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Activists Reveal Identity Of Terrorist Killed In Afrin Drone Strike


On May 23, Syrian activists revealed the identity of the ISIS commander killed in the recent drone strike on the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin in northern Syria.

The terrorist reportedly was Abu Zaki al-Taibani. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) and several journalists previously revealed that the terrorist was the military commander of ISIS’ “Hama Wilayat.”

The activists shared a photo of the ID the terrorist used in Afrin. The ID carried the name of Abdulrezzak Elfaris. It was supposedly issued by the so-called Local Council in the town of Bulbul, a Turkish-affiliated body.

Al-Taibani was active in Greater Idlib. He reportedly took part in the execution of several militants of al-Qaeda-affiliated Haya’t Tarhrir al-Sham more than a year ago.

Two unidentified individuals were escorting al-Taibani when a drone targeted his SUV in northern Afrin on May 21. One of the individuals was killed in the airstrike, while the other is reportedly being held by the Turkish intelligence.

Opposition sources believe that the U.S, which carried out similar strikes in the past, was behind the drone strike that claimed the life of al-Taibani. This is yet to be confirmed.




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