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95% Of 69,000 Tons Of Munitions Stored In Ukraine’s Ichnya Warehouse Was Destroyed During Explosions: Media


95% Of 69,000 Tons Of Munitions Stored In Ukraine's Ichnya Warehouse Was Destroyed During Explosions: Media

A look at the burning warehouse

95% of 69,000 tons of munitions stored in Ukraine’s Ichnya warehouse was destroyed as a result of explosiosns on the site, which happened there on October 9-10, ZN.ua reported on October 19 citing own sources.

According to the report, the Ichnya warehouse stored the following:

  • 20,000 152mm shells for the Akatsiya self-propelled artillery gun;

  • 9,000 152mm shells for the Msta-S self-propelled artillery gun;

  • 1,300 203mm shells for the Pion self-propelled artillery gun;

  • 5,500 120mm shells for the Gvosdika self-propelled artillery gun;

  • 567,000 82mm mortar shells;

  • 335,000 120mm mortar shells;

  • 34,000 shells for the Nona extremely light-weight self-propelled gun;

  • 3,000 220mm rockets for the Uragan multiple-launch rocket system;

  • 22,000 125mm battle tank shells;

  • 117,000 122mm rockets for the Grad multiple-launch rocket system;

  • 76,000 122mm rockets for the 9A51 Prizma multiple-launch rocket system;

  • 175,000 30mm antiaircraft projectiles for the Tunguska self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon;

  • 150,000 23mm antiaircraft projectiles for the Shilka self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon;

  • 1,176,000 30mm shells for the BMP-2 armoured vehicle;

  • 700,000 hand grenades

  • 537,000,000 5.45mm rounds;

  • 148,000,000 7.62mm rounds.

The ZN.ua article also pointed out that other types of munition were also destroyed in the explosions. So, it’s currently complicated to describe a total impact of the incident on the Ukrainian defense capabilities. However, the article recalled that since the very start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, pro-Kiev forces have spent about 70 tones of munitions of various types.



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    This makes no sense. 95% of 69 tons ??
    And what’s up the list, is it listing weight by kg. :/

    • Kolarov

      The list is not in kg… it’s in units lol.

    • Koralov is right. The list is in units.
      Sincerely yours,
      SF Team

      • Dmitry Lunyov

        SF , actually 69 THOUSAND tons were in this warehouse, not 69 tons

        • Thank you for pointing this. The article is updated.

      • PZIVJ

        Dimitry may be right, 69,000 tons !
        Which means the entire arms depot was pretty much destroyed.
        Good to see Ukraine being disarmed. :)

        • putinbeater

          69 kt = 4 hiroshima bombs

          • Gary Sellars

            It would be if all munitions detonated at the same time.

            Poor little Russophobe… upset that his Nazi Banderite butt-chums don’t have any ordnance?

          • PZIVJ

            A lot of the weight is in metal and usually don’t cook off very fast.

          • putinbeater

            sure, but when write abou ammunition, then larger part is explosive material.

            probably there was everything. can you realize, how big oxygen consumption would be at explosion of 40 000 tons?

    • lancelotlink

      see sellars above

  • 1691

    This is what I call a proper disarmament.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    That would be a proper explosion!
    I watched 10 tons to off at once in Iraq, and oh my god a boom!

  • Bertek

    Probably will need all new American weapons now…

    • lancelotlink

      Probably sabotaged by the CIA because this will keep the weapons manufacturers busy for a few days after they resupply the Saudis and Americans invading and destroying Yemen. Weapons manufacturing jobs are important you know.

  • Django

    Whatever the reason of the fire may have been: “Good riddance!” Just a pity they did not co-incite that fascist crap from Kiev.

  • John

    Okay, so they are screwed. Nice. There goes the offensive they were toying with.

  • Gary Sellars

    69 tons? Get outta here… Just the 567,000 82mm mortar shells would be 567 tons if each shells was 1 kg weight….
    Its probably 69,000 tons.

    Gratz to the Donetsk boys and their supporters throughout Bandersatan!!!!!

  • tiredofthemedialies

    you forgot to discount the tonnes of armaments that were stolen by the Banderasts for resale to anyone with a few hrivnia.

  • Garry Compton

    Most ammo was stolen and sold before the dump was sabotaged. This is typical Ukraine military corruption – folks.

  • AM Hants

    More, they were due an audit and have to explain why so much was missing.

  • gustavo

    I guess the reason of this explosion was the same as the reason of thaof Chernovil, corruption and negligence.

    • lancelotlink

      Chernobyl was not a result of corruption or negligence. It was the same type of reactor as many manufactured in the US by GE and Westinghouse. It was a human error in combination with an extremely dangerous technology. Fukishima was negligence, building many nuke plants in the most earthquake active area in the world and only a 10 foot retaining wall, was originally going to be 30 feet but GE (the contractor) convinced the Japanese that 10 feet would be adequate and would save a lot of money. Three Mile Island was also a human error and dangerous technology.