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About 200 Saudi Coalition Troops Killed in Ballistic Missile Attack in Yemen

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The Houthi allieance is continuing to use balistic missiles to infict damage to the Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen. On Dec.22, two Qaher-I ballistic missiles hit the coalition’s military bases in the province of Ma’rib and the border region of Tawwal killing about 200 troops.

About 200 Saudi Coalition Troops Killed in Ballistic Missile Attack in Yemen

Qaher-I ballistic missiles

“A Qaher-I ballistic missile of Yemen struck al-Safer military base in Ma’rib province, killing over 137 Saudi-led aggressors, including a large number of Saudi and Sudanese troops, five UAE officers, head of the operations room (in Safer military base) and foreign military experts who seemed to be American and British,” Iranian Fars News Agency cited “Yemeni” source on Tuesday.

The source added that another missile targeted the Tawwal military base in the Jizan province. At least 70 coalition troops were killed and over 100 injured there. The news agency and its source weren’t able to provide photo or video proofs of this report.

However, the Saudi-led coalition could suffer such loses if it continues to ignore the ballistic missiles that have recently come into service in the Houthi alliance.

We remember Saudi-led coalition already suffered a heavy death toll because the Saudi military leadership concentrates troops in a big camps which make them an easy target for ballistic missiles of the Houthi alliance.


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This is very important story.If Yemen gets Kalibr cruise, most Saudi allies will be within 2500 mile range. The entire oil infrastructure of Saudi would be vulnerable. The methods overcoming Patriot defenses are being applies to new Kalibr Shahib and Hwasong missiles.


Keep it up, Yemeni warriors. You have so much to catch up the casualties tally.

Good for them! It is time for Saudi Arabia to be carved up into different nations. 4 different nations to be exact. All allies of the Zionist-supremacist must have their countries divided up into smaller nations in order to protect human life. The US should also divide up into 50 different nations. Each state can become its own nation the way the Founding Fathers intended. Turkey must also be divided up. Egypt to.

The Swan

A good WAHABBI is a dead wahabbi and their mercenaries are dead meat compared to the yemens experienced fighter.. Saudi is all but gone just a matter of time ..

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