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About 100 Pro-Saudi Fighters Killed In Yemen – Reports

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About 100 Pro-Saudi Fighters Killed In Yemen - Reports

Wael Qubady / AP

The Houthi-Saleh alliance announced Friday that more than 100 fighters loyal to pro-Saudi President Mansur Hadi were killed and more than 20 vehicles were destroyed in a series of successful operations in the last 3 days.

According to pro-Houthi sources, snipers were able to take out at least 3 fighters from Saudi-backed pro-Hadi forces in the Asser front. 3 Saudi soldiers were killed after Houthies destroyed their vehicle in the Al Ezzah mountain in the province of Jizan inside Saudi Arabia.

In Shabwa province in eastern Yemen, Houthi artillery units targeted pro-Hadi forces positions in the Al Saq area killing and injuring many of them. Ahmad Saleh Al Awaliqi, a military commander in pro-Hadi forces, was among the killed fighters.

Hoouthi and Yemeni Army artillery also continueed hitting military targets in Asser and Jizan inside Saudia Arabia.

In the province of Al-Jouf, Houthi forces killed 4 pro-Hadi fighters as a result of fierce clashes in the Al Mutun area north of Al-Jouf.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Air Force continued a heavy bombing campaign, carrying out many airstrikes on Sadah and Sana’a cities. At least 11 civilians were killed.

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Expo Marker

Hope the Saudi’s learn soon, and come to the negotiation table than to see more coffins at home.


The Saudis have enough money to buy all the terrorists in the world, so I fear for the learning soon part.


Unfortunately the Saudi’s are an utterly, internationally, unaccountable dictatorship, under the complete political protection of Britain and the US. Britain was actually responsible for ensuring Saudi Arabia got voted onto UN Human Rights Commission for last two years – somewhat astoundingly, but to little public notice, this has meant that the Saudi Arabian representative is in charge of international women’s rights on this Commission in 2017, seriously…
The deaths in above article are of pro Hadi Yemeni fighters – Saud’s proxy President for Yemen – so deaths don’t have any political implications for Saud’s at home. Likewise the use of Colombian and Sudanese mercenaries means Saud’s can take political free casualties in Yemen while they have the cash to burn and foreigners willing to die. The Saud’s ego and fear of any military failure in front of Iran means they will keep this illegal and pointless war going indefinitely – as in their hubris that they would prevail, they factored in no other exit strategy.

Jonathan Cohen

Most American’s would cheer if Russia bombed Saudi Arabia like Trump promised. Fewer, but still many Americans would cheer Iran for doing so.

Paulo Romero

These are the exact same Sunni Wahabbi jihadist mercenaries being expended by the Saudis in Syria.

Ho Pw

Salute to the brave Yemeni Resistance Fighters against America, Zionist regime Israel and the Gulf States led by Wahhabi Saudi. Go into Saudi and attack its oil/gas fields.

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