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‘Absolute Lie’: Afghan Government Denies Taliban’s Claim Of Controlling 90% Of Border

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‘Absolute Lie’: Afghan Government Denies Taliban’s Claim Of Controlling 90% Of Border

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The Afghan Ministry of Defense has called The Taliban’s claim to hold 90 percent of the country’s borders an “absolute lie”.

“It is baseless propaganda,” Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman for the ministry, told the France-Press Agency (AFP) on July 23.

Aman stressed that Afghan government forces are still in of control of the country’s borders and all “main cities and highways”.

The Taliban made the claim after advancing in several border areas and capturing crossings with Iran, Turkmenistan and Pakistan.

On July 8, the Taliban captured the Islam Qala border crossing with Iran. On July 9, the group’s fighters captured the Torghundi border crossing with Turkmenistan. On July 14, the group took over the Wesh–Chaman border crossing on the border with Pakistan.

The Taliban stepped up its operations against Afghan government forces after May 1, when the US announced a plan to pull its troops out from Afghanistan before September 11. Currently, nearly half the country’s districts are allegedly in the hand of the group.

Afghanistan appears to be heading to a long, intense civil war. The intra-Afghan peace process is on halt, with the Taliban demanding the formation of a new government.


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Raptar Driver

The illegitimate afghan government needs to know when it’s time to pack it’s bags

"Israel" is a terrorist European settler colony

It’s time for them to go to their new mansions in Hollywood Hills. They stole enough money from the Afghan people.

Islam destroyed

You white devils will perish soon

Marco Polo

Go home kike.

Arch Bungle

Denial is the first stage of acceptance …

Marco Polo

You may think you have the cat in the bag, the greatest people in history will not go down without a fight. I am not talking about Afghanistan, China has so many problems with their own that when contrasted by people of European descent truly shows how full you are with your delusions of grandeur.


Last edited 1 month ago by Marco Polo
Peter Wallace

Afghanistan has known nothing but war in one form or another non stop since 1979 . That looks set to continue .

A clown like you

It is baseless if it was true Ghani and his ugly wh0re Zion wife would run away to a Zion-controlled country called the US. Also, Afghanistan was controlled by warlords – Afghan Taliban and Pakistani Taliban, and Northern Alliance.
I don’t mind the Afghan Taliban but fuk the backward Pakistani Taliban.

Liberal guy

It’s the end game of the zion


you stupid punjabi basturd…….yous goin lose!

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