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A Saudi-Israeli Love Story Spanning Millennia

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The unofficial relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia has come to light in a rather peculiar manner.

Six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members decided to express their support for Jewish communities in what they refer to as the “Arab Gulf.” They aim to embrace the proliferation of Jewishness throughout the Gulf region.

Iran, of course, wasn’t invited to the party, since this is simply yet another anti-Tehran formation.

Of course, Saudi Arabia has taken the leading role in this endeavor. The Kingdom wants to support one of its behind-the-scenes partners.

This is further underlined by one simple “fact” provided by the Israeli outlet Haaretz. It, rather questionably, recalled that Saudi Arabia used to be a Jewish Kingdom.

Back in 2014, a French-Saudi expedition found various writings in southern Saudi Arabia, which turned out to be ancient Christian and Jewish texts.

Researchers were excited about the possibility of finding the missing link between Arabic and earlier alphabets. Haaretz, however, discovered the truth – southern Saudi Arabia, and as such proxy for the entire Arabian Peninsula, was likely Jewish.

This largely refers to Yemen, where there was an actual Jewish Kingdom. The Yemenis would likely disagree, but this could further explain Riyadh’s interest in waging war there.

Saudi Arabia, unlike Israel, has suffered quite a bit from being at continuous war with the Axis of Resistance.

Israel has gone largely undamaged, as it is able to effectively counter incursion attempts by Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian groups. It carries out frequent air raids on Gaza and Syria. It has even sold gas, which had originally been their own, back to the Palestinians.

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is waging the above-mentioned war in Yemen. So far, this has led to significant losses – of manpower, military equipment and money.

Most recently, the Houthis have begun pushing for Marib City. It is the last Saudi-led coalition stronghold in the relatively calm central part of Yemen. If it falls under their control, this would further open the way to Southern Saudi Arabia, and enable Houthi attacks there if they so wish.

The Saudi puppet government in Yemen is failing to consolidate its power. It is even challenged by the Southern Transitional Council.

More tangible assistance might be needed in order to turn Yemen into a second, proxy Israel, potentially, or even turning the entire Arab Peninsula into a Jewish Peninsula, and renaming the Persian Gulf to the Jewish Gulf.

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johnny rotten

If you mind the Jews they will tell you that they have the documents to prove their ownership on every square meter of the world, the only thing is to send them to fuck him.


but since the documents are all acquired by theft and deceit their value is nill and it won’t get them anywhere.

and the bombing and killing and thievery they are engaged in today, the jews that is, won’t bring them any happiness, just an early red listing and then an early extinction, like the dodo bird – what a larf.

Arch Bungle

They should try that nonsense in Asia.

They will be quickly cooked and eaten.

Johnny B. Allan

This is what happened to the Houthis littered all over the desert trying to desparately to push for Marib idiotically out in the open terrain


Arch Bungle

Those don’t look like Houthi. They look like the Sudanese mercenaries the Saud use.

However, you should know the Houthi have now taken the Maarib dam.

Maarib is almost certain to fall to the Houthi in a matter of days.

Icarus Tanović



Those 2 abortions of terrorist British Ziocorporate imperial machinations ISISrael and Ziodi Wahhabia were meant to be allied long before WW1 neutered the Ottoman Turks. Den of terrorists the lot of them


Israeli intel officers are working closely with the KSA and other Gulf states to counter Iran. The Gulf states have all they need to counter the Iranian proxies, they just need to use their resources more wisely. We can help them with that, I am kinda disappointed the filthy Shia terrorists don’t show the same enthusiasm against us. It would be our honour to put them in the ground where they belong, so come on brave Hezbos and other rats, make our day.


talk is cheao and in frint of a pc or a cellphone…most of the kazars and his follower are dick leakers…you are one of them for shure


Come face me and find out for yourself if I am or not. You’re right, talking is cheap coward.


If you Jews are so brave why have gone to such lengths to hide who you really are from the rest of the world? I mean you guys deliberately hide your true religious beliefs I think even a lot of Jews don’t realise which gods they worship. The word ISRAEL is an anagram of three ancient gods the god ISIS the god RA and the god EL. You guys along with those secret societies are trying to bring the rulers of ancient Egypt and Babylon back but this time it will be a worldwide empire.and you are very close to achieving it. Which means if we don’t put a stop to this ourselves God will flood the earth again. There has been more than one flood to get rid of those pyramid builders but you keep popping up again. maybe that’s why people are saying the appocalypse is near as God feels he has to do something a little more permanent this time.

Icarus Tanović

Look who’s talking.


Washington, October 10, 1973

Nixon: There is a serious situation in the Middle East.
It has developed into something tougher than the
Israelis anticipated.

Kissinger: The Israelis were caught with their pants down

Nixon: The Israeli tank losses have been extremely heavy.
We won’t violate the confidence by giving you figures, but
they are far heavier than anticipated.

Kissinger: If the Arabs start to win, all the Arabs will jump in.
Israel has suffered the equivalent of 100,000 killed.

Nixon: We will not let Israel go down the tube.



Your home = Poland.
Your home = never Palestine.
comment image?w=300

Arch Bungle

Hey, those are Pinks!

Decatur Guy

Actually, I venture to say their true homeland is more likely Ukraine rather than the mental fiction (((they))) live of them being blood descendants of ancient Israelis. It’s a lie told for so many generations (((they’ve))) forgotten it’s a lie.

Decatur Guy

Cranky! Someone hasn’t had their foreskins this morning.

Jim Allen

He’s just another wanker, that: broke, lost, misplaced, or wasn’t equipped with a wank in the first place. He’d never learned what it was for anyway, despite being fully aware he’s a wanker.
Kind of a cognitive dissonance thing.
I think his mom hid it from him after his being observed wanking with careless disregard in public repeatedly, and refuses to wank by the rules.
He also suffers from severe learning disabilities….
or, maybe it’s comprehension, and retention…..anyway every morning is just like the very first morning with this wanker…


We’re watching you shyster gypsy everyday too. Your home is in Casablanca ain’t it? granpa shyster was from there no? You think we don’t know? Yous a camel jockey.


Saudi Arabia at the UN – 1976

Time and again I must declare that we have no quarrel with our brothers, the Jews, who are descendants of Abraham, the patriarch of the whole region. We have a quarrel with those Khazars who embraced Zionism in the eighth century AD. and who consider themselves Semites after Herzl propagated his Zionist ideology.

We would wish the Khazars well, if they were not intruders into the area. It so happens that their ancestors embraced Judaism, but that does not make them Semites. Again, in as much as the British and the French became Christians, they have a Semitic religion, but that does not make them Semites. And yet again, our Nigerian and Indonesian brothers have a Semitic religion, Islam, but that does not make them Semites.

The descendants of those Khazars who hail from eastern and central Europe use a noble religion, Judaism, as a motivation for political and economic ends. It is not the diplomats here who are using harsh terms for not being able to eject them through war from our midst. I am not for war; I am not for terrorism; but I must remind Mr. Herzog that I visited Jerusalem in 1925 and was told how intransigent those descendants of the Khazars were. Do not forget that they are central Europeans. They forgot that they could not survive in the area for very, very long, so they thrive on tension-unfortunately so. There is tension not only among them but throughout the area, from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf. Why? Because the people consider them a foreign element in the body politic and the body social of the Semitic Arab world.




16,500,000 Jews in the world
16,000,000 = Ashkenazi (97%)
500,000 = total Middle Eastern Jews (3%)

None of the 16,000,000 white Jews had ever set foot
anywhere In the Arab region and totally unknown to the
Arabs and to the Arab Jews. The Ashkenazi according to his
own DNA is 100% European and100% alien to the Arab region
but white colonists arrived claiming to be the Israelite
retuning home – even when they looked alien in the region
as the British did in Kenya.

Assad must stay

i hope saudi military is reduced to nothing from fighting in yemen hahahaha i wonder how many soldiers/mercs they lost, probably well into the thousands


there is no love story just the usual enmity between the two. it’s just that prime parasite and scum kushner bought the saudi compliance with a number of never made public promises (nuke technology for example) to make things appear better than they are. at the end of the day, the saudis hate the jews and will do anything to see them sink in the Med with no life-wests and in due course it will happen and the jews will be as extinct as the dodo bird – a day to behold and what a larf.

cechas vodobenikov

do do birds like other do do birds—they eventually become extinct if not protected by their imperialist mommy–USA

Icarus Tanović

This is utter bullshit. There has never been any Jewish kingdom in Yemen, that is flat false info. And those text in Saudiya are proven to be frauds too.


Letter From Saudi King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud
To President Roosevelt
April 30, 1943

If we leave aside the religious animosity between Moslems
and Jews which dates back to the time when Islam appeared
and which is due to the treacherous behavior of the Jews
towards Moslems and their Prophet, if we leave aside all
this and consider the case of the Jews from a purely
humanitarian point of view, we would find, as I mentioned
in my previous letter, that Palestine, as every human
creature who knows that country admits, cannot solve the
Jewish problem. Supposing that the country were subjected
to injustice in all its forms, that all the Arabs of
Palestine, men, women and children, were killed and their
lands wrested from them and given to the Jews, the Jewish
problem would not be solved and no sufficient lands would
be available for the Jews.

Why, therefore, should such an act of injustice, which is
unique in the history of the human race, be tolerated,
seeing that it would not satisfy the would-be
murderers, i.e., the Jews?

Zaphod Braden

Jews and Arabs are Semites. The old expression ‘scratch a jew and you get an arab’ is true
SUNNIsemite, JEWISHsemite, SHIITTEsemite, kissing cousins..
judeo-christian is an oxymoron …… judeo-ISLAMIC is accurate
Israel and the world center of Islam, Saudi Arabia, are allies.
Sharia law is copied from Halacha law.
The hijab and its variants – a Jewish tradition rooted in Judaism and propagated by Islamists Jewish men cover their heads in humility/modesty to god as do women.
TAQIYA is copied from “LASHON HORA (HARA)” It is the Jewish speech code against speaking ill of “your coreligionists” and it states that they must not lie to or speak ill of “Jews in good standing” but lying to GOYIM and herem-Jews (excommunicated) is okay. When you understand their morality/speech-code you will understand why there is no point in bothering to argue with them. As you will see, BALD-FACED LYING to GOYIM is “moral” in their eyes.

Taqiyya is copied from “LASHON HORA (HARA)” It is the Jewish speech code against speaking ill of others and it states that they must not lie to or speak ill of “Jews in good standing” but lying to GOYIM and herem-Jews (excommunicated) is okay. When you understand their morality/speech-code you will understand why there is no point in bothering to argue with them. As you will see, BALD-FACED LYING to GOYIM is “moral” in their eyes.

Halal is copied from Kosher in slaughtering of animals in kosher and halal, Though the slaughtering is the same, Jews, who follow kosher, do not pronounce the name of God on each animal they slaughter. http://www.differencebetween.net/miscellaneous/difference-between-kosher-and-halal/#ixzz4QIwe7Mx2
“As for Christianity, there is a dispute among Halachic authorities, but the vast majority consider it idolatry as well. Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.”
Read that last bit again, very slowly, so the christianzionists can keep up: “Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.”
No low IQ muslim would love the tormentors of their prophet.Those who scourged, crowned, and crucified your Savior should not be worshipped and groveled to.

It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg (Islam is NOT idolatry. Christianity IS idolatry)

The Jewish Noahide Laws require the beheading(guillotines) of anyone who engages in Avodah zara, i.e. “idol worship.” Orthodox Judaism declares Jesus Christ an idol, and Christians as idol worshippers. The Right-wing Church-goers who follow Pence, Pompeo and Ben Shapiro cooperate in the suicide of Christianity. They worship their would-be executioners. This is insanity.
Islam is Judaism LITE. But they are both fundamentally Tribal and both believe the old Us against You …………
Muhammed lived among/with Jews and just rewrote/reworded their beliefs.
Muhammmed is a pedophile? read this: https://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2017/11/the-silent-partner-in-americas.html?m=1 Under age by the law but not by the Torah. In Biblical days she was an adult at 12 1/2 .
Orthodox islamists & Orthodox Jews ……. same beliefs. The founder of Wahhabism, Mohammed ben Abdelwahhab, considered that all those who did not join his sect should be exterminated. Many authors have pointed out the proximity of the Wahhabite way of life and that of certain Orthodox Jewish sects
BOTH follow Tribal WAR gods ….. Both were born of conquest, genocide, enslaving others, rape, and plundering.
CHRISTianity was embraced by Slaves, the Poor, Downtrodden, Infirm and is the birthplace of Human Rights and Human Dignity.

Zaphod Braden

The House Of Saud: It’s Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown
TMR Editor’s Note:
The following two exposés provide essential material regarding the true origin of the House of Saud, as well as vital background about the current monarchy ruling Saudi Arabia.
It is virtually impossible to understand the true nature of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the USA, and between Saudi Arabia and Israel, without the historical information that follows.
*Chaim Azriel Weizmann (Hebrew: חיים עזריאל ויצמן‎‎ Hayyim Azri’el Vaytsman, Russian: Хаим Вейцман Khaim Veytsman; 27 November 1874 – 9 November 1952) D.Sc, Sc.D, LL.D was a Zionist leader and Israeli statesman who served as President of the Zionist Organization and later as the first President of Israel.
(Source: Chaim Weizmann)
There are two other related exposés which ought to be read along with the one posted below. As follows:
Is The ‘Saudi’ Royal Family Jewish?
The Jewish Roots Of The House Of Saud Family Tree
The Millennium Report



by David Livingstone


The U.S. Department of Defense has released translations of a number of Iraqi intelligence documents dating from Saddam’s rule. One, a General Military Intelligence Directorate report from September 2002, entitled “The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots”, shows the Iraqi government was aware of the nefarious purposes of the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, often known as Salafis, in serving Western interests to undermine Islam.
etc etc

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