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Accident Caused Fire On Tanker Off Syria’s Coast: RT Reports

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Accident Caused Fire On Tanker Off Syria’s Coast: RT Reports

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An accident was behind the fire which erupted at an oil tanker anchored off the coast of Syria’s Banias, RT reported on April 24.

The Syrian Ministry of Oil and Natural Resources said that the tanker was hit by a drone that came from the direction of Lebanon’s waters. However, RT dismissed these claims, citing different sources.

According to RT, a fire erupted in the tanker, identified by some naval observers as the Panama-flagged “WISDOM,” as a result of a maintenance accident. The tanker’s crew showed neglect and didn’t follow safety measures.

“The accident occurred during the welding of pipes inside the ship, without taking into account safety factors,” one of the sources told the channel.

Iran’s Nour News agency reported similar information, citing a Syrian military source in Banias oil terminal. The agency also confirmed that the tanker was Syrian, and not owned by Iran as claimed by some sources.

Local sources in Banias reported the death of three Syrian crewmembers. Mohamad Yasin from Aleppo, Ahmad Amin from Tartus and Ahmad Mohamad from Banias. The body of the last is still missing.

The nationality of the three victims supports the claims made by RT and Nour News. As for now, the theory of an Israeli attack on the tanker seems unlikely.


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  1. johnny rotten says:

    What happened? the usual, the ZioTrolls have filled with garbage the web, taking non-existent merits, and by selling the myth of Zionist racial superiority, and naturally giving the fault to Putin as a sionist, this story is becoming boring.

    1. Cray Brand says:

      Your post has not aged so well old boy, and nor does this fake news by southfront, as RT reports otherwise: https://www.rt.com/news/522085-iran-israel-tanker-attack/

      The only thing in action here is how panicked ZioPutinist trolls are to brush under the carpet this new embarrassing episode for their Putinyahoo 5 chess narrative!

  2. Emad Irani says:

    Disgrace for Hasbara IronZion. All the night he thought the ship was really Iranian hahaha

    1. tzatz says:

      General Bagheri thinks it’s an Iranian ship …

      Is he demented? LMAO

  3. Nassim7 says:

    Did they spill any oil on Israel’s beaches? :)

  4. tzatz says:

    The Iranian Army braggart Bagheri seems to think Israel was involved … eh?

    Iranians are freaking out … they see ‘yids’ everywhere … eh?

    Bagheri is threatening to ‘teach Israel a very good lesson’ … eh?

    He didn’t take credit for the ‘nuclear explosion’ and/or the missile ‘hitting’ Dimona’ … eh?


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