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A Rare Standoff: EU Condemns US Designating Of Yemen’s Houthis As ‘Terrorists’

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In a rare move, the European Union has condemned the US decision to designate Yemen’s Houthis (Ansar Allah) as a terrorist group.

The US designated the Houthis as a terrorist group on January 10. The decision is set to come into force on the eve of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

In a statement, a spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said the decision is “risky” and could undermine UN-led efforts to reach a comprehensive solution to the Yemen conflict.

“It [The designation] will complicate the necessary diplomatic engagement with Ansar Allah and the work of the international community on political, humanitarian and developmental matters,” the statement, which was issued on January 12, reads.

The EU also warned that the US designation of the Houthis, which control a large part of Yemen, will have a disruptive effect on the delivery of humanitarian aid funded by the international community.

On their part, the Houthis condemned the US decision declaring that they resere the right to respond to the designation issued by the Trump administration.

According to a recent report by the Daily Beast, Biden aides are preparing to mount a push to end the Yemeni war once he assumes office. This explains why the Trumps administration was in such rush to designate the Houthis.

The US designation will further escalate the already tense situation in Yemen, where fierce clashes are still ongoing on a number of front lines.

A Rare Standoff: EU Condemns US Designating Of Yemen’s Houthis As ‘Terrorists’

Click to see full-size map.

  • The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room (loyal to Ansar Allah) reported 167 ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah during the past 24 hours.
  • On January 12, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 2 airstrikes on the Abdiyah area.
  • On January 12, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 7 airstrikes on the Maheliyah area.
  • On January 12, Saudi-led forces attacked Ansar Allah positions in Jabal Murad and Rahba districts.
  • On January 12, unknown individuals shelled the Alam camp north of Ataq with mortar shells.

The EU stand against the US decision will not likely lead to effective decisions on the situation in Yemen. It is still unclear if EU countries are ready to challenge the decision for real and help to put an end to the devastating war.


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Johnny B. Allan

This exposes the EU as being anti-Saudi and all muslims since the muslims are facing some terrorist issues they say this stuff but when they do they expect assistance this exposes them big time as hypocrites and the Muslims will learn from this kind of double strandards going on and I really hope this give them diplomatic backfire. The Houthis are a terorrist elements and there will be no political solution they will have to be elminated by force


Most muslims are terrorists

Johnny B. Allan

Well if all the muslims are terrorists you know where to find them. Good luck clashing heads with 2.5 Billion terrorists

Jens Holm


Arch Bungle

All israelis are terrorists.

Jens Holm

Primitive rhetorics of the worst kind.

Much as a stone cant fly and my mother cant fly and my mother is a stone or a stone is a human being as well.

It makes me sick people like You exist like that and only are in the 2 dimensions as ” double standards”.

EU already has had a lot of oppinions about the Saudis for many many years as well as many of the countries have their own semilar to that. None of that is changed overnioght, becvause some Nilling Niúllingworth somewhere in own created dark says so.

We also dont support Houtis more or less today. We support the civilians there and probatly mainly the peacefull part. Those are the forgotten real victims between them forgotten by You. We try to feed them, when we can and empty rethorics against those Houti-morons makes no sense.

Johnny B. Allan

I really like you Jens you seem like a decent poster but here is the thing. Imagine having a terrorist element bordering your country that is firing rockets at you sometimes and could endenger your civilians? Just imagine this? This is why there is no Political solution to this and a terrorist organistation won’t be allowed in that area to settle you don’t need to be math genius to understand the resolve of the Yemeni Gov’t to get rid of this terrorist elements and bring back security and prosperity to the country nor will any of the neighbours accept a terrorists entity there. The EU needs to come to this realization or otherwise it would deteriorate the long standing relationship between the parties. This is why the US designated them as terror organistation because they are friends and understand the needs of the Saudi people and security concerns the same is expected by the EU.

I hope you can understand this from the neighbours point of view and why there can’t be any discussions regarding this matter


How many Yemeni civilians did Saudis kill ans how mant Saudi civilians did Houthis kill. Let’s see who the real terrorist is here.

Johnny B. Allan

They are responsible for that because Yemen has a internationally recognized gov’t and they are the terrorists who rose up against the gov’t the neighbouring countries are there to help the legal gov’t


People who rose against the govts are not terrorists, contrary to dictators and wannabe princes opinion.

Jens Holm

Terrorist is a relative.

Best wishes from Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Idi Amin, Suharto, Dim Il sung and Pol Pot.

Arch Bungle


The Yemeni government lost legitimacy when it could not protect Yemenis from American drone strikes and could not provide critical services to Yemenis.

The Houthis and many other tribes protested peacefully for years.

The government cracked down on them and in response ignited a civil war.

The only terrorists here are the war criminal US/UK/SAUDI/UAE and their supporters.

Arch Bungle

Begin with at least 85 000 child deaths cause by Saudi/US/UK/UAE due to the white man’s blockade of Yemen:

“Since 2016, a famine has been ongoing in Yemen which started during the Yemeni Civil War.[10] More than 85,000 children have died as a result of the famine as of 2018. In May 2020, UNICEF described Yemen as “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world”, and estimated that 80% of the population, over 24 million people, were in need of humanitarian assistance.[11] The famine is being compounded by an outbreak of cholera, which is resulting in 5,000 new cases daily in June 2017.[12] Devastation of Yemeni infrastructure, health, water and sanitation systems and facilities by Saudi-led coalition air strikes led to the spread of cholera”

The Houthi are nowhere near the cause of this. They did not blockade themselves.

Jens Holm

EU is not where You think at all.

Our base is demand for Human Rights, so we take side about that.

You forget EU fx also take more side to fx the non fighting refugees of Syria inside and outside.

We for many years has taken side for fx Syrians by exact same issue. We have wanted reforms by Assads because of, what could happen next.

NEXT IS NOW and since Jihadists had to arm themself, because there was none listening to them exept for jail, torture and death – well some were expelled and emmigrated as well.

Thats where we are. I weill remind You and others, that EU is a very big contributor to UN and has private organisations such as Red Cross and also make investments for devellopment.

But the main thing is we use free speech and dont invade.

Its so grotesce for many here USA is blamed for slavery. Most Muslims raise their girls already hardly with no rights into buy and sale.

Its alsao well known that human trafficing mainly is for and by Muslims and Hindus.

It seemes to be forgotten that USA actually had a civile war and by that the slaves at least not vould be sold even they didnt have same rights. That was in about 1865. BUT OTTOMANS had slavery until 1923, where Turks got their Lausanne country.

I will not attack or defend anything happening there, but I know and have seen there has been conflicts there from before I was born. Gamel Abdel Nasser was there and also “solved” Syria.

So something is terrible wrong, and You cant just take in Saudis and USA which only is the newest devaststating episode.

You have to involve learning to make and keep peace or into at least “not enemies”. Thats how I see it. I see the same for Syria and Iraq. Millions are trying to kill each other becáuse they are raised as little roosters demanding respect. That of couse include those littly snotty ones are learned to handle their much more clever little sisters and make them into dependent robots just as the ones there are bought to them by family chose hopefully are.

They dont learn empati and loud rhetorics too often is better then common sense and facts.


If any can joke about it, it would be those people and among them many here, only can make peace among friends.

There is no third version and Yours often not even try to understand Parlamentarisme is about “parle” instead of fight. But all “parle” not even a Goverment with the biggest guns. No structures are there for it. Its one string only and no dividings, split up and trust.

Parlamentarisme seemes to be Anarchy for most muslims, for they forget or dont have in their vocabularies, that Freedom is 100% connedcted to be responsabile amking decissions and solutions for many as well as themself.

Instead they are raised as Leaders and Sheep. Most people know about sheep, that dogs can run 30 sheep and its chaos among them, when there is none.

We see it right now. there are limits and a system for limits by oter elected poeple to reduce Trump. The system also has not collapsed as well, as the dollar and the stockmarket is doing fine.

Thats what is meant by many string. United States -whatever they aree united in – are 50 states too. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/55f0773d68ada3d31ba6770df0c3f2636abf8859a31f8ff89687e2e614fec363.jpg


No surprise who sponsors teorrism apart from usa.Muslims wern’t the problem,pro lgbtq sure as hell are:

Jens Holm

Only one side of it. Do You only have one eye too:) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ce33c6b1b6f0071b88a9e66caf659f0d46d2112927dd4265f01465a84a12d1bf.jpg

Arch Bungle

You’re the one who only backs one side on this site.

Proud Hindu

EU is a slave to china.Houshits and camel fkers ie the saudis will kill each other.

Jens Holm

You will regain as a worm or the behind of a cow.

Proud Hindu

Stfu danish asshole.Protect your country from desert people otherwise theyll takevover ur stupid eu country lol

Johnny B. Allan

get some mental help

Arch Bungle

Thete’s no help for cow piss drinkers. It causes permanent brain damage.

Jens Holm

As written above most muslims are not desert people at all. Many also lives at the steppe, which fx most Kurds in Syria does.

And we do try to protect Our country by including and integrating them. Things here are both ways.

So we are very happy for 50% of those, You name as deserts. We work hard and spend too much money at the rest.

If it was for me in fx 1980 we would only have taken in those, we actually needed and did they show well keeep them. We also would have taken in political refugees fx mpre of those denied a homeland and has gioven them a new national ID and after soem education and test passports too.

Arch Bungle

India is a slave to the White Raj.

Icarus Tanović

India and Pakistan will be slaves to China, sooner or later.

Proud Hindu

Desert people need to kill each other more often for a peaceful world

Tommy Jensen

Said the swamp man.

Jens Holm

Thats often highly incorrect. Most muslims are not even desert people as well. Maps show it very well.

Arch Bungle

Isn’t it time for you to rape your cow again?

Potato Man

You can easily tell who doesn’t have clue about Yemen history,

Yemeni unification took place on May 22, 1990, when the area of the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (also known as South Yemen) was united with the Yemen Arab Republic (also known as North Yemen), forming the Republic of Yemen (known as simply Yemen).

The unrest began on 18 August 2014 as the Houthis, angered over a government-implemented removal of fuel subsidies, called for mass protests. … In March 2015, the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen began with airstrikes and a naval blockade with the stated goal of restoring Hadi’s government to power.

That and a lot more – Hadi is nothing but Wahhabi shit head and N.Yemen don’t want a dog run their country. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/57f268d8ff97641c18b0558f499a829393c1d1236c253842ef23198557cd5171.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/47774111ed30ddd1c572ca84d97d13d9129fb64aedf68a2f210b8ad314babbdd.png

Jens Holm

I think ts of importantance that the old Emir from the old days died, and Saudis want a semilar instead of anybody else.

Arch Bungle

My memory tells me that the Houthi started protesting the Yemeni government allowing US to drone people freely in Yemen.

I remember the earliest protest were in response to US drone attacks on Yemenis and lack of response from the puopet government.

At the time, I predicted this would grow into a movement and a civil war because this is similar to what was happening in Afghanistan.

Icarus Tanović

That sums about all. But Saudi agression started in January.

Tommy Jensen

If it is unclear whether EU will do anything, it is crystal clear yet another punch in the air has been slashed out from the offices in Brussel.

Jens Holm

I see EU confirm we are not changed with USA by Trump. Nothing is unclear there at all.

We ask both fightings ones to behave as well as we think thje civilians should be helped, where they are …

No slashing there.

Tommy Jensen

Thats what I mean. A clear nothing burger. Your comment is also nothing unclear there at all: A clear nothing burger…………….LOL.

Jens Holm

Its as clear as it can be. Our try for the world mainly is in the non fightinmg way, which also includes trade.

Maybee we think that making WW1 and WW2 Ourself should not be one more.

The realtions to Nato is same thing. We want people to decide themself and help and protect that. We are not as reactive as USA is. But we do participate, where we think it makes sense.

In many things we follow USA in milder versions. They after all are more cousins then other and the Western Economy is doing fine compared to other systems.

Thats what I think and hope tom see.

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