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9 European States To Form Joint Military Intervention Force

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9 European States To Form Joint Military Intervention Force

Leopard II battle tank is pictured in action at the Oberlausitz training area in Weisskeissel. Source: Reuters

Nine European states – France, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, Spain and Portugal are going to establish a joint military intervention force, France’s Defense Minister Florence Parly has told the French newspaper Figaro.

“Defence Europe requires a common strategic culture … The deadlines and decisions in the EU are still much too long compared to the urgency that can arise from a critical situation in a country where Europeans would consider that there is a strong stake for their security,” she said.

According to the French defense minister, the countries are going to sign a letter of intent for the creation of the force on June 25.

“This is clearly an initiative that allows some non-EU states to associate. The UK has been very good because it wants to maintain cooperation with Europe beyond bilateral ties,” the military official told the newspaper.

Parly added that Italy is “also considering the possibility of joining.”

The goal of the move is “joint planning work on crisis scenarios that could potentially threaten European security,” AFP cited a source close to a French top official.

Commentators and MSM experts say that the aforementioned intervention force is designed to aid joint planning on events such as natural disasters, crisis intervention or the evacuation of citizens from hot spots.

Since 2007, the EU has had four multinational military “battle groups”. However, these groups have never been employed.

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Excellent! Now disband NATO.

Jens Holm

You just confirm well why Nato is there.


There is a difference as you well know Jens.

NATO is controlled by the USA.

The USA is controlled by Israel.

Jens Holm

And every time Isral dont behave I put Netanyau in the coffin of Arafat again.

And I can prove we fight every time. I have his ear in my pocket.

Promitheas Apollonious

appears to be controlled by israel. Explain me how the 3rd category khazars mean to die if shit suddenly hit the shit are controlling the ones who created it as well along with the other colonies.

This countries all of you insist to see as individual free nations, to decide for their own fate, at the highest levels are run by errand boys at best for NWO establishment as the ones who control them all see it and understand it. Who created the colonies each for her own purpose, also calls the shoots not a two bit politician that the moment his patrons decide is done is history or a forgotten memory.

USA is controlled by the ones who created her as well as israel. And the ones who control be assured are not known to you or any one else and the seat in a very safe ground no matter what goes down they live. Or that is their plan.

Shit is known to happen.


The world is ‘too small’ for the controlling scum to hide in now I think :)

Promitheas Apollonious

only if you know who they are and very few do.


That is true but in any real internal conflict the locations of these people leak out, even if they are well protected. The solution is to chip away at the source of their power first I think when the time comes and that income is dependent on what the ‘ billions of little people spend ‘.

Take control of the monetary and commerce transaction systems and the ‘ controllers ‘ power is diminished, especially if the control of the systems is within a nuclear armed country with the will to strike back an ANY cost.

Tis ‘better to be dead than Zionist red’. :)

Promitheas Apollonious

you making valid points and I dont disagree with what you saying. Going that step beyond is what you need to understand also and with what you saying make a whole picture in your mind.

What you saying it is already began to be applied, by all opposing nations to the western NWO and their dogma. The reason none give attention to from the side of the SCO and Eurasian powers, is because they already win the economic game and more or less their planning against nato is already paying out.

What I am saying is that all the players more or less are known to the public because they hear the name a million times as well is a face going with that name. For example Kissinger – Obama – Tramp – Putin – jews and all the other names you know and faces.

But all known faces always have the unknown hand that direct them and give them their orders. Do you know those also? because this people always survived and come back, after few generations and established again their NWO drive.

For this to be known to the populations must lose the International game of control and is what I think Russia and China are trying to achieve right now to bring the real players out and give them a name and a face. Then it be game over at what cost, is left to be seen.


I agree In my opinion it will be necessary to pick off their close associates and families first. most of then flaunt their family wealth and are easy to see and get close to.

Enlightened nations that pass laws to do this will speed up the process.

Another world crisis due to the greed of these people could well provide the spark that ignites the fury of the masses. This is what the Puppet Masters fear the most :)


Probably more of a cost cutting move. Like instead of having actual fully integrated and outfitted militaries they try to borrow elements from one another that they don’t have themselves, so combined they still have something that looks presentable. On paper that is.

Thing is though, there is no substitute for having an actual fully integrated and outfitted military yourself. Borrowing units from each other looks good on paper, but unless these units train together regular to the point that they actually are a combined unit, using the same doctrine, it will always remain a paper tiger. This is the power of the US and Russian armies, as they do have everything themselves. And why the only reason the US goes to war with allies is for PR purposes back home. This is why Europe is a military dwarf, as by now almost all European army has been cut back so badly that without US support they can’t do jack shit themselves any more. Even the UK and France, which used to have fully independent armies.


It is just embryo of the future Franco-German army. Whatever in future happens (if EU falls apart) Franco-German army will continue to integrate. I think you are (like many others) underestimating their military potential….


It’s not their military potential I underestimate, Germany twice managed to win a world war almost by itself. France too if you count Napoleon. It’s the political will of those countries to actually want an independent first class military and the will to invest in them that I doubt. Germany loooooooooooooong gave up in that regard, and France did so more recently. To reverse that trend now would take a herculean effort in both investment and political will not present in either country. Not to mention that countries like the Netherlands, and most of the others as well, are US vassals through and through. Their political class have sold out those countries to the US decades ago. They will do NOTHING that will endanger that. And will only invest just enough in their armies in order to please the US. Nothing more, nothing less.


“. It’s the political will of those countries to actually want an independent first class military”

I get you point But you forget that NATO is U.S. stooge army where Germany and France just do what US tells them to do. While this is German-French army that would do only their own objectives. So they are very motivated to have independence. Question is : is it possible?!

I do not think that they are heaving intention to compete with the NATO. They just prepare themselves for Europe after the NATO.

Like situation in which you know that ship is going to sink and you prepare the selvage boat to be ready. So this is just preparation for the future.

Jens Holm

I agree. Its a supplement of them.But many countries in EU/Nato do upgrade themselves some for other purposes then local own defence.


common bro get a life..stop bs here….just check out the number of tanks that are operational right now in germany…its all in the official news of the german bundeswehr and was at rt news, cnn etc… germany right now 2018 has 255 leopard tanks……only 122 are operational the rest are non repairable…lolololol……great army….oh by the way..the great eurofighter…the most bs plane ever invented…just 1 in 5 is operational lololol…right now 2018 germayn has 52 eurofighter operational only…………yeah great army ohhhhhh im scared…so is tahiti


You have no clue what are you talking about. Go talk to somebody else your stupid statistics. Germany has powerful industry second only to China. And some of the best weapons in the world That potential can rebuild powerful army that would become one of the best in few years if need be.

Just go away I do not like your comments I never did.

Promitheas Apollonious

in few years?

You think what is happening now, it is not and it happen in few years?

I think you missing a lot of chapters.

Jens Holm

The russians can hardly implement their new weapons even they seemes fine as prototype. They dont sell them, bacuse they have no buyers.

So it make no sense to say today and tomorrow. Its not. Its not only Hitler from there, which can make forces fast.

In 1938 USA only had 400.000 soldiers. They had almost no good weapons, they had to take bus and train, they had no transportations to help Staling in GB in Europe as well as they could not feeed them.

In the late 1938 USA became worried about the japoanese expansion and it became worse. The marines used weapons made of tree say bang, bang for riffles – dadadad for machineguns and buum for hand grenades.

But they could. in 1945 they had 12 million soldiers and all were well armed and kept.

If You saw the nazis as well as the russians and even britts of that time the change was fast. ……………………………..

The main problem today will be much more education is needed, but people in Europe already has a higher level then ever as well as the enemy has the same problem but fx Russia much worse.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes…………. then. How many europeans you think they go fight against russia? Or accept to go back to ME?

As for the russians none speak of the russians the russians already have what it takes to demolish europe and US. They are not in a weapons race already they won that one.

But what is happening it will not be put on hold until germans or generally europeans are ready. Beside they never be ready they dont have any more what it takes. And one more important factor they dont have any raw material and they dont control raw material supply.

So easier said than done, especially in a bankrupted economy as the west has based on debt.

Daniel Miller

Russia already has better tech no need to rush its new projects.

Jens Holm

They are only better in missiles.

Promitheas Apollonious

they are better in everything, including space. And most of all dont try to convince the world of their F35 lighting lemon.

Daniel Miller

Most ppl whom dont know alot about weapons think that a weapon has not been exported that means its bad….actually that indicates its really good since 98% of Russias equipment is not for export (modern equipment) and the stuff witch is,is very downgraded for obvious reasons.

Daniel Miller

errr no. they have better tanks IFV’s APC’s Aircraft (SU35S can carry more missiles witch have longer range and + it has the most powerful PESA radar on the planet) artillery as well both conventional and rocket type. Nuclear weapons obviousely. SAM’s Electronic warfare. They have the best sub fleet on the planet (note all of this is in terms of technology not in numbres) also Germany’s industrial output is worce then the US Russia and China.


He skipped over those as he did not like what he saw :)

Jens Holm

That does not matter at all as long as Your enemy is weak too. But as told by ´many, it hass to be modernized well and be a little bigger too.

We are in EU and Nato because We then can add us up. One good reason for adding imnternational is because the world has become like that.


The EU is threatened from within by the flood of refugees from nations that NATO has helped the US to destroy.

No amount of tanks and planes will stop the slowly rotting carcass of the EU from changing the European ethnic , religious and political landscape for ever.

Jens Holm

Thats right. We cant devellop eastern europe and go on getting in so many unneeded minus people.

We could arm them and send them back and change their own countries. Only blame ús for parts of it.

Jens Holm

Fall apart is a relative to me too. It has become too big for its purpose as it is now. The agreements are impossible to make well for all.

So it need important reforms. Thats what I see for EU as well as Nato.

I have my own hopes. The most imprtant one is the big EU can improve by taking out parts of the treaties and improve the rest of it.


Apples and oranges

EU is Europe and NATO is really U.S.+ stooges and vestige from the Cold War. Whatever happens (dollar collapse, EU falls apart) NATO will ceased to exist. But this Franco-German army core will continue even if EU falls apart. German-French pact will only get stronger even if EU falls apart. This is new face of Europe AFTER the collapse of the dollar.

Jens Holm

I am very gratefull for what we are now, when we are with USA and many parts of the rest of the world now.

There is no caollapse of the dollar at all. They do something wrong but their BNP is better then ever and their unimployment again is relative low.

I agree in they have big internal problems, but any collapse is far out. You are from and area, where You are told we and USA are small and You are kept in an illusion You are kind of big.

EWe help each other evn Trump is a very strange version of it. You hardly know anything about world economy is even You are told by thre ever shouting TRUMP:

Trump tell, we are deepended but dont tell how much they won in the rest of the world and we own USA too. Thats what You dont get.

You probatly is from an olicountry, which hardly can produce cheep plastic buckets for Yourself.

I can illustrate it well. Some years ago in the socalled Muhammed Cartoon crises Egypt told they would hit us hard in the economics. They were scoked, that they only imported 3% of our food products and even not knew, we imported fresh potatoes and and other kind og vegatabkles for almost the same in dollars.

Thats how You are manipulated.


“but their BNP is better then ever” That is (I am sorry to say) total nonsense. GDP in U.S. have been “growing” all the time despite deep crisis because it is RIGGED like everything else! All statistics and all data from wall Street are RIGGED the prices of gold and silver are RIGGED also unemployment numbers, growth statistics etc etc. Collapse of the dollar is due to happen in 2-4 years at the latest by the end of 2022

“You are kept in an illusion You are kind of big'” Actually I think that you are in an illusion You are STILL big…But you are not.

“which hardly can produce cheep plastic buckets ” Only thing US produces ( inside of US) today is weapons. And practically nothing else. look any object you buy it is “MADE IN CHINA” You only print FUNNY MONEY a worthless fiat money covered by NOTHING.

Egypt is joke as an example. US is… has been super power that is about to collapse soon. Few years ago people from US would laugh at these words now they do NOT laugh any longer.

Jens Holm

I dont vare about Your diaperjumpings about this. True the BNP has grown most of the years here too and the orices has gone up too.

But if I see we have more m2 then ever in the hosue and can effort to fill it with so many unneeded stof as well as we have 2,7 millions cars for 5,5 mio inhabitants and like that we in those matters are the best ever or close too.

Even we fell 10-30-40%, we would be among the best. And let me remind You, that if USA or We have crises, all the others has too.

So its about marginals and fx if we take well care of the poor and sick ones and give our children education for the future.

There will be no collapse of the dollar. We will buy it and invest more in USA because their saleries will be cheeper and then get our money back not so fast by obligations, shares and stockings. True the dollar can go down and it seemes it will, but we are depended of it both ways. Even the chinese are. The chinese came up because they produce parts of our stuff cheep but its mainly not products – but parts of it.

So if american computers dont sell, they wont get dollars for their parts of it. You can see Trump an the steel. They are so depended in several kinds of steel, bacause several countries are better then them – BUT they use the steel for products – not made of steel but having important parts of that kind TOO.

So Trump is wrong. If there should be a change for real it would be, they produced it better and cheeper themselves. But in the world market, the american companies can buy, were they want.

The statistics for what USA sell and buy is very open for everybody and a few clocks on internet – if not censured – tell how low Your knowledge level is. I took the first I found:



“You, that if USA or We have crises, all the others has too.”

Really ?!!?? WOW I’m under the shock ! I would never think of that !

“There will be no collapse of the dollar. We will buy it and invest more in USA” The economy is not your strong point. I don’t know much but you make me feel like I’m expert.

“So if american computers dont sell, they wont get dollars for their parts of it.”

All computers, (all parts included) are PRODUCED in CHINA in 90% of the cases ! 7 years ago there was 1 U.S. firm left I doubt that they didn’t move out of US by now.

It was horrible to read it specially about “stockings”

Let’s say that we both agree that we do not agree. And we should stop there. I’m not interested in this conversation any longer, thank you.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well these things are usually doomed to fail due to politics as in WW2 they started joint training for First paratroops known as the CANUSA brigade, First Service or aka “Devil’s Brigade” first SAS brigade ever, made up of top Marines and Canadian soldiers who were asked to volunteer. This group was formed and trained and ready for operations in 1942 wasn’t until later that they trained the British SAS which fell absolutely flat and was a dismal failure until they added in the LRDG.

First Rangers ever were volunteers armed and trained very poorly I might add first engagement was at Dieppe as they were equipped with Winchester rifles and were woefully inadequate in a fight . This which prompted Canada to better train and equip them and wasn’t until the latter stages of the war that they actually served with the US army.

Canada had learned it’s folly of poorly trained troops after sending parade troops to a battle front against the Japanese. Marching nicely isn’t going to win you any battles or wars!


“Well these things are usually doomed to fail due to politics”

What “politics”? It is about to happen this beginning of EU army …. And US is keeping close eye on it through their stooge U.K. EU does not have choice because Trump will not stop with protectionist war… World is heading towards major economic crisis that will collapse dollar. So many of alliances will fall apart including NATO because of economic crisis that will this economic war start . They are only starting, worming up now….so little bit of patience is needed.. If everything falls apart Germany and France will stick with their pact and their army

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just like Canada and the US did , you need to understand always one party hates giving up control and unfortunately the US is very much like that. Why did the US refuse to send any jets to intercept the planes that flew into the Twin Towers.

The only jets scrambled came from Cold Lake airbase in Canada and the Naval ship were Canadian all first to arrive because US military hates being told what to do as a Canadian was in charge of NORAD at the time. Everything the US sent was after the fact not any time sooner.

Two Squadrons at Edwards sat on the tarmac doing nothing but twiddling their thumbs and the OD thumbed his nose at the NORAD Commander. Just as the others had done so much for unity of command in a common cause.

Has been an issue since war itself nothing is going to change it.


How unexpected …. Well I have learned something new today. Thanks

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well in Armies there are always politics and all countries use their armies as political and business pieces.


Agree. Example These days Mad Dog Mattis is going around the world not only to resolve military problems but to sell US weapons as much as he can.

Apart of being general he is very high placed sales man as well


The Franco-German Army has already “embryos” in common French-German Units based near Strasbourg.

And a French-German Army won’t exist, because Macron and Merkel are on the way to break their necks..

Promitheas Apollonious

how you see this happening?


“embryo” as core around which will be built future united French-German army. So not only “units”.

French-German pact is much bigger and much more long lasting than Merkel who might not survive even this week on her position. That alliance will survive not only fall of clown like Merkel and Macron but also fall of EU because French and German idustrial elites stand behind this pact.

Jens Holm

Thats a better comment from You. And Yes more unified warfare can be like 2+2 is 5.

And 2 other things. The European armies has to be renewed as anybosy elses and by that we add nore money for it. So far Denmark raise from 1,7% to 1,9%.

We make ourselves more modern replacing old Lynx gunships for some Seahawks as well as buying some bige missils for Korvettes as well as many small ones for the Ground forces.

Thats so far.

And correct. Europe today only can defend itself well, but You dont see its a part of a political plan, because USSR collapsed. As long as we stay home, there are no problems.

Our problems are the world is much more gloabl now.

And yes we are kind of weak, because we have chosen that but also based on that the Empires if GB and France collapsed and Germany did. The winner in west was USA, which took over those 3 “jobs”.


Jens the last time Denmark was involved in a real war was in 1864 and that was a defeat :) Ever since then Denmark has only had a ‘walk on part ‘ in conflicts.

1864 Second War of Schleswig Denmark German Confederation: Austrian Empire Kingdom of Prussia Defeat Treaty of Vienna (1864)

Jens Holm

Thats a good thing, isnt it.

But we have knocked out serbs in Yougoslavia as well as we have had soldiers in Afghanistan and now in Iraq for the third tíme. We have used F16s in Libya as well as we in Mali, Tchad, Niger has helpe by 2 hercules.

I am not proud to say we were the killers of 80 SAA sldiers at DEZ.

We also are in the antipirat business with several korvettes and many years ago with subs.

I think its a fine thing to avoid wars and are proud that we was not i WW2 as most of the stupidist in Europe was.

Concrete Mike

Libya was a fiasco, thats where your big migrant problem started.

We never should have gone there. But it was part of someone’s plan.

Jens Holm

I did not say it was a succes – I also were against it.

As in Iraq I like Saddam and Gadaffi is gone and some more in the top as the cards in Iraq, but we should not be there at all.

We have no friends there at all. Why work hard to have friends like that. It goes the other way too much harder.

And You hate each other then we do too.


All of those are just ‘walk on parts’ given to Denmark by the US Jens.

Jens Holm

You can say that. If so, I may say we get something for it too. Fx we sell more to USA then they do to us.

You can call me Al

Exactly. The UK are already using the French ships at times. All the money my UK spends on the military and somehow they have decimated it; it is now a total shambles.


The UK military manpower is not even used to secure the borders of Britain these days. There is little point in having them really as all the action they see and are likely to see is bludgeoning those nations who the UK perceives to be weaker at the behest of the USA.

The vast majority in UK military service will never fire a shot in anger throughout their careers.

They just cost a lot to march about a lot.

You can call me Al

“UK military service” ???, we do not have military service – YET !!.

Jens Holm

No it is named as peace dividend. As long as there are no sign of war, there is no need for soldiers. Who should attack them apart from the muslim invasions from their warzones ?

None. It makes a lot of sence givin plows in stead of guns.

EU has its own politics which is the level before killingb each other. Thats the economic one. You have to add that in Your mind.

Now go out and remember Your umbrella, sooner or later there will come rain, and then You are prepared.

Brother Ma

The plan was always to use Europe’s armies as auxilliaries ie to not be able to fight for themselves but only for the imperial master-USA.


Italy and Poland missing Now being very big US stooge from Poland is more than expected. But it seams that Italy is also US stooge. UK is in all that more to spy on them for U.S. than anything else… Germany and France are pushing for more EU integration and federalization of EU

And I’m surprised with Estonia not going with other 2 Baltic countries an Poland against that project.

Beginning of the end for NATO !


Are you kidding? This is just something that will augment NATO, never be used against NATO’s interests in any possible way, if only because all those countries are staunch US vassals. Germany and France might have some other plans in mind, but Germany hardly has an army to speak off and France seems hell bent on replacing the UK as the US no. 1 sidekick.

Jens Holm

I dont think EU and the memebers in them are vasals. Our economy with britts is bigger then united states, as well as we allow to think us as associates in that, and in the world economy, where you probatly not are at all.

What do You compare us with – 40-60 silly flags in Syria or what.


Of course we are US vassals. We have no armed forces worth the name, we rely heavily on the US for military protection and will do anything so the US will keep us under its military wings. In exchange for that we support the US in whatever crazy endeavor it wants too, including sending some token forces to assist the US. That’s basically the gist of why US governments are bitching about us. Not because we want to hide behind its military protection, but because we’ve gutted our armies so badly they’re not even good enough anymore to be the token force that will make the US look good. When the US has to support NATO forces in places like Afghanistan in addition to its own they’re basically a net drain on the US war effort and they might as well dispense with its allies altogether.

And if you want to see some sickening shameful imagery of how subservient Dutch politicians are in regards to the US, google the footage of the then Dutch prime minister Balkenende and his foreign minister De Hoop Scheffer to George Bush Jr. after the Iraq invasion. Which they supported. It’s like a pair of teenage boys meeting their favorite rock star, that’s how they look. It makes me cringe in shame every time I see it. And the truly ironic thing is that Bush didn’t even know their names and had to ask them beforehand.

Jens Holm

Its fine with me whatever You say we are and are not.


And how is that going to “augment NATO” ?! With more airplanes,tanks,ships?! I don’t think so.

There is big storm that is cumming our way with the collapse of the dollar and depression that will start. They are preparing for that.

“Germany hardly has an army to speak off and France seems hell bent on replacing the UK as the US no. 1 sidekick.”

No both wrong French are just posturing in De Gaule style but they are just U.S. stooges. And Germany is underestimated by everybody because German army is in bad shape but their weapons are WORLD CLASS. Germany would be capable to rebuild their army on very short notice in few years. When US start to dwindle because of dollar collapse Germany and France will seek to replace NATO with this new army


This will augment NATO because that is the only way that countries which are not France and Germany will allow it to be used. Remember, countries like the Netherlands are US vassals through and through. They won’t do anything that will allow for a fallout with the US.

Germany is not being underestimated, it really lacks the willpower to do anything about defense. It would have to spend a LOT to bring its armed forces up the capability that France and the UK used to have. And it never had any expeditionary capabilities. Even at the height of the Cold War, with 12 divisions, they were for national defense only. No ability whatsoever to ship any of those forces to a different part of the world. That’s a lot of capability that needs to be built up in addition to rebuilding what was lost to begin with. So a huge investment into something for which there is just no willpower, both in the political class and in the electorate. And France is just a US stooge, like you said. They will not rock the boat between them and the US.

So, augmenting NATO, because that is the only thing its members will allow it too.


Oh this again. Tell them to write in complete details of what’s considered ‘Security interest’ of these broke army ‘intervention coalition’.


Intervention in Hungary and Czechia? …..

Brother Ma

Spot on! Also to keep Greece in line.

Lena Jones

Bye-bye NATO you expensive mass-murdering monster! Trump don’t want you and neither does Europe. But before you go, you need to pay reparations to the millions of your victims FIRST!!!

Jens Holm

Actually we are doing as Trump says even w edont like him. We go up in the military complex and renwe our forces and use some extra money for it.

Next time we will trreat You as we did with indians. No more sandniggers in the Middle East – to use Your own language. You all are muslims and infidels and hardly mukra.

Yemen will be a zoo, where the arabic came from, and they only will grow Mocca coffee and repar the old harbour there :))

Lena Jones

“No more sandniggers in the Middle East – to use Your own language”

No motherfucker – that’s YOUR frigging racist language, not mine!

You can’t disguise your grating israeli accent, nor your talmudic violence.

And did you make an actual point or you’re just full of empty racist threats you fucked up little jew?!


Please excuse Jens . He is a Danish neo-liberal :)

Jens Holm

A neoliberal jew. Whats next. do I sleep in a bathtub full of oil donated by PYD ?

Jens Holm

That was exact the same language back used at the same things – like an eye for at foot.

Fine for me to be a jew for a day. Should it be a curly one or not ?

Lena Jones

Danish my ass! Jen is an effing settler trash.


You can’t say it is bye-bye when not one of these countries has actually had the guts to formally leave NATO. This force, if it takes off and lasts, will just be an additional force to cause trouble to targeted countries.

Lena Jones

The europeans have two choices: pay up to Trump to stay in Nato, or use said money to form another defense force where Trump/USA isn’t your demanding boss.


hahahahahahaahahahaha lolololololololololololol…….love that one…..and mike tyson is fighting for the heavyweight championship in august lollolol….intervention force??? sure against tahiti or monaco lolol

Jens Holm

We are blamed being in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Niger, Mali, Libya and like that.

So whats thats : Tourisme ?


These groups of forces have no significant rule in security of world humanity. They just think about their own assets. They are all certified child butchers.

Jens Holm

Cannibals has to live too.


Cannibals are security threats to humanity. Their elimination is liability.

Jens Holm

I eat that.


cannibals have to be fckn beheaded as the first mistake was

Jens Holm

I just say, I dont agree in the Robberies.

Wise Gandalf

This is nothing.


Isn’t ‘the gathering’ of NATO troops in Eastern Europe called an “international battle group”? Or is there a “battle group” in each of Romania, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia? There is a “multi-national training” force at work in Ukraine, another back in Afghanistan and what could be a third in Syria to match the fledgling in the Sahel. NATO does have ‘interests’ – if the EU ain’t using the troops.

Jens Holm

There are. After fx USA went down from 300.000 troops to 50.000 it has gone some up and when russia behave as the Baltic and the countries You name still are theirs and they decide there – They now are met by a NOT.

Those were all colonies taken by force and retaken after WW2 after Russia lost WW1 3 times. Danes support Latvia too. We have 200 soldiers there´as well as 1 or 2 F16`s regularly are patrolling there.

We also have orderes more scud missiles and other small ones, because Russia fill in big rockets to Kaliningrad as well as their jets patrol hard to the klimits of our territory. They also use corners for target practice in allowed corners very close to us.

So it is escalation.

I see most of that part of it as both has moved their forces to the virtual frontzones.

You can call me Al

Battle group here, battle group there, battle groups every effing everywhere.


Human Waste. Just more cannon fodder for Russia and China to destroy. Sad they couldn’t use the resources for their own people.


HEY Europe Stack Some Guns & Ammo for Your Citizens…when there is some War in Europe… We can very Well defend Ourselves… don’t Need Your Shitty Elitist Praetorian Guards for That…! This Joint Military intervention Farce is just to Serve & Protect Your Interests…

Promitheas Apollonious

are you ready and organized? Dont expect any one else to do that for you beside yourself.


When the shit hits the fan you have too.. whether you are a Teacher, a Dentist, an Accountant, a Violinplayer or Carpenter..War is War… I don’t see anything in a Big Expensive Army…For What? It only costs shitloads of Tax-Money…there are Nukes Right? That will stop any Army… Just Stack Some Guns…for the idea…


NATO isn’t enough? :)))))

Richard M

It’s never enough. Orwell explains it in 1984.

Feudalism Victory

Its an internal intervention force. Its to support each other if their states have to fight their own population.

Hide Behind

An interventionist force, now why would those nations need such a force? Oh of course, humanitarian interventions are now the Cause De Jour, but in truth it is to protect their strongest european commonality, all have long since exploited their own resources, energy and mineral needs, that just happen to be located in the less develped nations to the South of them. Germany has pretended for years it’s own militaristic tendencies no longer exist but have been the main supply and support of British and US base, with their military taking active part since Balkans within US forces. France now has its troops in 9 African Nations and aids US in over 18 African areas. Are in Afghanistan , Iraq, Syria, Jordan and is now taking part of actual combat with UAE and Saudi forces invasion of Yemen. How does a nation hide its militarism from general populace, they do as US has done, an all voluntary force that has few casualties of own because they find small units from many allies to join in the killings and slaughter, and although those allies may suffer a casualty now and then each nation hides the total casualties numbers. Within all nations you will find enough retrograde minds that like warfare, and while no single nation wants the cost of military men and supplies to be superior in own right by taxing the cow herd peoples, it is warfare on the cheap. But the rewards will be shared equally, military blocs are economic blocs. France may present to world as being happy go lucky their leaders still dream of being past history great colonial powers. When will rest of world wake up to fact that other than China, India and Russia, all other Northern hemisphere nations are but blood sucking parasites and can only exist by exploiting the Southern Hemispheres people’s resources. In other words their humanity does not cover those of non white skins, and.and they do not call genocide genocide but humanitarian intervention.

Mr. Costelol

I could agree with most of what you say, however, your racist slant at the end is off. The “west” has been butchering Serbs (little Russians) for over a millennia (long before they discovered Africa, North America). In western (NATO) expansion in the so-called Balkans the Jihadi freak show (financed & supported mostly by the GCC) was more involved than even the Gladio nazis. Do you remember the “Genocide of Serbs in Srebrenica?” probably not, CNN didn’t cover it, and the UN would not like to undermine its “integrity”. False flags, Demonization propaganda impression management wins the day, because few reporters report the truth (easiest way to lose a job).

Yes, stealing resources, planting bases and enslaving people is the name of the game. They lie , cheat, murder so they can steal. One can only hope that western europe reaps as it has sown – a hammer of justice.

Hide Behind

Serbs / Croats historically go way back and yes I have knowledge of those involved in Balkans Breakup, and contrary to most know it’s begins were not by US but European Sovereign and Their financial Institutions. As to conflicts between white eurocentrics,heck let’s see where and when in History was there none. Was and is there still not a White racial european down their nose look at Serbs and Croats, and why they so gleefully broke , all but Albanias, back. After all the US stepped in because Germany, Austria, Swiss and French were Too slow, introduced on all sides by financing the locals backaswards mindset into introducing Its old Afghan Islamic nut cases. After all the teardown was named, for its most white partner, “Greater Albania”. Europeans have historicly looked upon Russia as more or less halfbreeds, Indo/ Euros, As they too were historicly closer to Russia politicly and too some extent culturally. Look up Kieverian Empire. As I mentioned Eurocentrics do not mind killing each other but find it economicly profitsble now they as almost equal if not distant white cousins gleefully join in with other Eurocentrics looking at southern resources and aid euro militaries. Old Yugo Republic was once Europe’s largest clandestine arms suppliers for its overseas colonial ambitions supplying mercenary forces of Dutch, French, and British in its overthrow of African people’s and Nations. As to whites, all the major royalty up till WWI from Serb, Croat, GerMAN Austrian and Brit were related.

Mr. Costelol

It’s a different kind of imperialism that has been employed here, and you are right western europeans look at all Slavs as “white niggers”. Here, the jesuit methods of creating artificial nations through linguistic intervention, religious intervention (genocide,ethnic cleansing, forceful conversion), & historical fabrications has been the rule. The same parallels exist in the creation of the Galecian Ukranian identity and Croat identity, for instance.

Nevertheless, the plan to destroy Yugoslavia was agreed upon by the US, Germany and vatican in 1976 (with UK & French support) this was put into action with the fall of the wall. The US permitted Germany the lead in clandestine warfare, but saw it as an opportunity to justify NATO’s existence through “Humanitarian intervention scenarios” , co-opting the “un” abomination through its R2P methodology and putting the europeans in their place (Gensher wanted the US out of Germany).

MI6 controlled Communist Yugoslavia from 1970s, sold weapons to everyone and trained many liberation movements as well (I had friends from SWAPO). As for the Royals, only the Obrenovich dynasty was not related to the royals of the west, hence it was wiped out by the British in the early 1900s (black hand movement) financed by the masonic french lodge of the orient (as was the Young Bosnia movement). It has been a rule here to use both hands of the British empire (the left jesuit hand and right judeo-masonic hand) to get there agenda through irrespective of the historical phase or political system imposed.


All wars in the last 300 years have been bankers’ wars. Various groups, nations and empires were used by the bankers to bankrupt other nations, and peoples. Euro intervention force is just a continuation of the same. It is a tool to destroy unfavoured groups and people. In the end the bankers always come for you too. The real stupidity is to go along with the wars and war rhetoric thinking that anyone is going to win except the bankers.


the whole africa know the difference between “western” intervention and chinese investments in african countries. Yes both wanted access to resources but the western way is violence and take over while the chinese go long way to build infrastructure and educate africans.

the africans are tired of the white people coming bearing gifts , they already know from history the west will suck their country dry and left them with nothing. At least the chinese investments will bring them a better future..

as you said , western concept of human rights only apply to white people , so the western people think of nothing wrong when their govt killed hundreds and thousands of arabs or africans with their tax payer paid bombs..


Interesting to note Itally not in the mix

Paul Barbara

‘Parly added that Italy is “also considering the possibility of joining.”


Any excuse to try and stop the coming break up of the EU “government”.

Richard M

By force, evidently.


It’s probably the only peaceful way of getting rid of the Americans. The Americans demand more money from NATO countries, to pay the wages of US troops that occupy Europe. This way the Europeans can cut their funding to the US military.


the baltics and poland are the ones stirring up the pot and kissing US behind, to spite russia.. while the western europe know a joint EU and Russia economic creation is vital for both nation’s future..

now who do not want russia and EU economic bond getting stronger ?


The EU is fragmenting, but this new organization could be renamed “NATO in Europe” and they would probably get more involvement.


Good to see Europeans start to militarize outside the US , this will bring more independence to them instead of being vassals of US.

i do hope trump get reelected by the murican crowd , because he is the best in destroying amrrican influence in the global stage and also stir deep hatred among americans.. 5 more years of trump and america will end up being isolated and dollar end up as junk currency as everyone in the world ditch UST bills.

the world is changing , China on the rise and no one can stop it or even match chinese capability , and backed bu Russia , China will be guaranteed to be the next world economic superpower while the debt ridden US will be bankrupt and dollar would be worthless. With no money to pay its soldiers , US military will be destroyed without a single shot fired.


Hmmm… I thought this was what NATO was for…

Sounds like they want to form a renegade army that is not bound by NATO or the UN either…


Should have done that long ago.


Excellent. Europe needs a force independent of the US… and Russia.

Dušan Mirić

Some shorty from “Alo! Alo” pretends to be the new Napoleon!

Richard M

What shall we name it? …I know! Axis Pact!

Richard M

So it’s FUKUS minus US? :D

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