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A Closer Look At Oil Production Cuts Under OPEC+ Deal

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A Closer Look At Oil Production Cuts Under OPEC+ Deal

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Recently, OPEC and allies agreed to a record cut in output to prop up oil prices amid the COVID-19 outbreak and the ongoing Saudi-led offensive on the oil market. The group, known as OPEC+, said it had agreed to reduce output by 9.7 million barrels per day (bpd) for May and June.

The numbers below provide a closer look at the deal:

A Closer Look At Oil Production Cuts Under OPEC+ Deal

IMAGE: marketscreener.com

A Closer Look At Oil Production Cuts Under OPEC+ Deal

IMAGE: marketscreener.com

A Closer Look At Oil Production Cuts Under OPEC+ Deal

IMAGE: marketscreener.com


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Jens Holm

I wonder why USA is not there as a name. Russians did this because they wanted the USA thracking oil and gas production to collapse – And next – becaue Saudis suddenly produced a lot – the Russian economy for oil is almost collapsed because a Barrel went from above 40 dollar to less then 20 dollar.

I am a neighbor to Norway. Where is Norway in this.


Crafty Russians did this by… sharp decrease of the prices and giving insane discounts by Saudis! And of course the Russian economy is “almost” collapsed, as always; just a few weeks and they’re gone. Reminds me of 40 years of the infamous “next year we celebrate in Tehran”.

Norway is next to UK and away from Iran, the 3 are on leave from oil talks and gone picking flowers. A serious question: Do you by any chance work for Wall Street as an adviser? Their crash must have a “logical” reason.

Jens Holm

I am not good in weatherraports for the energy markets.

I kind of see it as if Russia saw its chance to crash the USA thracking oil and gas companies.

Unfortunatly UAE need to regain after the “fire” and therefore opened up a lot for a lot of oil, so the price pr barrel went extra down.

By that the USA thracking might not feel well, but wont crash – unless we all do.

We already had a small recession before this fossile fight and added the Covid has made it worse.

Well not for me. I like my fuel has lowered about 20%.

And the streets of Walls, New Amsterdam:

I do have stockings in Norweigian oil. Lowered prices is not good.

I also has stockings in Vestas windturbines as well as Siemens (windturbines). Not good.

Windturbines here do much better then 40 dollar pr barrel made into electricity but 20 is bad. In the other hand those shares are a part of my private part of my pension fond, which is a long time investment.

So a decline deep doesnt matter.

As Wall Street advicer I would say, that if You have too much money under Your carpet and its a safe currencey – or You have gold, its will be time to buy cheep in very safe companies, land ot an appartment.

If You want to be really safe, You should buy a farm with own water supply.

Who knows. Some might run me over by a car tomorrow.

Crashes ofte are expected. This is not 2008 but the solution should be the same. When things got too warm, You invest in things You cant eat. Thats fx hospitals, bridges and extra education even the prices for it is high.

A hot market always makes ineffectivity and “too many” gets a job. So You make a cooler You have, when You go down again. And we do. Our markets are based on a lot of good – and has that minus.

Several copuntries in EU will have to lower its living standards. I am a kind of optimist, because it is possibleto lower at least some with no problems.

I am for quiality growth, which says we have to consolidate what we have by being more effective and by that cheeper in production.

Thats why I have windpower shares as well. It has changed the air here a lot. No more smog. Its cheeper then fossils. We are less independent. Today 42% of all electricity is from them. We need more turbines, because the future will be cars with batteries.

Best regards from Small Streets = No charge :)


Well, thank you for the time you took to reply. Enjoy the low fuel prices for the next 4 months. And I hope nobody’s car runs you over tomorrow.

Man, you are one badass dude! Norwegian oil stocking? And I thought I was kinky for liking stocking in fishnet, lace and latex (disclaimer: NOT for myself!).


Russia is the true #1,they have the tools modern tools,and they can produce oil for far less than the sauds,usa don’t really rate but for fracking and consumption but not sustainable just like australia needs to import alot more oil,as for norway is one europes leaders.in production.


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A little known fact is that one of the main beneficiaries, aside from Israel, of the fraudulent Iraq war is China. After the Iraq war, Iraq suddenly became one of the biggest producers of oil in the world, and the biggest customer was China. One of China’s oil companies became the first foreign company to sign an oil deal with Iraq since the Iraq war. Since then they’ve done a very good job of draining Iraq’s natural resources while the Iraqi people receive no benefits in return.

In 2013, China had bought nearly half of Iraq’s oil production. On top of that, last year, Iraq has signed a deal with China in which they have to give China 100,000 barrels of crude oil every day (they have plans to increase it all the way to 300,000 barrels of crude oil per day) and in return Iraq gets to BORROW money from China for ”post-war reconstruction” purposes. So not only is China draining Iraq dry of its natural resources, they are putting them in further debt by lending them money, making any ‘profits’ they gain from their oil sales null and void. Because of the financial control, China (or jewish control via

China) has over Iraq is now; they will always side with the Chinese no matter what controversy information leaks out about China. For example, Iraq defended China’s mistreatment of Muslim minorities in China.

All of this thanks to the Iraq war that the jews were 100% behind, using their puppet states America and Britain to remove Saddam from power. Just a further example of the very cozy relationship between jews and China.

Iraqi Ba’athism (Concept & Ideology): bitchute[]com/video/qAmxYcg9nJFk/

Jewish-Chinese Solidarity | 74 Jewish Groups Come to China’s Defense: bitchute[]com/video/oO6ddB0ySphi/

[“A Jewish community group in the U.S. voiced support for the Chinese around the world in a letter of solidarity amid a rise in xenophobia over the COVID-19. What’s the significance?

Guests: David Bernstein, President & CEO, Jewish Council for Public Affairs; Fred Teng, president, America China Public Affairs Institute; Professor Li Jinzhao, Beijing Foreign Studies University”]




Missing from OPEC : Indonesia, Iran, Libya. Missing from non-OPEC : Norway, Britain, Canada, and world’s largest producer (but not EXPORTER) USA (12 mbopd). This “deal “is all smoke and mirrors, crude oil price fell by collapse in demand from Covid19 shutting down economies, once global panic is over oil price will recover.


Russia produces more than usa as you see it was russian giving opec the middle finger, Russia has a habit of never disclosing true capacitys,that is part of oil trade power play see!

Opec has no future,they only prevent nations from negotiations do their vermin phaedophiles can try to control the world via their scam stuctures,usa are know to lie (period) SUDDENLY BECOME #1? WELL TOO MANY LIES, #1 CORONA? Speculative disorder?it truly is,see unlike erm liars you get in internets nowadays,I put irony to perspective and never doubt the truth insomuch to attest to the crap,the cheapest fuel on oz just 1,500 meters away,truth is virtue,

Official comfirmation to usa is to rival their productions which russia more than can no problem!

Oil will remain the future in energy,no more green/kweers controlling the real world,here on in, game over hegemony,they tried but the failed,oil prices will drop more indeed,and will remain low,no more extra in the piggy banky for speculators opec basket in the teens,they are struggling to keep up with russia and sauds,which it shows clearly since russia responds wiser!

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