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JUNE 2023

A Closer Look At Belarusian Opposition’s Heavily Anti-Russian National Policy Plans

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A Closer Look At Belarusian Opposition's Heavily Anti-Russian National Policy Plans

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Before being taken down, the election campaign website of Belarus Presidential candidate Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya had an entire program for the future development of Belarus as a country.

In a relatively hidden section, it has a section named “National Policy” which reveals the opposition’s plan for Belarus eventual entry into NATO and the EU.

The website has since been taken down; however, it can still be found on web archive.

“I am a presidential candidate Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya and this is my letter to all citizens of Belarus.

I am 37 years old. She was born in Polesie. Graduated from the philological faculty of the Mozyr Pedagogical University. I am fluent in Belarusian, Russian and English.

A year ago, my husband Sergei Tikhanovsky created his own project “Country for Life” and went to Belarus. Sergey gave people the opportunity to speak up. They talked about what worries them, what they feel, what they think about Belarus. People talked about their difficult life and dreamed of living in a free and rich country.

I was amazed at how scared the authorities were. People began to be threatened, fired from their jobs, and thrown into prisons. It turned out that the opportunity to speak out can wake up society.

When Sergei was deprived of the opportunity to participate in the elections, having unjustly accused and arrested him, I decided to replace him and go to victory. For myself, for my husband, for all of us, for our children. As a wife, as a mother, I understand that in a family one for all and all for one. I want it to be the same in our country.”

That’s how it begins, then moves on to what she would like for Belarus to become in the future.

“I want to become the President of the Republic of Belarus, but not for the sake of a position, but in order to return you the right to choose.

We are building a country not only for ourselves, but also for our children.

I want our children to receive a good education, medical care, so that they can find a good job, start a family and have their own home. So that they stay to live here, on their land, and not want to leave in search of a freer and more just country.

I want us to feel love and respect for ourselves, have the right to choose and be proud of our country to live in.

I want Belarus to be respected in the world, so that we look for friends, not enemies.

I want to see the vile tradition of persecuting people for the truth become a thing of the past.”

Then she looks into the National Policy which was constructed with the assistance of Victor Babariko and Valery Tsepkalo, as well as “the best experts, parties and public organizations.”

Babariko and Tsepkalo had a website, which contained the National Policy, but it appears to be gone now – reformby.com, it is available on Web Archive. Tsikhanovskaya linked the website in her campaign website – essentially the National Policy wasn’t even part of her own campaign, but a link to an outside, third party website, as it was likely made by individuals outside of her campaign party.

A Closer Look At Belarusian Opposition's Heavily Anti-Russian National Policy Plans

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The main directions of reforming the existing state policy are: withdrawal from integration associations with the participation of Russia; preservation and development of the national cultural heritage, the Belarusian language; sustainable economic growth; high level and quality of life of citizens; democratic system of government.

Below are the issues that the improved national security needs to deal with:

  1. Aggressive foreign policy of the Kremlin.

To implement its revisionist, imperial plans, the Kremlin is actively using:

  • economic and energy blackmail,
  • information pressure,
  • spreading fake news and misinformation,
  • toxic effects on the elite and society,
  • falsification of history in order to manipulate the public consciousness,
  • artificial provocation and incitement of internal conflicts.

The Russian leadership is using the concept of “Russian peace” to strengthen Moscow’s control over Belarus. The basis for this is often the Russian language and the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Kremlin is actively using soft power methods: NGOs, thought factories, the media, bloggers, social networks, exchanges and internships in Russia.

  1. Lack of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and other basic freedoms.

Independent media is under severe pressure. Civil society and the political opposition face severe restrictions on their activities and persecution. There have been no free and fair elections in the country for more than two decades.

  1. Low level of national consciousness and dominance of the Russian language.

The complete inability of state ideologues and state media to compete with the propaganda of the Russian media: Russian television and radio actually dominate the information field of Belarus.

  1. The problematic state of the Belarusian economy.

The Belarusian economy is facing significant depreciation of fixed assets and technological backwardness not only from world leaders but also from its neighbors – the EU.

  1. Membership of Belarus in integration supranational entities, dominated by Russia – the Union State, the CSTO, the EurAsEC, the CIS.

As part of the CSTO, Belarusians are threatened with involvement in armed conflicts in Central Asia and around the world. Through participation in the CSTO, there is a threat of the use of Asian or Russian troops in our territory. Belonging to the CSTO also hinders the modernization of the army.

  1. Changing priorities and emphases in the foreign policy of the European Union.

The EU is facing unprecedented migration challenges and the consequences of Brexit. Many EU countries are looking for compromises with the Kremlin.

The United States is not a real guarantor of Belarus ‘independence, despite progress in bilateral relations and Washington’s firm commitment to Belarus’ independence and sovereignty.

Following are the main goals and objectives of the reform:

The main goal of reforming the national security sector is the immediate mobilization and consolidation of society in order to protect independence and sovereignty.


  • strengthening national identity, increasing patriotism and national dignity;
  • unification of society on the basis of democratic values ​​and the idea of ​​building an independent Belarus;
  • reduction of the Kremlin’s influence on Belarus through informational, economic, integration and humanitarian factors;
  • withdrawal from post-Soviet integration associations dominated by Russia;
  • integration into Western political, economic and military structures (EU, NATO).

This will all be implemented with the following steps:

  1. In the political sphere:
  • withdrawal from the “Union State”, the Eurasian Union, the Customs Union and other integration entities dominated by Russia;
  • banning pro-Russian organizations whose activities run counter to national interests, as well as Russian foundations and organizations that fund such structures;
  • criminalization of public statements challenging the existence of a separate Belarusian nation and / or its historical right to its own state. Introduction of criminal liability for public insults to the Belarusian language;
  • monitoring by civil society forces of pro-Kremlin initiatives in Belarus;
  • border and customs control on the border with Russia.
  1. Prohibition on sale of Belarusian infrastructure facilities to Russian companies.
  2. In the information sphere:
  • liberation of independent media from state pressure and control, ensuring media freedom and freedom of speech in Belarus;
  • ban on broadcasting journalistic socio-political and news programs created by Russian TV channels in Belarus;
  • inclusion in the standard TV package of mandatory public TV channels of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine;
  • resumption of permanent activities of the Public Coordinating Council in the field of mass media.
  1. In the military sphere:
  • withdrawal from the CSTO, return of full control of Belarus over its own air and missile defense systems;
  • withdrawal from the territory of Belarus of Russian military facilities – a communication center in Vileyka and a radar station near Baranovichi;
  • expansion of patriotic education in the Belarusian army;
  • translation of educational work in the army into Belarusian;
  • development of border infrastructure at the borders with EU countries, increasing the capacity of border crossings.
  1. In the environmental sphere:
  • ban on commissioning and closure of new harmful industries in Brest, Mogilev, Svetlogorsk;
  • publication of comprehensive truthful information on the construction, safety and operation of the Astravets NPP;
  • holding a broad public discussion on the fate of the Astravets NPP.
  1. In the social sphere:
  • raising wages and improving the working conditions of health and education workers.
  1. In the cultural sphere:
  • popularization of national heroes with a bias in the XIX and XX centuries;
  • popularization of Kastus Kalinouski as a political founder of the modern Belarusian nation, as a symbol of the struggle of Belarusians for freedom and independence and as a figure that should consolidate around all those committed to the values ​​of national revival and independence.

These steps generally need to be fulfilled by 2025 and 2030 respectively, when the plan is for Belarus to finally enter NATO and the EU.

The plan by 2030 also includes strengthening cooperation and formation of strategic partnership within the Baltic-Black Sea community, formation and organizational design of the relevant regional intergovernmental bloc.

Additionally, diversifying energy supplies by 2030 is also important: a limit on the share of suppliers in any of the countries to a maximum of 30% of total energy imports. This is specifically aimed against Russia, but is obviously not achievable in the very-short term, that is why it is not mentioned in the immediate steps to be taken.

Naturally, Tsikhanovskaya would also need outside help, and she issued an appeal to the European Council for assistance.

Summing up the plans and actions of the Belarusian ‘opposition’, it becomes evident that its main goal is to seize power with the support of Western backers by any means and then just turn Belarus into Ukraine 2.0. The Belarus sovereignty, economy and interests of Belarusian citizens will be sacrificed for the interests of a small group of Western-funded ‘activists’ and ‘politicians’ and the country will be sold off to Euro-Atlantic structures.


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Lone Ranger

So neither her or her husband are Belorussians. Both CIA/soros funded trolls. Same old story…


Not Belorussian,what are they?

Lone Ranger

Probably Poland or Ukropisstan in regard of country of origin. Their name indicate they are ethnic Russians tho. But so is Navalny… Unfortunately idiots and traitors are everywhere.

Harry Smith

Navalniy’s mother is Ukrainian and his cousin is active member of radical nazi movement in Ukraine. Tsikhanovskaya could be Polish second name as well as Russian.

Lone Ranger

Good point.


Thanks it needs looking into,the likes of that rat Navalny would have welcomed the Nazis into Moscow.


Makes sense.


From what i found out the husband was born in Western Belarus near the Polish Lithuanian border,and she was born in Belarus,but they are probably both western puppets,remember that western puppet in Ukraine Yats? where is that rat these days?probably Israel.he went just after the ukrainian gold reserves left the Country in the middle of the night.

Lone Ranger

Always blame the other side with your own crimes. CIA protocol 101…

Albert Pike

‘withdrawal from post-Soviet integration associations dominated by Russia; integration into Western political, economic and military structures (EU, NATO).’

She thinks she gets a better deal for ‘her’ people with Christian Zionist Mike Pompeo – she is delusional…


The fate of the people is utterly irrelevant and, regardless of whether she is again of the usual (((ethnicity))) or not, it’s highly doubtful anyway that she thinks of them as “her people” after a comprehensive training in the Soros school. This is about NATO tanks completing the next milestone on their march to Moscow. If the response once again is feeble and late, it may all well succeed.


She is bought and paid for with US dollars from Pompous Pompeo’s ‘Democracy Fund’.

Tommy Jensen

It must be the same production team they are using all over. Nevertheless its incredible they still can get away with the same effective tactics. Colour revolution concept, fine video from China. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PrIG4A6lj0


Did Nastya get fired? I miss her videos


Catholic proselytism and Atlantic NATO Fascism with liberal Soros battering ram must be stopped in Belarus, before things get much worse., If Russia permits repeating of Ukrainian scenario repeating in Belarus, many people including me, will lose their respect for Russia and President Vladimir Putin.


At this time i don’t think there is much Russia can do,if they back Larashenka it could turn most of the population against them,if they send in troops now that will inflame the situation,so they have to be careful,if there is a direct military threat from Nato to Belarus,thats a different matter,if that woman does take over and tries to bring Nato in that will be a red line and Putin would need to get on the phone and make that clear,any attempt to bring in Foreign troops would trigger a Russian intervention.


You make reasonable points (maybe Lukashenko invites them to accuse them immediately after that of “excessive violence” and starts to play role of defender of Belarus people whose “trust” was betrayed by evil perfidy full Russians…So he is forced to stop them and defend poor Belarus people ) The best thing would be to send FSB and do things as discretely and as quietly as possible (first to eliminate all the bastards that came from Russia to create the trouble and after that, all the others as well). But all that depends on Lukhashenko (maybe he is calling for help in public but plans how to set them up) That guy can not be ever trusted. I see Lukhashenko as “threat” as well not only CIA, MI6 , Soros, Pole secret services and all others

Lukhashenko is trapped and he is dangerous.

As for Putin I would be surprised that he didn’t already have (secret) talks with Trump and Angela Merkel , maybe even Emanuel Macron about possible agreement over the situation in Belarus (without telling anything to Lukhashenko)

Alberto Garza

i was under the impression that putin was not that unhappy with regime change .

cechas vodobenikov

another defector that believes Hollywood lies. hiding in Lithuania —for all the pro govt rallies in Belarus–go to the website belta


on the non-factory workers ‘protesting’ at Minsk factories….https://eng.belta.by/president/view/lukashenko-thanks-factory-workers-encourages-them-to-stand-tall-132685-2020/

johnny rotten

The same old program of middle class destruction and the looting of state property, hidden behind false words like democracy and freedom of the press, chimeras that don’t exist anywhere in the world.


Latvia was de facto looted by the EU as well. In addition to that, many factories were closed permanently as they did not reach EU standards. The result being poverty and an exodus of working age people to the EU. Debt is now a problem in Latvia. Debt slavery is an expected part of Western existence.


I think I puked a little reading most of those policies. Keep this NATO/EU loving Cow away from power at all costs. She wants Belarus to be a weak little puppet state in a perpetual state of hostility towards Russia.

Just like Ukraine they’d talk a lot of shit towards Russia because they naively think Uncle Sam would save them. But Uncle Sam is now terminally ill (so to speak), so placing their faith on this strategy is very short sighted.


A smart program to make the split between Belarus and Russia irreversible, no matter how much misery it will cause actual Belarusians. The effectiveness of these measures has already been demonstrated in Ukraine/Banderistan/Nulandistan; no wonder, it’s the same interests implementing it.


Don’t leave me Nastya. I am really sorryan


Looks like that policy document was drafted in Washington.

Harry Smith

Just a remark. I would rather translate “Russian peace” as “Russian universe”.

Rhodium 10

Suddenly everyone have a white-red flag ( surely delivered from lithuania or Poland friends)…..in the first day of protest…same cars going around again and again…honking their horns in front of protesters…


How about a referendum asking the people if they truly want to turn away from Russia and toward the West, i.e., the United States? In other words, toward a declining hegemonic bully, whose dollar is heading toward zero, or toward Russia, who does not want to expand its “empire, whose economy is in good shape, with minimal foreign debt, and a very bright future? Or otherwise stated, do you want to become Ukraine 2.0 or not?

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