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A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

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A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

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Pro-NATO propaganda units have broadcasted a new episode of their censorship excuse series.

On May 5th, the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab), published a new piece designed to label SouthFront as official Russian propaganda. (LINK) The article employs a twisted, yet sophisticated, style of mixing words, pictures and public facts in order to support the Atlantic Council’s agenda. It largely attempts to build an association between SouthFront and News Front, and in so doing, relies heavily, if not entirely on guilt by association, to label SouthFront as official Russian propaganda. Throughout its report, the DFRLab fails to provide a single example of any association between the two entities, providing zero evidence.

The DFRLab “hit piece” fully confirms the conclusions reached by our analysis “An In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes of SouthFront Censorship”, published last week. Thus, we would like to extend a big thank you to the team of DFRLab. Thanks to their incompetence, they provided us with overwhelming evidence for the upcoming court case against Facebook and YouTube.

A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

Screenshot: https://medium.com/dfrlab/facebook-removes-propaganda-outlets-linked-to-russian-security-services-51fbe2f6b841

Let’s take a closer look at the DFRLab’s published “report”. As we have already pointed out, in order to label SouthFront as official Russian propaganda, NATO propagandists first identify another media site with a similar name, and then proceed to emphasize the similarity of the two brands.

The name of this organization is “News Front”, which indeed shares the word “Front” in its name, yet the similarities end there. News Front is an official Russian organization that is located in Crimea and publicly pursues an acute pro-Russian patriotic informational agenda for a Russian speaking audience.

During the entire article, DFRLab proceeds to regularly put the SouthFront name next to that of News Front, as if in a crime witness line-up, and yet 90% of the text is dedicated to News Front. The first 12 paragraphs are dedicated to an overview of open data about the founders and editors of News Front. In order to paint a picture of the supposed malign behavior of News Front, the DFLab authors added to the report such names as RT, Sputniknews, Mehr, Press TV. In other words, media sites whose affiliation with state governments is a declared matter of public record.

SouthFront is only sparingly mentioned during this entire segment. For example, the authors added a single screenshot of the deleted Facebook page of SouthFront claiming that “Most of the assets that DFRLab had access to did not hide their connection to South Front or News Front.”

A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

Screenshot: https://medium.com/dfrlab/facebook-removes-propaganda-outlets-linked-to-russian-security-services-51fbe2f6b841

Any reader, even the most loyal of DFRLab followers, would be surprised by such an almost subliminal attempt to conflate the two organizations. What is the aim of the authors in presenting to the audience this screenshot? If they were trying to display their deep investigative research in concluding that the screenshot belongs to SouthFront, then we can only say, thank you Captain Obvious.

At this point, this brilliant investigation once again forgets about SouthFront all together and focuses on publishing screenshots demonstrating that News Front’s various Facebook pages were linked with one another. All Facebook pages run by a single organization are linked. What a surprise! Bravo DFRLabs for this brilliant deduction.

A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

Screenshot: https://medium.com/dfrlab/facebook-removes-propaganda-outlets-linked-to-russian-security-services-51fbe2f6b841

We do not know if there are any violations of journalistic norms or Facebook’s Terms of Service on the part of News Front. In any case, it remains unclear how the big international team of authors working under the brand of SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is linked to News Front in any way. Instead the   DFRLab authors resort to a little bit of journalistic “sleight of hand.”

“Though the DFRLab did not find that the accounts involved used inauthentic means at scale, there were clear attempts to use sockpuppet accounts to push content, especially in promoting News Front and South Front stories.”

From this quote, it becomes clear that they accuse SouthFront’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/southFrontEnTwo/) of using “sockpuppet” accounts to push content;  however, they decline to provide any evidence to confirm this claim, because it is simply a blatant lie.

At this point in the article, DFRLab focuses on juggling screenshots of News Front and Anna News accounts related to various aspects of the pro-Russian agenda they are trying to peddle to the reader. Vague conspiracy reasoning of the authors regarding News Front and Anna News continues almost until the end of the article. After this, they once again, without any pretext, mention SouthFront.

“South Front features similar content to News Front, but the former mostly posts military-related analysis.”

A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

Screenshot: https://medium.com/dfrlab/facebook-removes-propaganda-outlets-linked-to-russian-security-services-51fbe2f6b841

This claim demonstrates that DFRLab team members have never actually read any of the content available on southfront.org and know nothing about SouthFront’s long history of accomplished work, content and editorial policy. Instead, they resort to simple dishonesty. To push their stated agenda, they enlist the aid of our old acquaintances from EUvsdisinfo:

“According to EUvsDisinfo, the outlet shares Russian talking points “verbatim” and is “frequently featured in [its] database of cases of disinformation.”

If EUvsdisinfo is the only source of DFRLab’s revelations about SouthFront, this explains the poor quality of the article. On May 6th, SouthFront released an in-depth look at claims made by EUvsdidinfo regarding SouthFront. In its recent article vilifying SouthFront, this pro-NATO propaganda unit cherry-picks a mere 3 of approximately 3,000 articles released by SouthFront since the start of the year.

Near the end of the report, having realized that their ‘investigation’ is long on inuendo and short on facts implicating SouthFront in their imaginary conspiracy, DFRLabs presented the coup de grace. They found two Facebook pages “ZuidFront” and “South Front Netherlands” and published 3 screenshots of posts from these pages dated 2015, 2016 and 2017. The Facebook post of “ZuidFront” demonstrates the position of then DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko towards Brexit, while two SouthFront Netherlands posts are dedicated to the MH17 case. The DFRLab article then presents a screenshot of the “South Front Netherlands” description which states that the page is run by a group of Dutch citizens that translate content of SouthFront and other media organizations.

The screenshots posted by DFRLab are below:

A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

Screenshot: https://medium.com/dfrlab/facebook-removes-propaganda-outlets-linked-to-russian-security-services-51fbe2f6b841

A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

Screenshot: https://medium.com/dfrlab/facebook-removes-propaganda-outlets-linked-to-russian-security-services-51fbe2f6b841

A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

Screenshot: https://medium.com/dfrlab/facebook-removes-propaganda-outlets-linked-to-russian-security-services-51fbe2f6b841

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is an independent group of authors from around the world that focuses on issues of international relations, armed conflicts and crises. The individuals that run “ZuidFront” and “South Front Netherlands” made use of the umbrella brand of SouthFront, but operated independently. We regularly receive emails and messages from people that want to contribute their efforts to share and promote an independent point of view on key developments around the world. SouthFront always tries to provide them with technical help, advice and other assistance. We have repeatedly done this in the past and will continue to do this.

Another ridiculous attempt by the DFRLab authors to link SouthFront with News Front is through the use of various screenshots and statistics regarding the posting of content on News Front’s Facebook page. The main point is that News Front published some southfront.org content on their Facebook page.

Until recently, and largely as a result of this issue, the SouthFront team knew very little about News Front. The only contact that we had with any of the other sites mentioned was with Anna News in 2016, when Anna News translated several SouthFront videos into Russian on their own initiative. These examples are the few meager “contacts” that SouthFront has had with the group of nefarious Russian organizations mentioned in the DFLab hit piece. Furthermore, DFRLab failed to specify how many News Front articles were published by SouhFront’s Facebook page. Why? The answer is simple: the SouthFront Facebook page has never posted News Front articles. All content published on our Facebook page originated from southfront.org.

SouthFront is also mentioned again in the conclusion of the DFRLab piece. The incompetence of the authors is perplexing, as they assert that in general, SouthFront specializes in covering the conflict in Ukraine.

A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

Screenshot: https://medium.com/dfrlab/facebook-removes-propaganda-outlets-linked-to-russian-security-services-51fbe2f6b841

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is just one among the many conflicts covered by SouthFront. In the recent years, accounting for only 1.5% of SouthFront content. Now that we realize how especially concerned the pro-NATO propagandists are by alternative coverage of the conflict in Ukraine, we promise to contribute far more time and energy in our efforts to cover developments in Ukraine and Eastern Europe in general.

Dear friends,

We suggest that you read the DFRLab piece for yourselves and make your own conclusions regarding this comedy series promoted by DFRLab and EUvsdisinfo, and the intellectual potential of these organizations that operate thanks to taxpayers’ money. Their efforts would be truly laughable, if not for their total disregard for journalistic integrity and the pursuit of truth.



Account: southfront@internet.ru

A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

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A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

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A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship


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A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship


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A Close Look At Efforts Of Pro-NATO Propaganda Units Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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NATO is a US/UK Colonial pelage for Europe.

All French and Swiss medias owners, journalists and intervenants are Jews submarines
most of the time !
Propaganda, manipulations and factoring consent is intense and unbearable !


“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” G.Orwell.

Shut it down.

They censor you if you are ‘pro-russian’ (and you are ‘pro-russian’ if you are not enough anti-russian). They censor you if you are pro-Assad (and you are pro-Assad if you are not pro-al Qaeda). They censor you if you are defending Marine Le Pen or Viktor Orban because you are ‘far right’. They censor you if you defending Maduro because you are ‘far left’. They censor you if you are conservative. They censor you if you are liberal (truly liberal, not fake liberal like them). They censor you if you disagree with their lies. They censor you if you have an opinion. They censor you if you are not them…

I liked to listen one particular video with imperial german marches (*imperial Germany is not nazi Germany). Recently it was deleted , only this remain on Youtube: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.” Combating hate speech they say (by deleting 100+ years old patriotic and military music)… In that case the Star-Spangled Banner is a hate speech as well. Or La Marseillaise. Everything is “hate” except their own hysterical and obsessive hate. Everything is “propaganda’ except their own sick propaganda approved by the Atlantic Council, ‘Freedom’ House and other criminal propagandists, lobbyists, commissars… think-tanks from WashingtonDC swamp whose only purpose is to create ideological pretext for their masters global tyranny.

The truth is: everything they say and do is 100% hate and 100% propaganda.


For more than 70 years the so-called “west”, largely made up of hypocrites and pathological liars hase tried to control the global narrative, however, its vacuous one-dimensional MSM has failed miserably and is now shunned by their own populations as the internet and alternate independent media like Southfront have provided a more credible view of the world and rapidly changing global economic, political and geo-strategic situation. US and its NATO vassal camp followers have been exposed as hollowed out bandits, and this poses a great challenge for them as the Hollywood narrative unravels. Demonizing Russia, China and the Muslims no longer works, and hence US and NATO desperation.

K Pomeroy

“They censor you if you have an opinion.” Yep, I think that’s it!

Karen Bartlett

And 100% desperation.

Anthony Papagallo

The west is losing. They’re afraid.


Very very afraid :)


SouthFront should stop calling the ISISrael/NATO-backed terrorists entrenched in Idlib and other parts of Syria, or anywhere else, “militants”, they’re outright Islamist terrorists through and though, fighting to establish a Ziocorporate-collaborating emirate in Syria, the likes of Jordan, UAE or Ziodi Arabia.

NATO-based media won’t stop calling SF a “Russian propaganda outfit” because there’s no other way they could treat any media reporting facts about the US/UK/France-led Zioterrorist onslaught on mankind to justify their actions against SF, so dropping that bullshit “jounalistic neutrality” about as fair to the jounalistic profession as can be in the face of Ziocorporate-dominated global media narratives.

Peter Jennings

It’s quite clear that there is no free speech on any of these platforms. Most of these platforms/companies are getting too big for their boots. The US should do with these companies what they did with IBM all those years ago when when some semblance of sanity still existed.

Google, farcebook, twatter are not only denying people their civil rights but they are also a threat to any further competition within the industry of social media.
They are also deceiving the public into thinking they are purely public company’s run for the benefit of their patrons. Nothing can be further from the truth. The places are brimming with spooks and ghouls who love to get a hold of all that personal data.

The present management in all these companies are our gaolers, not our liberators. The youngsters won’t get that at the moment, but they will, if they have enough time before the cage snaps shut.


I’ll be honest with you, for the sheeple, you don’t need to provide any fake evidence. My friends just reject websites like southfront out of hand, calling anything but the Guardian or the Independent etc as ‘conspiracy sites’.. Well, a lot of times these days they do qualify their statements with “I don’t mean to sound like Ilya with his conspiracy theories..”, so who knows, maybe the glass floor is cracking slowly!

good american

Cassandra had one of the worst curses, didn’t she? Each year I appreciate her more.

cechas vodobenikov

but when the NYT etc claimed there was WMD’s in Iraq that was quality journalism…..”the wolf cares not how many the sheep there may be”. Virgil. the wolf knows who to eat…who wrote, “if u abandon your coincidence theories, I will consider abandoning my conspiracy theories”???


I don’t know, but I’m keeping it, thanks! :D

Pave Way IV

DFRLabs is the Atlantic Council, and Michael Weiss is their Goebbels. They are mostly still-pissed-that-Hillary-lost Israeli-firster neocon psychopaths and consummate warmongers.

For quality hilarity, watch DFRLabs as they tap-dance through the minefield of ‘China and COVID19 disinformation’. They have to hate China – it’s part of the narrative. But DFRLabs is also dreaming of the day Biden and Company could take over the White House. Biden has sacks of yuan (in addition to those he already got) riding on his shady Chinese exploitation scams. DFRLabs can’t demonize China too much or Uncle Joe is going to get pissed if he’s elected president. What’s an unhinged DFRLabs neocon to do? Biden doesn’t need the Atlantic Council – they need him.


So, when the Obama administration was hitting China with the aggressive naval maneuvers, the THAAD missile system in Korea, the radicalization of Chinese Uighurs into “moderate” terrorists, etc., what was Biden doing about it? I’m sure he knows that war with China is part of the narrative, but he did nothing to stop it before. Why start now…?

AM Hants

Ironic. When media disinformation agents are working for NGOs, paid for by the tax payer and set up to focus on demonising Russia, accuses alternative media of their own crimes.


Propaganda is of course as old as human life, and throughout time propaganda has varied from the absurd to half truths etc.

NATO propaganda in general seems to be based on pure fantasy that is enabled by the parrot like communication of the digital world.

The missing part of the NATO propaganda arms, is the inability to fabricate false information that even a ‘three year old’ would believe. (although I do accept that many ‘useless NATO nation eaters’ have always had the thought processes of a ‘one year old’.

NATO ‘Group Think’ has created propaganda teams of woke and self identified graduates without any imagination or original thought.

Anyone could be excused for believing that there is a common purpose to all of this inanity, AM.

AM Hants

Talking of NATO, must admit to finding myself laughing. The redundant Prime Minister of non-nuclear Norway, Stoltenberg. He was demanding Germany grin and bear the US nukes, for the peace of all. Non-nuclear Germany and the nukes, under orders from an idiot who has no knowledge of nukes whatsoever.

Reminded me of Blair’s Scottish mate, who was good friends with the boy scout pedo, who went psychotic at the Dunblane School. Didn’t they make him a Lord? The CND Peace Campaigner, who was Blair’s Minister of Defence, before he became the Head of NATO, in time for Kosovo.

What is it with pedos, rainbow warriors, Pride Parade and NATO?


The poofta named ‘Robertson’ and his ilk love men in uniforms :)

Pooftas revel in having ‘hissy fits’, yet they tend to have a predilections toward spite and cruelty. These are my observations anyway.

AM Hants

That was the one, quite creepy looking. English version of those Ukraine twins, pouncing around in the impeachment hearings.

There was an article on him, think via UK Column, where he was freaking out, in the House of Lords, (why does the place remind me of social housing for politicians?). Before BREXIT and he did not want it mentioned that May has signed us upto the EU Army, in or out of the EU. Only, we are not meant to know.

What Scottish Free Mason Club was he in, that included the Boy Scout Pedo, Thomas Hamilton?
Did you know the Dunblane Massacre, all official papers have a 100 year classification? Why?


The 100 year rule for public access is only for the most secret of all British state secrets and that means that some or all of the establishment scum at the highest levels of politics,jewdiciary,military,royalty,big business, banking, and foreign elite’s et all are named in the enquiry into paedophilia at Dumblane.

AM Hants

I was reading the Dunblane blog, looking to find the name of the Scottish Free Mason Lodge, that so many Scottish politicians were linked to.

Tony Blair, with. His Scottish special advisor Alistair Campbell, ex-editor of Robert Maxwell’s Daily Mirror. Then the mouthy Scottish mob in his Cabinet. Together with Gordon Brown. With some dodgy Scottish politicians from the same Lodge in the other political parties.

Weird, how you have similar, but, over in the Bullington Boys on the alleged Marxist Right. Yep, contradiction, however. With the Scottish Free masons running the left side.

Timothy Bell, Maggie Thatcher’s Special Adviser. Bell Pottinger – spin Iraq War and PR Management for Russian Mafia Mobsters. Brother of David Bell, who set up Common Purpose, Heads Media Standards Committee and Leveson Enquiry. Not forgetting, David Bell is also the leader of the Cambridge University Press. Funny how Bullington Boys and Scottish Free Masons headed to Common Purpose. Sorry, I repeat that so often.

Timothy Bell, advertising executive with Saatchi and Saatchi. Didn’t he give us Blair’s devil eyes, for one of Maggie’s campaigns, whilst Blair gave him a lifetime peerage. Why are politicians best mates outside the commons, but, at each other’s throats, when the cameras are rolling?


Sir Malcom Rifkind was a name that popped up during the Dunblane affair, AM.

This website may be known to you, but if not, its gold dust :)


There is a long list of child abuse and other scandals within the UK, many of which have a 100 year ‘D’ Notice to protect the establishment.

Another interesting site, AM.


AM Hants

Cheers, I must admit I do not go checking it out often, owing to not wanting to go there. However, when I do have a nose, the same old names pop up, including Rifkind. He so reminds me of the child catcher, over in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

I seriously can no longer vote, owing to not only the genocide our politicians embrace, but, also the fact so many pedos end up in politics. All parties.

Then it is how bits and pieces have skimmed around parts of personal life. With regards Seville and Stoke Mandeville and the Bishop and Euston. Plus, other things, that gets your curiousity twitchy.

Just going to read your links and no doubt not a goog idea, before I settle down for the night haha.

Thanks for providing them.

Peter Jennings

In my opinion what happened at Dunblane was a cleaning up exercise. Cleaning up for a pedo gang. If memory serves there was also some suicides at the school.
It seems that Blaaar couldn’t get the old days out of his system when he used to loiter around the public toilets at Kings Cross.

AM Hants

You just reminded me of Blair and his criminal record. Have you seen the photo of him dressed as Miranda Blair, around the same time, I believe.

With your views, it explains why a school massacre has the 100 year classified certification, awarded to it.

Wasn’t Andy Murray a pupil at the school, when it happened. Still remember the horror of that day. RIP Little ones.

AM Hants

I remember going to Heaven, on Thursday nights in the 80s. With some lovely gay friends. They were genuine, good company and good fun.

What fascinated me, was how they despised what they classed as the ‘clones’, who used to hang out upstairs. Leather, caps and moustaches, with a liking for ‘S&M’ and the more the merrier. Quite entertaining conversations, owing to intelligent banter, with a wonderful twist where gossip was ripe. Funnily enough, used to enjoy Heaven and spending my time surrounded by male, gay friends (I was a fag hag), then the other clubs. Used to hate feeling you were in a meat market and the lack of decent conversation. Haha, so miss the 80s.


Up until the ‘clone’ cult that came largely from the USA, homos were just a part of life. One of the dustmen here in the 60’s was queer :) I have never had a problem with the non ostentatious queers. Its not my ‘cup of tea’ though. There are a few in the horsy world that I know.

Its when they have all the gay pride events that sickens me, and also the camp TV crew as well.

AM Hants

Like you. I have a problem with militants of any persuasion.

My friend, who I used to meet up with, before we entered Heaven and his mates, were lovely people. Genuine, loyal, entertaining and fun and so anti the clone brigade. Sadly lost contact with them all.


It appears that the notification comments have another blackout, AM.

AM Hants

Just noticed they have returned.

Ralph London

AM, have you watched this video?

Includes p-i_e. at about 1 hr 10 mins.

AM Hants

Going to watch that later, with interest. Thanks for the link.

Ralph London

P.S. I haven’t watched it in full, only from after the hour mark.
I’ll await a reply as to whether it’s worth watching before then. ;)

AM Hants

Will get round to watching it tomorrow, when I have the time to watch it in full. Will report back.

Ralph London

AM, I’ve just posted a comment on youtube about this:
and almost in real time it was deleted three times!:
‘So basically the corrupt, shit yanks, fucked over ukraine, stole from them, used dumbfuck ukrainians as cannon fodder against the Donbass people, so that yanks would not have to do the dying but shit for brains ukrainians would, used it and abused it, made the ukrainian people poorer and poorer, and used the IMF against ukraine to get ukraine into debt it will never be able to pay off, with the help of corrupt ukrainian politicians.
And what do the ukrainian nationalists do about it??? They can’t be that ignorant and stupid, by not knowing…they MUST know, which is far far worse, because they allow it to go on, and means they do NOT care about their own people, so long as they get well paid, if not rich, bribing, stealing from their OWN people IN ukraine especially near the conflict zone. If they had tried that 7 years ago, they would have been thrown into prison for being low class, SCUM criminals.’
Only AFTER I posted this ‘youtube, STOP deleting my posts!’ it re-instated the latest one. And now it’s been deleted AGAIN.
See if you can see it there. Thx.

AM Hants

I went to see if I could see your comment, without any luck. Tried watching the video, but, could not switch on the English captions and so need to learn Russian. No doubt I have lost out on an interesting video. However, will see if I can find another copy with English captions tomorrow.

AM Hants

Nice to see Kerry was not left out, although I had trouble listening to the phone call.

Ralph London

More info is coming out. I think only some of it has been released so far.

AM Hants

Cheers, I was going to check if I could find another link to the same information, but, decided I needed to get on with personal things. Thanks for the reminder.

Ralph London

AM, get over to Nigel’s twitter page and watch the video there about the french frogs escorting illegal immigrants to British waters where the TRAITOROUS uk coast guard escorts them to the England coast.
And of course, where is the bbc etc reporting on this??? And where is the bloody useless – & COMPLICIT – home secretary???

AM Hants

Makes a change from sending a UK destroyer to go and pick them up. Have you noticed since White Helmets and friends had to leave Syria, owing to paymasters cutting back there are a lot of rescue tours going on near Dover, bringing the teams back home?

Ralph London

But AM, didn’t Nigel say the coast guard was there to guide them to the English shore, and, worse in a way, to warn Nigel off? Article in the DM today with, of course, only 3 comments – what are they scared of?

Now, it is 100% confirmed that the brit govt knows about this and cannot deny it. Therefore, all its actions from now on has to be to stop it, otherwise it is complicit and therefore willfully and deliberately breaking the law.

Now, where is the brit LEGAL PROFESSION taking collective action against the brit govt to force them to protect our borders??? If anyone knows how to deal with this legally, it is them, so obviously, if they too do nothing, then they also automatically become complicit, as does the border farce, the police etc, so NO ONE can claim that this is NOT a conspiracy of those in power.

P.S. Very good article by Russell on FR today.

AM Hants

Yep. The French escorted them to UK waters and the UK Coast Guard turned up for the handover, threatening Nigel with arrest.

I was wondering why so many were taking the Libya to UK cruise. Then remembered there was a major clear out of White Helmets and friends, back in April or was it March? When Iraq were showing there teeth, with regards US and UK Forces on Syria/Iraq borders. How many from Finsbury Park Mosque were signed upto go to Syria, by the crowd that funds the White Helmets? So how many 40 year old, Syrian children are now returning home?

Just going to check out Mr Bentley. Do like his articles.

AM Hants

Just seen video. After hearing a story from a young girl who has gone public with regards a grooming gang, not far from area I live. She is a teenager, horrific story and so brave to come out and tell her story. You can guess who is being protected. Photos to accompany the nightmare of what she has gone through, over a period of time.

Ralph London

Thanks for watching that Ann-Marie, I actually shouldn’t have asked you to do so, given the content, so my apologies to you.
In line with Tommy Robinson then?

AM Hants

Don’t apologise, glad I saw it. More importantly, needed to see it. Nothing makes sense and surprised the Soros Cruise Liners are not larger. Hasn’t Common Purpose also taken over the Coast Guards?

Tommy Robinson was discussing what I was on about, around this time last year, and named area. Of course, Tommy was in the wrong. The story I read was horrific and went to find out more. DM published it, around lunchtime, but, looks like they pulled it. Even if it was white, English, grooming grounds, my attitude would be exactly the same. Poor kids, society just keeps turning their backs on them.

AM Hants

Just read the US Vaccine Wars by Mr Bentley. Cannot understand why Trump, with the success of General Flynn, went straight for the home goal. Bragging about 300 million vaccines by the New Year. Boris has signed up 30 million vaccines, by Autumn, I believe. Together with the son of Douglas Hurd, an old UK spy, running the UK Bio-Science Task Force. What could go wrong, as Skripals and Steele Dossier come to mind. Well, Boris was Foreign Secretary, in charge of intelligence at the time.

Noticed Lugansk and Donetsk are on high alert wish them well, but, assumed things would kick off courtesy Defender 2020, whilst assuming it would be 9 May 2020. My thoughts are with the brave fighters of Donetsk. Fire up the cauldrons.

Concrete Mike

Oh my, my wife did the same in the 2000’s, until i came along in 08 of course. She essentially told me the same thing, after she drug me out to a similar establishment. I asked her back at home after why she liked it there.

80’s are cool again, although to me it will always be cool.

AM Hants

So true. Going to the regular clubs, was more hassle than worth. Always enjoyed meat and 2 veg, but, found the gay clubs, you could relax. It was not a meat market, with so many assuming you were the winning lottery ticket, for the night. Quite entertaining, when looking back at the memories of the time, how so many simply had no understanding of the word ‘NO’ and that was just relating to the dance floor. Down at Heaven, you were guaranteed good company, a decent laugh and a pleasant night out.


Stop being a proponganda tool for China because of which you were banned from facebook.


You should stop being a general ‘tool’, pp.

Do the letters ‘pp’ mean ‘piss poor’ by the way?

cechas vodobenikov

your racism suggests that u r murikan

Peter Jennings

Probably isreali but it is becoming harder to distinguish one from another.

Traiano Welcome

First learn to spell “propaganda” properly …


Putin did it, has been the Paid Propaganda,Network ‘story’, you are suggesting that the novel narrative has become, Xi did it. Its ‘good’ to know WHO to blame.


Fucking Atlanticist assholes. Their world-view is increasingly obsolete and they just can’t stand it, so they censor opposition in a pathetic attempt to halt the decline.

Concrete Mike

Yeah man, these fake leftists really get to me too, enough with the financial fascism.

Robert Ferrin

Idiot that was created by that stupid Reagan that you and your kind bow down to,carried on by old Bush, Clinton, dip shit Bush, Obama and now Trump you have a fascist country and you deserve it.!!!

Concrete Mike

I’m french canadian dude, and was in diapers when Reagan was president.

But as I get older I have now recognized our society for what it is.

I voted for Mr Singh, the least fascist of the bunch last time around.

cechas vodobenikov

even the US supreme ct justice, Potter Stewart wrote, “censorship reflect a society that has no confidence in itself”. the British anthropologist Geoffrey Gorer, after living in the USSR—where he described Russian as free of anxiety and insecurity, later, in his book the amerikan people demonstrated that amerikans were “troubled by a profound insecurity” that required them to over compensate, lie and brag—after examine Soviet school curriculum and media, he described the censorship in the USA as “ludicrous”—2 years in Jacobin Georgi Derlugian wrote, “amerikan academia is far more effectively censored than was Soviet academia”….an insecure nation of snowflakes that possess zero confidence—demonstrated by Dunning Kruger…this is why these turkey, Israeli and amerikan barbarians must bully weal defenseless peoples —too insecure to challenge nations of equal strength—the turkeys,amerikans Israels use ISIS to fight their wars for them —and steal resources from other nations to in order to prevent their nations from collapsing into moral destitution (already obvious)and civic chaos

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and hasbarats are crying and raging, thats all they can do.


Yeah, SouthF, welcome to the real world.

Of course they Lie, steal and Cheet, what do you expect, and this, uh…har,har,har is so lame it hurts and their atempts to divert this site to be something uh…. Russian just underlines their idiotic drivel/s witch is so lame that even in shitholes like Norway they dont belive that anymore, apart from the payed biitches that is occupying the comentary fields, the usual pack of HasbaRats, and this Web Bot is what they all use this days, from Brigades to Friends of ZATO, but the main problem stil remains, even among the so called alternative sites, incl MoA to Faker is their obsesion of the fake history, they never end their twisted pimping of reality, the same idiot propaganda they claim they are eh…. fighting, packed to the brim with their wn “belivers” and whines and accuses any whom dont drool along to be everything from Nazis to racists, etc, etc to tinfoil hat wackos, that comes also from this sites, never forget that SF, you are in some regards unique, and thats why they all attacks you, some even write about you as you where an hard core porn site, witch everybody goes to but nobody admitts it.
Hehe, dunka dunka.

I have some few regrets, one of them is that I am more or less flat broke every month and have to be carefull on what I use my cash on, I dont waist moooney on anything unless I have to have it or needs it, otherwise I dont spend mooney on Things, I use everything to it basicaly falls apart, incl socks, etc.
The seond is to some a bit more controversial, like when I write about Russia, its not to intimidate or instigate hate in any way or form, since I know some, and have no problems what so ever with Russians but, the present regime is something else, Putin is an master propagandist, good or bad, is for me irrelevant, the problem they have domestically is one thing, witch I rearly tuch due to lack of knowledge and some of the writing is a bit to much assliking of the present Gov for my liking, when Russia is an nation where curruptin is so saturated into the ordinary life that its an plage, and we all know about that, but its in the foreign theater that is where my problems with Putin and the Doma lies, to much assliking of the western scumbags, to complyant, its like they have an masocistic tendency to let them self be humilated every time, and the pathetic whining about cooperating with the same scums whom is throwing shit, is even worse, incl ISISrael whom is pissing all over the place and all what the Russians is doing is trusting their heads further down into the sand, and forget the fact their asses are stil in the air.

And here come another ugh… paradox, why do I try to write about Germany and WW2, witch was an extention of the effect of WW1 and a centurys back before that, is because of exactly the same reason I write about Russia, and the only difference is, why I do this is to show the present Germans that everything they know is lies, everything is based upon propaganda, their present Gov is their worst enemy, the same people whom is behind the Globalist facism is also keeping Germany on their knees, and I also know from history that the UssA and UK/France have been the main hinderance for the two europan nations with the largest potential to be friends, because that have been their target to destroy for centurys, Germans and Russians, since nobody in their right minds will see that in this two respective nations as an problem, the problem comes from outside, inposed thru various means incl the Russian revolution to the insane hardship imposed on the Germans a century ago, all this to make the natural main lands of europa to join them self into an much closer friends ship, Mutti MoreKill and Putin, wher I only see an wall of problems atificialy created by othersiders, where German is an hopeless case this days, pitty, when the truth is diammetrical oposit and all this have been used to create the canyon of drivel we have to endure as we speak.

I sincerely hope that this problem one day just is flushed down the drain, but right now, the ZATO forces have the uper hand in Germany, and in Russia they have the same problem but in an slightly tilted angel, but both have an MSM whom feeds the ZATO agendas of creating an weild witch hinders the future of mutual recognition and cooperation, both suffers from consensuees imposed and maintained, that, SF and Others, is why I write and links the way I do, to show you an side witch isnt been shown, to tell you about something much closer to the truth than this days of idiot propaganda and an MSM whom never alows anything else than their manufactures bonkers reality witch is fundamented on fake history.
I dont hate anyone, I have said it before I hate just two kinds of humans, regardeless of race, collors or creed, and thats revisionistsas and apologistas, I would hang em all in an hart beat if I could, but right now the same people is the reason You SF is attacked, regarding the reasent events in the world and specialy in the Arab world and North africa.

I sincerely hope people suports your site, since I consider you to be uniqe, no one beside and non above, the rest I sites I more or less have stopped reading this Corona virus scam is my last arena, again, its shows whom to trust and not, despite what them self claim, truth always provails.
May the lord have mercy upon us all and bless your work and future, you and we know why they do this, its because you are their nemesis, an force of good and even more imprtant, truth.
Dont give up and never give in.


PS: just an quick test if you are dead or not, in this corona days and if there isnt anything in your body that dont at least twitches to this song, you are indeed dead.
An remix of Elvis. a little less converstations, raw as it should be Funk, I really liked this one.


What a load of rubbish….from start to finish!


Launch a diffamation complaint wherever you can.


A key ingrediant in the covid drama is the social isolation promoted as ‘safety’. The term used is,.. ‘safe distancing’. No studies, only the presumption that it ‘works’.
Apparently there is a study that says it doesn’t work. From the DoD;

Exploration of the Effectiveness of Social Distancing on Respiratory Pathogen Transmission Implicates Environmental Contributions | The Journal of Infectious Diseases | Oxford Academic

And for your funny bone;

K Pomeroy

These censors are completely wrong. Most egregious is their contention that the Donbass “separatists” were involved in the shootdown of MH17, as proven by, of all idiotic sources, Bellingcat! The same Bellingcat that posted faked images of a Buk missile on the back of a flatbed truck, which images were so ridiculously doctored I laughed when I first saw them. Good luck to you SouthFront. You have my complete support.

Andrew Nichols

Just pasted to Facebook

Karen Bartlett

Congratulations, South Front, you are really on top of what’s going on with the censorship of your content.

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