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A Conspiracy Theorist Confesses

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A Conspiracy Theorist Confesses

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Written by Iain Davis; Originally appeared on Off-guardian.org

I am what the general population, politicians and the mainstream media (MSM) would call a conspiracy theorist. While I don’t agree with their definition of the term, there’s not much point in me denying it. It is applied to me, and millions like me, whether we like it or not.

For those who deem conspiracy theorists to be some sort of threat to society, we are the social and political malcontents who lack reason and hate our democratic way of life. We are trolls, bots and disinformation agents on social media, probably employed by the Russians, the Chinese or Iranians.

We are supposedly hellbent on sewing the seeds of discontent and can be found protesting against every government policy and decision. Alternatively, we are arrogant fools, both anti-science and evidence averse, who trot out crazy theories based upon little knowledge and no evidence. Apparently this is a very dangerous thing.

Thus we come to the glaring contradiction at the heart of the concept of the loony conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theorists are both imbeciles, who don’t have any proof to back up anything they say, while simultaneously being dangerous subversives who threaten to destabilise democracy and foment chaos.

Which is it? It can’t be both. Unless society is so fragile it cannot withstand the opinions of idiots.

So where does the idea that fools present a threat to “our way of life,” come from? What is it that the conspiracy theorists say that is so dangerous? Why do their opinions seemingly need to be censored? What are governments so worried about?


Some definitions are required here. From the Cambridge online English dictionary we have:

Misinformation: [noun] wrong information, or the fact that people are misinformed.

Disinformation: [noun] false information spread in order to deceive people.

Fake News: [noun] false stories that appear to be news, spread on the internet or using other media, usually created to influence political views or as a joke.

Conspiracy: [noun’] the activity of secretly planning with other people to do something bad or illegal.

Theory: [noun] a formal statement of the rules on which a subject of study is based or of ideas that are suggested to explain a fact or event.

Conspiracy Theory: [noun] a belief that an event or situation is the result of a secret plan made by powerful people

It is notable that Cambridge University Press have introduced the concept of “secret” into their definition. By describing something as secret you are suggesting that it is impossible to know what it is. This added notion of secrecy is not commonly found in other dictionaries.

Nor is it present in the legal definition of conspiracy. Blacks Law Dictionary defines conspiracy as:

Conspiracy: In criminal law. A combination or confederacy between two or more persons formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, some unlawful or criminal act.

Obviously conspirators would like to keep their plans hidden. But that doesn’t mean they always remain so. If all conspiracies were “secrets” nobody would ever discover any of them.

Known conspiracies, such as Operation Gladio, Iran Contra, the Lavon Affair, the 2001 anthrax letter hoax and so on, would not have been exposed had people not highlighted the evidence which proved their existence.

The notion of the “secret conspiracy” is not one most people called conspiracy theorists would recognise. Often the whole point of our argument is that the conspiracies can be quite plainly evidenced. Most of that evidence is in the public domain and freely available.

More often conspiracy theorists are concerned with the denial or obfuscation of the evidence. It is not that the evidence doesn’t exist, rather that it either isn’t reported at all or is hidden by labelling those who do report it conspiracy theorists.

We can define “conspiracy theory” simply to mean: the reporting of evidence indicating a plan between two or more people to commit an illegal or nefarious act.

We can add that a conspiracy theory is an opinion or an argument. The merit of which is solely defined by the strength or weakness of the evidence.

However, if you read Wikipedia a very different definition is suggested. Suddenly conspiracy theory means an attempt to ignore other more plausible explanations. It is a theory based upon prejudice or insufficient evidence, it resists falsification and suffers from circular reasoning. It has left the realms of logical deduction and become a matter of faith.

This rationale is some distance away from the dictionary and legal definitions. It relies heavily upon opinion and is highly subjective. It is a pejorative definition which claims to be based in science, though the scientific evidence is feeble to non existent.

This depiction of the delusional conspiracy theorist, as described by Wikipedia, is the popularly accepted meaning. Perhaps we can agree, the narrative we are given about alleged conspiracy theorists broadly runs like this:

Conspiracy theorists forward arguments that are unfounded. These are based upon limited knowledge and lack substantiating evidence. Most conspiracy theorists are simply wrong and unwittingly spread misinformation. However, prominent conspiracy theorists spread disinformation and have used their large followings on the Internet to create a dangerous phenomenon called ‘fake news.’

Many of those with the largest followings are agents for foreign powers. They use a global network of trolls and bots to advance their dangerous political agenda. This is designed to undermine our democratic way of life and valued political institutions. Therefore all conspiracy theory is anti-democratic and must be stopped.

It is difficult to understand how democracies, which supposedly value freedom of thought, speech and expression, can be threatened by diversity of opinion. Yet it appears many people are willing to ignore this contradiction and support government attempts to censor information and silence the voices of those it labels conspiracy theorist. Which is genuinely anti-democratic.

Consequently it has become relatively straightforward for politicians and the media to refute evidence and undermine arguments. As long as they can get the label of conspiracy theory or theorist to stick, most people will discount their arguments without ever looking at the evidence.

The label of conspiracy theorist is an umbrella term for a huge array of ideas and beliefs. Some are more plausible than others. However, by calling everyone who challenges accepted norms a “conspiracy theorist” it is possible to avoid addressing the evidence some offer by exploiting guilt by association.

For example, many people labelled as conspiracy theorists, myself included, believe even the most senior elected politicians are relatively low down the pecking order when it comes to decision making. We suggest powerful global corporations, globalist think tanks and international financial institutions often have far more control over policy development than politicians. We can cite academic research to back up this identification of “Biased Pluralism.”

We do not believe the Earth is flat or the Queen is a lizard. However, because we believe the former, politicians, mainstream academia and the media insist that we must also believe the latter.

Psychology is often cited as evidence to prove conspiracy theorists are deranged, or at least emotionally disturbed in some way. Having looked at some of this claimed science I found it to be rather silly and anti-scientific. But that is just my opinion.

However, unlike many of the psychologists who earn a living by writing junk science, I do not think they should be censored nor stopped from expressing their unscientific opinions. However, governments across the world are seemingly desperate to exploit the psychologist’s ‘work’ to justify the silencing of the conspiracy theorists.

This desire to silence people who ask the wrong questions, by labelling all as conspiracy theorists, has been a common theme from our elected political leaders during the first two decades of the 21st century. But where did this idea come from?


Conspiracy theory is nothing new. Nearly every single significant world event had at least one contemporary conspiracy theory attached to it. These alternative interpretations of events, which lie outside the accepted or official narratives, are found throughout history.

In 117 CE, the Roman Emperor Trajan died only two days after adopting his successor Hadrian. All his symptoms indicated a stroke brought on by cardio vascular disease.

Yet by the 4th century, in the questionable historical text Historia Augusta, a number of conspiracy theories surrounding Trajan’s death had emerged. These included claims that Trajan had been poisoned by Hadrian, the praetorian prefect Attianus and Trajan’s wife, Plotina.

While we would call this a conspiracy theory today, the term was not commonly used until the late 1960’s. The earliest written reference to something approaching the modern concept of conspiracy theory appeared in the 1870’s in the Journal of Mental Science vol 16.

“The theory of Dr Sankey as to the manner in which these injuries to the chest occurred in asylums deserved our careful attention. It was at least more plausible that the conspiracy theory of Mr Charles Beade”

This is the first time we see an association made between “conspiracy theory” and implausibility. Throughout most of the 19th and 20th century, if used at all, it usually denoted little more than a rationale to expose a criminal plot or malevolent act by a group.

After the Second World War colloquial use of “conspiracy theory” was rare. However, academics were beginning to lay the foundations for the interpretation which has produced the label we are familiar with today.

The burgeoning idea was that the large numbers of people who questioned official accounts of events, or orthodox historical interpretations, were all delusional to some degree. Questioning authority, and certainly alleging that authority was responsible for criminal acts, was deemed to be an aberration of the mind.

A Conspiracy Theorist Confesses

Karl Popper

In 1945 The philosopher Karl Popper alluded to this in his political work The Open Society and Its Enemies. Popper was essentially criticising historicism. He stated that historical events were vulnerable to misinterpretation by those who were predisposed to see a conspiracy behind them.

He argued this was because historians suffered from cognitive dissonance (the uncomfortable psychological sensation of holding two opposing views simultaneously.) They could not accept that tumultuous events could just happen through the combination of error and unrelated circumstances.

In Popper’s view, these historians were too quick to reject the possibility of random, chaotic events influencing history, preferring unsubstantiated conspiratorial explanations. Usually because they made better stories, thereby garnering more attention for their work.

Popper identified what he called the conspiracy theory of society. This reflected Popper’s belief that social sciences should concern themselves with the study of the unintended consequences of intentional human behaviour. Speaking of the conspiracy theory perspective, he wrote:

It is the view that an explanation of a social phenomenon consists in the discovery of the men or groups who are interested in the occurrence of this phenomenon (sometimes it is a hidden interest which has first to be revealed), and who have planned and conspired to bring it about.”

Popper also believed that increasing secularism had led people to ascribe power to secretive groups rather than the gods:

The gods are abandoned. But their place is filled by powerful men or groups – sinister pressure groups whose wickedness is responsible for all the evils we suffer from – such as the Learned Elders of Zion, or the monopolists, or the capitalists, or the imperialists.”

Popper’s theory illustrates the fundamental difference between those labelled conspiracy theorists and those who, on the whole, defend the official narrative and the establishment. For conspiracy theorists the evidence shows that powerful forces have frequently conspired to shape events, control the flow of information and manipulate society. The deliberate engineering of society, suggested by the conspiracy theorists, is rejected by their opponents and critics.

For them the conspiratorial view has some minor, limited merit, but the suggested scale and prevalence of these plots is grossly exaggerated. They see nearly all world events as the result of the unintentional collision between disparate forces and the random influence of fate.

In general, they consider the powerful incapable of malice. Where disastrous national and global events have clearly been caused by the decisions of governments, influential groups and immensely wealthy individuals, these are invariably seen as mistakes.

Any suggestion that the power hierarchy’s destructive decisions may have achieved their intended objectives receives blanket rejection. Even asking the question is considered “unthinkable.”

For many people called conspiracy theorists this is a hopelessly naive world view. History is full of examples of the powerful using their influence to further their own interests at others expense. Often costing people their lives.

For their opponents, like Popper, to reject this possibility outright, demonstrates their cognitive dissonance. They seem unable even to contemplate the possibility that the political and economic power structures they believe in could ever deliberately harm anyone. They have faith in authority and it is not shared by people they label conspiracy theorists.

Following the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 alternative explanations proliferated, not least of all due to the apparent implausibility of the official account. Many U.S. citizens were concerned that elements within their own government had effectively staged a coup. Others, such as the prominent American historian Richard Hoftsadter, were more concerned that people doubted their government.

A Conspiracy Theorist Confesses

Richard Hofstadter

Building on the work of Popper, partly as a critique of McCarthyism but also in response to the Republican nomination loss of Nelson A. Rockefeller, American historian Richard Hofstadter suggested that people’s inability to believe what they are told by government was not based upon their grasp of the evidence. Rather it was rooted in psychological need.

He claimed much of this stemmed from their lack of education (knowledge), political disenfranchisement and an unjustified sense of self importance. He also suggested these dangerous opinions threatened to pollute the body politic.

Like Popper, Hofstadter did not identify conspiracy theorists directly. But he did formulate the narrative underpinning the modern, widely accepted, definition. He wrote:

I call it the paranoid style simply because no other word adequately evokes the sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy that I have in mind…It is the use of paranoid modes of expression by more or less normal people that makes the phenomenon significant
Of course, there are highbrow, lowbrow, and middlebrow paranoids, as there are likely to be in any political tendency. But respectable paranoid literature not only starts from certain moral commitments that can indeed be justified but also carefully and all but obsessively accumulates “evidence.”….he can accumulate evidence in order to protect his cherished convictions.

Going to great lengths to focus on the “paranoid’s” tendency to highlight the evidence, as if that were a failing, like most critics of so-called conspiracy theorists, Hofstadter chose neither to address nor even mention what that evidence was. He merely asserted that it was unbelievable. The reader just had to take his word for it.

The Warren Commission Report into the JFK assassination drew considerable criticism. The finding that Oswald acted alone contradicted numerous eye witness accounts, film, autopsy and ballistic evidence.

Four of the seven commissioners harshly criticised the report issued in their name. Widely seen as quite ridiculous, in the absence of any sensible official account of the assassination, numerous explanatory theories inevitably sprang up.

In response to the mounting criticism, in 1967 the CIA sent an internal dispatch to all field offices called Document 1035-960: Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report.

Revealed by a New York Times Freedom of Information Request in 1976, the dispatch is the first written record we have of the combination of Popper’s “conspiracy theory of society” with Hofstadter’s “paranoid style” militant. It defined the modern concept of the conspiracy theorist.

A Conspiracy Theorist ConfessesThe document states:

Conspiracy theories have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization, for example by falsely alleging that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for us. The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists.”

It can be considered as the origin of the weaponised term “conspiracy theory.” It recommends a set of techniques to be used to discredit all critics of the Warren Commission Report. Once you are familiar with them, it is obvious that these strategies are commonly deployed today to dismiss all who question official statements as “conspiracy theorists.” We can paraphrase these as follows:

  1. Deny any new evidence offered and cite only official reports stating ‘no new evidence has emerged.’
  2. Dismiss contradictory eyewitness statements and focus upon the existing, primary, official evidence such as ballistics, autopsy, and photographic evidence.
  3. Do not initiate any discussion of the evidence and suggest that large scale conspiracies are impossible to cover up in an open and free democracy.
  4. Accuse the conspiracy theorists of having an intellectual superiority complex.
  5. Suggest that theorists refuse to acknowledge their own errors.
  6. Refute any suggestion of witness assassinations by pointing out they were all deaths by natural causes.
  7. Question the quality of conspiracy research and point out that official sources are better.

The report recommended making good use of “friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors)” and to “employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics.”

The CIA advocated using mainstream media feature articles to discredit people labelled conspiracy theorists.

While the use of these methods has been refined over the years, the essential process of labelling someone a conspiracy theorist, while studiously avoiding any discussion of the evidence they highlight, is extremely common in the mainstream media today. We only need look at the reports about academics who questioned the government’s narrative about COVID19 to see the techniques in operation.

The drive to convince the public to use only “official sources” for information has seen the rise of the fact checker.

These organisations, invariably with the support of government and corporate funding, are offered as the reliable sources which provide real facts. The facts they provide are frequently wrong and the fact checking industry has settled legal claims from those who challenged their disinformation.

People have been directed by the mainstream media to abandon all critical thinking. They just need to go to their government-approved fact-checker in order be told the truth.

Providing the public believe the people labelled conspiracy theorists are crazy, ill informed or agents for a foreign powers, the mainstream media, politicians and other commentators can undermine any and all evidence they present. In keeping with the CIA’s initial recommendations, it is extremely unlikely that the evidence will ever be openly discussed but, if it is, it can be written off as “conspiracy theory.”

However, it isn’t just the mainstream media who use the conspiracy theorist label to avoid discussing evidence. Politicians, speaking on the worlds biggest political stage, have seized the opportunity to deploy the CIA’s strategy.


A Conspiracy Theorist ConfessesEven for Prime Ministers and Presidents, addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations is a big deal. These tend to be big thematic speeches as the leader impresses their vision upon the gathered dignitaries and global media.

Yet, despite the fact that conspiracy theorists are supposed to be idiots who don’t know the time of day, global “leaders” have repeatedly used this auspicious occasion to single them out as one of the greatest threats to global security.

In November 2001 George W. Bush addressed the United Nations General Assembly with the following words:

We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty. To inflame ethnic hatred is to advance the cause of terror.”

Even if you accept the official account of 9/11, and there are numerous reasons why you wouldn’t, how does questioning it suggest that you support terrorism or mark you out as a racist?

The suggestion appears absurd but it does illustrate that the U.S. president wanted both to silence all criticism of the government account and link those questioning it to extremism and even terrorism.

This theme was reiterated by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron in his 2014 address. He said:

To defeat ISIL – and organisations like it we must defeat this ideology in all its forms…..it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose world view can be used as a justification for it. We know this world view. The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged […] We must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism – not just violent extremism. We must work together to take down illegal online material […] we must stop the so called non-violent extremists from inciting hatred and intolerance.

A Conspiracy Theorist Confesses

This season we will mostly be wearing anti-fear glasses

Like Bush before him, Cameron was at pains to identify what he called non violent extremists (commonly called conspiracy theorists). According to him, all who question government accounts of major geopolitical events are, once again, tantamount to terrorists.

Calling for online censorship to stop any questions ever being asked, it is this authoritarian need to avoid addressing evidence that led his successor, Prime Minister Theresa May, to propose wide-sweeping censorship of the Internet.

At the time of writing, the UK is among the many nations still in so called “lockdown” following the outbreak of COVID19. When UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the U.N General Assembly in September 2019 he delivered a speech which seemed weirdly out of context. With Brexit and possible conflict with Iran high on the agenda his address, which barely touched on those issues, was received with considerable bewilderment.

Six months later his predictive powers appear to be remarkable. It transpires that Johnson’s comments were extremely relevant. Just six months too early.

There are today people today who are actually still anti-science […] A whole movement called the anti-Vaxxers, who refuse to acknowledge the evidence that vaccinations have eradicated smallpox […] And who by their prejudices are actually endangering the very children they want to protect […] I am profoundly optimistic about the ability of new technology to serve as a liberator and remake the world wondrously and benignly […] Together, we can vanquish killer diseases.”

Despite the wealth of scientific evidence which justifies scepticism about some vaccinesanti-vaxxer (a variant of conspiracy theorist), is another label used to convince people not to consider evidence. The assertion is that those who question vaccines all fundamentally reject the concept of artificially inducing an immune response against a disease.

This isn’t true but how would you know? The anti-vaxxer label alone is sufficient to convince most to turn away.

Johnson’s speech rambled across so many seemingly irrelevant subjects there is little reason to suspect any COVID 19 foreknowledge. But given the global pandemic that would occur just a few months later, it was certainly prescient. Johnson was sufficiently concerned about the supposedly baseless questions of so called conspiracy theorists (or anti-vaxxers) to allege they killed children. A ludicrous suggestion the mainstream media strongly promoted.

It doesn’t matter that academic research has proven that the official account of 9/11 cannot possibly be true; it makes no difference that Mossad agents admitted that they had gone to New York on the morning of 9/11 to “document the event;” studies showing that approximately 90% of the total 20th Century disease reduction in the U.S. occurred prior to the widespread use of vaccines are irrelevant.

None of these facts need to be known by anyone and governments are going to censor all who try to tell others about them. All questions that reference them are crazy conspiracy theories. They are both stupid questions and a huge threat to both national security and the safety of the little children.

A Conspiracy Theorist ConfessesOne of the recurring themes the people labelled conspiracy theorists discuss is that policy is made behind the closed doors of corporate boardrooms and policy think tanks. It doesn’t matter who you elect or what party you choose to rule over you, they are only capable of tinkering at the edges of the policy platform.

The policy agenda is set at a globalist level. So the fact that, over two decades, one U.S president and two British Prime Minsters were delivering essentially the same message doesn’t surprise the conspiracy theorists.

As we move toward a world where certain ideas are forbidden and only officially approved questions can be asked, where governments and corporations have a monopoly on the truth and everything else is a conspiracy theory, only one thing really matters. The evidence.

Hofstadter’s believed that his paranoid style militants constant citation of evidence was merely an attempt to “protect his cherished convictions.” This could be true, but the only way to find out is to look at that evidence. The label of the conspiracy theorist has been deliberately created in order to convince you not to look at it.

Regardless of whether or not you think someone’s opinion is a conspiracy theory, you owe it to yourself and your children to consider the evidence they cite. Perhaps you will reject it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But to reject it, without knowing what it is, really is crazy. Your only other option is to unquestioningly accept whatever you are told by the government, globalist think tanks, multinational corporations and their mainstream media partners.

If you choose to believe that everyone who claims to have identified the malfeasance of officials, the crimes of government or the corruption of powerful global institutions, are all conspiracy theorists, then you have accepted that the establishment is beyond reproach.

If you also agree the same established hierarchy can not only determine what you can or cannot know, but can also set all the policies and legislation which dictates your behaviour and defines the limits of your freedom, you have elected to be a slave and don’t value democracy in the slightest.

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Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

“Regardless of whether or not you think someone’s opinion is a conspiracy theory, you owe it to yourself and your children to consider the evidence they cite. Perhaps you will reject it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But to reject it, without knowing what it is, really is crazy. Your only other option is to unquestioningly accept whatever you are told by the government, globalist think tanks, multinational corporations and their mainstream media partners.

If you choose to believe that everyone who claims to have identified the malfeasance of officials, the crimes of government or the corruption of powerful global institutions, are all conspiracy theorists, then you have accepted that the establishment is beyond reproach.

If you also agree the same established hierarchy can not only determine what you can or cannot know, but can also set all the policies and legislation which dictates your behaviour and defines the limits of your freedom, you have elected to be a slave and don’t value democracy in the slightest.”

These sentences are so damn true!

Zionism = EVIL

The problem is that criticizing the Jew cunts somehow makes any intelligent, educated, rational person into a conspiracy theorist overnight, this dates back to Jesus, Mohammed and many others who questioned the Talmudic evil cunts. In that case the Bible is the ultimate book of conspiracy and insurrection. FUCK THE JEWS!

comment image

Tommy Jensen

You contradict yourself.
You cannot criticize Jews, Blacks, Whites, Christians, Germans, Women. Its meaningless and pure racism.
You can only criticize someones act in relation to the ethics set out in the bible, quran,as all our roots and laws on justice are coming from these…………………………………LOL.

Ashok Varma

The first ethical laws date back to Hammurabi, Cyrus and Zoroastrian era, the battle between good and evil. The prophets Jesus and Mohammad simply took a stand against oppressive tyrannies. Even Gandhi acknowledged that sometimes evil has to be confronted by force and turning the other cheek does not help. The British were forced out of India and East Africa and Malaya by armed insurrections. Read about the Indian National Army of Bose. The Vietcong, ANC, FLN etc. Ethics are the mutually inclusive with liberation theology of Christianity, Islam and even Hinduism. Karma eventually catches up as the US is finding out.

Tommy Jensen

Lets hope so……

Tommy Jensen

It all comes down to gramma and cowardice.

“Conspiracy theorists, clima deniar, consensus, sceptical science, moderate rebels, ecology” are all demagogue language without any meaning, designed to cowards to hide behind.


” It all comes down to gramma ——- ” Tommy Jensen.

Quite right Tommy. ‘ grammaR ‘ :)

“The Web’s Largest Resource for Grammar & Spelling”

Tommy Jensen

Slang man. I were just doing a little harlem slang. So I cant make a little slang without you guys here are thumbing me down all over. Have you guys never heard American music? Take some grass man.


I actually voted ‘up ‘ your post with the poor spelling of ” gramma ” :)

As for the ‘harlem slang’, people who speak in pidgeon English are virtually unemployable in an English speaking nation. It would be the same in any other language.


In the past 20 years the ‘who owns America’ question evolved from conspiracy theory to mainstream jubject. ‘Who owns Russia’ is still in its beginnings. Y’all Putin supporters will be ashamed in 20 years to say that you believed he was an independent, a saviour.

Zionism = EVIL

Stop eating swine as your puny brain has turned to shit. And stop using y’all, since you ain’t a African American from the Southern slave states, dumbass.

comment image


Are you a slave?

Harry Smith

I’ve made a conclusion while reading bacon’s BS and your answer: if you want to uncover a zionist piglet – just ask about Putin. Don’t know why but they all hate him.


Out of 90 billionaires in Moscow, 80 are jewish, 10 are various ethnics, but not Russians. They have this tough talk little guy to forget y’all just poor sheeple.

Lone Ranger

Russian people own Russia.


Yeah they own the Brand, not the shares of it.

Lone Ranger

Russian livingstandards went up by a ten fold in the past 20years.
75% of the military infrastructure and 60% of the civilian infrastructure has been upgraded.
The biggest percentege amongst any developed nation, except China.


Why not visit some rural Russia on google street view, and see how the resources-richest nation in the World, living in miserable conditions. Not big cities, check the villages.

Lone Ranger

Like Detroit, Phili, Compton, St.Louis, outskirts of Chicago, Bronx, Harlem(NY), Cleveland, Baltimore…
Oy oy….


Check rural USA and rural Russia on google street view.

Lone Ranger

I dont have, experienced both first hand.
Russia is Disneyland compared to the rust belt and bigger cities.

Tommy Jensen

That was the whole reason Hitler lost. Rural Russia won WWII. comment image

Lone Ranger

It helped, but it didn’t defeat 25 German divisions around 80% of the German armed forces.
It was the Red Army.
Glory to Mother Russia.

Tommy Jensen

After the Nazis pulled all their cars through the Russian rural mud, they were so exhausted so they tried with horses. comment image We Americans sent rural Russia 1 million par of wellies. These wellies became the turning point in WWII.


Then you experienced LSD, the first part of the trip in Russia, the second part in USA

Lone Ranger

Big words coming from a drug addict…


At least I have money to pay for them :)

Lone Ranger

Thanks to the foodstsamps system ;)


And your mom

Tommy Jensen

They wear wellies like they have been doing for centuries. Whats wrong with that?


No, only Putin is allowed to wear that ro look taller.



Zionism = EVIL

In the Jew controlled unraveling MSM anyone who questions the Zionist parasitic cunts is somehow dubbed a conspirator, even thought the dumbass lardass Americunts can even produce a respirator and had to fly them from Russia and China. Try that for a “conspiracy” kids.


Truth is the new conspiracy!

Ashok Varma

The term “conspiracy theory’ came into vogue after Hollywood and US and Western so-called “mainstream” monopolies wanted to discredit anyone with a rational counter-narrative like questioning the inflated and hyped up narrative of Zionist agenda as outlined in the Protocols of Elders. The questioning of the totally inflated so-called “holocaust” was instantly labeled as a conspiracy, contrary to the fact that the British, Belgian, Dutch and French imperialists killed Indians and Africans by the millions. King Leopold of Belgium alone massacred over 10 million Congolese and made mountains of their skulls, but somehow that truthful narrative just did not see the light of day. France killed a million Algerian civilians and the US and French killed over 8 million Vietnamese and Indo-Chinese and that is not a “conspiracy” theory but a sad and horrendous fact. The Zionists are still killing unarmed Palestinians daily and so is the racist US police killing coloured people. No conspiracy here.

Lone Ranger

Conspiracy Facts…

Jimmy Jim

WMD IRAQ, 911, ALCIADA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Lone Ranger

CIA killed JFK.

Jimmy Jim


Ashok Varma

Malcolm X, Martin Luther King or anyone who stood up against the military industrial complex and the deep state.

Tommy Jensen

Lee Harvey Oswald did it and thats not the only thing he did.

Lone Ranger

Disney called, they want you back…

Lone Ranger

Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened.

Lone Ranger

USS Liberty was bombed by Israeli Air Force to blame it on Egypt.
But…they couldnt sink it.
What did they get for this? Nothing.
Not even a slap on their wrist.
Vietnam war was started for far less…

Tommy Jensen

IAF was instructed by Washington to do it. Both London and Washington use Israel as a whipping boy.
Thats why not only Israel, but also the Pentagon Command were not punished.

Jimmy Jim


Lone Ranger

U.S. didnt know about it.
But it tried to sweep in under the rug, like nothing happened.
In fact U.S. fighter jets were already in the air ready to engage when they realized they are facing Israeli jets LBJ gave order to the rear Admiral to order the jets back to the carrier ASAP.

Tommy Jensen

Listen boy. Israel do nothing not coordinated and confirmed with Washington and sometimes also London.

“Some” in US didnt know about it. But those in charge did. Off course they did, other wise you wouldnt have this weird chain of command where nobody was punished.

If you think a little shithole like Israel can command Washington and London like a little poodle in geo-political matters concerning UK/US, you are naive. Its off course the opposite way around.

Lone Ranger

Ok Shlomo…


Which Zionist received a whipping for the USS Liberty? You stupid kooky kikes think you can peddle your bullshit!

Tommy Jensen

Israel is said to have bombed Liberty. Liberty asked Pentagon for help with no reaction.
Israel was afterwards blamed for the act but said it was an accident. The case was dragged out, everything was an accident and it all ended in nothing.

Decatur Guy

Yeah, and Jefferson and Adams just happen to die on the same day; July 4th, 1826.
BS. I’d wager they were murdered by conspiring factions.


There’s nothing wrong with a conspiracy theory that’s based on evidence, the judicial process and scientific method. It’s denigrating the term by conflating it with fraud as a diversionary tactic from truth that’s the problem.

peter mcloughlin

Often the truth is not as what popular convention would have it. On war, the historic narrative ignores what truly motivates conflict – power. Ignored is the pattern of history, which proves this. Power (manifested as interest) has been present in every conflict of the past – no exception. It cuts across all apparently unifying principles: family, kin, nation, religion, ideology, politics – everything. We unite with the enemies of our principles, because that is what serves our interest. It is power, not any of the above concepts, that is the cause of war. And it has eventually brought every empire/civilization to its own destruction. It’s leading us to World War Three. And unfortunately that’s not fake news.


It flabbergasts me that the Western security ‘ community ‘ are so childishly amateur when they devise their fake plots.
They even rehearse their plots and still make silly mistakes :)


The “conspiratorial view of history” goes back to the French Revolution and the publicizing of the the papers of the Illuminati. That such views remained relatively obscure for so many years more or less obviated the necessity of railing against it. Only with the exposure of widespread Communist spy rings in the US government in the 1940s was it deemed necessary to begin a campaign of relentless, furious Leftist Jew railing against “paranoids” in the United States. Before they might have spoken of “red scares,” they might have debunked the protocols of the Elders of Zion – but only with the Jews deeply entrenched in the universities were they able to make awareness and aversion to the power of Jews into “mental illness.”


Yeah, everything is conspiracys, incl the truth if you like it or not, it dont matter since its about what they feel, emotions matters facts, whom the f…. cares about facts, in this eh… post-fact/truth time, as this insane “we are all blacks and cant breathe” days when the MSM after crashing in the Scamdemic have kicked drivel into warp drive.
So, what is the truth abou the AmeriTard police, is their claims based upon facts or is the entire shitshow, manufactured, and this video, gives you the answer, since it deals with facts.

Jared Taylor on police racism or is it manufactured to fit some obscure agenda, like their hate for Trump and the JudenPress extatic pimping on the meme White ass sumpremacys and racisl profiling and just maybe there is an reason for just that, in Norway we have an Judenpress witch is completely rotten to their core, and have now an aritcle about our multicultrual enrichments been profiled, while they didnt bother to mention the facts that is may have an god dammed reason, because of the level of crimes comitted by the multicultural enrichments enriching our nation, and what shal the pollcie do then, nothing, huh, VG, so that the enriching can continue without interuptions, and the people whom is inthis aritcle is deniyng the facts, of course, since we are all just white ass nazis.
God they are pathetic and twisting the reality to be about racism.

Thats why the large MSM sites never ever writes about their crimes, only when an native one do something, the daily events with fights, robberys, violence, etc, etc etc, is not even mentioned, if you are finding this, you have to read loclal papers, the JudenPress never reports on this crimes but instead gives us an pereverted description of reality, like the even worse Swedish MSM.


Tommy Jensen




Tommy Jensen

The video shows the cabals dreams in 2008-2010 about the nwo. Then arrive Putin 1 march 2018 with hypersonic missiles.
So whats the deal today?
So far it seems both China and India are in it with both legs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqZRDhgGwi0

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