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A Refugee From Iraq, Beaten By Polish Security Forces, Lost Her Child

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A Refugee From Iraq, Beaten By Polish Security Forces, Lost Her Child

A screenshot from the video

On October 25, a Belarusian border patrol found a group of refugees on the line of the Polish-Belarusian border who asked for help. Among them was a woman in serious condition.

Earlier the family of this women entered the territory of Poland through the Polish-Belarusian border.  At the moment when the refugees were detained by Polish security forces, they were deep inside Polish territory.

They turned to the authorities and requested refugee status.

Instead of considering the petition, the Polish security forces loaded them into a car and brought them back to the border with Belarus.

According to the Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the refugees were forced to violate the border towards Belarus, using physical force and threats.

During the fierce beating, a pregnant woman was kicked in the stomach several times.

According to the woman’s son, this was done in front of her husband and son “… an elderly Polish serviceman with one star on his shoulder straps.” After that, the woman started bleeding.

Belarusian border guards immediately called an ambulance, which took the victim to the Kamenetsky district hospital.

Unfortunately, due to her injuries, the woman lost her child.  The woman’s condition is assessed as moderate.

Brutal violence by Polish security forces has become a common occurrence for refugees trying to enter the EU through the Polish-Belarusian border. These people constantly claim that they were forced to leave their homeland due to the war and the plight caused largely by the actions of the United States and EU countries in the Middle East.


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If this have had happened in Germany, they would call the people who did this Nazis. But it happened in Poland, so they end up being the “bad people” only.

hans raus

Its Illegal immigration, child father deserve jail for traveling with his child when temperature drops below zero in central europe.

Last edited 1 year ago by hans raus
Tommy Jensen

Off course, blame the victim who tried to do the best of many bad solutions for his family. Responsible people should all be put in jail, and all irresponsible should be awarded……………Hans Raus is fantastic.


its true most of them come from countries that arent even at war

hans raus

and why they didnt want to travel to saudi arabia or UAe or quatar ? OFC blame west for their stupidity and cry -play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Chris Gr

Iraqi and Syrian refugees should go to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran.


İnsanlığınız bu kadar zaten. Sizin zihniyetiniz o insanları yurdundan etti. Bunlar hristiyan olsa böyle düşünürmüydünüz.

Lazy Gamer

Are there no UN camps at the EU borders?

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

No there arent. There are a few transit/refugee camps but those are few and can hold a couple of hundreds people max. We are talking about a thousand people per day. They cant turn around, they cant stay, they cant enter. They are left in a limbo slowly wasting away dying in no mans land. Im anti immigration but Im pro Human. We should figure out a Human way to not let them die without letting them flood Europe.


There is a way, board a plane and send them home.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Poor woman. Nazi poletards. Whats new.

Tommy Lee

Shoulda stayed home, bitch!

Tommy Jensen

Many of these refugees are forced and manipulated and paid by your countrymen little boy.

Peppe il Sicario

Tommy the troll again!!! Wars caused by Israel in this case and their pro-Zionist lackeys in the West. Anyone who condones illegal immigration in any country in the world is tacitly approving of Western Predatory Capitalism and Zionists policy anywhere. By the way, do you see any of these people heading towards China????????????????

Last edited 1 year ago by Peppe il Sicario

you shithole tards, Belarussian border guards throw her via fence holding her by hands and legs, thats why she lost baby. but who cares.


Everyday Yemen losses hundreds of people from war and starvation as a result of the inbred saudi lunatics.

Where are the news articles?

Chris Gr

Ethiopians and Yemenis suffer the most. But the so called “immigrants” are terrorists and undesirables from the so called Middle East.

Peppe il Sicario

SouthFront, if you want donations, stop censoring!!! Otherwise, I might be compelled to say who’s really behind you.

JC Denton

They censor like theres no tommorow, sometimes about 20 comments disappear. But at the same time they can’t deal with scam bots? Strange…

Peppe il Sicario

My point exactly!!! Mr. Soros, maybe?

JC Denton

The question is, are they deliberately deleting comments or is it some bad software? I think they ban certain IPs, it seems I’ve been banned multiple times, so they force me to make a new one. Like this will stop any trolling. Other sites like Zerohedge and OffGuardian don’t have those problems.


Do you really thinks they need donation? its so fake action they are founded by russian propaganda machine and this is cheap.

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