its propaganda campaign on the conflict.

In fact, the IDF strike hit an inactive system. It likely spent all of its ammunition and was waiting for a reloading.

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Neo Onh

The only way to hit a Pantsir is to find one not operating or without ammo.

lucho fer

Or hitting a decoy unit.

paul ( original )

I would be interested to hear suggestions on what might be done to overcome this problem. If these systems are vulnerable during re-loading then there should be some sort of counter measures possible.


You could teach Arabs how to work as teams rather than a pack of individuals. That would be a start. But as it is, it’s no wonder the Russians won’t let Arabs run their advanced SAM systems. That would just be a foreseeable waste.


Their tribal nature is why they have always been a backward people.


Yes and it’s very simple, you work in pairs, and one Pantsir covers the other Pantsir whilst reloading. Camouflage netting to hide the Pantsir whilst reloading is another option.

As all the radars are linked, there is no reason why a Pantsir should be vulnerable. I doubt these hits would occur with Russian operators.

Prince Teutonic

Syrians should learn from their mistakes. But unfortunately they don’t…

Daniel Miller

do you really expect them too? look at their average IQ https://brainstats.com/average-iq-in-syria.html

stary ujo

Why Syrian Serviceman dont calculation that without ammunition is Panstir-s1 easy target ? Why dont work 2 Panstirs-S1 beside ? One guiding Israeli drons , second loading ammunition . If was Panstir- S1 out of order, how can was used anti-radiation rocket ?

Daniel Miller

since Syrians have the average IQ of 83…..they are littearly border line retarded.

stary ujo

Syrians simply dont want to learn , who is best serviceman he goes to 1.line fighting ! They are underfuckers as everywhere all around the world !

Daniel Miller

that and the fact they are horridly stupid…thats not even a insult they actually are stupid…https://brainstats.com/average-iq-in-syria.html

stary ujo

O.K. but strategy fighting prepare Russians ! This strategy mean deadly missions .Syrians believe , that Russians and Iran win war with USA and NATO .

Daniel Miller

Ummmm no they dont the Russians advise the Syrians but do not plan for them.


IQ is a spurious measure of intelligence. IQ tests measure a lot of things, like how good your English is or how well educated you are or how close your cultural assumptions are to the test designer’s or how often you’ve taken IQ tests. But nobody’s even been able to define intelligence, much less find evidence that people in country A have more or less of it than people in country B. And if they ever did, it wouldn’t be with IQ tests.

Daniel Miller

Ummm miss me with that crap modern IQ tests are in fact accurate and i am sorry but its a fact arabs have horrible IQ records and that is show by their resent war history,modern wars are much more complex then in the old days and this fact has crippled arab armys look at all of the arab wars Syria struggled with some western funded terrorists with no real heavy weapons even tho the SAA had heavy armor full air power and logistics they still failed to stop them and needed the help of a regional and global power to pullitself out the shit they got traped in. Or Saudi arabia vs the Houthis and so on.


Whatever, you just keep telling yourself that.

It’s all about organization. Hezbollah are genetically the exact same people Israel stomped on in the 1967 war and the 1980s, but they have a better organizational structure and they kicked Israeli ass in 2006. Talking of intelligence, race theories are for morons.

Daniel Miller

they have a better organizational structure since Iran helps them now their is no modern day data on Iranian IQ’s but i can bet they are higher then any arab nation’s. ” Talking of intelligence, race theories are for morons.” i realise that libtards alos have a 80’s IQ but ffs if you really do think IQ and race do not exist you need to read a fucking book.


Funny, I think you need to read a book too. I recommend “The Mismeasure of Man” by Stephen Jay Gould.

Daniel Miller

and how the hell dose a paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian of science is qualified to speak about IQ? IQ is part of psychology……


IQ is part of pseudoscience. But intelligence is a biological attribute; humans are intelligent because hominids evolved intelligence, and if races actually did have different average intelligence levels it would have to be because their evolution had diverged enough from each other to create different results. The history of population mixing makes that incredibly unlikely on the face of it, but that’s what it would take.

There is a history of attempts by scientists to measure racial differences in such a way as to show that the scientist’s race is superior to others, and part of Gould’s book is about that. Unsurprisingly, he finds that they consistently bollixed it up because they were all starting from their assumption of “we’re better” and fudging their measurements or methods so they got the result they wanted.

So yeah, that’s what evolutionary biology and the history of science have to do with it.

Daniel Miller

………soooooo you clearly have no clue what you are saying…..nor what this dead moron is saying IQ is NOT part of a glorified geologists work. You see this is your problem you think their is no deffinition of IQ……then what is this? “a number representing a person’s reasoning ability (measured using problem-solving tests) as compared to the statistical norm or average for their age, taken as 100.”? Do not confuse intellect with problem solving…..even a moron with IQ of 85 can do math ffs downsindrom patiants can do it. knowledge=/=IQ Your argument is invalide form the start as it seems you do not understand what IQ actually is.


That’s nice. Think for ten seconds about what any of that definition actually means, then think for a bit about how much of anything you might think of as “intelligence” it captures and why we should believe any particular set of problems written by some dude actually does any of that stuff. So for instance, when you’re arguing with me, is the mental activity involved readily definable as “problem solving” or plausibly capturable by an IQ test?

Also, I’m amazed that you first quote me a definition of “IQ” which is precisely about problem solving and then tell me do not confuse intellect with problem solving. Had you forgotten that the main reason anyone pays attention to “IQ” is that it stands for “Intelligence Quotient” and purports to measure intelligence? If it’s not measuring intelligence, if it’s just a gimmicky test of nothing in particular with no higher claims, then there’s no reason to think it’s a big deal and no reason to call people who do poorly on them “retarded” like you did upthread.

Your ideas are internally contradictory. And your dismissal of a major writer and scientist as a “moron” seems pretty desperate. I myself don’t agree with the guy about everything; I think his ideas about punctuated equilibrium were overstated. But he’s clearly very smart, whether or not he ever took an IQ test.

Daniel Miller

Like i said do not mix the 2 together their seperate definitions are very diffrent 1 is about knowledge and skills the other is problem solving and yes you can do this with basic geometric shapes…….how arrogant do you have to be in order to claim “IQ dose not exist”?


Likely has more to do with the Arab temperament. Teaching Arabs to work as teams seems like an exercise in futility. Thus, they’ll lose most engagements with western-trained forces all other things being equal.

Daniel Miller

well yes one of the reasons is their low IQ.


Modern IQ test?

Prince Teutonic

I read on some forums that Pantsir’s are manned by Russian crews. Really hope that’s not the truth…

stary ujo

I thing that yes ! S-300 , will 100% servicing Russians . Syrians serviceman are very weak ,I am learn them !

Andrej Kiska

blbecek, nauc sa anglicky a netrep.

Rick Costello

I certainly hope it IS the case. Perhaps then the Russians will see fit to give a yank to the Israeli leash and teach them some international ‘manners’.

Manuel Flores Escobar

That Pantsir was parked in open space near the airport without camouflage siince 18 january 4 days before that attack( as we seen in Photos of the aftermath)..Israel only had to send many small drones guide by GPS until one of them hit the target!

lucho fer

It was a decoy unit.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Other countries friendly to Israel operate the Pantsir. Jordan, Oman and UAE spring to mind.

Mattias Dahlström

SAADF then needs to pair the Pantsirs and coordinate reloading so the wing man covers when one reloads.

Bob Starsky

what they need is to kill israelis in palestine, in masses, like in 40s.


I just cancel my purchase order on several pantsir s1 based on their performance in syria

Tudor Miron

So much talk and buzz about this video. People, how do you know that it’s real? Because Izrael said so? They lie as they breath.


i said it from day one…..the pantsir was firing missiles, 2 of them. maybe that was its last ,no more ammo. or maybe as the report suggests its just a fake video. a working system and a non working one

Joe Doe

Than why SAA don’t move the Pantsir to different location to reload, rather let sit to be easy target. Another option will be have 2 Pantsir to protect each other, when one is reloaded the other still can protect the other


Assuming that the SADF S-300/400 systems are capable of taking down 50% to 100% of attacking Jew planes. That approach soon becomes a dead end for the Jews as the losses would be excessive. If this is correct, then the SADF S-300/400 non use is probably caused by escalation threats. Which may be why a lot of cruise missiles were reportedly used by the Jews in this last attack. Because they don’t have to be air launched and can be surface launched without putting IAF fighters at risk.

This expands the launch platforms that need to be destroyed to IDF bases and possibly ships if those are used. What the Syrian government coalition capabilities are in this regard is classified information. But it looks like the IAF is beginning to be sidelined to save it from destruction. And the Jews are bringing fall back systems on line because the threat to their air force is becoming unmanageable.

The 10 IDF positions in the occupied Golan that were hit last year, was probably the beginning of Syrian government coalition attacks on Israeli controlled territory to get the IAF and other attacks on Syria shut down. The next stage of managing the Jew threat against Syria may be a combination of taking down their fighters in conjunction with hitting additional positions in Israeli controlled territory to suppress escalation by the Jews.


it would be interesting to know if the IDF SigInt post is still operational in the Golan heights. Without it IDF has only the satellite images provided by own and friendly peers satellites.

Real Anti-Racist Action

So (((They))) really are pathological liars!!! They prove it themselves. It is like a crime against truth not to tell everyone the world over that (((they))) are liars just as Jesus said they were. Then (((they))) plotted against Jesus, lied about him then had him killed. https://bbs.thegoyimknow.to/uploads/default/original/4X/1/1/6/116f145c0d2389a5efee6143355eecb130f5d62e.jpeg


The biggest Jew con has been to get Christians to look at Judaism and Jew crime and evil through old testament nexus only rose colored glasses and ignore the Talmud, Kabbalah, and Christ’s own teachings. When the non Christian world clearly sees Jews as the miscreants that they are and almost universally rejects them. With only 1% of the planet’s Jews living outside of Christendom. The non Christian world pays more respect to Christ’s teachings in this and a lot of other matters than Christians. And Jews are the primary cause of it. This needs to change.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Well it was obvious to anyone with half a brain cell what happened, the Israelis kindly provided us with the footage yesterday showing us all in graphic detail, the only shocking part is that SF has to confirm it today. Drones aren’t the answer for the Israelis though, Russian E war will adapt to the new threat and develop something to put an end to this new tactic soon enough, unless the Israelis have developed a system that can’t be hacked or overridden, mmmm.

lucho fer

The perfect decoy is one that you never will deny as a valid target. Read about the Kosovo war and you will learn about the russian air defense doctrine.


You may be right. Notice in this blurry pix backside seems to be rounded off cylinders, not squared off like actual Pantsir vehicle. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eefa1306a049479c34aa6b5893c06016fdfad234feacf5d5d729bcbb8a5651c1.jpg

Floyd Hazzard

Only the worst of idiots would even try to defend anything Russian about Syria anymore. I hope Israel gets the S300 and S400 too because they are not serving any purpose except furthering Russian hegemonic ambitions of keeping Syria beaten down and weak with Zionists help so that they can dictate it’s future. They are not Liberators, they are an oppressing power. They are only protecting and furthering their interests.

Gregory Casey

Should we be surprised by BiBi’s sly sleight of hand?


Lol at how russian trolls try to hide russian army failures, even making the failure look heroic. Blessed propaganda…. But damn how easy is for Israel to hit this poor Russian toy. Anyway, if you are not fighting against Israel, US-Nato, I guess it can still be useful against third world countries.

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