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A Closer Look At Russia’s Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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On March 23rd and 24th, Russia sent 14 IL-76 military transport planes to Italy, with medical experts, virologists and equipment to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

The personnel, and equipment, sent to Italy are part of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces. They are  special forces designed to conduct the most complex set of measures aimed at reducing the loss of associations and formations of the Ground Forces and ensuring their combat tasks assigned during operations in conditions of radioactive, chemical and biological contamination, as well as at enhancing their survivability and protection against high-precision and other weapons.

The basis of these Troops is realized by multifunctional separate brigades, having in their composition subunits capable to perform all activities, their tasks include:

  • identification and assessment of radiological, chemical and biological environment, scales and effects of damages of objects hazardous radiatively, chemically and biologically;
  • protection of formations and units against the nuclear effects of mass destruction weapons and radiological, chemical and biological contamination;
  • reducing the visibility of troops and facilities;
  • disaster (damage) recovery in objects hazardous radiatively, chemically and biologically;
  • causing loss to the enemy by using flame-incendiary means.

The videos of the loading and unloading of the IL-76 provide a glimpse into what exactly was being sent to Italy.

The above photograph shows the Supotnitskiy M.V. Multifunctional Mobile Module Complex for Analysis of Pathogenic Biological Materials (Agents).

It is a multifunctional mobile module complex for analysis of pathogenic biological materials (agents) (MKA PBA) and for the support of the decisions of the operational groups of the Ministry of Defense of Russia in case of biological emergencies.

It has been elaborated within the framework of the federal target program “The National System of Chemical and Biological Security of the Russian Federation (2009-2013)”.

The developer is OAO “NPO “Transkom» (PJSC «Research and Production Association “Transkom”) together with the federal state budgetary establishment “48 Central Scientific Research Institute” of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

The complex provides life support of the crew during 14 days and nights of autonomous work. The equipment of the complex allows to reveal and identify up to 25 agents of infectious diseases: plague, anthrax, glanders, melioidosis, cholera, typhoid, brucellosis, legionellosis, tularemia, orthopoxvirus diseases, Q fever, rabies, Rift Valley fever, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Marburg fever, Ebola fever, Lassa fever, Machupo fever, West Niles fever, epidemic nephritis, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Dengue haemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and tick-borne encephalitis.

In case of the absence of any stationary operational bases, MKA PBA can provide the fulfilling sanitary-epidemiological requirements SP 1.3.3118-13 “Security work with microorganisms I-II pathogenicity groups (hazard)”.

The complex can reveal pathogenic biological agents in no less than 20 samples simultaneously with probability 0,95. The duration of the preliminary analysis and the evaluation of biological environment in the emergency zone is no less than 15 minutes. The alleged service life of the complex is 12 years.

The complex consists of four components (as can be seen on the photographs) and provides for the identification, identification and genetic typing of pathogens of especially dangerous and dangerous infectious diseases.

The four components are as follows:

  • MIFA enzyme immunoassay module
A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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Its purpose is carrying out sample preparation, preliminary express analysis of biological samples and samples from environmental objects, analysis of pathogenic biological agents of pathogenicity groups I-II by ELISA, sample enrichment and safe storage of sample samples in accordance with the requirements of the sanitary rules.

Depending on the task, the MIFA module can perform its functions both as part of the MKA PBA complex and autonomously without loss of effectiveness.

The MIFA module is mounted in a KK6.2 container body on the KamAZ-6350 chassis.

Structurally, the MIFA module consists of four compartments:

  1. cargo compartment, which houses the means of power supply, ventilation, air conditioning and heating;
  2. A “clean” compartment for receiving samples, recording and transferring them to a conditionally “infectious” compartment through a transfer gateway for research. In the “clean” compartment there is equipment for controlling and monitoring the operation of power supply, ventilation, and heating systems;
  3. sanitary inspection room, consisting of a compartment for removing (storing) everyday (working) clothes, a shower cabin and a compartment for dressing in disposable clothes;
  4. conditionally “infectious” compartment with two workstations for research.

It is possible to operate the MIFA module both with an installation on the ground and from the carrier platform.

The interior of the MIFA module is the following:

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

Click to see full-size image

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

Click to see full-size image

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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  • PCR analysis and genotyping module
A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

Click to see full-size image

Its purpose is carrying out sample preparation, preliminary express analysis of biological samples and samples from environmental objects, analysis of BPA I-II pathogenicity groups by PCR in accordance with the requirements of the sanitary rules.

Depending on the task, the module can perform its functions both as part of the MKA PBA complex and autonomously without loss of effectiveness.

The module is mounted in a container body KK6.2 on the KamAZ-6350 chassis.

Structurally, the module consists of four compartments:

  1. The cargo compartment, which houses the means of power supply, ventilation, air conditioning and heating;
  2. a “clean” compartment for receiving the samples, their registration and transfer to the conditionally “infectious” compartment through the transfer gateway for research. In the “clean” compartment there is equipment for controlling and monitoring the operation of power supply, ventilation, and heating systems;
  3. sanitary inspection room, consisting of a compartment for removing (storing) everyday (working) clothes, a shower cabin and a compartment for dressing in disposable clothes;
  4. conditionally “infectious” compartment with two workstations for research.

It can also be operated with an installation on the ground, and also from the carrier platform.

The PCR interior is the following:

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

Click to see full-size image

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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  • MOI information processing module
A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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Its purpose is organization of networks of automatic telephone communication, data transmission, radio and satellite communications in the place of deployment of the complex. carrying out preliminary forecasting and assessment of the biological situation in the emergency area. collection, synthesis, analysis of information on the biological situation and its transfer to the operational group of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the command (senior staff) of the headquarters of the emergency response.

Depending on the task, it can operate as part of the MKA PBA complex, or autonomously.

The MOI module can also be used as a mobile control center for the chief of the army of the Russian Armed Forces for the Defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during the liquidation of biological emergencies.

The MOI interior is the following:

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

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  • MBR Biological intelligence vehicle
A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

Click to see full-size image

Its purpose is ensuring the collection and transmission of information about the biological situation. Biological reconnaissance. Selection of biological samples from aerosol and environmental objects. Express analysis of the samples taken by detection methods, ELISA, PCR (electrophoresis) and PCR-RV. Transportation of selected samples to MIFA and PGM modules for their in-depth analysis.

It can also operate autonomously, without being part of the MKA PBA complex.

The MBR vehicle consists of:

  1. The technological compartment, which houses communications, electricity, ventilation, air conditioning and heating;
  2. The working compartment, where the equipment for sampling is located, tests for the express detection of the type of pathogen in the native sample by the immunochemical method and PCR, PCR-RV analysis methods, a set of sample analysis tools, a thermocontainer, personal protective equipment, a medical kit, a medical computer, type “ Notebook ”, technical means of disinfecting, transportable stock of disinfectants.

A mobile VHF radio station is located in the driver’s cab to provide communication during movement.

The MBR interior (and not only) can be see below:

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

Click to see full-size image

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

Click to see full-size image

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

Click to see full-size image

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

Click to see full-size image

Separately, videos show another vehicle – the TMS-65U.

A Closer Look At Russia's Mobile Biological Laboratory, Deployed To Italy

Click to see full-size image

It is a Soviet-era MiG-15 fighter jet engine powered special vehicle. TMS-65U is a special disinfection truck with a jet engine mounted in the back, which the Russian military uses to clean vehicles coated in chemical agents or create massive smokescreens to hide friendly movements on the battlefield.


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  1. occupybacon says:

    Thanks to the red squares I could see the trucks better

    1. AM Hants says:

      So are mocking Russia for sending help to Italy?

      Wonder how many other nations will be begging Russia for help, including the US and Ukraine?

      1. occupybacon says:

        Yeah cause Russians always draws red squares on photos so they can see the trucks.

  2. Maria23 says:

    Hello, rate my nude photos and videos (18 y.o. russian) absolutely free – http://trim4.me/vuk

  3. AM Hants says:

    Once again in awe of Russia.

    How many nations have something similar?

    I was worried about the 13 bio-weapons labs, with full diplomatic immunity, showing up in Ukraine. Not forgetting the one in Georgia. Especially when they were advertising for Russian DNA.

    With Russia sending a small sector of their specialist team to Italy, when so many nations are arguing between themselves, looks like my concerns were in vein.

    Russia is sending out a very strong message to the world, that they are more than prepared.

    Meanwhile the Dems over in the US carry on mind games with Trump, ignoring the nation in crisis.

    Which Government/Politicians would you prefer to be led by?


    1. Sencer says:

      Once again Kremlin bots posting fairy tales while Russian goverment builds secret hospitals, manipulates death reports and digs mass graves.

      ”Vasilyeva said her group has been receiving complaints from doctors
      describing wards already overflowing with pneumonia patients and saying
      that they are forbidden from putting pneumonia as the cause on death
      certificates. She released an audio recording she said was from a doctor at Moscow’s Mukhin hospital, who said that240 beds have now been set aside for patients with severe “pneumonia.”

      “It’s a tradition for Russia since Chernobyl — to hide the truth,”

      Another day in Russia.

      1. chris chuba says:

        Then break out the champagne, Russia is about to fall because it’s 1990 all over again. Massive military spending and adventurism, low oil prices, and now Coronavirus, a strong economy like ours can handle this but this will break a gas station masquerading as a country.

        I see Russia splintering at the seems, they are not even able to keep up the pretense any longer. Massive healthcare refugees fleeing their country, the signs are everywhere.

        How much time do you give them before the collapse?

        1. Ricky Miller says:

          He’ll have an endless stream of excuses and “wait until next time” platitudes to explain why those things didn’t happen and why Russia escaped the worst of the consequences of this so called pandemic. Russia will, I believe, be fine and come out of this period of challenge noticeably better off than most Western states. Putin 2024! Even a global pandemic of hysteria can’t stop him.

        2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

          Russia are not in the top five military spending ffs, get educated.

          Anyone quoting a coward like Bomb Bomb McCain must be a twat, that louse aided his enemies, great servant of Vietnam for the Commies.
          Meanwhile, the Russian agent in DC wants people to spread the virus while shopping and working, great stuff.

          How much time before the US turns into the next Balkans?

          1. AM Hants says:

            Darling, US spends around £750 billion on their defence budget, making them the largest and most expensive military in the world. Not the most powerful. Russia spends around the same as the UK, on their defence budget, give or take a $billion. They have the 2nd largest military in the world, which is also the most powerful. Leaving all NATO member nations and’5 eye’ members weapons and systems obsolete.

            Remember, the US and Russia are buclear, triad nations. China has just joined the club, or almost there. Yet, Russia has the most nuclear warheads of any nation on the planet, plus, her active service hypersonic.

            Your point, with regards Russia spending so little on defence? Whar she has got works, unlike the US. Not forgetting, Russia does not pay the middle man, now do they?

            However, support your comment.

          2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Russia spends what it needs, does not rely on businessmen to design their weapons, and so are able to have the second most powerful military.
            Russia does not have 13 thousand aircraft, nor 90 destroyers like the Yanks. Russia cannot print money for its armies, as the US has done since WW2. Russia does not have bases around the globe, so getting supplies and men about is impossible for large swathes of the planet.

            The US would find it impossible to successfully invade Russia, but the US is no paper tiger. Russia thankfully, has no desire to barrack troops around the globe.
            It’s not Russias role to stop the US, on its own.
            Russia just needs to stop them from attacking Russia, and its allies.

            China will soon be the most powerful nation on Earth, economically, just like the US. The Chinese are also historically against military conquest abroad, it just seems to be the WASPs who want to conquer everyone else.
            As an EU citizen, I’m glad that Russia and China are managing to draw the teeth of our loonies, but I’m also aware just how successful the WASPs have been ever since the Normans.

          3. Nana-Chan says:

            If they are not, that should worry everyone. They have the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world. That’s expensive to maintain. And anyone with those skills will learn English and escape to EU or USA.

            Only a fool would compare the Balkans to the USA. The people of the Balkan nations claim ethnic and cultural identities. The people of the States claims no such thing. A Californian is just someone that lives in California now. It’s the same in all 50 states, dummy.

          4. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            They do indeed have the joint largest nuclear force, you dummy, verified by agreements with the US.
            No need to “escape” from Russia, it’s a free country, you p rick.
            The US will be the next Balkans, you p rick, as they all hate each other, and are armed to the teeth. Even Trump says they will all commit suicide, ffs, what kind of President says that about his own electorate?
            Over 400 million personal weapons in the US. What could go wrong with all the militias, doomsday preppers, and the crazies who believe men walked with dinosaurs 6000 years ago!

          5. Nana-Chan says:

            Congratulations. You qualify as one of the dumbest people that I’ve encountered her! Congratulations, Dum-Dum! LOL

          6. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            You haven’t met me, you prick.

            This is online.

            How much does your Mom charge for a platoon?

          7. Nana-Chan says:

            Oh. Maybe not “one of” but maybe THE dumbest. LOL I would never “meet” you. If I did, I’d bitch-slap you into 2021. I know a weak person when I text with one. Weakling.

        3. John Vishnevskaya says:

          Oh great it’s Chris again !. Always gr8 to have such an intelligent comment when the rest are so bland and without facts.
          Why don’t you grow up Chris ? Intelligence is about intelligent conversation between intelligent beings not about the dribble that keeps slopping out of your gob

        4. JIMI JAMES says:

          You know a fair bit,yeah that’s what i thought too!

        5. AM Hants says:

          Think you are muddling Russia up with the US.

          Remember the Soviet Union fell in 1991 and President Putin, on taking over the bankrupt nation in 2000, kicked out the bad oligarchs. Those who had no desire to pay their taxes, be good Russia citizens or keep out of politics, whilst taking back control of her natural resources.

          Russia creditor nation, with healthy currency and gold reserves.

          US debtor nation, with over $23 trillion national debt and rising.

          Russia with minimal debt, free health care and free education, including University level. Focusing on BSc, rather than BAs.

          Russia, a nation that can feed it’s people, GM free as a bonus, with plenty left over to export.

          Russia an export nation, whose energy sector makes up less than 10% of the GDP Budget.

          US a nation who cannot feed it’s people and reliant on importing essentials.

          Russia, who whilst dealing with her own Corona Virus crisis, has no problem sending 14 military transport planes, Laden with aid and experts, to European nations in need.

          US, whose politicians are so bust arguing a. Ongst themselves, that they may as well have no Government. Just trying to agree to Corona Virus, national help, one party will not agree, till the other party sins off a 1400 page shopping list.

          1. chris chuba says:

            You’re right, I was confusing the U.S. w/Russia. The $2T Coronavirus spending bill on top of our existing annual $1T deficit is growing faster than our imaginary GDP growth (which is now shrinking). People didn’t get my sarcasm. U.S. shale is going to bust, Russia will weather the storm just fine. Only wildcard who will follow Putin.

          2. ddduke says:

            You forgot the $5 trillion just handed out as quantitative easing to the banks and hedge funds this week. Where do you think that dead cat bounce in the markets just came from?

        6. Nana-Chan says:

          Seven years. Sooner if Tatarstan and Buryatia begin to insist on independence.

        7. Vitex says:

          I’m holding my breath!

        8. ddduke says:

          What color is the sky on your planet? Russia and China will be the last ones standing when the petro dollar crashes. Trolls gotta troll.

      2. AM Hants says:

        According to you. However, who cares when most nations are doing the same. Wanting to provide health services to those affected or at least provide them something dignified, if they do not make it. Remember, it is a Pandemic you know and would you prefer the US reaction? You know one party refusing to action the legislation, owing to wanting to play games during a national crisis?

        Love the organised aid Russia has sent to Italy, whilst Pelosi, refuses to pass US legislation, if her 1100 page list of ‘musthaves’ is not authorised. Starting with free travel, for her, family and friends on Air Force One, complete with a free bar, that never runs out, for their personal use.

        1. Nana-Chan says:

          According to him? Actually, its according to the many posts on social media. You do know message rooms are old school, Boomer? LOL

          1. AM Hants says:

            Sorry, according to integrity Initiative and Belingcat trolls.

          2. Nana-Chan says:

            From regular Russians? Odd.

          3. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            He’s just filling the page Hants.

            Trolling. He’s a prick who just got blocked.

          4. AM Hants says:

            Should not entertain him, but, sometimes happily feed the trolls, as a sounding board, to spread links or archived facts to others. Nice to know he has been blocked, yet again. Wonder what name he will come back with?

          5. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            I give them a couple of hours abuse, then block them.

            They just want the page filled up with abusive posts, as abuse is what they endured all their lives.

            The Jewhadis have been rightfully chased away from humanity for centuries.

        2. RichardD says:

          These “reports” are most likely paid for fabrications from the same miscreants running the virus scam. As are some of the trolls popping up here peddling them.

      3. Ricky Miller says:

        Whatever. The person you mention is a western sellout and a known traitor to Russia. She is associated with a discredited opposition figure who can’t climb above 5% in any poll and who has supporters roaming around posting disinformation about the virus in Russia including being caught moving items off store shelves and taking photographs to post said empty shelves on social media. The World Health Organization has detailed Russia’s steps against the virus and has expressed confidence in Russia’s efforts to accurately report numbers. There is no proof for anything that the neoliberals claim in Russia. There are no images of bodies stacked anywhere, like in Italy and Spain. There are no cadaver convoys filmed moving around at night. There are no scenes of tents or crowds outside hospitals. Russian businesses are broadly open and there are no scenes of panic on display in Russia. You, and these traitors to Russia can’t bring her government down through truth or elections, so you lie and spread disinformation. It’s a classic hybrid war destabilization campaign; spread crap without proof. It’s not going to work in the case of Russia because of the verdict of the 1990’s, where pro-Western promises went to die but on their way savaged Russian society. Go siren call your NATOtroll fantasy somewhere else.

        1. AM Hants says:

          Nicely said. And so true.

        2. Vitex says:

          What if Italy sent a convoy of empty trucks across the country? Just because. Would make a great headline, but who knows if there’s anything in the trucks? The Russian “aid” may be to call Italy’s bluff – i.e. if it’s a fake virus then there’ll be nowhere to hide

      4. JIMI JAMES says:

        Chernobyl was a deep state plot,nowadays the area is perfect ants nests and all,either way your kweer green plot has been exposed,just like your eu-epp pkaedo kweers on de cheep,
        Russia is not cheep and they do care about the truth,unlike you begotten soros homisexuals!

        1. AM Hants says:

          Chernobyl, over in Ukraine, where they are selling radioactive wood to Europe. Together with Chetnobyl Chickens, that cook themselves, by the time you have got them home with your shopping.

          Poor old Ukraine, nought they do right, where those with Galician DNA are found.

      5. AM Hants says:

        Even the Daily Mail was happily showing the brand new, Corona Virus hospital Russia is building. 40% finished, in just 12 days.

        Not forgetting the Kerch Strait Bridge Russia designed, built and was in active service within 5 years.

        Over in the UK, we are dealing with the crisis, by fighting in the aisles, over toilet roll. Not forgetting our High Peed Railway, which only covers London to Birmingham, under 150 miles, is still going nowhere fast. How many years has it taken to spend £billions on nought, just an idea?

        1. Nana-Chan says:

          A bridge! LOL ))))))) Wow! And look….a hospital!? LOL Reminds me of when the Olympic athletes were all posting finny stories about their Russian dormitories. So funny.

          1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            What’s a finny story?

            You do not qualify as funny, just a p rick.

          2. Nana-Chan says:

            Finny? What do you mean? I’m a rick? Hard to follow you.

          3. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            LOL, yes, you are a prick.

            Well done, kipper.

          4. MJM says:

            Reality much be a total beetch for you, each and everyday, waking up in a totally new world.

          5. MJM says:

            why didn’t you mom abort you?

        2. Vitex says:

          With all those multi-national corporations (like Veolia) what can go wrong?

    2. Nana-Chan says:

      In awe? LOL Ever been to a Russian hospital? Worse, ever been trapped in a Russian hospital when a fire breaks out? The emergency doors are chained to prevent staff from stealing.

      13 bio-weapons labs? LOL )))) Oh Hants. Yet, Russia is the only one to use bio-chem weapons. LOL

      1. AM Hants says:

        Have you ever been to an English Hospital or treated by an UK GP?

        Kid with simple appendicitis, the local GP could not diagnose and took 4 days, to get patient to hospital, despite attending her daily.

        The kid, just 13, ends up on an adult ward, owing to the internationally renowned pedophile, raising funds for the hospital and spending time working there. The late Jimmy Saville.

        Anyway, simple appendix problems result in a burst appendix, peritonitis, the child being given 24 hours to survive and three weeks in hospital.
        Another case, years later, 4 days of being induced, without the hospital noticing the baby was stuck. This time partner was asked which life he wanted saving, baby or partner. Both came through, with baby being resuscitated and rushed to special care.

        Could write a book on UK doctors inability to diagnose. At least Russia understands the basics of diagnosis.

        Remember the US toddler, with a rare skin condition. Her face had something described as a Batman Mask. The US did not have the experience to treat her, so she was flown to Russia and treated. Do believe they managed to remove all of the frowth, in time for the toddler to start nursery school.

        13 bio-weapon labs, with full diplomatic immunity in Ukraine. Why?

        Russia got rid of all their chemical weapons, as confirmed by OPCW, did they not?

        Novochok, Soviet chemical weapon, never developed in Russia.

        US took over the Soviet chemical weapon laboratories, and allegedly dismantled them.

        Novochok virologist, ends up in exile in the US, publishing the Novochok formula in a book, published then sold on Amazon.

        Skripals and who was Sergei’s UK mentor? Was it Pablo Miller, who was connected with Christopher Steele? Who helped Steele write his ‘Steele Dossier’ fairy tale? Why did the US spend $70 million investing in Porton Down?

        Why was the first medics on the scene, when the Skripals were found, a senior UK Army medic, from Porton Down and her daughter?

        Why did the 3rd person, dining with the Skripals and shown in the mirror, of the photo taken of the Skripals never interviewed or mentioned?

        Why were the Skripals treated in the local hospital, when Porton Down, just down the road had medical facilities? Or failing that, the University hospital, with an internationally renowned neurology centre, over in Southampton, not the hospital of choice?

        How come nobody in contact with the Skripals, were affected by the military strength nerve agent?

        How come Porton Down had the exact anti-dote for that strain military grade nerve agent?

        How come the woman, with long term health problems, owing to her drug dependency habits, has still not had her coroner’s investigation, despite being dead almost 2 years? Dawn Sturgess, and how long does Eau de Novochok last, once made up? Surely not over 3 months in a bottle that was binned.

        So many questions, just like the MH17.

        1. Nana-Chan says:

          Your notebook is just pack-jammed with interesting “facts” LOL Ole Cut&Past Hants!

          1. ddduke says:

            Do the spooks pay you well for narrative reinforcing propaganda trolling?

          2. Nana-Chan says:

            Does your mama bitch-slap you for being an idiot?

          3. AM Hants says:

            Darling, no cut and paste. Hence typo errors. Off the cuff, chat text, from memory.

        2. Vitex says:

          Hiding in plain sight. I think they bungle their Evil Plans on purpose sometimes

          1. AM Hants says:

            Looks that way and the only thing that makes sense.

    3. Vitex says:

      Kiwi? Our PM went to university on a freemason scholarship and she’s a marxist.

      1. AM Hants says:

        Aren’t the Freemasons heavily involved in the creation of Marx ideology?

        Went to Uni as a mature student and had no understanding of how dense the UK Uni system is. The lecturers bragging about their devotion to Marx. Lecturers who went from school, to college, to Uni, staying on for their Master’s degree, then coming back as a lecturer with PhD sponsorship. Never leaving the classroom, to gain experience in their field.

        Lectures reliant on reading matter, that was first used, when they began lecturing, back when the Soviet Union was up and running. Despite advances in subject matter, the reading list, accompanying the modules were over 30 years old. Social science reliant, no matter what subject you studied. Your opinion had to mirror the findings of sociologists of the 20th century.

        Obviously, I was never cut out to be an academic, who entered a polytechnic, that was upgraded to University, without having the interest to think as a 20th century sociologist, beholden to Marxist ideology.

        I remember Karen Pierce, now UK Ambassador to US, but, when she represented the UK in the UN.

        She graduated from Cambridge, took her Master’s at the Rothschild sponsored London School of Economics, before joining the UK Foreign Office or Rothschild International Offices of the UK Government.

        Will never forget her speech, over in the UNSC, concerning Syria. Telling the Ruusian Permanent Envoy to the UN, that Marx or was it Lenin, the founder of Russia, would be turning in his grave, owing to the action of Russia, over in Syria.

        I did wonder how much her education, at elite UK Universities cost her parents and if ever they had requested a refund. Not a good advert for the UK education system.

        1. Styx says:

          Freemasons made Marxism notorious.

          Otherwise there is a good book on contemporary reading of Marxism:


          1. AM Hants says:

            Cheers Styx.

    4. Luca says:

      Italy have NBC

  4. Ринат Боярский says:

    read the comments and laugh)
    I am from Russia and honestly very much surprised at what nonsense our “foreign friends” are spreading. The most interesting thing is that this can only be heard from abroad.
    What really happens: All visitors and contacts are quarantined for 2 weeks from February, hospitals are not blocked, some companies have switched to remote work, students study remotely, food and medicine prices are not increasing. We in Russia are accustomed to such rumors and are already trying not to pay attention to this nonsense.
    We have 3 hotlines for residents in each city, doctors will come to you within 24 hours and do a coronavirus test.
    I don’t know who writes about mountains of corpses of people and full hospitals, all this lies! Do you know how many Vasilyevs and Mukhins are in Russia ?, thousands! And not only Russians can speak and write in Russian. I do not blame anyone, but reading your news and comments, we laugh)
    While we are being discussed and condemned, we help people, and if other countries ask for help in the fight against the virus, we will always come.
    All world and good health!

    1. AM Hants says:

      Nicely said and wish Russia all the best.

      Before Coronovirus in the UK, I needed a doctor’s appointment. Made it and waited the standard 28 day waiting time. Only, to find the surgery had to cancel the appointment, day before due. Could not be bothered to wait another month to see the doctor. God knows how long the wait now is, owing to the Corono virus. The wonders of the UK NHS system.

      Seriously impressed Russia not only provides free health are to her people, but, also the speed in which you can get a doctor to visit and test you. Not sure if UK doctors still do home visits, as a routine part of the day.

      1. Nana-Chan says:

        You think a “doctor’s appointment” and “the surgery” are the same things? LOL

        Russia does not provide free anything. What do you think happens when a patient asks a doctor for free care? LOL

        1. AM Hants says:

          Darling, I got to the surgery, when I have a doctor’s appointment. Your point?

          Are you saying the people of Russia do not receive free medical health are?

          1. Nana-Chan says:

            Of course, they don’t. “Free” in Russia doesn’t mean “cost-free”. Do you know how much a doctor makes in Russia? $700 a month. They make barely more than Nurses. If one expects a second visit to the doctor’s, er, surgery, one better leave something “for tea”.

          2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Surely be to fuck there must be a better English writing person in your troll farm!

            I suppose the budget is gone, so the slowmo’s like you are given a run.

          3. Styx says:

            Rubbish. You r lying.

          4. Nana-Chan says:

            Ask any honest Russian.

          5. Jake321 says:

            LOL…now that would be a trick…on this site and Russia Insider at least…
            Oh, you’re getting more rude and that is good. But I’m beginning to doubt who you claim to be. And that is not so good. RC can only be MK and it’s never “a Orthodox” but “an Orthodox” in my neck of the English woods. Still, your usually brilliant rudeness is great around here, whoever you are. Keep at them.

          6. Nana-Chan says:

            Hi Jake. What is RC and MK? Thank you for pointing out my error. Like most foreign learners of English, I struggle with articles.

            I had to up my rudeness because there are some very bad people on these sites. It is not in my nature to be rude.

          7. MJM says:

            “I struggle… ” = Yes, yes you do!!!!!!

          8. Jake321 says:

            Sorry I missed this. But if you are who you indicate you are, your prof would most likely be MK and that would be Harvard. It would not likely be RC at a military think tank in Hawaii. Yet your posting times sometimes could indicate Hawaii and not Cambridge. Still, your times would indicate you could be the Ukrainian you have been accused of with a great cover story that fooled me. If real, only MK and Harvard make any sense for many reasons.

            As an aside, please stop referring to Putin as half Jewish. He is zero Jewish under traditional Jewish and Israeli Law. And there is no definitive evidence that he has any significant Jewish ancestry. Please don’t play into the Blood and Soil racial crap of the Nazis.But if you want to say Ashkenazis get a disproportionate number of Noble Science Awards, I guess that would be OK. };o)

          9. Nana-Chan says:

            Actually, I’m just reminding people here that almost anyone in Russia could be partly Jewish or Muslim. There was a lot of mixing during the Soviet days. Also, one’s religion does not matter much to me. I find all religions to be equally silly and ridiculous in their own ways. Fascinating, of course, but silly.

            As for my posting times. I am home now. My university was the first to close.

          10. Jake321 says:

            It’s a bit more complex. But the major problem is that it plays into the Nazis’ and White Supremacists’ “blood and soil” racist ideology. If you hang around RI some more, you’ll see that. You might ask your Prof about it. This whole Jewish as a religion and Jewish as a national/genetic group or Jewish as an ethnicity or a culture can get quite involved. Being half Japanese does not mean someone is half Shinto. But being Shinto would indicate someone is very likely to be Japanese.

          11. Nana-Chan says:

            Yes, Jake-San. You are correct. The Russia Insider crowd has brought the worst out in me.

          12. Jake321 says:

            You’re doing really well, Grasshopper. (Even if that is mixing national metaphors. Who knows? We may have to make you an honorary New Yorker. Well, after the Pandemic.) You’re a breath of fresh air around here. The site I escaped to for some sanity, unfortunately, closed down recently. Be well. And keep at them.

          13. Nana-Chan says:

            I thought you were in Tekhas? Stay healthy.

          14. Jake321 says:

            “Tekhas”? Did you mean “Texas”? That state is definitely not my cup of tea. We’re doing OK here in the SF Bay Area which is a relatively low impact area so far considering we are near where the community spread of this started in the US.

          15. Nana-Chan says:

            Oh. SFO. Interesting area. Tekhas is how Russians pronounce Texas lol.

          16. Nana-Chan says:

            Jake, we are who we are. On the internet, that can be whomever.

          17. Jake321 says:

            LOL…well, just found out from your $35 comment that you very likely ain’t Ukrainian. In any case, I like your persona narrative and especially the way you chop up the Russians here. By the way, all I say about myself is actually true. Just altered a bit to hide my actual identity. Had some really bad experiences back aways because if my political activities.

          18. Nana-Chan says:

            Bad experiences? Did someone from RI track you down?

          19. Jake321 says:

            No. Way before the RI days. Some Central Valley Right Wingers sabotaged my brakes when I was doing organizing there. It’s not healthy to then drive Cal freeways, especially at the speeds I drive, without brakes. Almost was killed. That’s one. There are others of a more up close and personal variety. Do understand that at least a few of the neo-Nazis on these sites, especially on RI, not the Russian Trolls playing such, are want-to-be ideological murderers. They have come over from the Daily Stomer that was forced into the Dark Web. And these goons are too stupid to know how to get into the Dark Web. They also come from about the deepest cesspool of the public Web, 4Chan. Most are harmless idiots. A few are actually dangerous. So keeping your identity hidden if you oppose them is a wise thing.

          20. Nana-Chan says:


          21. Styx says:

            And they will tell you that you know nothing of Russia.

          22. Nana-Chan says:

            They would laugh at you and explain that’s how it is in Russia. The doctor that had Corona Virus. Her salary is $700 a month. How did she afford a ticket to Spain and hotels? Because her “official” salary is not all she makes.

          23. Styx says:


          24. goingbrokes says:

            Another zio-troll from Tel Aviv, no doubt about it.

        2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

          A doctors appointment takes place in his surgery, you p rick.

          That’s what English speaking people call the doctors residence, a surgery.

          Shouldn’t you be attacking some COVID19 sufferers, as you Galicians are prone to do!

          1. Nana-Chan says:

            A residence? His home? You’re not making much sense, dummy.

          2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            We know, you don’t know what a residence means, as you don’t speak or read English without your shift manager to help you.

            Get your shift manager, you prick.

          3. Nana-Chan says:

            My shit-manager? Ok, here it is *poops all over your face*. Anything else, Poop-Face?

          4. MJM says:

            … and you LOVE golden showers

      2. Ринат Боярский says:

        I am very sorry that you had to wait a long time for the doctor. We flew in from the Dominican Republic and the next morning they called me from the hospital for a virus test.
        And I ask you not to believe the nonsense that a lady with an Asian appearance writes)

        1. AM Hants says:

          UK, I am used to diabolical health are. Worked with the best and been treated by the worst. Very hit and miss. However, to have to wait 28 days, for a routine doctors appointment (the norm), is seriously taking the urine.

          I have been following Russia, since 2014, when Ukraine kicked off and still, the nation leaves me in shock and awe. The 5th column would need a mega miracle to get me to change my opinion.

          Seriously impressive to be called into your doctors, 24 hours after returning home.

          Good luck, take care and I seriously wish Russia all the best.

          1. Styx says:

            NHS doesn’t have a duty of care to us. According to it’s lates pi campaign — it is the other way round.

            I am so sick of it (years of blatantly careless attitude took a very heavy toll on my health – resulting in a private surgical operation which cost me 10K last month) that I think it should be privatised since it is going to happen anyway.

          2. AM Hants says:

            Sorry to hear you have recently undergone surgery. Hope the recovery is going well.

            My husband has done well out of the NHS, purely owing to having a good GP, who understands the benefits of diagnosis and understanding symptoms.

            Like you, not impressed at all and would like a system similar to Germany, France, Italy etc, etc, etc.

            Having to wait a month for a doctors appointment, is beyond insane. Yet, the average wait, in most UK surgeries.

          3. Styx says:

            I would’ve had my hearing in the right ear saved if NHS did the operation on time. They did not in full knowledge that they are killing any chance of restored hearing by delaying the op. Sadists AND proud of it is an understatement.

          4. AM Hants says:

            Sorry, but, seriously know what you mean. Could write a book on their failings and their glee, when it all goes wrong.

            Hope your good ear steps up. Plus, good luck getting used to it.

          5. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            I sued the doctors here, who partially blinded me when I went for a routine check up. The only help I received, was in England, with private care. The doctors in England were, and still are, appalled at my treatment, and the fact that the doctors who did this, are all still working, despite them admitting to the negligence claim. They only admitted, to avoid the courtroom, but their friends in the legal profession helped them avoid that. Their friends, btw, were my solicitors.

            Since then, 2003 this started, I am refused normal treatment. I can leave my local hospital with a clean bill of health, go to England and be told that my transplant is failing, after years of use. I spoke with a former Minister of Health one time, he told me that I could never get rid of the top consultant who organised the botched cover up attempts they did to me.

            The Western way of life, is far more corrupt than what is admitted to.

          6. AM Hants says:

            Wow, what a story and good luck getting treatment, with regards your transplant after care. Never been a fan of solicitors and your story explains why. Funny, how so many end up as politicians. Together with the power your Consultant yields.

            I wonder why funny hand shakes so come to mind.

            It must be like the survivors of the USS Liberty, you just want somebody to be accountable, yet, powers that be, will never allow that to happen. Leaving you, I assume completely and utterly broken and bewildered as to why they can get away with it all and you cannot get closure.

            Again good luck and take care.

          7. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            I am the only person in the world with a corneal graft, tubular insert, and a trabecelectomy, all on the one eye, the only person in history.

            I was a top shot while in the military, made the rifle team every year, now I can’t recognise my own kids if they stand back a bit.

            My doctors in England have pleaded with me to come to England, apply for benefits, and as they say, I will at least get treatment that my own country illegally denies me.
            I can’t afford to be paying for airfares every time I need help, and while the hospital in England do every thing they can to lower my costs, complex surgeries cost a lot. After I won my case, I paid off 86 thousand to family and friends who had funded my fight to retain my eye and sight.

          8. AM Hants says:

            Good luck. I was a patient at Moorfields, so know the reputation of the English opthalmic hospital. I was born blind in one eye, owing to the retina and optic nerve never working and under the care of Moorfields as a child. My GP left it to late to refer me, so there was nothing they could do for the eye. Worked to my advantage, owing to other eye taking control and learning how to play with my eyes. Helped by the fact, being born with the problem, you know no different.

            Can try to imagine how it would be to have perfect vision, before losing the sight, specifically owing to medical neglect. Glad Moorfields is doing the best they can. Despite all that is thrown at you.

            Take care.

          9. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Fantastic institution, they would leave me go home after the ops, saving me a grand for a hospital stay. They knew I would follow their instructions, great people.

            Your own problems are quite severe, and fair dues to your attitude towards it. I now know just how important the eyes are, and how much I lost. I get cataracts, a side issue from the surgeries, it requires complex surgery to remove them, because of the other apparatus and surgeries to the eye. After the cataracts are removed, it’s amazing how much sight I regain, and its then that I realise what I’ve lost. I was offered a cataract removal here at home very recently, I nearly fell over. They refused to treat the rejection I suffered recently, second time they done that, after they proscribed it. I managed it with steroids, and help from Moorfields. The idea that I would leave these people to get me into their operating theatres ever again is ludicrous, but that is just their way of saying we don’t forget how you shamed us with their foreign colleagues!

            Always look on the bright side, lol.

          10. AM Hants says:

            You have had quite a nightmare from it all.

            When going to Moorfields as a child, it would be a fun day out. Remember my parents taking my brother (who came along for the ride), taking us to the Tower of London, to see the Crown Jewels. Only, for some reason I wanted an ice cream. Diamonds or an ice cream? Well, I could throw a serious tantrum, when the mood took me. Guess it did not go down too well and did not see many of the jewels. Funnily enough, I have more memories of the Moor Gate Tube Disaster back in the 60s the memories of Neil Armstrong or other historic 60s events.

            Bet you will be glad when your dodgy eye consultant has his day. There is a lot of ego and lack of apology in the medical profession. Sadly, because most problems caused, many could be sorted, with just the acknowledgement that the doctor got it wrong.

          11. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            56 now, with cataracts on both eyes, can’t stand daylight. Some Mormons knocked at my door years back, around noon. I opened the door, and squinted at them because of the daylight. They apologised for waking me, when I abused them. I had been up since 6a.m ffs, but it’s hard to explain the effects of the damage done to ones eye, you would never think of the effect it would have on everyday things.

            I often brought my young kids with me, for appointments on a day visit. I had dozens of those. I brought them down to the Tower, the Globe, London Bridge etc. Things I never did myself when I worked in London back in the day. The BoE, I found it weird to be walking by it. I even used a debit card across the road from it, Thread Needle Street. Liverpool St would have been my main connection, but I used Moorgate a few times, some of those stations were quite interesting themselves.

            Anyway, best of luck AM, all the best.

          12. AM Hants says:

            You take care.

        2. John Wallace says:

          Firstly it is no lady and the appearance is nothing more than a pic found on the internet to hide its identity . Plus we all know it writes nonsense to abuse and denigrate in some misguided crusade of American exceptionalism. It is pointless trying to talk with a brick wall but at least a brick wall makes more sense.

          1. Styx says:

            And who the fuck are you?

          2. John Wallace says:

            Who am I. I am a piece of shit just like you. Who gives a fuck. Are you entitled to your thoughts and opinions . Well if so , so am I. Why is it OK for you to tell Nan-Chan it is lying and not OK for me to do the same ??.

          3. Styx says:

            You are a mentally deranged idiot.


          4. John Wallace says:

            Wow , I think it is pretty obvious who has mental problems if that is all it takes to get you to blow your top. Blocked ??. What does that do . Nothing as it just means YOU can’t see what I say. Blocking someone is the most pathetic thing one can do . Pathetic and weak and really no answer to my question as to why can you tell nana chan it is lying but it is not OK for me. That doesn’t make sense , well not to me. So really you have just shown how intellectually retarded and weak you are.. No I am not going to block you as I don’t block anyone. I can take whatever anyone throws at me but obviously you are too weak to handle it.. Stick to wanking in front of the mirror if that is the only way that you can be happy.

          5. John Wallace says:

            Who are you George Evans . What is your problem .. Another one with comprehension problems..

    2. Nana-Chan says:

      Help people? LOL The way the Russian government helped the people on MH17? The way the Russian villagers helped the corpses’ from the valuables in their pockets, purses, and luggage? The way the Russians helped the 15,000 Ukrainians that died because Russia became greedy? The way Russia helped President Kazinski and his retinue as they flew to honor the victims of Russian war crimes at Katyn?

      Russia has 3 hotlines in each city? LOL Why would they need more than 1 hotline? Ever hear of a switchboard, dummy? LOL

      We all wish Russia the best. Even though the Russian people inflicted great misery and suffering on the Ukrainian people, no one wishes that Russian people also suffer.

      1. Ринат Боярский says:

        Half of what you write nonsense, you fool!
        3 hotlines can be of different services: the Ministry of Health, consumer supervision and the ambulance line. Judging by your profile, you are not studying Russian history, but anti-Russian propaganda! I advise you to study the history of your homeland, ololoevna.

        1. Nana-Chan says:

          I advise you to SHUT YOUR FAT LITTLE MOUTH! Durachka, I did not ask for your advice. Again, why would they need 3 Hotlines for one crisis? LOL Russians. A simple people, really. Japan does have different numbers, but they are not “Hotlines” LOL The US has one number for all emergencies. Let me guess, the hotlines are telegraphs, right? People are using morse code and then a sled is dispatched?

          1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            OOOOOH, the little ololoevna didn’t like that. lol

            Galicians have the highest concentration of homosexuals in Europe. They just love the leather look. lol

          2. Nana-Chan says:

            You would know.

          3. John Wallace says:

            Oh dear the truth hurts and your answer is to abuse those that won’t lick your jackboots. Where do you hide your tattoo. You know , the one that is called a manji..

          4. MJM says:

            U R such a stupid Beetch!

        2. Styx says:

          NC is a paid banderite troll. It really is that simple.

          1. Jake321 says:

            Whoever she is, she runs circles around most of the schlubs around here…

          2. John Wallace says:

            It is very articulate I agree but being clever with words doesn’t make one’s words right or true as most of its posts show.

          3. Jake321 says:

            On average, her posts are way more accurate than most of the crap posted by the Putz Putin lovers around here…and you know it.

          4. John Wallace says:

            I love you always tell people that they are dumb unless they accept your truth.. Sorry I don’t accept your truth…. and I know that .

          5. Jake321 says:

            Nahhhhhhhhh…I only tell folk they are dumb when they post dumb things. Now I know I’m am likely wrong about that with most of the Putz Putin the Poisoner Trolls around here. They post dumb things because that’s their job. But are well educated or wouldn’t know English as well as they do. I kind of feel sorry for the ones over at Russia Insider. They mostly have to play Nazis which I think should be onerous for any educated Russian even to get a draft deferment.

          6. John Wallace says:

            I don’t spend much time at all , very very little , at RI and as you say some of those comments make me cringe . I come here to keep up with what is going on in Syria and find some comments / commentators interesting. Others of course are a pain in the butt but all are entitled to their opinion.

          7. Jake321 says:

            I come here as I did to RI to learn more about my enemies. Also, for a rare bit of truthful information and research leads. And for the fun of it. It actually has been been incredibly enlightening, if sometimes down right scary.

          8. John Wallace says:

            Yes it never ceases to amaze me with the knowledge on a diverse number of subjects that people have plus that people from many countries talking ?? together.. Interesting stuff sometimes and like you gives me other things to look at for interests sake..

          9. Jake321 says:

            Most of the actual trolls and outright bigots, paid or not, should be banned. Even if we disagree, it would make sites like this way more interesting, educational and useful. But that is a pipe dream since sites like RI and this one are or just as well act as if they are official mouthpieces for the Kremlin. And worse, all too often, just Russian replacements for the Daily Stormer.

          10. John Wallace says:

            Yes agree. I notice that when the trolls are not present lots have more interesting debates with each other which is what it should be about..

          11. Jake321 says:

            I only play When in Rome when the Romans are around.

          12. John Wallace says:

            Off topic but I see America will likely pass Italy for numbers with this viirus on or by this weekend. Deaths are lower at this stage as most cases are very new .. Has it got out of control in the States. With Trump wanting to get people back working to get the economy going is more about votes later this year rather than doing what is best for the country.. What a choice , Biden / Trump. Almost as bad as last time. Can;t you come up with somebody better.

          13. John Wallace says:

            The suns out and we are in lockdown so I am away for a bike ride before it rains.. We can do certain things as long as we don’t group together. Till next time , keep the abuse dry..

          14. Jake321 says:

            We go out to shop and medical. That’s it. If this was NYC, we’d try to cut back on these as well. I generally work from home anyway. And my wife’s job has sent everyone home to work from there. Not so bad. But in a week, I’m sure there will be a run on air fresheners in addition to hand sanitizers and for some weird reason, toilet paper.

          15. John Wallace says:

            Just back ,Plenty families on people out walking , riding bikes as we have lots of walking / bike tracks everywhere. Supermarkets , all sorts of medical , petrol stations and essential services open. All food manufacturers only , working . We can go to the beach as long as it is close. No distance or unnecessary travelling or visiting. No shortages of food or other other stuff as we make it all. Why some people go crazy is beyond me. Lots of people will be out of work and jobs lost so it is going to hurt a lot of people . Wife is essential medical and working and the government pays me to annoy people on the internet so we will be OK unless everything collapses.

          16. Jake321 says:

            LOL…damn, you get paid for this? I wish I could. But it sounds like it hasn’t hit hard where you are yet. Oh, and where might that be? The first time I went out a couple of days after the lockdown, it felt like “On the Beach.” People running red lights, driving while watching movies on their cell phones, riding bikes in the middle of traffic lanes, keeping way to much distance with blank looks on their face. No way we can keep this up for more than a few weeks. Just glad I’m in a relatively low impact area, at least for now.

          17. John Wallace says:

            No the govt doesn’t pay me for this as this is just spare time stuff. It was insignificant a week ago but is exploding mostly because our people are coming home from overseas with it as well as tourists and business people coming in with it. All outsiders now stopped and returning residents are now being isolated on arrival instead of going home first. We have very few here near me and again they were all returning from overseas . Just up the road they had some cattle breeding show and a couple of Americans brought the virus with them and gave it to several locals at the show. We are starting to get community spread so they have closed everything down to get on top of it before it gets out of hand. Aussie is having stricter rules than us next door and as long as people stick to the rules we do have a lot or freedom. Just been out for a walk and everyone is being sensible so shouldn’t be a problem . Lots are out in cars and the trucks are flat out so hard to tell it’s not a normal week end day. Supermarkets are not that busy as people now realise everything is fully stocked so no need to buy 6 years of toilet paper ..
            I see gold has recovered most of its big drop last week and silver lagging but it will get there. Same as last time I guess with the need to sell to cover elsewhere. Been awhile waiting for them to move.

          18. Jake321 says:

            So you were pulling my leg when you said this?
            “…the government pays me to annoy people on the internet…” Damn, no one has to pay me to try to annoy people on the Internet. I do it for free.
            Don’t know which neighbor you are but “On the Beach” was NZ. Anyway, there’s a competition here as to to who can be most outrageous. The Major of LA just told everyone to panic buy ASAP just in case they may get the Virus and have to face full quarantine. There were 3.3 million new unemployment claims in the past week in the US. We are helping the Virus kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. As older folk we are being careful. But I’m not stressing too much since so far my county which was near the beginning of this in the US is pretty much level with a death rate of only one per million. I’m thinking more and more that there are different strains and we lucked out…for now. Anyway, it sure doesn’t look normal around here. Near no people on the streets and very light traffic. Most all closed including half the restaurants that could be open for takeout. Even the Starbucks. Some that are open will only take online orders to pickup at scheduled times at front door or on street pickup tables. Not even call in or drop in for takeout. Again, no way this can go on for a month without going over the edge into a collapse.

          19. John Wallace says:

            No not really . Local idiom I suppose that those here or Aussie would pick up on. If you are on a government benefit for any reason and people ask who you work for you just saying working for the government or the government pays me to sit at home.. Retired so paid by the government to annoy people on the internet. On the Beach was Neville Shute an Aussie Pom and Aussies say the same so well picked up.. I did live in Aussie for 11 years or more I think but been home since 87 so lost a lot of my Aussie sayings. We are very similar but the Aussies are a little tougher.
            It does appear to be different strands and our future King injected with the mild version to make him immune. It appears he has a very mild version . I reckon he went and got it on purpose so he can go and get rid of mum and dad so he can takeover at last. That might be a little too British ..
            Tightening up on long distance travel so I can;t throw the bike in the car and go up the road to Queenstown / Central Otago and ride the dozens of brilliant bike trails which is a pity.
            The government is making up peoples pay for the month and assisting businesses but still some will go out and close down at the end and unemployment will rise . No food places open for anything , only places that manufacture food working to make / process food. BK was the last place to confirm all workers will be paid for the close down. hey had a hic cup in the processing somewhere and the workers were a little upset not knowing if or when they would be paid. All the others had already confirmed all their workers were covered.
            Not sure what I said that upset styx , for you yes I can understand that , but now he is really off the deep end just downvoting whatever comment I make. I wonder if that is an early sign of covid19 .. Now I know what it is like to be stalked by a nutcase.. I should go and give him a french kiss so he fees loved.. It is Friday so it’s no abuse day , can’t wait till tomorrow,

          20. Jake321 says:

            OK, got it. So I’m a bit working for the Gov now also since I get Soc Sec while I still have a part time business and savings to hold up my life style. But damn, I have remembered that film as being in NZ. Oh well, saw it some 60 years ago and back then everyone thought if NZ was where the Fallout would last fallout. There’s another of my favorite old dystopian films that kind of touches on this, Things to Come, by HG Wells. I liked NZ the times I was there. Thought of it as a possible escape from deadly radioactive Trump. But my wife would prefer Ireland, her ancestral home. However, the Virus has thrown everything into question. I feel if we don’t have a handle on this in a month we will be heading into the abyss.

          21. John Wallace says:

            NZ is regarded as one of the best places to be should madness descend on the rest of the world. Far away , plenty of food and under populated. Just up the road there are many super rich Americans with their boltholes. Surrounded by mountains which is supposed to restrict the nuclear cloud . pristine water aplenty , very hot in summer to grow all sorts of fruit and snow in winter to kill the bugs. Looks strange now without the thousands of tourist wandering around but it will still be there whenever this nonsense is over , one day. I love it there with hundreds of km’s of bike walking tracks with incredible scenery and mostly no one else around. Ireland is nice too. I didn’t get there when I was in London at the time of the troubles before heading off to Africa thinking I will be back. I haven’t so it is one of my life’s regrets. Plenty of Irish here .
            Certainly looking like getting out of control so it will be some time before things start to return to normal , if they ever do.. Almost all of ours are returning residents , tourists and then passing that onto close family. If we get it under control with closing off the airports except to residents and this lockdown then what. Keep the borders closed , or as they have now , immediate isolation for two weeks , sort of kills a tourists two week holiday , . China looks like they have got on top of it with very few new cases last two weeks so maybe it will work.. Sun’s out so better get some fresh air .. Pence or Trump… What a choice..

          22. Jake321 says:

            Nahhhhhhhh…Comfy Unky Joe or Madman Trump. That’s it. But looking like the Madman now, inexplicably. Ireland is great. Especially the more traditional Southwest. But I would much prefer your climate. Anyway, here’s my take on this:

            There seem to be two clear factors showing up in the numbers. This peaks in about 30 days from the first 100 deaths in major countries and globally. And the average growth rate during that period is about 10% per day. So in a month, we will likely be at about 35,000 deaths in the US with a significantly decreasing daily increase. And the world will be at about 500,000 deaths on only a slowly decreasing growth rate because of late starters.

            Given this, without a seasonal relapse, our total deaths in the US will likely be not much more than 50,000. This is significantly more than the typical seasonal flu season but not twice it. Really bad but not catastrophic.

            However, the total global deaths could easily reach a million. Very bad but far from the Spanish Flu Pandemic, IF we don’t have the Spanish Flu seasonal relapse.

            Effective drugs and a vaccine will be too late to change these figures much but would help to hold down any new spreads and relapses as well as help phase us back to normalcy and maintain us there.

            If we keep the economy on near total lockdown beyond a month, the lockdown medicine could easily be worse than the Pandemic illness itself.

            “On the Beach” this is not. Unless we make it that.

            I’m feeling much better that this is not the expected case of the optimistic Sturgeon fry. Something else will get us at sometime in the future. But this Pandemic doesn’t look like that Mackerel unless it becomes a Mackerel of our own making.

          23. Jake321 says:

            So far, the only place that really looks to be on the Italy track is NYC. Forget the number of cases. The main reason that is accelerating here so fast is they finally have started to get the test kits out. It is the actual deaths that count. And how CORVIS-19 deaths are determined, which varies from country to country and even State to State here.

            And for some reason different areas are hit differently. Some to do with their timely response but also yet unknowns. My area, for example, was one of Th e first areas hit but has been on an early leveling off which seems to have started BEFORE the lock down. The SF Bay Area. Seattle got hit first but has still not taken off. NYC got hit much later and is going through the roof. South Korea was one of the first hardest hit but to this day has had under a 150 deaths. They did take it seriously from the very get home and learned from what happened in China to do massive testing with focused isolation.

            I have no idea where this is headed but Trump’s early Pollyanna approach and attitude likely didn’t help. Then his vacillation hurt. And now if he pushes for lifting without focused test based isolation and hopefully an effective drug soon, it will be a disaster in some areas. At least in NYC and likely Florida and Louisiana but hopefully not here in the Bay Area. This thing seems to be acting as if there are different stains.
            Since Trump is the worst, most anyone is better. Biden is kind of the comfy caring experienced Unky. Folk would like to take a rest from the Drama Queen in the White House, even before the Pandemic. It’s more so now. And we know he’s just for one term. So his VP pick will be especially important.

          24. John Wallace says:

            Its comments are lies and manipulations of the truth. It doesn’t like anyone standing up to it and pointing out its lies so abuses them, It is very smart and clever but that alone doesn’t make it right.

          25. Jake321 says:

            When in Rome, do as the Romans do. As you know, I sometimes do the same. Turn about is fair play. But you also know that most of the run-of-mill comments around here are crap from the bottom of the cesspool. She sure is far from down at that level. And her truth quotient is really high. As an aside, she is not an American but must have studied here. She doesn’t lie about that unlike a large part of the Russian and other foreign posters on this site.

          26. Styx says:

            Paid trolls pattern is running circles (around anybody who has anything of substance to say).

            That bit is certainly correct

          27. Jake321 says:

            Heck, paid troll or not, she runs circles around most all the paid Putz Putin Trolls around here as well.

          28. Styx says:

            O, well.

            Deranged clown you are and will die being one.


          29. Jake321 says:

            And snowflakes like you will just melt away pining for a safe space.

      2. Ринат Боярский says:

        Not all Ukraine lives with propaganda like you, I suggest you go there, we’ll see how you sing)

        1. Nana-Chan says:

          Go to Ukraine? That would be splendid! Although, I would never travel to occupied Crimea. And Donbas is scary. I hear its a place for children and the elderly only.

      3. AM Hants says:

        What are you on about?

        Remember Russia were enjoying their winter Olympics, when the cookie monsters turned up in Kiev.

        Georgian snipers admitted being involved in The Maidan, courtesy Saakashvili and friends.

        Victoria Nuland admitted to spending $5 billion, getting Ukraine to come round to the US way of thinking.

        The Ukraine civil war, where Kiev attacks Eastern Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine has never attacked Kiev. Just vited not to be Governed by Kiev.

        100,000 dead, 900,000 with life changing disabilities. Millions displaced and the gene pool of the young erased. Figures, Oleg Tsarov.


        MH17, been there time and time again.

        Why did Ukraine present the BUK missile, still intact, to the JIT press conference? Knowing full well, Russia would have the missile passports, of the Soviet days. Showing the missile was an 80s, Soviet missile, stored in Ukraine and part of Ukraine’s BUK supply. Remember, Ukraine never reported any of her BUKs missing, now did they?

        Plus, what did the elderberry Bush have to say?

        1. Nana-Chan says:

          This is really why no nation respects or trusts Russia. Putin explains why he invaded Ukraine in the Russian documentary “Crimea: The Road to Motherland”. He explained that he ordered the invasion of Ukraine and the capture of Crimea to “right a historical injustice”. Hmnnn should I believe Putin or should I believe some old lady with several accounts? LOL

          1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Putin never admitted to invading Ukraine, you prick.

            He couldn’t, as Russia has not invaded anywhere for decades.

            Crimea voted to leave Ukraine, after the Nazis took over Kiev.

            No invasion, just a democratic decision to leave a violent, fascist state.

          2. John Wallace says:

            It doesn’t care about the truth. The truth is like water on a duck’s back to this Troll.

          3. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            I blocked him, as well as Jake.

            Incessant moans, trolling the page full.

          4. John Wallace says:

            Not sure if blocking works does it. Did you block bruno before or after he downvoted you.. I don’t block anyone as I don’t care what they say to me as it is like water on a ducks back. I spent a lot of time in Aussie and they taught me if you can’t take it don’t throw it. I throw lots sometimes so must take whatever comes back. I see styx says he blocked me but now he is downvoting everything I say which means he can see what I write. Not sure what got up his nose but he should have wrapped the shit in toilet paper before he threw it at me..
            You were talking to AM about eyes somewhere on here so must get back on my eyes story.. later..

          5. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Blocking empties the page, I haven’t got into abusing Brunose as of yet, so I couldn’t be arsed blocking him. Notice how he keeps downvoting me, like a bitch on heat. He’s working with the other losers. All they want is to waste space with bollox.
            There’s only so many times you can keep up the insults, without blocking off any sensible posts to read.
            Styx seems to be on the same page vis the empire, maybe all the trolling space confuses someone with someone else, hence replies to wrong posters etc, could well be. That’s what Brunose, Jake, Avi aim to do.
            Fuck them, and their empire. All the best.

          6. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            I posted with Jake666 or whatever. As you see, he starts off with semi-sensible posts, but then trots out CIA jargon, quoting sources from, the CIA handbook. Then it turns into post after post about his Mom being a cheap whore, to his dreams of a homosexual relationship with me!

            When you block them, and log into DisQus, all posts come up, including the as sholes who are blocked. Then you downvote one of their posts, and hey presto, all blocked users disappear.

            Then the page becomes more sensible.
            And I can see their patterns when they then latch onto other posters, with all the same spew from them.
            A shut mouth catches no flies. lol

          7. Jake321 says:

            That’s ripe coming from a likely Purz Putin the Poisoner Troll, Igor.

          8. Nana-Chan says:

            Watch the documentary, dummy. Before you comment, get your facts right.

          9. John Wallace says:

            Oh look , it gets its sole upvotes from Jake321 whose credibility is zero or slightly higher than the Mannequin
            Nana-chan is the name of a large female mannequin which has been placed outside the Young Building of Meitetsu Department Store Nagoya along the covered walkway since 1973. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f5a7580041e2989f7f7c0baf0ddf1112ee8474250e976927d66848f5b3790f3.jpg

          10. John Wallace says:

            Time for the blow up doll to get a prick so it blows away.

          11. Styx says:

            Gorbachev on Crimea:

            Historical mistake was corrected.

        2. Bruno Giordano says:

          What are YOU on about, Hants? Your comment is full of lies. And you know they are lies. Your eagerness to go off-topic speaks volumes.

          1. AM Hants says:

            According to you.

            Were Russia, back in December 2013/January2014 enjoying their winter Olympics? Yes or No?

            Did Victoria Nuland admit on her ‘F* EU and Press Briefing that the US gave Ukraine over $5 billion, to make them appreciate the ideology of the US? Yes or No?

            Did Kiev send Nazi Battalions to their people in the East, together with ballistic missiles and white phosphorous missile? Yes or No?

            Did CNN publicly state Ukraine used ballistic missiles on their people? Yes or no?

            Did the people of Donetsk vote for independent autonomous federation? Yes or no?

            Did the people of Donetsk refuse to accept the Kiev Government, created after a coup d’etat? Yes or no?

            Did Igor Koloimoisky, the Head of the European Jewish Community and owner of the Privatt Group, who controlled Burisma Holdings, who happily donate to the Atlantic Council, set up the Nazi ‘Azov’ Battalion? Yes or no?
            Did Soros admit to funding the violent coup d’etat, in Ukraine, back in 2014, which led to regime change? Yes or no?

            Did the Georgian Snipers, admit to being involved in the Maidan shoot out, back on 21 February 2014 and recruited by Saakashvili? Yes or no?

            Did the JIT hold a press conference, displaying the BUK missile, completely intact, displaying serial number, that they accused Russia of using, at a press conference? Yes or no?

            Did the missile passport of the BUK missile, used in the presentation, show it was an old Soviet missile that Ukraine had always had in their procession? Yes or no?

            Did Oleg Tsarov, who used to be an MP for the Ukrainian opposition, till the far right beat him up, quite badly, during a Parliamentary gathering. Did he not state that ‘over 100,000 Ukrainians had lost their lives, in the civil war. Times 9 (900,000), were left with life changing disabilities and millions had been displaced’, back in 2016? Yes or no.

            How many young Ukrainian men and women are left in the Ukrainian gene pool, in their land of birth?

            Doesn’t Sorass Open Policy Foundation, so instrumental, with the US tax payer funded NED NGO, I implementing Ukrainian regime change, back in 2004 and 2014, also donate heavily to NATOs ‘Think tank’, the Atlantic Council? Yes or No?

            So what was the 5 D script, media disinformation troll saying?


            I wonder if it will take the UN over 20 years to notice the Ukrainian genocide. Judging on the length of time it took them to notice the genocide of 800,000 Rwandans. Of course, after the diamond and oil industry was up and running?

            How long did it take the UN to Exonerate Milosevic, after he died in a cell, after spending 11 years waiting for his trial? Is that what they are hoping will happen to Julian Assange?

          2. Bruno Giordano says:

            Blah blah blah. Just a repetition of your leading bullshit questions, suggestions and lies. Your version of a 5D script. Like I said, your eagerness to go off-topic speaks volumes.

          3. AM Hants says:

            So darling, why do you bother with my comments if they are not to your liking, sweetie?

          4. AM Hants says:

            Forgot, do elderberry bushes ever flower in July, over in Ukraine? Yes or no?

          5. Bruno Giordano says:

            Forgot, why do you ask such a dumb question?

          6. AM Hants says:

            Is it dumb? Remember the Belingcat video, showing the route the BUK. The video allegedly filmed around the time they claimed Russia was transporting the BUK missile. The one that had never left Ukraine, since she was despatched, back in the 80s. Remember the elderberry bushes, lining the roads, in full flower, back in July 2014.

            Remind me, but, when do elderberry bushes, especially in Ukraine flower? Plus, does snow lay on Ukrainian soil in the month of July?

          7. Bruno Giordano says:

            It is dumb, it is a dumb question. Ask a botanist if you genuinely are interested (you aren’t). And don’t come with an “analysis” by wannabe-Bellingcat’s that we never heard of again since these charlatans published their stupidity. There aren’t any “flowers” in the video that you refer to.

          8. AM Hants says:

            Ask a botanist, why Belingcat was showing images, taken in July, according to Belingcat, of the route the BUK took, which included elderberry bushes in full bloom and snow laying on the ground.

            The elder Berry Bush was in full flower. Perhaps you should have gone to specsaver, if you failed to see the flowers?

            MH17 Inquiry 2nd Episode – The Elderberry Bush.

            Look how easy it was to see the White blooms of the elderberry Bush. At the side of the road, in Ukraine, back in July 2014. Now what did the botanists have to say about when elderberry Bush flowers, in Ukraine? What wa it they were saying in the video?

          9. Bruno Giordano says:

            Charlatans. Specsavers clients. Or, if they wanted to be taken seriously, should have tried to obtain a better quality video. No full bloom, no white blooms, no snow in that video. As proven with the high quality original of that video. Fake news, a hoax, Hants.

          10. AM Hants says:

            So why are you getting so stressed if it is not to your liking?

            When does the elderberry Bush flower in Ukraine?

            So why did Belingcat release the video, from July 2014, fearuronga elderberry Bush in flower?

            Just like the three merged tapes, Belingcat used, that were placed on the Internet the night of 16 July 2014. The night before the MH17 went down. The fake tape, presented the night before the tragedy, trying to make out it was Strelkov talking, after the MH17 went down.

            Murdoch’s Australian TV channel aired a documentary on the MH17. Featuring Strelkov having a discussion. Stating somebody took the MH17 down and the took the military jets down, that were providing the MH17 an Israel escort.

            Why did the oligarch controlling air traffic control and aviation apologise for taking down the wrong plane?

            Why did a Su25, upgraded, with pilot flying with oxygen, return to base, with air to air missiles missing and the pilot stating he had taken down the wrong plane?

            Why did President Putin change direction, over Switzerland, following a phone call with Obama?

            Who was expecting his flight, over in Ukraine?

          11. Bruno Giordano says:

            Blah blah blah. Your eagerness to go off-topic speaks volumes. So does your new attempt to abuse this for your propaganda. 5D’s, Hants. Fully apply to what you post.

      4. John Wallace says:

        The blow up bullshit troll returns. It is not interested in truth or facts but spreading it;s own bullshit and denigrating those that won’t buckle to its bullshit. It claims to be Japanese but various comments show it is American and an over entitled one at that. You can not discuss with this piece of shit as it jumps from site to site too abuse commentators who don’t follow its preferred line of acquiescence to it. It is an it so don’t be deceived by name or avatar as those are solely to mislead you , much like its comments.

  5. RichardD says:

    This was an interesting read. In ET/ED contact work nbc hazmat planning includes an air supply in circumstances where a NATO 40 mm nbc filter is insufficient. scuba gear can be retrofitted with valving to insure functionality with a hazmat suit.

  6. Rhodium 10 says:

    Well now I know that USA are behind Russia and China not only in Hipersonic weapons…also in the ability to fight vs Nuclear, Chemical and Bio war…

  7. Styx says:

    Every country has similar troops and capable of assembling similar (although nowhere near as good) labs which should be mobilised immediately, instead of the most idiotic “stay at home” semi solution.

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