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JUNE 2023

A Look At “Jade Helm 15”

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A Look At "Jade Helm 15"

The U.S. Military is conducting a massive eight-week exercise involving over one-thousand troops from different branches of the military, including the Green Berets, Marines, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division. The operation is one of the largest to ever take place on American soil, involving the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas.

In a document released by U.S. Army Special Operations Command Jade Helm 15 has been described as a Realistic Military Training (RMT). The document claims military units active in the operation will be coordinating their actions with the Department of Defense and state law enforcement agencies. Civilians will also be unwilling participants, according to the document military units will operate in select communities and give soldiers “the opportunity to work with civilians to gain their trust and an understanding of the issues.”

Activists of all stripes from across the country have expressed concern about the ongoing operation, claiming the military has criminally over-stepped it’s authority. Many citizens feel that the U.S. Military, which costs nearly six-hundred billion dollars yearly to operate, is too powerful, expensive, and aggressive. Civilian “counter Jade Helm” networks have been established in some of the effected states to monitor the military operations after the media was denied permission to film them.

Why Jade Helm 15, Why Now?

The United States is the largest military aggressor in the world, with over eight-hundred military bases worldwide. The U.S. is also a key player in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which is the chief vehicle of aggression against Russia and the free countries of the world. As the United States and western Europe endeavor to extend their geopolitical influence and plunge the world into a second Cold War, massive provocative military drills have become the new normal. NATO has conducted several massive drills in Europe and the Pacific recently as a compliment to the ultimatums and sanctions delivered by it’s member states.

Jade Helm 15 is part of a combined military action by the United States and Australia called Talisman Saber 15. The operation is just one of many provocative military operations being carried out by the United States and it’s allies. But is Talisman Saber just saber rattling?

According to a report by the Russian Ministry of Defense, nearly non-stop nighttime US military flights taking off from Kiev’s Boryspil International Airport were detected and “satellite-tracked” flying to Peterson Air Force Base located in Colorado Springs, Coloroado. The Ministry of Defense revealed that over 2,500 soldiers of the infamous Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion were the cargo. Just in time to participate in Jade Helm 15, which is taking place in the state.

The U.S. is utilizing this opportunity to train thousands of Neo-Nazi militants, which have been carrying out terrorist attacks against civilians in eastern Ukraine for over a year. The military is guilty of preparing Azov Battalion to commit genocide in eastern Ukraine. It’s also doing so in spite of a recent ruling by the United States Congress blocking the training and arming of the organization, which was described as a “Ukrainian Neo-Nazi paramilitary” by some Congressmen.

Jade Helm 15 started on July 15th and will finish by September 15th, keep in mind that the provocative saber rattling of NATO and the training of Neo-Nazi militants will not.

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Jos Boersema

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8jEvMO3_40 Wesley Clark: Internment Camps For Disloyal Americans Needed

W.Clark seems to be the first time in the US that the ruling establishment openly calls for imprisonment of people who might be critical of the US Government, because they lost their girlfriend and job (!!). Therefore we need a campaign against this character, against W.Clark as a person and as a traitor, to scare the rest of the traitors who are hiding behind his back. If Clark is not stopped, shamed, has no repercussions, in the next wave there will be 100s of W.Clarks rolling over the hill and it will become much more difficult to have an impact on them. The next stop after that could be civil war in the end, which will only come after these tyrants are starting to hurt the people to the degree they would end up fighting back. Everyone in the NATO countries should do what they can, because US rules us all in the end. What they do at home carries a severe risk of eventually trickling down to us all. They rule our Governments, in part thanks to the ill informed population worshipping America. That too is affected if Clark’s comment become public knowledge, it distances us from the Evil Empire of America and its dangerous influence. Probably the rest of the tyrants starts to roll in after several months, as they see their lead guy getting away with it they will conclude their pro-democracy, pro-rule of law enemy is weak or not even there. This could be the last chance for the war to remain limited to propaganda / politics.

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