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Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Appears Alive In Fresh Video Of ISIS Propaganda Wing

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Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Appears Alive In Fresh Video Of ISIS Propaganda Wing

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has appeared alive in a fresh video of one of of the ISIS propaganda wing’s outlets, Al Furqan.

This is the first time when the terrorist group’s leader appeared in a video since 2014 when he declared ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate from a mosque in Iraq’s Mosul.

The Al Furqan video debunked multiple rumors that al-Baghdadi has been killed or overthrowed. It also can be considered as a marking that the terrorist group has entered into a new phase. It remains a significant threat to the security of Middle Eastern nations, but has no direct control of any significant territories in the region.


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You can call me Al

He looks different to me. What is it, find a rag head and give him the name ?.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

probably hiding in a 5 star hotel in Tel Aviv lol





In the full video that i posted of him, he speaks about the war btw the “Christians” vs the “Muslims” hahaha. No mention of Jerusalem or the squatters in tel aviv that occupy Jerusalem/Al quds !


he sure love the squatters xd


Here is the full video link to Al israeli, i mean Al baghadadi…no english translation avalaible :

Al Riyahdi Al Israeli!


Al Riyahdi Al Israeli Al Langledy!


“Al Langledy” hahaha representing Langley, Virginia in DA HOUSE !

Jens Holm

Thats how the little aRabbies are. You should love people like this one better, and they wouldnt be like this.

Jens Holm

If they translated You, none could find You.


comment image

John Whitehot

everybody’s saying he’s mossad, not cia – but you.

Rhodium 10

its the same shit

Albert Pike

Same leadership – is there any difference?


Everyone that was recruited in Abu Ghraib has got a card of some sort, maybe several. A sick joke.


comment image They will never catch this so called baghdadi character as long it serves the needs of Zionist Israel, its expansion and yinon plan.

Jens Holm

In some movie many years ago they found the thumb of Hitler and cloned it, so now we have 2 thumbs but still no hitler.

Very good.


Wow. The media are going absolutely crazy about this!! He must love all this free publicity he is getting.

Jens Holm

Your medias are. We take it as a short notice: ISIS trigged MEs again like hamering an ants nest.

John Whitehot

doesn’t seem the same person to me, at least not the one seen in most of the old vids from around 2014 . always if, this person really ever existed, and it’s not just a “username” being used by several different mossad agents..

Jens Holm

If You visit The Madame Tussod Galery in London and pay for the entrence, You can talk with him and support ISIS as well as Mayo.

Stalin is there too. For a small fee extra he will help You draw real wolfs in stead of the little ones in Turkey :)

Rhodium 10

He did the mission…to enable deploy of US troops in Syria and North Irak…like Bin Laden CIA agent did the same enabling US bases in central Asia ( Afganistan) and Kirguistan ( hopefully Rusia avoid it)…

Abramo Putra

Al Bagdadi is Simon Elliot of the Mossad, ISIS does not exist is Al Qaeda new version. The only person in the world who reads the terrorists’ communiques is Rita Katz and the Mossad prepares them for him, who also organizes the ISIS attacks. Israel after the destruction of Caliphate is the last remaining terrorist state in the Middle East. ISIS has a fake non-Islamic Zionist-Wahhabi religion, specialized in killing Christians and enemies of Israel like the Shiites.

Albert Pike

Rita Katz let’s look – No Rita Katz didn’t write this, but anyway it’s such nice (fairy-) tale everybody should read it: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/27/world/asia/sri-lanka-attacks-wealthy.html

The war of the wealty could be the title…
‘One was a billionaire in dollars. The other, a billionaire in rupees. One built a fortune through jeans, turtlenecks and all kinds of hip clothing. The other, through white pepper, black pepper and all kinds of spices….’


Rita Katz is behind the organization of ISIS terrorist attacks because it is the Mossad that organizes them, ISIS is a trademark, a signature as false flag. They are always against Shiites and Christians who were the crusaders 900 years ago. The Zionist Jews who are today’s crusaders in the same Palestine, are exempt.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

We should all know where he is, staying at a mates house.

“The Libyan National Army (LNA), led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, said on Monday that it possessed documents and other evidence confirming Turkey’s support for Daesh*.

“Turkey is one of the countries supporting terrorism around the world. We posses leaked #Turkish documents and other evidence that prove the Turkish regime’s support for #ISIS,” LNA said on its official Twitter account”.

That’s from AMN.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Yes, he is a distraction agent. He does not even mention Jews who murdered Muhammad or Jesus.
Does not mention Jews occupying Arab lands.
Only endorses war between the two great Monotheist segments of this planet.
Monotheists must unite!
Shia/Alawite/Sunni and so forth with Christians.
We must unite!

John Whitehot

“We must unite!”

The first step in that direction is to avoid claims like “Russia appeases Turkey” this and that, since it’s the first example of two countries (alongside Iran, China and others) that have put aside their differences about an issue, to solve them AFTER the zionist aim is neutralized in that context.

It’s the nightmare of every zionist, to see all the others renounce to fight among themselves and instead fight zionism.

If every non-zionist country (read everybody except the US and Israel) would behave like that, the jewish way to globalism would be defeated before the end of the year.


We all in fact need to unite. If we all unite there will be no fighting – the satanists’ nightmare.

Luke Hemmming

Its luke Skywalker doing a media press release for the upcoming star wars movie rise of the Skywalker.


The tone of photo mimics the Bin Laden hideout images – down to the 74U-Krinkov leaning on wall. It appears someone wants to carry-over that public enemy no.1 terrorist image for public consumption, be it image management from within the terror faction itself, or from affiliated intelligence agency handlers.

John Whitehot

perhaps someone also needs to “kill him”, to appear as the real defeater of ISIS in front of the crowds.


The Raqqa ISIS crew were bussed to Deir ez Zor. From there he could have slipped back into Iraq. Or he could have left Raqqa before the fall to seek shelter in the Kurdish/US zone or Turkey. From there he could have gone anywhere.

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