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Actual Scenario Of Big War In Eastern Europe

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Actual Scenario Of Big War In Eastern Europe

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NATO is planning to approve a military plan to defend Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the event of a supposed Russian attack.

This plan is a logical step in the framework of the US-NATO’s ongoing miltiarization of Eastern Europe under a pretext of detering the so-called Russian threat and under a cover of cosntant MSM histeria over ‘evil Russkies‘. NATO seeks to get a formal approval of this plan by all 29 member states during its 70th anniversary summit in London in early December.

In line with the provisions of the North Atlantic Treaty of 1949, an armed assault on one of the signatories of the pact is equal to an attack on all NATO countries. Therefore, the only purpose of the new plan is to get an additional legal pretext for war preparations against Russia.

So far, Turkey appears to be the only state refusing to back this plan. However, the reason, according to Reuters, is not the ‘friendship’ with Russia, but Ankara’s will to get more political support for its fight against Kurdish YPG militia in northern Syria.

“Ankara has told its NATO envoy not to sign off on the plan and is taking a tough line in meetings and in private conversations, demanding the alliance recognize the YPG as terrorists in the formal wording, the sources said.

Turkey’s NATO delegation was not immediately available for comment. Turkey’s defense and foreign ministries did not respond to requests for comment,” Reuters reported.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are already spearheading the US-backed push against Russia in the region in media, diplomatic, economic and military spheres. These states, as the agents of the Anglo-Saxon establishment in Europe, fuel the regional confrontation, make agressive statements and actions towards Russia, and contribute every possible effort to support the Kiev regime’s agressive behavior against the people’s resistance in eastern Ukriane thus undermining efforts to de-escalate the armed conflict.

Just recently in Tallinn, Estonian and Ukrainian defense ministries signed a memorandum, in which Estonia promised to help Ukraine to boost its security.

“As part of the visit of Ukrainian Defense Minister to the Republic of Estonia on November 26, a meeting of Andriy Zagorodnyuk with Minister of Defense of Estonia Juri Luik took place in Tallinn. The parties discussed current areas of cooperation between the defense departments of the two countries and outlined further steps for cooperation. Following the meeting, the declaration of intent to cooperate in the field of territorial defense was signed,” the Ukrainain Defense Ministry reported.

The document defineed cooperation in the field of development of the territorial defense concept of Ukraine and practical implementation of a pilot project in this field within the designated territorial-administrative units of Ukraine. The Ukrainian defense minister also visited the Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence, where he discussed with Estonian colleagues promising areas for further bilateral cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of cyber defense.

Additionally, the foreign ministers of Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, as well as Ukraine itself, issued a joint statement in support of the Kiev regime.

“We urge Russia to respect international law and its fundamental principles and reverse moves that contravene these principles. We strongly condemn the clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity by acts of aggression by Russian armed forces since February 2014, and the illegal annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol to the Russian Federation, which we will not recognize. We shall remain committed to implement the non-recognition policy, including through restrictive measures,” the statement said.

The increase of the Ukrainain cooperation with European proxies of the global establishment took place amid a new round of escalation in eastern Ukraine. Over the past week, pro-Kiev forces have resumed a daily shelling of positions of self-defense forces of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics. The DPR and the LPR already reported over two dozens of such incidents.

The intensification of the Ukrainian military activity followed a withdrawal of forces in the areas of Petrovskoe, Zolotie and Stanica Luganskaya on the contact line between the Ukrainian Army and DPR/LPR forces. Under the agreement aimed at de-escalating the situation, these areas were turned into a ‘neutral zone’. This netural zone is now under a threat of an offensive by the Ukrainian Army and illegal armed groups loyal to the Kiev regime.

At the same time, pro-DPR and pro-LPR forces report an increase of the activity of foreign instructors at Ukrainian Army positions close to the contact line.

The Ukrainian offensive in the area of the withdrawal of forces could lead to a new large-scale round of escalation in the region. One of the possible scenarios of the escalation is the following:

Under some formal pretext, the Ukrainian Army resumes its offensive and captures the demilitarized area because DPR and LPR units have been withdrawn from it.

The Ukrainian forces accompanied by foreign instructors and support units of Baltic states or Poland (with are increasingly active in Ukraine) start fortifying their positions. It’s unlikely that foreign personnel will be deployed directly on the frontline. However, as always, foreign advisers will be presented in HQs and provide key logistical, intelligence, cyber warfare and propaganda assistance. The Ukrainian advance is covered by a large-scale propaganda campaign by mainstream media outlets and Western diplomats.

Forces of the DPR and the LPR answer to the agression and launch a counter-offenisve to retake the captured area. The resumption of hostilities in eastern Ukraine endangers or even causes damage to NATO personnel deployed in the framework of the ‘assist and advice’ mission there. Using this as a pretext, NATO (which already prepared a new ‘plan’ to ‘defend’ Ukraine, Poland and Baltic states) provides Ukraine with additional assistance to ‘fight back the Russian agression’. Additional NATO personnel (mostly consisting of Polish and Baltic states forces) are deployed in eastern Ukraine. These personnel backs the Ukrainian Army fighting DPR and LPR forces.

After this, the Ukrainian Armed Forces openly backed by NATO kicks off a large-scale offensive to eliminate the DPR and the LPR. Without Russian support, the local self-defense forces will likely not be able to repel such an attack for a long period of time. Russia has two response options:

  • to react to the NATO agression in the diplomatic and media sphere only, accept millions of refugees from eastern Ukraine and close the border preventing the infiltration of NATO-Ukrainian units into Russia;
  • to start actively supporting the DPR and the LPR with military supplies, advisers and maybe even a limited military action. This scenario will eventually lead to an open conflict between NATO and Russia that will turn to a big regional war, or in the worst-case scenario a global war.

The new round of escalation likely be synchronous with some important political and diplomatic developments, like the 2020 presidential election in the United States, the Russian legislative election in 2021, or some new crisis with a Russian gas transit through Ukraine. The upcoming Normandy format talks to settle the conflcit in Ukraine will not likely lead to any breakthrough. Sides may agree on some practical stepts to de-escalate the sitaution and, in some format, re-integrate the DPR and the LPR into Ukraine as a some kind of autonomy. Nonetheless, the implementation of these steps will as always face notable obstacles – first of all, the agressive attitude of the Kiev regime and its foreign sponsors.

Chances of a new round of tensions in the region will be especially high in the period between April-May 2020 and March-May 2021. This new crisis will play into the hand of the Western financial elites and the Washington establishment that are now searching opportunities to avoid an expected devastating impact of the upcoming global economic crisis. They are interested in seizing new markets that may arise on territory of Russia in the event of its desintegration, looting of Russian natural resources and destroying economies of European states with strng industries that may challenge the US dominance in the field.


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Karen Bartlett

Excellent report. I donated twice this month guys, I hope others will do so as well.


Thank you for the support.

Ishyrion Av

I kind of understand the Poles. Every time when Russia and Germany shake their hands, Poland disappear from the map. So they are trying to find an ally in US, not understanding that US wants to subdue Russia with the price of the lives of any Eastern European. This way they alienate Russia once more. Still, I admire their politics, fighting to maintain their independence against Bruxelles German Empire.

Albert Pike

May be you over estimate what a Sissi LGBT Transgender German Army can do to the Poles, because those ain’t no Storm Troopers:


Tommy Jensen

Poland did the same stupidity before WWII. Made a military alliance with London and rode on the high horse with the f… finger to Germany and Russia……..and got smashed.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

I’m not sure what is worse, living in the USA or E. Europe? I have to imagine the Russophobia is worse in E. Europe than here in the States. People here in the US seem to be far more delusional and enchanted with materialism.

Ishyrion Av

In Eastern Europe, most of the time, Russophobia is the weapon of choice for governments to impose the Bruxelles direction to their countries. If a national movement arise, if a person starts talking about country, nation, religion and being patriotic, they designate them as “russian agents”. Ironically, because European Union is a modern Soviet empire while Russia has become a country where true values seem to be more respected than in any other part of the world. But, to answer your question, I think living in Eastern Europe is better and much fun, because food is still tasty, women are beautiful and if a man dares to enter in ladies room, by any pretext, is beaten till he learns how to behave.

ameer jabril

Uh russia has its own xenophobia as my brown ass experienced first hand when living there. So lets not talk like this is good vs evil. Russia and the west are 2 sides of the same coin. The both of you just don’t want to admit it.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Not precisely. You’ll be alright.

ameer jabril

Having been attacked in broad daylight in Moscow…..no clearly i wasn’t.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

I was assaulted in broad daylight in Chicago with a friend. We could have messed the dude up, esp as I was carrying a walking stick with a crystal at the top. Said he had a gun. We just got out of there and drove back home.

ameer jabril

and what does this have to do with Russia being dangerous for foreigners?

Ishyrion Av

I have no problem with xenophobia. Everyone should stay in his own country, then no reason for xenophobia too!

ameer jabril

says the racist nationalists who would fit right at home in Nazi Germany.

Ishyrion Av

Why racist? Blacks should stay in Africa too. Develop the richest continent of the world. Sounds great, right?

ameer jabril

Except white people owe black and other poc around the world for the centuries of mass rape and plundering of our natural resources. Yes africa could and should be a rich paradise. But that was largely stolen from them thanks to white euros and it is only fair that whites share in the sotlen wealth they leeched off the global south for the past 2 centuries.

Ishyrion Av

Right, Africa is poor because white people stole everything. Or is it because is easier to grab a banana from a tree rather than work the land, learn in school and build a factory??? South Africa is the best example, if you know what I mean. Europe was plundered too – especially Eastern Europe. By Turks, by Western Europeans (and even now). But if you walk there and compare with African states, is like comparing the man with monkeys. We don’t have tribes but we have nations, we don’t cut the neighbor’s head and we don’t rape women (well, accidents might happen). We have culture, we have history, we have civilization. Difference between Christianity and Islam/Pagans. And if everything starts to fall apart – especially in the west – is because Christianity is put away and paganism and islam are imported. So, go and work and stop complaining. Africa is still the richest. Show us you are worthy!

ameer jabril

I will be very shocked if south front does not delete this post. If it truly is a site dedicated to the advancement of colored people in the global south then it needs to walk the walk and get rid of racist nationalist vitriol like yours which belittles Africans and other who actually have contributed alot to the advancement of human civilization long despite what people like you say.

Ishyrion Av

Go and work instead of complain other are guilty for your unhappiness!

ameer jabril

Unhappiness cause by your people. And rest assured plenty of other poc of the global south ive met in my travels who feel the same.

Ishyrion Av

So you still don’t want to work, you and other plenty of pocs you met? Still waiting for someone else to give you everything… In compensation, of course, for your millennial suffering. What will happen with Africa then???! Lame, lame, lame!

ameer jabril

Ban ban ban. That is where your going you keep up this racist crap slick!

Tommy Jensen

For you too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNng4A4330Q

Tommy Jensen

Eating banana crying racist don’t get us anywhere. Let me show you Africa in an honourable way from which we have a lot to learn.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNng4A4330Q

ameer jabril

But claiming to speak on our behalf is one of many reasons you whites in the west are still so universally hated. Yeah its only one reason. But you should try and fix that one reason first and then get back to me that your people wish to learn from us.

Tommy Jensen

You are making projection. Claiming others to be racist and suppressive, while yourself demand all whites to be hated and censured. A majority of whites are also suppressed as racial fights are political creations to divide. The only fight there exist is social and against mans suppression of man. The Nigerian lady in my video is talking on behalf of Africa. I were just making reference to her as an admirable example I recommend you to follow.

Icarus Tanović

I think weve seen sooo many times before, once in the days of Gorbatchev it worked, but so called”Evil Ruskies” are smarter that dumbarse Americans thinks. Do they not have any fresh ideas? This is idiotism.

ameer jabril

Sorry but this reeks of russian propaganda. And not even very good propaganda at that. Also if this is a site dedicated to support for the global south then why even defend Russia? Both it and China much like the west have always been the oppressors and not the oppressed. Even during WW2 for all the good it did fighting Nazi Germany it was only because they had no choice. Prior to Hitlers invasion they were allies of his. They also continue to oppress fellow Muslim brothers and sisters of the Caucasus. Same with China and the Uyghurs. Honestly it would be good for the global south if Russia and the west both went down fighting each other.

jade villaceran

i think your from middle east/arab country, so who would you prefer to help you stabilize you when your own govenrnment cannot even fix it by your own, your king kiss western ass

ameer jabril

Nope I’m Indian actually. Contrary to what so many western/white morons like to think we are not a nation exclusively made of Hindu faith.

Black Waters

Very good report, it’s clear that the U.S aggressive behavior it’s about their economy doomsday. But nukes should point at D.C, if the U.S starts an offensive. The U,S needs to understand that it’s over, it’s that or oblivion.


If Russia doesn’t sign at least 5 years contract with Ukraine for gas transit this January say bye bye to using Nord Stream 2 usage. That’s why they postponed the construction of it to show the real intentions of Russia. However I expect that Russia will sign so new hot war in Donestsk and Luhansk will most likely not happen. I mean if Putin wants to still have money to pay the wages of Russians.

Rhodium 10

Russia should have done the same as Ossetia and Abjazia…it is to enter in all Donbass and deploy troops to save the lives of civilians people and recognize the Republic of Donetsk and Luganks…then like in Georgia..it would be a game over for Ukraine!…later Russia would form there a Donbass army with air defense, armored vehicles, artillery and short range ballistic missile !..but for some reason beyond the sanctions…they didnt!…and now there is no short and medium term solution!..

cechas vodobenikov

baltics, poles? LOL…there is a reason why 10 million Ukrainians have left Ukraine in the past 2 decades—5 million to Russia in the past 5 hears

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