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JULY 2020

A-91 Assault Rifle Grenade Launcher System (Infographics)


A-91 Assault Rifle Grenade Launcher System (Infographics)

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The A-91 is an assault rifle grenade launcher system developed by KBP Instrument Design Bureau in Tula as an offspring of the 9A-91 firearm family.




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  • Chinese Dog

    Atleast better than fake Chinese weapons.

  • d’Artagnan

    Another practical first rate Russian weapon.

    • Liberal guy

      Are these for sf to kill the terrorists? Looks very dangerous I hope soon these deadly weopon punish and unleash its power the the scums

      • d’Artagnan

        Normally short barrel or snub nosed assault weaponry is used by mobile special forces and armored troops due to light weight and space constrictions in tanks and helicopters. Soviet Spetsnaz and Airborne Guards divisions used AKS-74U in Afghanistan.

  • Peter Moy

    Looks like a handy weapon. It has a striking similarity to the French FAMAS 5.56 mm. and Chinese Type 95 5.8 mm. designs. Should be effective in urban and close combat situations but I would prefer a full powered rifle/machinegun cartridge like the Russian 7.62 mm. x 54R or 7.62 mm. x 51 rounds for long range engagements (mountains, desert, thick jungle) for their penetrating power.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Similar to the SIG SG 510,
      strong Swiss quality, powerful, precise and a too heavy harassment for soldiers…