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Qatar to Buy Bombs from Ukraine to Discredit Russian Air Force in Syria

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Qatar will buy soviet bombs from Ukraine in order to discredit Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria

Qatar to Buy Bombs from Ukraine to Discredit Russian Air Force in Syria

Originally appeared at Rusplt, translated by Monna Lita exclusively for SouthFront

According to hackers in “CyberBerkut”, Qatar is planning to obtain Soviet model bombs from Ukraine and with middleman, a Polish firm called Level 11. What is noteworthy is that the Emirate is ready to pay a triple price – $2100 a piece, although these bombs are being used by the Airspace Forces in Syria, who are conducting a military operation against Daesh (IS, an organization forbidden in Russia).

The Qatari Air Force is equipped with French fighters ‘Mirage 2000’ and Alpha Jet light attack aircrafts, and apparently the use of Soviet bombs is not characteristic of them. That is why we are raising a legitimate question: why then does Qatar need old bombs of Soviet production? Lets note that a high-explosive bomb or a fragmentation mine is not necessary to throw from an airplane – it can be detonated on the ground, if necessary. This means that it is an option that these weapons can miraculously end up in Syria and detonate in some busy place so that then Russia can be blamed in bombing peaceful civilians”, – reports the site “CyberBerkut”.

In reality, Qatar is interested in bringing their allies into power in Syria, and that is why they support an Islamic group “Ahrar ash-Sham”, which belongs to the so-called “moderate opposition”. But it seems as though this isn’t enough: not long ago Qatar’s minister of Foreign Affairs, Khalid al-Attiyah of Qatar claims of a possibility of a Syria military invasion. Although this thing didn’t go any further than some threats, since Qatar’s army is small in numbers, and it’s participation in the Syrian conflict will most likely not change the situation. The resonant provocation against the Russian Federation would have been much more effective if some of the countries concerned called out “valid” claims to stop Russia’s actions.

Beside Qatar, this scenario is profitable for Turkey. With “The killings of peaceful citizens by the forces of the Russian Federation” in Syria as the background, the incident of a downed Russian Su-24 will be pushed back to being secondary in importance. The U.S. and the international antiterrorist coalition whose planes on Monday hit an object of a Syrian Arabic Republic’s army in Deir ez-Zor would also be winning. The Foreign Syrian Minister considered the strike an “act of aggression” and appealed to the UN Security Council on that subject matter. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, there were two pairs of military planes from two countries that were a part of the anti-ISIL coalition in the sky above Deir ez-Zor, but the coalition’s representatives are insistent on denying their involvement. After falsely accusing Russia of war crimes, the coalition members won’t seem to be such aggressors.

Ukraine, which has long been eager to participate in Syria’s War against Russia in any way, will also rejoice. Provocations with killings of peaceful civilians and the shelling of civilian objects are Kiev’s well-known practice.

Bloody Business

It is no longer a secret that Qatar is one of the main sponsors of Daesh and other Islamic groups. The media wrote about this, and experts are talking about it, and even the U.S. Treasury has data that Qatar citizens are sending up to 1.5 billion pounds each month to the fighters of the terrorist organization. Qatar is one of the instigators of conflicts in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia and the Gaza Strip. However, as it was with Turkey at the time, the global community prefers to close their eyes. It is all in a matter of Qatar’s financial assistance to Western countries. The Emirate in particular is actively investing in Great Britain’s economy and real estate.

The Russian president Vladimir Putin presents the Russo-Turkish conflict as a large-scale problem, declaring the need to fight the sponsors of terrorism. The West is finally “seeing the light”: Turkey is sponsoring Daesh. The president has stated this before at the G20 Antalya Summit, announcing that the group is being financed from 40 countries around the world, among which are also the “Big Twenty” countries.

Qatar is definitely in those numbers

When it became known that a terrorist act occurred on board of a Russian Airbus A321 over Egypt, the Russian President’s former adviser, Andrei Illarionov expressed a version of this that was apocalyptic and it is that Russia is preparing a strategic operation to strike at military, infrastructure and energy facilities on the territories of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Illarionov states that not only some abstract terrorists from IS or “Al Qaida” will answer for the terrorist act over Egypt, but very specific countries and their authorities, and circumstances command that. There were some versions of the story told by experts that Airbus A321 was blown up through an order that came from Qatar.

But let us leave discussions about such radical methods to their allies: additional military action will make an already uneasy situation in the Middle East and international relations as a whole more difficult. There are civilized methods. In this way, in 1979, the U.S. began to form a list of “Nations that sponsor terrorism”, inclusion into which promises harsh economic and political sanctions. But the countries that ended up in this American stop-list are Libya, Iraq, South Yemen and Syria, at the time when the true evil remains unpunished.

Apparently, an objective list of countries that meets modern realities is needed, like a list with sponsors of terrorism and a list of corresponding reactions of the global community. Russia has already taken an initiative. A problem needs to be solved at the root, as they say, and the root of evil is a source that is financing Daesh, which is located in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Otherwise, there will be new terrorist acts and provocations.

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So when Russia is blamed for blowing up a hospital or school, we know Qatar is to blame. Finding exploded scrap of a Russian bomb is no longer definitive proof of Syrian or Russian involvement due to the fact that Qatar has the same bombs.

Paying triple for them brings into question their motivation for having the bombs. Turkey is moving equipment and personnel into a new base in Qatar, so there is viable deployment means available, though they could be placed on the ground by Saudi/Turkish intelligence assets or terrorists.


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