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JUNE 2021

Accusations Against Syria: A Logical Take On Douma Chemical Attack Allegations

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Accusations Against Syria: A Logical Take On Douma Chemical Attack Allegations


Written by Hadi Gholami Nohouji exclusively for SouthFront

These past few days have been filled with accusations against Bashar Al-Assad´s government that blame it for the chemical attack that took place in Douma, near Damascus, the Syrian capital.

There are a large number of articles and pieces representing different views about the incident and the parties that are to blame, which is why I will, in this short article, focus on the benefits and disadvantages of carrying out such an attack for Al-Assad and his allies.

First, we need to have an understanding of the place where the chemical attack took place (there are many who argue whether or not it really happened but I will not dedicate time to that discussion) and its situation.

Douma was until just days ago the last bastion of the rebels and it was under the control of a combination of FSA and jihadi-related groups like Jaysh al-Islam. At the time of the attack —7th April— the Syrian Army and allies had fully surrounded Douma and were already beginning to storm the city.

The Syrian forces had the clear advantage and it was just a matter of time that this rebel bastion would also fall under the government´s forces control. Also the militants in Douma were cut off from the outside world and posed no immediate threat to the Syrian forces.

All of this brings us to the question that why would Al-Assad want to gas his own people knowing the severe repercussions that it would have for him? Does it actually make any sense for the Syrian “regime” to carry out a highly controversial (and indiscriminate) attack against the very same people he is achieving military victory against?

One could argue that the Syrian government wanted to make an example of the rebels left in Douma in order to scare their comrades in Idlib and Daraa into submission. This argument makes little sense since there are many, many more ways to intimidate the enemy than launching a chemical attack that would turn the whole world against you while you are on the verge of victory.

So would there be any benefit for Al-Assad in launching a chemical attack on Douma in these circumstances? No. But then it begs the questions that, if the attack really did take place, then, who did it and what parties are to benefit the most from it?

Sadly, these are questions that, at the very least, we haven´t seen a lot in the media and, even worse, among the many people that are commenting on the issue on the different social media networks.

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Kell McBanned

Cui Bono – (((Who))) benifits


Israel as always :)


In case you don’t know, neo-nazis controlled by Israeli psy-op experts are using the “((()))” to designate ‘jews’. It is a method DESIGNED to build sympathy the the zionists, not hurt them.

Read the story about the jew terrorist and Common Dreams- where the jew terrorist used a similar tactic in the comment section of Common Dreams to get Common Dreams to stop reporting on Israeli atrocities.


Who benefits from your constant lies about all of the good that Russia is dong?

The evil Jews that you’re shilling for.


Does anyone in here benefit from his literary diarrhoea.


Unless they’re getting paid, no.

jerry hamilton

You are trying to be logical with people that can’t be reasoned with.

neil barron

Jezzus you can’t figure that out. The foul losers Jeish al Islam terrorist “not rebels not militants”.
Who allowed you to spill drivel here.


Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah- but NO MENTION of what a false flag is, how it must work, and the long history of MI6 pulling off PERFECT false-flags.

Just a load of DISTRACTON waffle. The kind of waffle purpose built to distract the poor minds of betas. It’s like living in the World of Orwell’s Animal Farm here.

Once you accept the false flag in play, you can move ON to the next stage of analysis (clue- it ain’t endless debate aout the NARRATIVE of the false flag).

The false flag has worked even better than 9/11. The invasion force is being assembled as I type. What is Putin going to do about it? Is this just too clear for all of you to process?


Everyone of your posts is twisted into some type of Russia bashing, the one force that is doing the most to get the problems in Syria corrected. You’re a lying Zionist shill constantly running your Russia bashing garbage that has been disproven over and over again.

Stephan Williams

RI should feel a little insulted. It’s B Team hasbarabots who insistently post here – all enthusiastically willing to lie about anything to anyone they’re told to.

Unfortunately. for both sides of this divide, they share their Wit with sticks.

Aimo Huikka

Well, Itried to ask these questions in Finland. Iltalehti newspaper was the one whos article was claiming Assads guiltiness. Naturally my comment was banned. (Facebook is used for comments). In Finland freedom of speech has achieved level of DDR nowdays. This is western democracy nowdays. It’s 1984.

You can call me Al

“These past few days have been filled with accusations against Bashar Al-Assad´s government that blame it for the chemical attack that took place in Douma” …….

There was NO Chemical attack.

Philip Thomas

As a British citizen I would like to apologise for my country’s government’s action in bombing your country just as you were getting back on your feet and beginning the process of rebuilding. My only crumb of comfort is that as an expat living in Singapore not a single cent of my money has been expropriated for these attacks. God bless you all and know that your brave and long suffering brave army and people have my full support.

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