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Abducted Civilians Found In Headquarters Of Turkish-Backed Group In Occupied Afrin

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A number of abducted civilians were reportedly found inside a headquarters of the Turkish-backed Hamza Division in the occupied city of Afrin in northern Syria.

Militants from Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta and locals stormed the headquarters on May 28 in response to an incident in which the group’s fighters murdered two civilians.

Inside the headquarters, a former center of Kurdish security forces, 17 civilians abducted from different parts of Afrin were found. At least 11 of the detained civilians were women, mainly Kurdish. Opposition sources revealed that many of the women were found naked in the cells.

The civilians held in the headquarters were not reportedly charged with any crimes. The Hamza Division even denied detaining some of them in the past.

The incident led to an outrage in Turkish-occupied areas in northern and northeastern Syria. The Hamza Division and the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA) have not made any comment on the matter.

Turkish-backed groups like the al-Hamza Division are infamous for their criminal ativities. Some of these groups are involved in ransom kidnapping, drug and weapon trafficking as well as theft. Ankara is doing nothing at all to put an end to these crimes.


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Mustafa Mehmet

saaaaa propaganda

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No it isn’t SAA propaganda, it was one of the Turkish backed opposition groups ‘Jays al-Islam’ that made this claim.


Truth hurts dont be but.ts hurts

Mustafa Mehmet

propaganda nothing more

Chinese Dog

Normal day for arab and kurdish assholes

Zionism = EVIL

Drunk Hindu priest, 70, beheads man in Indian temple as a human
sacrifice to goddess who came to him in a dream and said it would end

Chinese Dog

Some cases are there I agree.Now tell me about the mutah marriages in Iran.

Xoli Xoli

What Erdogan want is instability to have full control over other countries.

good american

He must have learned that by watching how the US operates.

good american

Of course the Turks don’t do anything, these guys are acting just like the Turks.

klove and light

hahahaaha…Putins buddies

great Job treacherous Zionist pig Putin..you godadam motherfucker

the russian Military should hang the fuck and vburn him and send 50% ashes to Israel and 50% ashes to erdogan

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The new Ottoman Empire is open for business and sexual slavery is back in favour, way to go Erdogan, you’re taking your new Empire back to the dark ages.
For all the pro Erdogan supporters out there, is this the new world you’re hoping your hero will build, do you really want Kurdish women chained naked in cells, if you do just keep backing Erdogan, but if you don’t then maybe you should start asking yourselves some questions.
One day Erdogan will pay for all his atrocities, and I hope the Turks bring back the death penalty when they finally try him in court and convict him. 3 years and counting.

Ashok Varma

Turkey is fanning terrorism in the region.

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