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JULY 2022

About 100 Militants Were Killed In Recent Clashes With Syrian Army In Northern Hama: Russian Military

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About 100 Militants Were Killed In Recent Clashes With Syrian Army In Northern Hama: Russian Military

Video screen grab/Russian Defence Ministry’s Press and Information Department/TASS

The TASS news agency reports (source):

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra, a terrorist organization outlawed in Russia) militants have been killed and several units of their hardware have been destroyed by Syrian government troops in the north of the Syrian Hama governorate, Major General Viktor Kupchishin, chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria, said on Monday.

“Overnight to May 26, 2018, militants of the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (former Jabhat al-Nusra) and its allied groups staged simultaneous attacks from two directions at the positions of government forces near the settlement of Kafer Nbuda in the north of the Hama governorate. The attacks involved about 450 militants, seven tanks, five armored infantry carriers, and 12 all-terrain vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns. The attack was accompanied by shelling from three multiple missile launcher systems,” he said.

“Repelling the attack, Syrian government troops destroyed three tanks, two multiple missile launcher systems, an infantry carrier, six all-terrain vehicles with heavy machineguns and killed about 100 militants,” he said.

Apart from that, in his words, officers of the Russian reconciliation center conducted a humanitarian operation in the settlement of Maarrin in the Hama governorate and handed out 500 bags with food to local residents.

He also said that the Syrian authorities continue work to amnesty people dodging military service, including refugees and former members of illegal armed groups. Thus, as of May 26, 2019, as many as 58,024 people were amnestied, he added.

The Russian reconciliation center continues to fulfill assigned tasks after the completion of the military campaign in Syria. The center’s officers regularly travel around the country’s liberated areas to assess the humanitarian situation. The main efforts of the Russian military are now focused on assistance to the refugees returning to their homes and evacuation of civilians from de-escalation zones.


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Good job! Hope to hear this every day

You can call me Al

Remember Lupus, it started with 17,000…

We must be in the early 15,000s or late 14,000s now.


i celebrate each dead jihad rat bro so lots of party’s here! whoohoo! ???????

Eskandar Black

As I said earlier, this is a in interesting change in Syrian tactic, of taking jihadist positions with a small force, inducing the enemy to counter attack into a contested area with overwhelming force, and then destroying the jihadists during their attack, while they are on the move, and during their retreat when the main SAA force shows up.

I for see in the future a series of small advances, forcing th e HTS to counter attack with serious loses of life and equipment. Realistically. I do not know how many counterattacks HTS can muster before they are out of gas.

Turkey restarting weapon transfer is an interesting but dangerous development. I think it reflects a frustration in ruso-turkish relations, so they are letting the problem come to a conclusion


This is an echo of Great War and WWII attrition, a well thought-out model of operations which has the potential to limit Syrian casualties by letting firepower take the strain. I rather enjoy the naysayers here who gloat at every Syrian “reverse” but go quiet when the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers and slavers are trounced a few days later.

Concrete Mike

I agree the crazies are staying away from this one.

A couple crazie are bitchin about kosovo now.

And douche nation has returned sadly.

chris chuba

You guys have it totally wrong. Only civilians are being killed. I can’t believe that normally good websites like ‘antiwar’ publish that nonsense from SOHR and exclusively from the SOHR.


ANTIWAR is a RBI department and USA Institute, it has not journal elements in Syria government side, as far as I know. Where did these guys came up with such a statement without any evidence ?


It is hard to say how this will play out. Total mercenary forces number up to 75 to 100k, only a small part is at the frontlines.

SAA has, incl proxies, more, but not many crack forces available. And they need to have holding forces everywhere. They lack numbers too. If SDF is able to join forces with either rebels or Assad, that party will win Syria.


If they had that many they wouldn’t have lost the battle for East Aleppo and the last Hama offensives. Nor Abu Dahur airbase. They got their asses kicked in those battles. To think they can still beat Assad is like Hitler claiming the Wehrmacht can beat the Red Army, while at the gates of Berlin.


The weakness of rebels was ever them being divided. They have large numbers, the 75 to 100 k is undisputed. They are still divided to some extent, but SAA and Turkey are pressing them towards unity. SAA has the upper hand, but is brittle. Were SDF to turn on SAA, SAA would collapse as they do not have defensive positions against SDF. In case SDF turns on TFSA and HTS, those would collapse under joint SAA and SDF attack.

Imo, SDF would best remain out of this, except maybe for an attack on Al Bab.

Let others exhaust themselves while SDF rebuilds its region and its forces. Maybe they can negotiate for a better Syria.

Let peace win.

Tudor Miron

Divided? Seemingly so but in fact they were all under centralized command of UK/US/Israel. Problem is that mercenary rat armies are unreliable but that’s their problem not Syria’s.


Plaatse, feel free to hold and express your illusions.

Concrete Mike

Pot calling kettle black.

Your sdf chums are of the same ilk as al nusrah. Your saudi sponsors is evidence enough for me to stay away.

Nothing good will come out of that saudi partnership.

SDF will not turn on SAA because they cant, otherwise they would have turned on them a longtime ago, at the very least during the Ghouta battles last year.

I remember those same SDF pricks flooding the euphrates as the saa was crossing in 2017.

SDF is assisting al.nusra just by existing.

Jim Martin

The SDF would need air support, consistent, persistent and unfailing


To that I agree. I deem it unlikely so, imo, SDF will remain out of this. They will only pick a side with firm international guarantees. If they pick a side, it would either be SAA, after a good deal, or post Erdogan Turkey after a deal between PKK and Turkey.

Jim Martin

They really need a post Assad Syria and/or a Post Erdogan Turkey


Let war win by SAA-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran, that is much better. None peace until Syria recover its whole land. All the terrorists must disappeared from Syria, point.


What about Assadists terrorists?

AM Hants

To spin the Iraq War, the Pentagon paid Bell Pottinger $500-600,000, to spin the lies.


So now they are losing in Syria (funnily enough the same crowd behind White Helmets spin), what is the solution?

US State Dept’s $75mn grant will help war-torn Syria… combat ‘Iranian disinformation’… https://www.rt.com/news/460458-us-syria-disinformation-iran-grant/


Brother’s Bell.

Timothy – sets up Bell Pottinger and then leaves, to set up ‘Sans Frontieres’ (Doctors Without Borders/Journalists Without Borders).

Something Strange Is Taking Place In The Mediterranean… https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-04/something-strange-taking-place-mediterranean


Brother David – sets up Common Purpose and look how many UK politicians, including Tony Blair, just happen to be members of Common Purpose and just what Common Purpose specialises in.

CP and Climategate CP and Media Control CP Police State CP Civil Service CP Bell Pottinger CP Insider Dealing CP Tax Abuse Seven Principles Who’s Who of CP Find CP Members



How do they link into ‘Integrity Initiative’?


Go back to Dick Chenie, who when serving under Bush Senior, found a niche in Haliburton, which a Privatised Military Industry would fill, he just needed legislation.

Move on to 1997 and remember the invasion of Kosovo and just how many Private Military Organisations sprang up?

Just how many $billions, were spent on them?

Whilst cutting back official Government Forces, who return from frontline duty, with severe mental and physical health problems, whilst living on food stamps?

Over in the UK, many of our ex-vets, who return home, generally receive a P45, together with a life of mental illness or physical health problems. Many, end up living on the streets or serving time in HM Prisons. No support from the Government of the day, who send them to war. Look how well Blair did out of the Iraq War and that was just for starters.

John Major, went along with the ambitions of Chenie and Bush Senior, and didn’t he end up with a job in the Carlyle Group set up by Bush, with Chenie as CEO? Chenie, now running Genie Energy, with Jacob Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch and Larry Summers. Why does Syria and Golan Heights so come to mind?


The Carlyle Group 23 Aug 2014 The Presidents’ Company – Worlds Largest War Industry The investment capital firm The Carlyle Group was founded by two young American businessmen in 1987. The Cold War was over and America’s war industry was completely on its knees. Investment capital industry peers shook their heads, but the Carlyle Group had a secret weapon. They quickly became associated with former President George HW Bush, and then a string of top globalist politicians. This move, ensured the policy initiatives in war investment, and the following reconstruction would prosper… http://www.free21.org/the-presidents-company-worlds-largest-war-industry/?lang=en

Revealed: The Bush-Major conversations… https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36216768


1997, besides the Private Military Industry swallowing up Western nations tax payer budgets, what else was happening?

Ukraine wished to join NATO, but, owing to never ratifying their borders with Russia, were unable to do so. Nothing has changed, so still would not be able to join NATO.

1997 NATO Ukraine Friendship Treaty. 1997 NATO Russia Friendship Treaty. 1997 Ukraine/Russia Friendship Treaty. 1997 Warming up for the Kosovo War.

The Private Military Industry, making so much money out of the various Governments, but, let’s focus on the US, then used the money on lobbyists, in order to make sure they were in control of legislation and future contracts. Isn’t Erik Prince, who set up the ‘Black Water Mercenaries’, now working closely with Trump and wanting to get the Private Military Contract for Afghanistan? Who are the mercenaries loyal to? Who answer to the mercenaries? How much do the various US Senators get from the Private Military Industry, sponsoring them? Are they accountable to anybody? Not forgetting the roles of the ‘Think Tanks’ and their role in it all.

Look who funds the White Helmets, not forgetting James Le Mesurier, cut his teeth in Kosovo, before setting up his own Private Military Corporation.

White Helmet Funding https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a51e0616f572d262d14ceda562ec15063dfec346b8a22d40782f9ebf69a86b45.png


UK General Inner Core – Integrity Initiative


Astrid Watanabe

“……After the completion of the military campaign……” The word has not gotten around yet that “the military campaign is completed”

Willing Conscience (The Truths

These are the sort of numbers I want to hear about, lot’s of dead rebels and lots burnt out vehicles, THANKYOU SAA, MORE PLEASE. How many rebels did the Russians kill, oh that’s right none. THANKS FOR NOTHING.

You can call me Al

Oh Shut up with your subtle and stupid anti-Russian propaganda; you and a few others are really starting to piss me off.

Concrete Mike

Here here i concurr!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Subtle anti Russian propaganda is not what I’m about, I admire both Russia and Putin, I just criticize Putin’s bad behaviour and disloyalty, and I do it openly, not subtly. I get annoyed by lots of things people say too, but I never tell them to shut up, I believe in free speech unlike you.

Putin sells Erdogan weapons and cooperates with him, and in turn Erdogan gives the rebels weapons to attack the Russians in their air bases, if that makes sense to you there’s something wrong with the way you think. I’ll bet it doesn’t make sense to the Russian commanders who’s job is to keep Russian soldiers safe, I’ll bet they’re not too happy with that geopolitical strategy. I admire Putin more than just about anybody else, but if you think for one second I won’t criticize him when he does something I don’t agree to, you’re going to be very disappointed.


While I disagree with you on policy, I command you for your refreshing frankness. I am pro SDF myself, and moderately pro US, but think Trump is an ass.

Still, there are matters where he is right in principle but wrong in execution.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I don’t mind that you disagree with me, that’s what these forums should be for, debate, not just ass kissing, and I love debate, so no worries from me, it’s only obnoxious behaviour that I have a low tolerance for. My frankness has made me very unpopular lately so thank you for your encouragement, that’s a very rare character trait you have, most people aren’t so tolerant of opposing opinions and views, so thanks again. I wrote a bible so don’t read any further, it’s just a few of my views and opinions.

Trump is an ass, but I like his domestic protectionist policies, and apart from his terrible machinations over the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and the grab for Venezuelan oil, I do like his non interventionist foreign policy, especially concerning Syria. He told the Kurds to go back to Assad in January last year, over 50 Kurdish delegations sent to Damascus in the first 6 months alone and many more over the next 6 months, then he gave the FSA the sack in about June last year and kicked them out of Al Tanf, and he also told the rebels he wouldn’t give them air support when Assad launched the campaign to take back Daraa and Quneitra, and recently he wanted to pull all the US troops out of Syria altogether, but as you know the Neocon warhounds won’t let him easily do that. He is an ass, but he’s doing a few things I like which is way better than Obama did, Obama did nothing I liked, he just made me angry. The only thing Obama did was promote the LGBTQI+ agenda, transgenders in the US military at great expense, and also sacked all the anti LGBTQI+ US military commanders [accused of womanizing and gambling LOL] and replaced them with only pro LGBTQI+ commanders, but Trump’s not putting up with that, he’s already gotten rid of a few already, ‘I like him’. I usually think Putin does just about everything right too, but lately his military decision making has left me flabbergasted, and I’m letting everyone know. And believe it or not, I do it to also sow just a seed of doubt in other readers/commentators minds, hopefully make them reassess their views on the situation, perhaps even change them. And yes that does make me a propagandist, but I’m only a propagandist for myself and my conscience, not for anyone else’s cause, just for what I believe. If enough people started questioning Putin’s behaviour towards Assad and Syria, and then posted about their reservations, Putin might actually modify his behaviour, afterall he is a consummate politician, and they always listen to the people if they want to stay popular. Putin may not read mine or your posts himself, but he has a team of experts reviewing what we the foreigners and the Russian people are saying, if no one is making a big deal over what he’s doing now he’ll just keep doing it, but if enough people started questioning his behaviour towards Assad, Erdogan and the rebels, there’s just a small chance he might modify it. You’re probably thinking I also believe in the tooth fairy right about now, no I don’t, just miracles every now and again. I hope you have another look at the situation concerning the rebels, Erdogan, and Putin, the fact the rebels are trying to kill Russian soldiers with the Grad rocket launchers that Erdogan supplies them with is unforgivable, and the fact that Putin tolerates that from Erdogan and does nothing about it is not just baffling, it’s completely treacherous to the Russian soldiers protecting the Russian bases, AND SHOULD END’. I sometimes wonder if some of us are so brainwashed by propaganda that we no longer accept simple logic, I think our ancestors would be ashamed of our generation. Our ancestors had a saying, ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but they never ever said the friend of my enemy is my friend, maybe Putin’s trying to make up a new one, but I’m not buying it, the old one make way more sense. Cheers, and thanks for your much appreciated comment.


Well, I like debates on facts and ideas too and also dislike the mouthfarting from many here. Reading your comment above, I agree with some glimmers and disagree with most of it.

Still, people can agree to disagree with mutual respect. Hope we can meet here to disagree further again later.

You can call me Al

I know, apologies again.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I usually like your comments but I really don’t understand your loyalty to bad decision making, Putin’s definitely not the only member of the Russian government you know, but he seems to be the only member of the Russian government saying yes to reconciliation with the rebels, everything else I read coming from the top politicians and military commanders more or less say this, “Sergey Lavrov earlier called them an “abscess” vital to “liquidate…the region returned to the people of Syria.” That’s what I keep hearing from EVERYONE IN THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY, and Putin is the only one in the Russian government saying reconciliation. Are you going to accuse all the other Russian politicians and military commander who have a different opinion from Putin of anti Russian propaganda too? Get real Al, you’re really on Putin’s side and by default Erdogan’s side, not on the side of the Russian government or Syrian government, I’m listening to what all the other Russian government officials and military commanders are saying, and it’s not the same thing Putin’s saying, show me one example of even one top Russian official or military commander saying the same thing Putin is, I haven’t found any, but I do find a lot of them saying this, ‘all rebels must be liquidated or removed from Syria, all Syrian territory should be returned to the Syrian people’, and none of them are saying Putin should cooperate with Erdogan and allow the rebels to remain in Idlib, or involve them in free and fair elections that won’t be free and fair.

You can call me Al

OKAY, apologies. I think I am despairing as well, so I decide to blame others.

Truce ?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Truce. We all have opinions and get too vocal from time to time, me included, apology accepted, and I can understand your despair, I feel it too.

You can call me Al

Thank you.

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