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A Russian Winter In Syria: Nearing Zero Hour

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The further the world comes into 2021, the more it begins to resemble 2014, at least in Syria, mixed in with a bit of 2015. ISIS is returning, the US is bracing to “fight it”. The “moderate opposition” is living its renaissance fighting against the Syrian Government and its Russian support.

The 2015 bit is the fact that Russia is present, and its activity has greatly increased in the first weeks of February.

In the ten days leading up to February 14th, Russia reportedly carried out more than 700 airstrikes on ISIS cells in Central Syria. This is an impressive number, but the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights claimed that as a result only 33 ISIS terrorists had been killed. According to the same report, the Syrian Arab Army had more significant losses – 56, but it is being targeted by almost every “moderate” and “radical” party on the battlefield.

The attempts to rebrand Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham as a “reformed group” that’s no longer affiliated with al-Qaeda also continues. The US has chosen its future ally.

In a clear disagreement, on February 13th, Russia targeted a secret HTS headquarters in Idlib and completely devastated it. It also continues to attempt and enforce the ceasefire agreement in Idlib, tracking every violation and punishing it. The agreement is largely ineffective due to Turkey’s non-implementation.

Moscow is not only on the giving end, but also on the receiving one.

On February 14th, an Orlan-10 drone was reportedly downed by militants over Greater Idlib. In Manbij, near the Turkish-occupied region of Afrin, the Turkish-backed “moderate opposition” opened fire on Russia’s military police. Russia was forced to deploy more troops and equipment to the region.

On February 13th, the Russian military sent a new batch of equipment and vehicles to its base at the Qamishli Airport.

In the area of speculation, Russian opposition media reported that Russia was extending the runway at the Hmeimim Air Base, to be able to host strategic long-range aircraft. It is a potential preparation for future chaos. Or an attempt to show parity with the United States’ continued flights of B-52 bombers over the Middle East in recent months.

The United States is not keeping still, while Russia is operating. In a rare event, it eliminated an ISIS commander in a drone strike. It also vacated one of its many positions in northeastern Syria.

This is only significant in the view that it likely will reposition, and support some of its new allies. The biggest players have began their movements in expectation of the coming storm.

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Dick Von Dast'Ard

In the ten days leading up to February 14th, Russia reportedly carried out more than 700 airstrikes on ISIS cells in Central Syria. This is an impressive number, but the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights claimed that as a result only 33 ISIS terrorists had been killed.

The Observatory appears to be able to identify who are ISIS personnel.


Well….both Isis and SOHR are paid by the same owners, the zio terrorist jew scumm isrealhell and USA… United Snakes of aipac.

Charles Homer

As shown in this article, a late 2020 interview with the U.S. Special Representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, clearly outlines Washington’s agenda in Syria:


Apparently, in James Jeffrey’s world, its okay to punish a nation and its beleaguered civilian population for the better part of a decade and hide information from the Commander-in-Chief and the American public just because Washington wanted to see an end to Bashar al-Assad who is still the democratically elected President of Syria.


Yes, indeed.

If ISIS had taken Damascus , the trail of blood from all the ISIS and AlNusra victims could have easily numbered in millions of butchered loyal Syrian citizens.

The US, UK, France and Israel, on the other hand would have been satisfied and satiated in Syrian blood.


and don’t forget the severely odious madeleine albright who voiced the view that 500000 dead iraqi kids was fair price to pay for the sanctions put in place by the disunited states of A. if ever there is one person that would hold the lamppost next to netanyahu’s that is albright and like christ on his cross, the third lamppost could be occupied by that odious head of mossad, who kills people here there and everywhere.


Israel is yet to make its’ move, wait till a new PM takes over.


I hope so too LR, no more small operations it gives nothing.


You’re an intellectual coward afraid to war game out how your new war that you fanaticize about is going to play out. But if you want to make a fool of yourself have at it. So that we can all have a good laugh.

Let me guess. You want Americans to die for Israel so that you don’t.


No Richard, you can stay in your comfy homes and don’t die for us, nobody asks you to do it. That is our job to fight and die for our country, we just need the U.S to back us up in the UNSC so it can give my government time.




All shysters of Zion regime. Bunch of murderers and thugs.


A dodge. Just as I assumed would happen.

Jim Allen

About 30 trillion fiat US Petrobucks has the same Zionist Khazar that owns 60% of the stolen lands you’re squatting on tells US Government to do it. That’s the kind of leverage necessary to get any country to do shit to protect the pretenders from the neighbors it’s taught to hate your guts. US Government wouldn’t raise an eyebrow to protect your ass, if it didn’t have 30 trillion reasons to. Keeping Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq, and untold other countries from restoring Palestine to it’s pre-Zionist Khazar splendor, ain’t easy ya’ know. Y’all don’t make it easy, running round biting everyone’s ankles like ya’ do.


the disunuted states of A can’t leave since the jews in palestine are unable to defend themselves and to leave now would give too much away to the chinese with their one belt one road project which includes Iran and Pakistan and the stan republics. India is sidelined and can’t be of much use for the pentagon morons. so the yankee-twats just have to hang on in there hoping something turns up improving their situation – turkeyseems to hve softened its stance on greece and nato and the morons while keeping mum about russia and building some joint shit with uraine. putin truly must keep a cool head with all those shenanigans going on.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The most pro Russian US president in my entire lifetime [56 years] is gone and now his replacement is as anti Russian as any of his predecessor’s ever were, so it’s no wonder the Russian’s are worried, they have good reason to be worried. Right now the US will probably be sending out envoys to China, Turkey, and Iran and others, and the envoys will all be saying the same thing, the Russian’s are the real enemy so we should all just be friends, lets cooperate together in a new age of friendship and finish off the nasty Russians. No I’m not being sarcastic, Biden will be sending envoys to Iran as well as anyone else they think they can turn. For all his faults Trump wasn’t a warmonger but Biden definitely is, he learnt well under Obama. Biden keeps saying his country needs to heal and unite together as one nation and we all know what that means, nothing else helps heal domestic problems quicker than a foreign intervention does, so which lucky country’s going to help Biden heal and unite his country, Syria, Libya, or maybe Armenia/Azerbaijan, or maybe even someone new, God help whoever it is.

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