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A Close Look At Russia’s Peter the Great Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Troops

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A Close Look At Russia's Peter the Great Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Troops

Number of missiles in the Russian Strategic Missile Forces throughout the years. Click to see full-size image

On December 14th, Peter the Great Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Troops and its state-of-the-art facilities were shown in an episode of the “Smotr” TV show on the Russian NTV channel.

The video shows students using VR goggles for some of their classes, as well as attending the special class of 3D solid state modelling. The video furthermore shows that the academy also has brand-new and up-to-date sports facilities and there are numerous interviews with current cadets who praise the higher education institution and thank the chance of being there..

That is where Russia’s future Strategic Missile Forces personnel are trained. In the case of a conflict, they would be responsible for launching their country’s intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Included is a video showing the facilities without the cadets:

The Peter the Great Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces originates from the officer’s branch of the Artillery School, founded on November 25th, 1820 in St. Petersburg and is one of the oldest educational institutions and is considered one of the founders of higher military and technical education in Russia.

From 1849 it was renamed to the Mikhailovsky Artillery School in honor of its founder – Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, since 1855 – the Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy.

In the first hundred years of its activity, academic scientific and pedagogical schools were in fact the only domestic centers for the development of weapon theory, the development of the foundations for the design and manufacture of firearms, missile, and mine devices — the means of destruction of the adversary.

In 1943, the Academy organized the fundamental training of engineering personnel in rocket technology.

In August 1944, the department of armament of the guards mortar units was created, a specialty in missile weapons was opened.

In the fall of 1945, the Academy created the first in the country and the world faculty of missile weapons, and training of professional rocket launchers began.

On December 31st, 1959, the Academy was included in the new type of the Armed Forces – the Strategic Missile Forces.

Throughout its history, the Higher School of Higher Education has repeatedly changed its purpose and name. The most famous of them: Military Technical Academy of the Red Army. Dzerzhinsky, Artillery Academy named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky, F.E. Military Academy Dzerzhinsky.

In 1997, the Academy was renamed the Military Academy of Strategic Missile Forces named after Peter the Great Presidential Decree in order to revive the historical traditions of the Russian Army and given the exceptional contributions of Peter the Great in the creation of a regular army.

Russia appears to be actively modernizing its strategic missile bomber forces, as well as its missile arsenal, and it is naturally warranted to also improve the training procedures for the future personnel that will operate these weapons.


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AM Hants

These two article tie into the above, well, one of them in a random way.

Russia defence budget $47 billion and the US defence budget $750 billion, but, what does each nation get? Just two examples of what you get for $750 billion and what you get for $47 billion.

Part of the $750 package:

The Pentagon’s Headache: Why the US Has Lost the Ability to Build Aircraft Carriers… https://www.stalkerzone.org/the-pentagons-headache-why-the-us-has-lost-the-ability-to-build-aircraft-carriers/

Part of the $47 billion package:

“Prince Vladimir” Is the Most Powerful Submarine Ever Built… https://www.stalkerzone.org/prince-vladimir-is-the-most-powerful-submarine-ever-built/


Completely off topic, but, might be a link to why US defence projects come in so expensive, are the tales from Rudi Giuliano. Has anybody seen the latest?

Giuliani Drops Bombshells Revealing HUGE Money Laundering Operation Involving Bidens, Burisma – Records Show Prosecutor Investigating Burisma Was Poisoned… https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/giuliani-drops-bombshells-revealing-huge-money-laundering-operation-involving-bidens-burisma-records-show-prosecutor-investigating-burisma-was-poisoned/

Wayne Nicholson

The reason the USA can’t build carriers or aircraft that work is the same reason US auto manufacturers can no longer build affordable work trucks. They don’t sell ‘functional’ they sell ‘features’ and they use those ‘features’ to make sales at inflated prices.

I want my work truck to have a basic radio, basic phone connectivity, 3/4 ton capacity, an 8′ bed that can hold a sheet of plywood and a cab that can be hosed out and brakes and steering that can handle control the vehicle at high speed even when loaded …. all of which can be had for $20 – $25 k.

What they try to sell me is an underpowered jacked up computer infested glorified station wagon, with plush seats and carpet that gets destroyed in 6 months, a useless 5′ bed, frightfully underpowered for it’s size and brakes that fade under load and have to be replaced every 30 k km …. which costs me nearly $40k.

My current truck is just over a year old and the computer thinks I have a trailer hooked up every time I start the truck and it no longer recognizes my phone. If I want a computer in my truck I’ll bring a lap top, I can read a map I don’t need GPS and I can roll down my windows the old fashion way.

When I was buying this truck there were a total of 3 trucks available with an 8′ bed and a regular cab. All of them were Fords, none of them came with vinyl interior and the cheapest truck was $35k Canadian. Toyota no longer even makes a truck with an 8′ bed and the base model GMC is selling for $40k.

This is what these assholes are doing to the working man ….. imagine what they are doing to the US military with their limitless pockets and zero fiscal consequences to the buyers.


I so agree with what you say. Computers that say ‘NO’ when a light bulb is dead etc , are of no benefit in working trucks. Too much cost of gizmos that are rarely, if ever used is a waste of cash. Yet things like galvanised chassis and bodywork are ignored.

I am retired now and it will be difficult to find a SUV, or any vehicle really, with just the basics. I even prefer a radio with a knob I can turn with my fingers without looking at it to find a channel.

I detest driving in the UK now anyway.

AM Hants

Good point and also seriously sad.

I remember growing up in the 70s, when both the US and UK had highly respectable automobile and shipbuilding industries. Then the asset strippers turned up, getting rid of most of the highly valued, skilled labour and what came next?

It was like the Navy report, with regards the USS John McCain and USS Fitzgerald Destroyers, where they found the cause was owing to the sailors not being taught how to use a pencil and compass and never being taught how to use the control panel. Not much good, when out in the open seas, navigating around the merchant shipping.


Russian military training is effective in all senses of the word, AM , BUT the Russian forces are not schooled in Gender and LGBT++++++ awareness as the 1st priority of their missile defence and response duties.

I wish you a fantastic Christmas and a magnificent New Year. A New Year that I trust, will be the beginning of a renaissance, especially in the Midlands and North.

It is long overdue.

AM Hants

Thanks for the Christmas greeting Florian and I return the same to you.

Must admit, I am still laughing at events of last week, despite despising politicians of all parties and not wanting to vote. Where I live, even the Labour candidate who was stepping down was writing letters to the electorate, begging them to vote Conservative. Well, spluttering on my coffee was not the only shock action, to come from me. I had absolutely nought to do with the lead up to the election, but, did cast my vote, begrudgingly and only owing to BREXIT factors. Then, just as I was going to go to sleep, I thought I would check the poll results on the TV. Four o’clock in the morning and I was still watching, finding so much humour. Old Sturgeon, seriously does sister-hood well, as Jo Swinson found out.

I wonder how long it will take the REMOANERS to regroup and no doubt, in for years more of the same, starting in January and trade agreements. That is before old Krankie, North of the Border gets her broomstick out.

Off topic, but, have you heard the latest from ‘tales of Ukraine aka Burisma and dodgy US politicians’?

Giuliani Drops Bombshells Revealing HUGE Money Laundering Operation Involving Bidens, Burisma – Records Show Prosecutor Investigating Burisma Was Poisoned… https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/


Yes a pal sent me that from the US late this afternoon. The fact that Rudi has gone public with it is great to hear.

Libtards all, in the US are literally fighting and lying to save themselves from life in jail. There will hopefully be an earthquake in the financial industry here. All the revolving doors between commerce, regulation, banking, civil service, government, et all are an unholy alliance for the many thieves and charlatans within the system. Lloyds bank is facing a scandal that greater than that of HSBC. Forged signatures on loan documents, in house and of those who were encouraged to take loans, have been used by Lloyds to plunder the assets of customers. Wells Fargo in the US did the same sort of thing and was convicted and fined billions.

Court cases seeking damages from Lloyds are scheduled from March 2020 ,I think. A few weeks ago there was a discussion about this on RT and yesterday there was a debate about in RT with a senior retired senior policeman and an forensic accountant. Both are of the view that its Organised Crime.


AM Hants

With regards Lloyds, Noel Edmonds so comes to mind and just one of many. They virtually wiped him out, using dodgy salesmen, if memory serves me correct.


In early 2009 , I had a visit from my company bank manager and a sidekick. It was HSBC bank. At the time my company had a large (for me) cash deposit and no debt anywhere.

He wanted me to put the cash into HSBC two or three year bonds with a low interest rate. I do not like bonds anyway , as they are just I.O.U’s in reality. I asked him what would happen if I wanted all or some of the money for any reason. He said that I could easily borrow against the bonds. I asked at what interest rate. He said ‘about 9.5% as things are now’. HSBC ath the time were paying virtually no interest on deposits then.

I then rubbed my forehead a lot, and he asked if anything was wrong. I said no, I was just rubbing the word ‘Cunt’ off my forehead. I then told the manager and his mate with their two flashy cars to Fuck Off and not to bother me again. They never did for some reason :)

AM Hants

Wasn’t that similar to what happened to Noel Edmonds, courtesy of Lloyds?

With regards Bonds, with you, with regards the I.O.Us – as proven with the US. When your bank manager turns up on your doorstep, you know they need you more than you need them and not a good sign for the bank haha.


That’s true :)


Northrop Grumman Selected for Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor Phase IIa Program

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