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A Profitable Friendship: UAE Ambassador Greets Israel For Passover

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A Profitable Friendship: UAE Ambassador Greets Israel For Passover

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On March 28th, UAE Ambassador to Israel Mohammad Mahmoud Al Khajah posted a Passover greeting which called “for celebrating the holiday’s themes of freedom and new beginnings.”

He posted it both in English and Hebrew.

Al Khajah is still not in Israel. In early March he completed a short preliminary visit to Israel during which he met with the country’s top leadership and scouted out suitable locations for the embassy and his home.

He met with Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who told him:

“We are changing the Middle East, we are changing the world.”

The message came after the Israeli Embassy to the United Arab Emirates held its first Passover seder on March 27th.

Ambassador Eitan Na’eh shared a moment from the festive evening which recalls the Israelite exodus from Egypt, tweeting a video of participants singing the traditional “Ma Nishtana.”

Na’eh arrived in the UAE in January to fill the post of Israel’s first-ever envoy to the Gulf state, following last year’s normalization agreement between the countries.

Na’eh said that he saw a bright — and cheaper — future ahead for Israelis as ties develop.

“The UAE is an opening to a huge market, huge ports, with very big free trade zones,” he said. “There are huge advantages for Israeli trade, be it imports and also exports, for lowering the cost of living.”

Na’eh said Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi’s goals for the relationship were both “wide and specific.”

“Get to know the place,” he says he was told. “Get to know the issues. Map the issues. Map those individuals we need to be in touch with, then go and meet them. Enhance, increase cooperation in all possible areas… Develop the dialogue on all levels.”

Israel and the UAE signed a US-brokered normalization agreement at the White House on September 15, 2021. The move was followed by normalization agreements with Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

This move signals that the Palestinians have been all but forgotten, and the promise of profit, and potential assistance in the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, in addition to other bilateral projects between the UAE and Israel is much more important.

The Passover celebrations, as well as the greeting are also part of the push by the UAE and Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia to form the Association of Gulf Jewish Communities, which is aimed to improve the life of Jewish people in the “Arab Gulf”, as they call it to spite Iran.


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johnny rotten

The false rulers of the Gulf know how to recognize the true master when they meet him.

Supreme Blyat

They need to keep their money somewhere…


I thank the UAE Ambassador Mohammad Mahmoud Al Khajah, and looking forward to seeing our ties deepen. Haters gonna hate, but it won’t help them much. Next task is to isolate China across the ME, which requires a strong Israeli-Arab cooperation. If the region falls into their hands, then the cancer called China will just keep growing. It must be stopped.

Ford Fairlane

Good luck with that. Maybe you should focus on Iran first.


When the big cancer (China) will be stopped then the small cancer (the Ayatollahs) will be an easier chimotherapy treatment.

Ford Fairlane

That’s just wishful thinking.

Kenny Jones ™

When the big cancer (America) will be stopped then the small cancer (the zionists) will be an easier *chemotherapy treatment.


Not exactly, if it was that easy we would have been gone by now. Don’t hold your breathe Kenny, next week our President gives a new candidate the option to form a government. How much will you miss Bibi from 0 to 100? afterall, he was your best friend.

Kenny Jones ™

No I hate that crypto jew bibi, and the US will go into a civil war soon, just too much debt


comment image?1


The alien Ashkenazi is much better of going home.

Would you support or oppose diplomatic recognition of Israel by your
Source: Doha Institute survey 2019-20

Country …….support %
Algeria ………………. 0
Tunisia ……………… 3
Mauritania …………. 3
Qatar ………………… 3
Morocco ……………. 4
Lebanon ……………. 5
Jordan ………………. 6
Saudi Arabia ………. 6
Palestine ……………. 7
Iraq …………………… 7
Kuwait …………….. 10
Egypt ……………… 13
Sudan …………….. 13


That was before the deal with Iran, what makes you think the UAE will work with China in order to hurt the Israeli-Arab interests in the ME? I don’t see that happening. China chose Iran side, they can’t hold the stick from both ends.


comment image?w=300


The victim was already handcuffed with his hands tied
behind his back and blindfolded. What were the two white
Jews scared of that they needed to point their guns at his



UAE whose leader is anti-Jihadi / anti-Islamist fits in well with Israel’s position as well … eh?

Arabs / Israelis can embrace in brotherhood on all matters …

The issue of the Pals are between the parties directly affected …. it can and will be solved by the 2 parties one day … eh?

The Abraham Accords gives voice to that ….

the Pals are finished … their ‘cause’ extinct

Israel has become a welcome partner in the region … a pivotal partner in the anti-Shia grouping forming … transforming the Sunnis and Israel into strategic partners … eh?

Who would have ‘thunk’ it?

It’s the MOST REMARKABLE outcome since the demise of the Ottoman Empire … full stop

Israel, a military superpower, now allied with the Gulf Arabs / Sunni Muslim World AGAINST the revolutionary Jihadi/Islamist Shia Muslim Police State … hello?


Ford Fairlane

Gulf arabs are no different from the Shias. But money talks.


Shias are OK …

The vile Iranian Mullah Police State is a revolutionary Jihadi / Islamist abomination


Regards your own statement – note, UAE has increasingly moved toward reconciliation with Syrian state over last three years, reopening consulate and reopening ties. Meaning, they deem the foriegn sponsored (NATO-Gulf State) anti-Syrian militant forces, as both a political and military failure, and equally, as Islamist/ fundamentalist/ sectarian-based-takfiris. This UAE-Syrian diplomatic rapprochement is in dire contrast to the Israeli regional agenda – to fracture the Syrian state – with whom Israel has been in frozen conflict with since 1967. Don’t believe the hype – Netanyahu is desperate to look like a regional statesman to the Israeli public-electorate (his ongoing corruption charges absolutely depend on it).


The UAE and Syria have a bigger picture in mind …

Israel is focused on Iranian deterrence … in Syria / in Lebanon / in Iraq

Israel is more than Netanyahu … YOU define Israel through that lens … eh?



How is the Ashkenazi connected to the Arab region except as a foreign
invader? If the Algerians removed the French, what reason can the
alien Ashkenazi give me he must remain? That he is related to
Abraham? Not at 0% genetic ties to the region. The Arabs owe this
European nothing but the Arabs do remember how this alien invader
raped Palestinian women and shot them dead, how he went around
Palestinian villages and ordered the natives to come out of their
homes and had them lined up against walls and then shot them dead one
by one showing no mercy. Why is this white not back home with his
own kind instead of clinging to a region that was totally alien to
him? The highest priority or all Arabs is to remove the aliens from
the region.

Rafik Chauhan

This fake friendship will not last long .


comment image?w=300

100% “Ashkenazi-Jewish” = 0% Middle Eastern. How then
does any land in the Middle East become their “historical
homeland” more than Saudi Arabia is the historical
homeland of the Chinese Muslims. These European feel the
need to cling to the myth that they are descended from the
Arab region even when their DNA tells them they are 100%
alien to the region. The Arabs must find a way to remove
these aliens and send them home.

Potato Man

Ohhh two terrorists lover, sorry Freedom fighter that only see peace showing their ugly faces.
Turk-isis, Wahhabi countries gonna follow soon.

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