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A Friend In An Evil Deed, Is A Friend Indeed: Turkey Wants To Fix Relations With Saudi Arabia

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A Friend In An Evil Deed, Is A Friend Indeed: Turkey Wants To Fix Relations With Saudi Arabia

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On April 26th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said that Turkey was looking to rectify relations with Saudi Arabia.

Trade between the two countries has dropped by 98% since 2020, following an unofficial boycott of Turkish goods by businesses in the Kingdom in response to what they called hostility from Ankara.

Kalin said Ankara hoped this could be corrected.

“We will seek ways to repair the relationship with a more positive agenda with Saudi Arabia as well.”

Kalin also said the Turkish presidency welcomed the trial in Saudi Arabia which last year jailed eight people for between seven and 20 years for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“They had a court. Trials have been held,” Kalin said. “They made a decision so we respect that decision.”

According to the glowing example of democracy and freedom that is Ankara, the Kingdom had done its due diligence. After all, sending some people to prison and leaving them there is something that’s not that uncommon since the alleged coup attempt of 2016 in Ankara.

Turkey is also looking to repair relations with Egypt. Relations have been strained since Egypt’s army ousted in 2013 Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi, who was close to Turkey.

Turkey has begun working to rebuild ties with Egypt and other Gulf states, trying to overcome differences which have left Ankara increasingly isolated in the Arab world.

To show that it meant well, Turkey asked Egyptian opposition television channels operating on its territory to moderate criticism of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.

Egypt welcomed the move but has been publicly cautious about Turkish calls for better ties between the two countries which have also supported rival sides in Libya’s conflict.

“Rapprochement with Egypt…will certainly help the security situation in Libya because we fully understand that Egypt has a long border with Libya and that may sometimes pose a security threat for Egypt,” Kalin said.

Azerbaijan is also a sort of mediator between Israel and Turkey, and there appears to be some hope to correct relations there.

After all, the Biden Administration recognized the Armenian Genocide and Ankara is furious about it.

It is now on the lookout for new allies that justify their own atrocities and present them in an entire positive light. Be it the Armenian genocide, the Saudi-led coalition’s intervention in Yemen and its indiscriminate bombing of civilians, or Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, which Human Rights Watch said amounted to apartheid.

What’s more, Riyadh could use some assistance from Turkish drones, as well as from Syrian mercenaries that Turkey has in its pockets to attempt to turn the tide in Yemen.

In such difficult times, Ankara, Tel Aviv and Riyadh need close-minded allies who are willing to not only look the other way, but even show acknowledgement that these atrocities were simply acts for the greater good.

How that will work out? Time will tell.


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Looks like as Turkey need urgently a cash injection into its economy…

Supreme Blyat

Probably Quatar refused the last offering of protection renewal.

Kenny Jones ™

They will sell their plastic drones to Saudia, only to be shot down

Potato Man

I still stand on my point that Zion-isis are behind this… new wave of BS with “leaked audio” and shit.

RT: ‘This never happened’: John Kerry denies telling Iran FM of Israeli strikes on Syria after GOP demands he resign over leaked audio


obtained by the London-based Farsi news outlet Iran International
MEK + Wahhabi + Zion…


Aww … Zarif was unaware of 200 attacks on IRGC in Syria?

Like y’all here on SF … an echo chamber of Iranian propaganda deafens the reality … you’re ALL teetering on the precipice of destruction … lol

Yossi knows … eh?

Jim Allen

Sure has that smell, don’t it ?

Potato Man

It seems someone from Iran “leaked that audio” and MEK (London-based Farsi news) got it which they send a copy to NYT and those two start writing reports about it and MSM follow later.

The problems with the “leaked audio” is that…it’s mean nothing really. It doesn’t really matter to me (an outsider) but for people living in Iran it is a different story.
It seem like a election play…I remember reading that audio was meant to be send to a think tank group in Iran for up coming election in first place.

I should just wait for more info…

Jim Allen


Albert Pike

John Kerry is of Frankist descent:

‘Frederick A. Kerry was born Fritz Kohn, to Jewish parents in the town of Bennisch in what was then the Austrian empire, now part of the Czech Republic. The birth record states: ″In the year 1873, on May 10th, a legal son of Benedikt Kohn, master brewer in Bennisch, House 224, and his wife, Mathilde, daughter of Jakob Frankel, royal dealer in Oberlogau inPrussia.″
″This is amazing; that is fascinating to me,″ Kerry said of the genealogical records. ″This is incredible stuff. I think it is more than interesting; it is a revelation.″
The record notes that Fritz Kohn changed his name to Frederick Kerry on March 17, 1902. The document does not mention a baptism, but the family says Frederick Kerry was a Catholic and is buried at a Catholic cemetery in Brookline, a suburb of Boston.’

‘In 1901 he and his wife Ida Löwe converted to Roman Catholicism and changed their name to Kerry, presumably to escape anti-Semitism, then four years later emigrated to America. Family legend has it that the name Kerry was chosen by dropping a pencil on a map which pointed to Co Kerry in Ireland, though Kerry is apparently not unknown as a surname in Austria.
John Kerry also knew that his grandfather had moved first to Chicago and then to Boston and that he had prospered as a shoe dealer before committing suicide over financial troubles. But he had not known until told by the reporters how he met his end: by shooting himself in the washroom of the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston on November 23rd, 1921. Like Scott Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby, Frederick Kerry had hidden his Jewish ancestry in Boston and pretended to be what he was not. But he never tried to pass himself off as Irish in the heavily Irish-American city. He identified instead with old-money society of Boston, and his descendants would carry this further.’

Now why irish ‘Kerry’ as a name (?) This explains it:
‘Michael Kissane was reared in the Frankists tradition of his grandparents and his wife Anne was also from a Irish Frankist family who he married in Geelong Victoria. They later moved to farm in Echuca. He died of the yellow fever in 1890. After his death his wife ceased to observe the Frankist traditions and conformed to the Irish Catholic customs of the local Church. The Jewish origins of the family were hidden from the younger children of the family. His daughter Johanna
(always called Hannah by the family) was close to her father and on his death moved to work in Melbourne for her Jewish aunt where she returned to the practice of orthodox Judaism in the St Kilda synagogue and became the nanny/housekeeper of the family of Rabbi Blaubaum. He was
baptised at the Beaufort Church in Kerry in 5 May 1847. His godparents were Maurice Walsh and Johanna Walsh.’ https://www.geni.com/people/Michael-Kissane/6000000010961890036

Most of the Irish Catholic (crypto Jewish) Frankists resided in ‘Kerry’:


Nothing the Turk government says or does nowadays really surprises me. In Italy, we use the term “mamma li turchi” to indicate the shallow behavior and shadiness they’re capable of.

Steve Standley

As long as I’ve paid attention to it, Turkey’s behavior has been unprincipled, opportunistic, and short-sighted.

Brother Ma

What does it actually mean? Mother of a turk?


No, it comes from Sicilian dialect and it essentially means “Mother, the Turks are here!!” and was a warning to hide the women since they could be abducted and sold into slavery. The Ottomans were despicable slave traders raiding the white Mediterranean basin until the 1800s.

johnny rotten

From the end of the WWII many nations were tie of the West, all their political and economic system is still linked to the old masters, now that the West earns irrelevance, year after year, several regional situations will be rebuilt from scratch, Turkey beginning to understand, but there’s not an easy way to build civil and peaceful relationships, after so much time passed under the guidance of war lords.


Turkey would do better in modeling a foreign policy that aligns with the Eurasian policy, instead of trying alliances with the gulf states and indirectly Israel, showing antagonism against Russia and making themselves a nuisance in this new multi polar world.

Supreme Blyat

Turkey is Eurasia and making a multipolar world.


a lot of kissing and hugging going on in the middle east and very little has any significance in real politik.


looks like the little corporal is getting some heat.
election coming soon.
unfortunately he’s killed off most of the competition.
so TR goes down economically.
this clown has pi**ed off everybody with any money in their pockets.
another 3rd world nato state.


Turkey under Erdogan is a spent force …. digging a deeper grave

Qatar ORDERED this reset with the Saudis but it will never work

The Saudis remember the Ottomans oppressive hands on the necks of the Arabs

That memory won’t be forgotten … eh?

The Arabs don’t forget … they carry grudges


Mustafa Mehmet

Next look behind you maggot

Kenny Jones ™

Biden is bringing those together, no surprise, Iran will have to curb both through Yemen and Levant (Sy & Ir)

Rafik Chauhan

Turkey wa always hypocrite like israel and Saudi and GCC. so nothing new. Turkey will soon backstab Iran if saudi keep condition. So it means all the salfist/Whabhi/Zionist are toghter to destroy islam and the thought of Prophet. Turkey want to enter Yemen war to help Islah salfist party. and they cant do without saudi border support. so they want to mend ties . It means they want to isolote Iran influnce all over ME . which will be bloody war . Its time iraqi to each lesson to turkey and houthis will make the grave ready for the turks.

Jaime Galarza

Turkey and Saudi Arabia. I don’t know which of these two is worse. Both are equally criminal and led by psychopaths who are willing to destroy whole nations to acheive thier ends. Regionally, at least, there is actually a troika. The triumvirate of evilness is completed with Israel. They are so similar.

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