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A Spring Promise Of War Dawns In Eastern Ukraine

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After months of preliminary talks, attempts at provocation and political preparations it would appears that the crisis in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea is coming to a head.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are increasing their grouping of troops in the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, as well as in the direction of Crimea, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Khomchak announced.

The reason given for this is the purported deployment of Russian forces to Crimea, and it is allegedly a “defensive move”.

This is clearly a pretext, indeed Moscow has repeatedly warned that Ukraine is preparing for an escalation in Eastern Ukraine and likely towards Crimea too.

On the Russian side, quite a bit of heavy equipment is being deployed in order to stop any potential critical escalation.

Social media is filled with footage of various trains and convoys moving forces towards Krasnodar and, especially via the Crimean Bridge, to Crimea.

The pieces of equipment include notably a 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzer, some BMP-3 IFVs, T-72 battle tanks and more.

In total, as of March 30th, reports claim that Russia has deployed up to twenty-eight battalion tactical groups. Around twenty-five more such formations are expected to arrive in the coming days.

In Eastern Ukraine, the stage has been set for an escalation. For weeks now, Kiev’s forces have carried out one violation after the other, shelling the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic’s (DPR/LPR) military positions, but also their residential areas.

The two Republics responded in kind, and Ukraine has reported almost daily casualties. In most days over the course of March, Kiev lost 1 soldier, and on March 26th, it even lost 4.

In MSM, the portrait of an aggressor, renewing their activities is now being painted. This is reinforced by the fact that there is military equipment primed for attack. All that was left was to remove any political obstacles that stood in the way.

On March 29th, the Ukrainian Parliament passed a bill removing any need for Kiev to fulfill its obligations under the Minsk Agreements.

The document has some typical clauses, that Kiev has adopted numerous times in the past. It, however, calls the situation in Eastern Ukraine an “international armed conflict” – a war, and not “aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.” All of these contravene the Minsk Agreements.

Ukraine also adopted a new Military Strategy, which is mostly aimed at repelling and deterring armed aggression against Kiev, preventing or restraining the enemy from full-scale use of military force against Ukraine, termination of the temporary occupation by the Russian Federation of part of the territory of Ukraine and more.

The stage is set, and it is likely that impromptu NATO exercises will begin in the Black Sea in the coming weeks. Some observers claim that the “ideal period” to begin a war in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea would be between April 15th and 25th as the humidity would be low and the roads easier to navigate.

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Ricky Miller

Oh, please, oh please, oh please, oh please, go for it Ukraine! I know, you’ve got Turkish drones. But what you can’t, I guess, figure out, even professional military officers, is that Armenia had no modernized air defense weapons, especially modernized short range weapons. And concentrations of Russian made short range air defense weapons in Syria were something on the order of one Buk launcher, several Tunguska’s, and several Pantsir’s for each 500 square Km of conflict area. Russian Armed Forces concentrations will be 6-8 Tor’s, 6-8 Pantsir S2’s, four Buk launchers (16 missiles) and a host of optical sighted point defense weapons mounted on armoured vehicles and networked, per every 100 square KM. And this unit protection force will be backed up by state of the art S-300’s and S-400’s, and Russian forces have the advantages of active airspace control via fighter and EW cover. Add to which, long range precision strike capability against drone basing and supply centers; a counterpunch not available to Armenia or Syria, and only slightly utilized to great effect in Libya.

In short, punks, you are leading your men to slaughter. Put down the NeoLiberal kool aid and quickly back away. Or not. Please, oh please. Just Do it…

Supreme Blyat

Epic discourse!

viktor ziv

As Debal’ceve was…

Assad must stay


Supreme Blyat

A discourse?


Kiev has a death wish if they attack Crimea

Pave Way IV

They’ll never go that far intentionally, but it’s really not up to Kiev. ‘Someone’ wants a war. Massing Ukraine soldiers along the borders just guarantees a false flag to provoke either side. It doesn’t matter if the false flag takes out Ukraine or Russian troops first – it will be a free-for-all after that. The U.S. will cry like a little girl but won’t do anything (because SS-21 showers), and our ‘NATO partners’ sure as hell don’t want any part of WWIII. Russia will carve off a sufficiently large chunk of Ukraine for its trouble, destroy much of Ukraine’s army, and then just go home. If you insist on poking the damn bear, then expect to lose an arm or two. Ukraine is never going to learn, nor is the U.S.


Do you really believe the “world government… by consent or by conquest” people, as James Warburg, Zionist bankster and Council on Foreign Relations member put it, care about losing arms short of the slave labor those arms can provide? They believe it is never their arms on the line, anyway, so why wouldn’t they try to start another world war when they already won the previous two?

As Napoleon said, “Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”

AM Hants

Have you watched the documentary Putin – Crimea – The Way Home? Well worth watching and so relevant. Some serious comedy, from the Ukraine side, unintentionally. Like the Ghost Train, full of Ukraine Nanzis, that was heading to Crimea. Only they found out that the people of Crimea, were holding a welcome party with broom handles and the Ukraine Nanzis fled. The ghost train turned up empty. Then you had the USS Donald Cook, cocky and confident in the Black Sea, heading for Crimea, to sling the Russians out of Sevestapol. Only, Bastion smiled warmly at the Destroyer, and it tried an 8 point turn, at high speed, in desperation to get away from the defence system. Not long before the Russian jets then gave the ship a greeting, which freaked out the sailors and led to mass resignations.


There will come a time when Russia will need to go all the way to kiev and arrest those war criminals

Kenny Jones ™

Most ukes want pre-2014 government back, and russia will help them

AM Hants

They are talking about it now. If NATO and friends wish to cause problems in Donetsk, Ukraine will be destroyed.

Kenny Jones ™

The only winner from two white slavic aryan sides spilling blood are the (((jews))), pointless war

Assad must stay

putin will manhandle and put kiev in a chokehold as he did last time ahahahahhaha

Rhodium 10

Ukraine army is the same that fled from Crimea and were defeated in Donbass…nothing have changed!…Once Russian missiles begin to hit Ukrainian army assets they will fled from the battlefield….

AM Hants

One thing that has changed, the miners and farmers of Donetsk have had 7 years professional training. They were pretty impressive, with regards defending Eastern Ukraine, back in 2014 so with 7 years, professional training, god knows what they are like now. You can smell the cauldrons warming up, as I type.


Looks like Ukraine wants to role-play as Azerbaijan in the NK war while seeing Crimea as the prize. They have been acting up ever since they have been given a few Bayraktar drones by Turkey and other NATO support. Good luck Ukraine, it has been nice knowing you.

Assad must stay

hahahahahahahah!!!! BYE UKRAINE!!!!!!!!!!

Jihadi Colin

The Ukranazis want a safe war to distract attention from the mess in their country (read, some clashes and minor battles along the Donbass front that won’t be enough to trigger a Russian intervention but will capture some territory, like a mini Nagorno Karabakh). Someone else wants a big war in Ukranazistan to stop NordStream II. That someone is the one who needs a big war, and is perfectly ready to sacrifice the Ukranazis to achieve it.

Assad must stay

The worlt war 3 has gestarted!! Lol https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/flash-reports-now-that-35-000-ukrainian-troops-with-300-tanks-advancing-upon-border-of-donbas


I remember Russia selling Iran a lot of military equipment along with China, right after the U.S embargo ended few months ago. In addition, Russia is using its naval and air ports in Syria to spy on us, while Bibi keeps kissing Putin’s A**. Trump was a puppet in the U.S and Bibi is a puppet here, one is already gone the other one will be removed next week. Russia and China (now backed by a deal) also protect Iran in the UNSC and let them keep their nuclear program which has on purpose – to build nukes and threaten Israel. So what is my point?

Israel must join forces with the West and if Ukraine needs some of our drones like Azerbaijan, we should not hesitate selling it to them. It’s all about money for Russia and China, they have no problem risking our lives here. So no problem, some Harop and Haron drones would be useful in Eastern Ukraine. But it has to come in big numbers.

Robert Ferrin

And if you had any brains you would throw in the Holy Grail too because they are sure going to need it. seems they called the Ukraine the rump land and that was for a reason their mentality is like the Poles little to none.


Don’t get me wrong, I know many Ukrainians are fascists and anti semitic, but in no way did they assist our enemies in the ME like Russia and China have been doing. Does it mean they are any better? no. One side worships the money the other side far right ideology. They both have no problem killing Jews if it helps their interests. So I don’t care.

Robert Ferrin

Did you ever stop to think perhaps they have it coming all thru history the Jews have been kicked out of one country or the other and always for the same reason for meddling in that countries government and business, even England kicked them all out, as one queen said no Jew can enter my kingdom without a written letter from me and I can’t think of any reason I would give them one. So the Jews have made their own bed let them sleep in it..


We Jews now have our own state, and even that still bothers you. You’re all obsessed with us, no one asked to live in your stinky countries in the first place. Had we not been exiled by the Romans in 70 A.D, we would have still been here to this day with over 4000 years of history. That was your own fault, we rebeled against the Romans after they tried to destroy our religion, ending in the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Now we can defend ourselves, and anyone trying to destroy our country will be wiped out from the map.

Robert Ferrin

Lol you should have tried for the part of the joker in the Batman movies for the only thing that save your stinking ass is the fact that like a virus you slid in the backdoor of the U,S. Political system with your hand full of cash which we gave you, and you bought those in the U.S. congress, but yet there are many of us who still remember the U.S.S. Liberty and what you did to those on board that ship which you still and will have to pay for Have a nice day..

AM Hants

We jews??????

Biblical members of the Jewish faith or the Nomadic Turkic Tribes, which adopted Judea, Christianity and Islam and learnt to speak Hebrew? Remember, Jerusalem, over 2,000 years ago was an outpost of the Roman Empire. Israel was founded in 1947.

We rebelled against the Romans, after they tried to destroy our religion????

Riddle me this, 3 Corporations rule the world.

City of London – finances Washington DC – military The Vatican – spirituality

They all squat in host nations, with their own independence, own taxes and own rules, based on the Roman Empire. So, I am seriously confused as to why you believe that you rebelled against the Romans, when the Nomadic Turkic Tribes, that adopted Christianity, Judea and Islam, whilst learning Hebrew rebelled against the Romans, when they were part and parcel of the Roman Empire?

Ricky Miller

I don’t have a problem with you having your own state. Clearly, Russia doesn’t either. What I do have a problem with are Israeli actions that violate the borders and airspace of other countries, stated to be in self-defense but regularly only people outside of Israel do the suffering and the dying. That’s not self-defense, it’s aggressive. Really, the world is this screwed up that I have to lecture an Israeli, a citizen from a country with millions of grandchildren of holocaust survivors, about the value of human lives? And you need help figuring out the cowardice and immorality of using overwhelming military force on people in the region who are unable to defend themselves, and are far from retaining capabilities significant enough to pose a military threat to the state of Israel?


Umm, GOD kicked the jews out because the jews went against GOD. You’ve been BANISHED from ever establishing a kingdom or living there except for visiting. If you should return (which you have), the most severe of punishments await you. This punishment is coming once your false messiah shows up. Then the real Messiah will descend down to finish the false messiah. This is how it will go down. Islamic Escathology has all the answers. We know of the sneaky Jewish ways. Israel’s time is very limited. You will have your day but thankfully it will be very short-lived. See you on the battlefield if it’s in our time.

AM Hants

Your friend in the ME????

Remind me, who invaded Iraq and what reason did they give? Who invaded Syria and what reason did they give? Who gave chemical weapons to Iraq, back in the 80s and what was the reason given? Remind me, but, what happened in Libya and what did they do to Gaddafi? What reason was given?

Russia was invited to lend a hand, by a sovereign nation, being destroyed by your friends. Exactly who are friends of the Middle East? What was it Madelaine Albright said about the death of 500,000 Iraq babies and children being well worth the price? Remind me, what was the Iraq War all about?

Ricky Miller

Russia isn’t assisting your enemies in the region. Russia clearly stated that they disagree with UN Charter busting actions like trying to overthrow other governments, and that they strongly oppose arming insurgent groups as a method to try and accomplish such overthrows. That is their purpose in Syria, to push back both against the goal and the methods of illegal hybrid war. Part of Russia’s coordination understanding is that the conflict not be used to attack Israel, and it has been that way. It’s Israel who keeps finding it’s way into the conflict, especially by backing the wrong side, both morally and practically.

KiSh An

Israeli garbage won’t save the Ukronazis from total annihilation 😏

AM Hants

Isn’t Syria a sovereign nation, who asked Russia to lend a hand? Now remind me, but, I don’t think they invited NATO or the US to invade and destroy, did they? Nobody has declared war on Syria and the UN has not declared war on Syria, so who is legally in Syria, defending the nation and who is illegally in Syria, committing crimes against humanity and it is not Russia, now is it?

James Platt

The rada just committed suicide by nullifying the Minsk agreements. Now Russia has a legal path to go defend the ethnic Russian civilians that ukraine has been shelling for years. And since they stupidly massed troops near the Crimean border, anyone can say a single bullet was fired, and it’s on! The ukrainian army bases will become Iskander craters while the Russian army mops up the rest of these nazis.

AM Hants

That is what Russia was waiting for. Kiev to officially break out of the agreement and they knew it would happen, eventually.

Assad must stay

And russian forces surrounding kiev now :))))

AM Hants

Daily Mail is freaking out that Russia has sent some of it’s forces to their borders (unlike Kent and the US Southern Borders, which are happily open to all and sundry). DM say nothing about sending UK Forces to non-NATO Ukraine, but, freak out when they see a Russian tank or two. Hope they send the Armata tanks, to the Russian Ukraine border, and watch NATO elite freak out.

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