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Additional Conversations Between Poroshenko And Biden Released, Focused On IMF and Visa-Free EU Regime

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Additional Conversations Between Poroshenko And Biden Released, Focused On IMF and Visa-Free EU Regime

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On June 22nd, Ukrainian member of parliament Andrey Derkach released new tapes allegedly containing more conversations between former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and ex-US Vice President and current Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

Derkach claimed that the records confirmed the “external management” of Ukraine and the facts of international corruption.

According to him, “Biden was directly subordinate” to the head of Naftogaz Ukrainy NJSC Andriy Kobolev.

During the demonstrated recording, a man with a voice similar to Biden indicated that “his team works closely with the management of Naftogaz,” and insisted that the company’s managers remain in their places.

Derkach claimed that retaining Kobolev at the head of Naftogaz was necessary to continue the scheme for reversing Russian gas through Slovakia, which allowed them to appropriate about $1.5 billion.

These conversations largely cover the same topics as the previous ones: trade in sovereignty in exchange for an IMF loan, Biden’s direct lobbyism for certain Ukrainian officials and Poroshenko’s immediate readiness to follow all instructions. And at the same time, his requests to influence ex-Prime Minister Yatsenyuk.

In short, these are the topics that were discussed in the tapes:

  1. Kobolev’s defense – Rumors have been confirmed that the “young team” of Naftogaz reformers are US proteges. Biden explicitly demands from Poroshenko to protect Andriy Kobolev from the “assaults” of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and save him from being fired, since the Cabinet of Ministers had the authority to do so. Poroshenko promised that no one would touch Kobolev and his deputies;
  2. Blackmail in favour of the IMF – The topic of the loan from the International Monetary Fund is raised repeatedly in the tapes. Biden expressly demands from Poroshenko that the Ukrainian Parliament vote for “11 major changes plus energy tariffs” – and he will lobby the Congress for a billion-dollar guarantee for Ukraine. Biden also lobbied for none of the conditions to be changed;
  3. “Supervising” the Prosecutor General – In past records, Poroshenko asked the Americans to send a new adviser to the new prosecutor general Lutsenko from the United States. And on this record, Biden says that the supervisor was found – though without specifying who he would be;
  4. The fight with Onishchenko – Poroshenko was quite about the fugitive member of Ukrainian Parliament Aleksandr Onishchenko, who had published incriminating evidence on the president that he asked for Biden’s help. He thanked Biden for connecting him to the CIA and FBI, so that both agencies wouldn’t pay attention to what Onischenko was saying. At the same time, Onishchenko himself described the exposure of Poroshenko’s corruption as “the implementation of the Russian scenario to destabilize the situation in Ukraine”, which Ukrainian intelligence together with the CIA was able to “stop”. In addition, it turns out that Ukrainian intelligence also worked against Onishchenko, carrying out orders from Poroshenko.
  5. Visa-free in exchange for Privatbank – It is interesting that, apparently, it was Biden who lobbied for Ukraine the issue of a visa-free regime with the European Union. In one conversation, the vice president mentions visa-free travel as a result of successful nationalization of Privatbank. Recall that the bank began to become state-owned at the end of 2016, and the visa-free regime with the EU was launched on July 11, 2017. This shows the significant influence the US had on EU policy towards Ukraine, at least under the Obama administration.


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Jens Holm

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Decatur Guy

Without a doubt. Biden is willing to fight for (((them))) until the last American.


American elites very rarely ever face justice, especially if they’re part of the deep-state.

Porky was Biden’s puppet and today Biden is the DNC’s puppet. My theory is that Biden has little intention of becoming his own President, he’s either just going to be a yes-man for his crooked party or he’ll resign early and make whatever extremist pro-BLM/Antifa VP his party picked for him the new President.

Not gonna happen of course, but that’s the plan anyway.

Lone Ranger

Pedobide and Porkyshitko, what could go wrong…

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