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Overview Of Government Forces Advance In Northern Hama On April 22


Overview Of Government Forces Advance In Northern Hama On April 22

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On April 22, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) started its advance in the northern Hama countryside attacking militant positions in the area north of Suran, and west and southwest of Taybat al-Imam.

So far the SAA had captured:

  • the Syriatel checkpoint north of Suran;
  • Tell al-Mantar east of Suran;
  • Tell Nasiriyah, Nasiriyah and Zor Alubadi south and southwest of Taybat al-Imam.

Government forces also reached Buweida village northwest of Suran. Thus, the SAA is approaching the strategic town of Halfaya from three sides now.

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) attempted to counter-attack near the village of al-Buweida and the Syriatel checkpoint, but the attempt failed.

The “moderate opposition” group, Idlib’s Free Army, sent reinforcements to the Hama countryside in order to support HTS-led forces.

Members of Idlib’s Free Army targeted what it claimed to be a T-90 tank and a TOS-1A multiple rocket launcher in Taybat al-Imam. Instead, the released video shows the tank is a T-62M and the rocket launcher is a Grad multiple rocket launcher system. Furthermore, there are no TOS-1A systems deployed in the town of Taybat al-Imam, according to a source from SAA troops deployed there. The video also showed the failure of the TOW operator to hit the two targets. The missile hit the embankment and the tank managed to move back.

HTS and the Free Syrian Army appear to be spreading more and more false news from the countryside of Hama in order to hide their military failure in the area.

The Syrian and Russian Air Force continued bombing positions and gatherings of militants in Halfaya, Lataminah, Ma’arkaba and Al-Lahayaas.

The SAA is going to storm the town of Halfaya and to advance towards the strategic town of Morek very soon, according to pro-government sources.



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