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MAY 2021

87,500 Terrorists Were Eliminated During Russian Military Operation In Syria: Shoigu

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87,500 Terrorists Were Eliminated During Russian Military Operation In Syria: Shoigu


On October 20th, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reveaked that Russian Aerospace Defense Forces had carried out more than 40,000 flights, including 21,000 nighttime ones over the course of the operation in Syria. These have resulted in approximately 122,000 strikes on terrorist facilities.

Furthermore, about 87,500 terrorists were eliminated and over 1,411 settlements were liberated as a result of the operations.

More than 2,500 settlements have joined the reconciliation process as a result of the Russian reconciliation center’s efforts. According to Shoigu special attention is being paid to resolving humanitarian issues.

Currently, the province of Idlib, which is mostly controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and its allies, is the main area of tensions in the war-torn country. Turkey, Russia, Iran and the Damascus government have contributed significant efforts to de-escalate the situation there and to force the radical part of militants to separate from the Turkish-backed “moderates”. Nonetheless, this has  not resulted in any major success yet. Thus, there are still significant chances of the escalation.

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Promitheas Apollonious

xm……. and what happen to the other half million of them?



Promitheas Apollonious

10s of thousands in idlip and afrin not to mention the occupied areas from the FUKUS.


Eliminate the Source of these Talmudic Wahhabi Operation Gladio Terrorists…. the Governments of: The United States, IsraHell, the United Kingdom, France & Wahhabistan….

Their Destruction will stop the Flow of Terrorists…

Zionism = EVIL

Still a long way to go. Even German BND intelligence estimated that US and other western nations along with Turkey had armed, trained and recruited over 325,000 Salafist terrorists. Most of the terror funds have been provided by Saudi headchoppers, UAE puppets and Qatari idiots. Turkey plays the same role as terror conduit like Pakistan did in the CIA jihad against USSR circa 1980’s Afghanistan. Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, the Shia militias and Syria have done a very good job in killing the Salafist scum, but in a region with almost 90% illiteracy and proliferation of Saudi funded Wahhabi madrassas there is no shortage of new recruits. The current going rate to hire a headchopper terrorist is about $200 a month paid for with Saudi and Emirati money via Turkish MIT and CIA agents based in Eastern Euphrates valley.


They have a World Filled Mental Patients, Psychopaths, Goat Fuckers, Takfiris, Paedophiles, U.S. Army, IDF, Salafists, British Army, Talmudists, NATO-Servicemembers, Jihadists, French Army, Massmurderers, Idiots, Wahhabis, Zio-Christians, Khazarian Banksters, the Vatican, Sabbateans, Fucktards, Rapists, Butchers, Headchoppers, Maniacs, Demons, Sons of Satan & Other Filth at their Service


I know most of these terrorists were only earning $1000 US a month, but that’s $87 million a month just in wages. When you add in the weapons, (an RPG round is a thousand bucks) and it’s been going on for 7 years, the FUKUS and Saudis have blown a lot of money in Syria.
The cost of the Vietnam war caused the US to default on the Bretton Woods agreement. These latest American wars will destroy the dollar. US Government debt is increasing by 1 trillion a year.

leon mc pilibin

Another half a million to go,plus their zionist commanders.They will all eventually be eliminated.


At least as many, if not double the number of terrorists killed, were Syrians who were not killed because the terrorists who would have killed them are dead instead.


Total Syrian/Ruskie propaganda. Sieg Heil

Jens Holm

We take filters on. Thats how it is.

Lazy Gamer

Thats 87k less mercenaries that can no longer cause trouble elsewhere. Good!

Pablo Sanchez

40,000 sorties in 3 years. That’s roughly 36 sorties per day with what, about 25 aircraft? That’s an amazing feat to sustain over a long time frame for any air-force. I’d suspect an impossible one for the high tech US aircraft that are VERY maintenance dependent. Kudos to the Russian aerospace forces!!

P.S. This also gives the Russian pilots some much needed real world training on honing their skills

Jens Holm

Estimates are the the best guess, we sometimes can see.

I allow me to add many missiles as well as some long distance bombing.


The Soviet and subsequent Russian Federation tactical warplane doctrine has long been build them rugged to take a pounding – with intent to reduce air-frames being idle hangar queens.

Jens Holm

So who killed the at least 410.000 others.

Jens Holm

So the 87.500 are enemies ? How many friends have they killed ?

John Whitehot

never miss a chance to display your imbecility


Right, and each of them told the Russian Ministry of Defence after their death that they were indeed “terrorists”. A terrible war, with lots of blood-letting. Whoever rejoices in the killing of so many people is guilty of corrupting him/herself and the world. In WW2, the Anglo-American bankocrats delighted in the mutual slaughter of Germans and Eastern Europeans… today, all the major powers, including Russia and China rejoice in the mutual slaughters of Middle-Easterners. Reading the comments here, I can see only diabolic neo-colonial and supremicist laughter. Sad.

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